Best Islands in Thailand to Visit – Koh Chang Travel Guide

Good morning Guys! This is Koh Chang, and in today's video I'm gonna tell you everything about this island, so keep watching! In Today's video we're gonna enjoy an outstandingly beautiful sunset, and see how adorable the beaches of Koh Chang.

We will swim in a hidden waterfall and walk in a real jungle.

Of course will drive dangerous local roads to explore temples and fisherman villages and will check how good local hotels are.

Generally there will be a lot of interesting, so get ready to enjoy the adventure.

Koh Chang is the 2nd largest island in the country after Phuket, and its name means ‘Elephant Island’, since the island has the shape of an elephant's head.

It is one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands with wide white sand beaches, wild waterfalls and rainforest, and much less amount of tourists compared to other popular islands of the country.

Over 70% of the island consists of virgin rainforest, so the region is not heavily populated.

The island is famous for many excellent diving and snorkeling spots and also offers a variety of other activities including hiking, jungle trekking, rope walks, zip lines, swimming in waterfalls, kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, fishing, and many more.

Koh Chang is truly as big as an Elephant and there are many types of accommodation to choose from for any budget, especially among beautiful natural beaches lined along the west coast.

To reach to this hidden gem, you have a few choices.

If you wish to get to Koh Chang in the shortest possible time, then a direct flight from Suvarnabhumi to Trat Airport is your way.

After landing, use a minibus service that will easily deliver you straight to Koh Chang! For a more budget friendly option, consider a bus trip from Bangkok.

There is a bus and minivan service from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport that goes to the Koh Chang pier.

The trip takes 4.

5 hours and costs around 600 baht for one-way.

Or you can easily make it by a bus or minivan from Ekkamai Bus Station in case you are staying in city center.

It will take around 5 and half hours, so try to come earlier.

Getting to Koh Chang by a private car is also possible and is quite easy and fun, especially if you are coming with a car using the ferry straight to the island.

The main part of hotels and resorts are located on the west coast – so, after arriving at the pier you have to turn right on the main road and continue further.

Most of the roads on Koh Chang are paved and in good condition.

However, they are so steep and winding sometimes, so even experienced drivers must be very careful, and especially the motorbike drivers.

Motorbiking is the most popular and the cheapest way to explore Koh Chang, but please be cautious on the roads and never drive after drinking alcohol to avoid accidents.

Not too far from the pier is the highly respected shrine of Chao Por and Chao Mae Koh Chang, which is one of the oldest spiritual centers of the island, both for locals and for visitors.

Legend says that many prayers have been answered and many wishes granted, so if you will be nearby – then stop by to visit the temple.

There is a number of viewpoints on Koh Chang and definitely you will pass the Kai Bae viewpoint which is famous for its red rocket shape postbox.

It's a nice place to stop which is well-marked from the road, and here you could enjoy a scenic view of the nearby islands, and later you could even try to kayak to some of them.

Koh Chang’s accommodation options include everything you could ever want – from luxury beachfront resorts with villas where you can enjoy the comfort and 5 star services, to hideaway wooden bungalows with just a fan and bed inside – for those who want totally escape of urban life.

Personally I've decided to stay in a bungalow at the Koh Chang Paradise Resort on the beach in Chai Chet area, at the north end of Khlong Prao.

It's a nice, quiet and inexpensive place with a large swimming pool and lots of trees, located, as I think, on the best beach of Koh Chang, which is just as beautiful as the famous White Sand Beach, but much less crowded.

There are several waterfalls on Koh Chang you can visit.

You can choose a popular one, which will be easy accessible, and then get to swim there together with a bunch of other tourists or.


There is one secluded and peaceful waterfall in the middle of the jungle, which is hidden away from most of tourists.

How do you think what did I choose? Well, if you are like me then you will enjoy the little hike to the waterfall.

There are a lot of mosquitoes so take the bug spray with you, and it's better to come wearing sneakers as it could get steep and slippery in some places.

But believe me, a visiting this lovely little pool with cool water – definitely worth the effort.

Koh Chang has few fishing villages, and you can visit Bang Bao Bay at the south of the island, which is a home to one of the largest fisherman's communities on Koh Chang.

And while you will be there, don't forget to try what could be the freshest seafood you'll ever have in your life.

The road at this part of the island climbs up onto the hillside where I met the first monkey during my trip.

To be honest you can find nice and fresh seafood in many other parts of the island, not only at the Bang Bao, since lots fishermen live on Koh Chang.

The recommended period for traveling to Koh Chang is from October to April, which is a time of calm waves and beautiful blue sky, while the period between May to September is the monsoon season or so called “low” season, which is more windy and cloudy, plus it's much harder to catch a boat to surrounding islands.

May and August are the rainiest.

And admiring the sunset on Koh Chang was truly memorable to me.

The sun slowly disappears under the ocean lighting the sky with unbelievable colors, so you just can't take your eyes away it until it's completely dark.

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