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Good morning and a beautiful day to youfrom Klong Nin beach Koh Lanta Thailand And today we are on beach tour we are going to head from the most westerly northern beach of Koh Lanta island andhead to the very southern beach and show you what every single beach in betweenis like.

At the very north is Klong Dao beach right up here moving further southfrom there you've got Phra Ae or Long Beach moving down to central west you'vegot Klong Khong and south of that is Klong Nin beach then you've got to headquite a bit further south before you come to Klong Hin beach then Ba Kantieng Bay Nui Beach Klang Jak beach or Klong Jark beach and right at thebottom before you get into reserve the most southerly beach Bamboo Beach.

I still have a beautiful day let me take you down show you now beach at Klong Dao Now the north up here is where youarrive by ferry on the island or if you've driven across from the mainlandand Klong Dao Beach is the first beach you come to heading south.

It is probably thebusiest beach on Koh Lanta and has lots of accommodation options both along thebeach and close by to the area and of course it's close to the port.

There is also lots of places to eat and drink along the beach several places to get a massage and even a small shop.

The beach itself is a nice long wide beach withsoft sand and swimming friendly water There is limited shade provided by sometrees in some patches along the shoreline and all this makes Klong DaoBeach a great place to spend the day and also a good convenient place to baseyourself on the island.

Moving further south another threekilometers or about ten minutes south of Klong Dao you will find Koh Lanta's mostwell-known beach Phra Ae also known as Long Beach rocky cliffs on one end andthen a long long stretch of beautiful beach It is the longest beach on theisland and as well as nicely spaced out higher-end resorts you can findbungalows and beach huts to stay in all along this stretch of beach.

Restaurants and beach bars hide amongst the trees that offer some shade while the longwide beach always has plenty of space for sunbathing.

Swimming is good here butavoid the rocks at the south end of the beach.

An all-round good option forbudgets without too many crowds Now making our way down the western coast ofKoh Lanta we have now come to the mid section half way down to what's considered more sort of budget beach with some more budget style accommodation good forbackpackers and a bit more of a party vibe and this is Klong Khong beach.

It still has a lovely beach but there was a lot of rocks just offshore makingswimming difficult at high tide the water almost reaches the bars andeateries that line the beach more of a party vibe along here but don't expect all-nightraucous parties like some of the Thai islands this is chilled out Koh Lanta after all.

Klong Khong is a good budget option and centrally located halfwaydown the western side of the island making it a good base to explore all of Koh Lanta Heading further south down Koh Lanta island gets a little bit quieter there's a bit further to go and you are now at Klong Nin Beach Let me just take you across the road without getting run overoh oh this is gonna be risky Klong Nin beach is most popular at sunset with restaurants and bars spilling out onto the soft sand offering front-row seats of the tropical sunset as you enjoy a meal and a few drinks There are a few places to stay along the beachfront offering good value the beach is good for swimming and sunbathing but apart from the bars andrestaurant there is not a lot of shade here Well and heading even further south downthe island of Koh Lanta we've now arrived in Ba Kantieng beachit's a bit tricky to find this one I did find it, well I think I have going through this little walk-way I can see the sea, I can hopefully hear the beach.







let me show you Kantieng Bay is a two kilometer stretch ofbeautiful wide beach hemmed in by jungle headlands making Kantieng Bay oneof Koh Lanta's most beautiful beaches and as a bonus you won't find too manycrowds here so it really can feel like you have a whole tropical beach to yourself The accommodation along Kantieng Beach is more high-end and five-starresort so if you want a real luxury experience these are the resorts to goto and there is limited budget places to eat and drink and stay along this beachbut the beach is beautiful swimming is good and there is a few trees liningparts of the beach offering shade Now I'm a little reluctant to share thenext one with you because this was my personal favorite beach and what made itso good was the fact that very few people know about it and go to it We've now come to Ao Nui Beach which you park on the top of the road right here then you take this steep path down to the beach and I can see beautiful white sandbeautiful aqua-marine sea let's take you down and introduce you to Ao Nui Beach.

You will find a beach that's verydifferent to a lot of the other beaches on Koh Lanta this is Nui Bay Nui Bay is a small beach in a secluded bay with no accommodation at all and only one smallbeach bar for food and drinks it really is a hidden gem that is worth a walkdown from the parking up at the top of the cliff, you know so there's no accessdown there you have to park at the top and walk down it was my favorite beach onKoh Lanta it was peaceful, beautiful unspoiled and relaxing and yet shelteredand protected as well the beach is nice the swimming was great and very few people know about it so if you do go there don't tell too many people about it let's keep it a quiet secret between ourselves.

It's a beautiful day still and we aregoing even further south down Koh Lanta island and we've now arrived at KlongJark beach.

Almost at the end of the island, not quite but almost the lastbeach.

So let's show you this beach another beautiful beach they are gettingquieter and quieter as I go south.

Just around the headland from Nui Bay, one kilometer south or three minutes by bike you will find Klong Jark beach offeringa handful of places to stay and eat in a beautiful emerald bay backed by thehills of Koh Lanta, again another beautiful picturesque beach a beautiful beach for sunbathing great swimming too.

Accommodation and food was alittle more expensive here and there is not much natural shade if you're not atone of the restaurants and bars It is also very quiet because the furthersouth you go the less tourists you get.

Made it to Koh Lanta's most southerly andprobably quietest beach this is Bamboo Beach almost in theNational Park of the south, the only thing south of here is the lighthouse andnational park and it's a.



quite a big beach and looking beautiful as usual let's show you around Bamboo Bay is completely undeveloped there is nothing on the beach except sand and shells.

Very few people comehere and any food, drinks or shade or anything you want you'll have to bring with you but if you want an empty deserted beach and total peace andquiet from human development come and enjoy some time on this untouched little paradise There we have a quick overview of themain beaches of Koh Lanta let me know which are your favorites or if I'vemissed any that I really should visit next time but I hope this has given yousome guide as to where to stay, what the budget's like and more importantly whatthe beaches are like so go and enjoy Koh Lanta let me know what you think.


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