Best Thing To Do In Vang Vieng, Laos? (Blue Lagoon Vlog)

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Right now we are in Vang Viengand we're going to explore the blue lagoons today I'm really excited about it, there will belots of attractions to enjoy our day we're going to spend whole day.

there isthree different blue lagoons but we're going to go and check out two of them andif you're new to channel make sure you subscribe I'm trying to reach 1000people so give me some love and right now we're going to rent ascooter and start our day.

Right now we are going to rent a scooter.

we find out the place yesterday where we're gonna rent it's fifty thousand Kip and we convinced themto not leave the passport instead we're gonna give a deposit and the driverlicense so it's right here we just gonna cross the streetand rent the scooter to start the day.

50, 000 and the one ID.

Where are you staying? we stay just next door.

How are you? you okay! we just rented this scooter.

I am checking outthe helmets right now.

we're gonna find two helmets that will fit inside hereso it's comfortable for us when we go to the blue lagoon.

you can just leave yourhelmets inside and we don't need to worry.

now I choose mine.

I'm waiting forJulie to choose hers and then we will start our day.

we just arrived the Blue Lagoon numberone and we parked our scooter.

we're heading to the Blue Lagoon right now.

I wantto show you this, the mountains sharp streight comes from theground it looks incredible.

I can see there is some shops around andwe don't know how long we need to walk for the lagoon.

we didn't search too muchabout it to be honest before we come but I'm really excited.

it's gonna be a niceday.

we're gonna spend some time here and then we're gonna head to the Blue Lagoonthree, so these two we planning to check it out today.

so it's gonna be really nice day.

we didn't need to walk much, just next to thecar park you can see that there is the blue lagoon number one.

there is a twocliff jumping spot from the tree and on the other side it's more chilling area, there is some swings and stuff that you can chill out but I want toshow you before I move on.

this here I don't know if you can see the fish butthere is tons of fish in the lagoon so it's gonna be a really nice.

We keep exploring the area.

There are tonsof things to do, like you can do kayaking, zipline, go to cave or swim in the lagoon.

There is lots of things to do but everything costs money here, so if youwant to swim in the lagoon you pay like for entrance to the lagoon you pay10, 000 Kip and then if you want to swim inside the lagoon, they say you have towear a life jacket and then they charge you ten thousand keepper hour to rent a life jacket.

Now we finish with the Blue Lagoon oneso we're heading to blue lagoon number three and we're gonna continue exploringand sharing with you guys As we continue the road.

We gothungry and it was hard to see a restaurant.

so the first one we see westopped.

We're gonna get a noodle soup and we got some chicken from acrossthe street.

We gonna eat this and then continue our journey to the Blue Lagoonthree.

We just finish our meal.

but before we leave the restaurant I want toshow you what kind of place it is.

You can see here is a cow in the garden there arechickens here and little puppy.

We're like kind of in a little farm.

The restaurant is pretty cool.

We eat listening the cows and the chickens.

We eat our lunch and now we're heading to the Blue Lagoon three We just arrived at Blue Lagoon three.

Itlooks really nice here.

it looks like a big pool but there is lots ofattractions you can do.

There is like swing.

I'll show you somebody's going to jump right now so you justhold it and swing out the pool.

It looks really fun.

The weather isgetting hot so we're looking forward to go into the water.

I'm just gonna show youaround quickly and then I will go inside to swim.

There is also shop behind, if you're notcomfortable with swimming you can rent a life jacket but it's not a must here andthere are tubes around that you can just take and use I guess.

Now I'm going intowater and have a good time.

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