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Sawadee kha kup MerRyan is in Bangkok Thailand the land of smiles Today MerRyan will show you a beautiful restaurant by the Chao Phraya River The temple I'm going to show you is Wat Arun the temple of dawn Many people come to Bangkok just to dine next to the river in full view of the temple There are many restaurants next to this river But this restaurant is one of the nicest view of Wat Arun in Bangkok Right after our tour of the Grand Palace we were hungry we were looking for a restaurant by the river We came across this little alley leading to the river Walking into the allye is an adventure itself you see store houses by the side and people moving the stocks around The alley is filled with many cartons of goods as you go closer.

You can see the restaurant at the end This restaurant is called Eat Side Story and the decoration is so beautiful The restaurant sign is nicely framed by plants The restaurant oozes a relaxing and comfortable feeling.

You see lots of people relaxing in the shade There are also brave people standing in the Sun taking pictures of the river But most people come here just to take a beautiful picture of the impressive Wat Arun which is featured in almost all of the postcards of Bangkok.

It is so exciting to sit next to the river watching the busy Chao Praya river and the boats And with the beautiful Wat Arun in the background The restaurant is popular due to the excellent views of Wat Arun.

It is breezy and shaded so you're comfortable Some people prefer to sit out to be closer to the temple.

But it's definitely too hot for MerRyan so much cooler for MerRyan to hide in the shade whew It's really hot today, and I know how to make myself comfortable I sit closer in to keep myself nice and cool remember to drink lots of water like me We had the fried sea bass because I love fish.

It was nicely fried and plated.

The chili's by the side So it works well if you're afraid of spicy I did find it a little bland though.

The mixed vegetables was nicely done.

My friend could not take spicy food so we have to go for this.

We love this fried rice.

It was ready flavorful and the beef was nicely done.

There's a hint of spices in the rice that made it very unique and special.

It is something very special in Thailand, and you should try it Lastly we had the green curry! It'll be strange not to try green curry in Thailand I love this the most.

The curry was really creamy, but I found the meat a little dry.

It was not spicy, just a little.

After a meal we stayed to enjoy more views of Wat Arun.

It was really mesmerizing, and we found it so hard to leave We just want to relax here Other tourists were also relaxing on the couches, just enjoying their life away with such a beautiful view The bar was really busy making drinks to feed all these people enjoying the view and they worked so hard to keep us happy The place was nicely decorated to keep us in a good and relaxed mood.

Feel so much at home! MerRyan really couldn't bear to leave.

I enjoyed the view and food so much I just want to stay here and admire.

I heard Wat Arun is very beautiful at night but it was still early afternoon and MerRyan wants to see more of Bangkok so I left in the end.

I thought the food at this restaurant was mediocre, but the view and ambience was really good And it was not too expensive so come here for the view.

I heard there's a restaurant near here that is excellent for dinner Thanks for watching this snippet.

I hope it was fun for you to watch my adventures.

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