Bicycle Travel [Real Road Movie] Episode 21: Hanoi, Vietnam (Eng Sub)

We crossed to Vietnam again.

Now we'll start to travel in Vietnam again.

We set a tent at a gas station besides highway.

This guy is cool.

It's strong, isn't it? Yes, It's strong because of no water.

We ordered this noodles.

I haven't seen this before.

This is like korean buckwheat noodles that is separated with soup.

If this soup is hot, it'll be better.

Anyway it tastes good.

You'll find cold something soon.

These meat balls also taste good.

I'm on the way to Hanoi.

The road is very flat.

It's a beautiful road that elevation isn't over 50m.

Probably we'll arrive in Hanoi earlier than I think.

I'm in Hanoi.

There are many motor bikes and cars.

It's very complicated.

These are the same noodles I ate before.

They put meat balls in the soup.

With vegetables.

Hyoil bought something.

It's completely the same as soondae (korean food).

There are also livers and the taste is the same.

I've found this house on couchsurfing.



It's so messy.

Some hosts have a freewheeling lifestyle like this.

It's just a place to sleep.

We spread the mats to sleep here.

We put bicycles on rooftop.

That boxes.

Our sponsor company sent new equipments.

New equipments are these wheels.

They sent wheels, tubes, tire pumps and other.

We have to change them.

We're hanging out with Mr.

Park who will meet his sponsored child through plan vietnam tomorrow.

I'll try to advertise your travel.

That's good.

To whom? To sponsors of plan? There is a online community of plan sponsors.

I didn't know about the community.

You can see the video about Plan Vietnam and visit to his sponsored child on Mission episode 3 video.

I hang out with couchsurfing friends in the evening.



We are in luxury hotel.

This hotel is 250 dollars for a night.

Of course.

We can't stay in this kind of hotel from our budget.

My friend has come here for business trip so we invaded his place.

Really? Is it Ok to stay in this kind of place? One time can be forever.


That's why I became like this.

Don't take a video of me.

You know I don't like it.

I don't care your mind.

I have to take a video of something.

This is just duty.

I'm tired of this.

I can't stand still.

Taking a video first and I can do something I want.


It's annoying me.

I see you are complaining.

What? -I see you are complaining.

-Me? Sure.

But I planned it.

All of them may be 30 or 40 dollars.

There are many laundries.

This too? No.

I can wash.

Throw this away and take a towel in hotel.

Can I? I can't.

It's OK.

What's problem? I don't want to be an ugly korean.

We're eating samgyeopsal in korean restaurant.

I miss this a lot.

I can't remain the food.

I'll bring them.

We've come here for massage by friend's special service.

Oh my god.

I'm getting a massage.

It's the best day.

We're giving a present to our foots that always work a pedal.

Is this hot? Yes.

But it'll be OK soon.

Is he? -You are a that kind of man.

-Hey you go first.



it was.


About whole Vietnam.

It's a kind of department of vietnam language and literature.

I met some korean tourists in Sapa.

One of them is.



Da Lat? Yes.

We met a girl who studies vietnamese in Da Lat.

You're taking a video again.

It may be similar study.

2 days passed here like a dream.

We returned to reality.

We'll have a meal there soon.


See you again.

See you in Bangkok bro.

Take care of yourself.



I feel to become a missing child suddenly.

I feel we lost our guardian.

We've come to the international student's home who we met last night accidently.

This is the guy.

I'm embarrassed.


We're going for breakfast with the students.

Don't lie bro.

Don't talk nonsense.

You know well that is a nonsense.

I listened to him for a little while but he isn't that kind of man definitely.

Now we're leaving Hanoi lastly to get their favor.

We finished packing.

We're running again after we finished luxury travel in Hanoi from the favor of many friends.

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