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Hey good day everyone! So today we'regoing to be doing a hike.

So we're back in Nova Scotia now, we just got back acouple weeks ago there from a trip to Kentucky, Illinois.

and Indiana.

So if youhaven't checked those out, what I'll do is I'll just put a link up top, and I'llget you to start from the beginning! It's a really good little series, we went tosome interesting places.

So today we are at the Blue Mountain Trail.

As you canprobably tell, if you look behind me, it's at the end of a cul-de-sac.

Now Idid see a small sign here – because I'm going to show you the trail, and itdoesn't really look like a trail, and it was really weird – because we had to gothrough a series of little subdivisions, which is really weird, because this is a really big park, so maybe there's something we're missing, maybe there's a big place to park somewhere else, but this is whereour GPS brought us.

But here's the little part of the trailhead to start with.

So that's it.

This is the trailhead that we found, and it's just a littletiny path.

There's the car.

This is a little tiny path at the end of thiscul-de-sac.

So we we don't know why it's like this.

Obviously it's not a verypopular trail or like I said, if it is a popular trail, then we are definitelymissing something as that's the only entrance! Excuse me ma'am, what are youdoing? I think we're on the hiking course.

But there are two lines.

Oh boy.

And this is Birch Cove to Blue Mountain.

This is Blue Mountain.

But here's the top.

So we are kind of middle.

Okay, so we just got to, kind of, cut in until the actual trail.

Oh we're cheating! Well.



Are we really cheating though if this is the way it brought us? So I have noticed already that it's going be fairly buggy.

There'sbeen stuff flying around my head the whole time.

So, as you can see, we are on alegit trail.

But not from the beginning.

But not from the beginning maybe.

But look, it does have the yellow ties on the tree.

Can you mark on our map where we're at so we can get back this way? Can you put it like a little GPS point, and then maybe we'll do a second one when we get to the trailintersection so we know where we need to turn off again? So there's a “Pro Tip” people! If you have access to Google Maps or another map device, and you're able toplot GPS coordinates, drop them down in cases like this where you need to beable to find the trail or find where you're parked again.

That you making fires? Oh yeah, I stayed last night.

Maybe it's that bear family you want me to live with! We have bear family! How are those bugs? Another family.

Which way? What do you mean which way? The way of the trail.

We shall go the way of the trail.

Says we are now standing in the middleof proposed four-lane highway.

So basically they want to turn this into aroad.

Like an actual road.

So you could drive with car on it.

Yeah, they want to make it into a road.

Here? A highway, yeah.

It's not going be a trail anymore.

So it's going to happen? They have already decided? No, no.

It's proposed.

So they brought forth the idea.

But it hasn't been decided on.

So it might disappear.

So we have made it to the intersection, so we just came from the path behind me, and then immediately infront of me there's a path that goes this way, so most people would have come from this direction and kind of went that way, so once again what we're going to do, is we're going to put a little point on our map so that when we get here, wellactually, it's handy the sign is here, we should be able to see that andknow to turn here, but just in case we're not really paying attention, we canput a little mark on our map and know that once we get close to there we'regoing to turn and follow this trail back.

Oh! We got to go this way! I don't know.

I don't know.

You have the map, not me.

If we are climbing the mountain, why would we have to go down! Oh.

I just told everybody the exact opposite of the truth then.


Sorry everybody! Lying to you! What's that? Use that? Okay! It seems a bit extreme to have this rope.

I don't think.

That tree can't! Maybe it's to help you get down.

Instead of up.

(I need to remind Akane to film at my head height, not her head height!) I hear people, that means we are getting close to the top! I guess so! See the beauty is we've had this whole trail to ourselves.

Not a single person, which is fantastic when you're hiking! But now we're going to have to join therest of the general population.

Ok, so we have made it to the top and it was very soon after we broke off on the othertrail.

I say the whole thing took, I don't know, maybe 20-25 minutes.

Well Akane, what are your thoughts on the on the trail? just a bunch of.



Yeah, she transforms into a cat.

Hey! What are your thoughts on the trail Akane? Meow! Sounds like I am an angry cat.


Maybe your angry because the cameras too far.

Let's move a closer.

Alright Akane.

What are your thoughts on the trail? Meow! It was a very short course because we did a short-cut.

Yeah, but how much of a shortcut was it though? Like half the trail.

Okay, so what do you think of the view from the top? Yup, it was nice.

I think it's junk.

I think this is a terrible view.

Ok, so you hate this trail.

I wouldn't do this trail again.

Trails themselves are fine.

View from the top is slightly disappointing .

I don't know.

I'm a little disappointed by thetrail.

But see the water side? Yeah.

So now you blame me? Yes! This is all your fault.

You put everything up here and it's crap.

Why didn't you design this park better? I don't know.

I just came to Halifax last year.

It's not enough time.

Not going to use the rope on the way down? So you use the rope the exact opposite as on the way up.

You go down backward.

These flies! Know who I blame? I blame Jamesyboy Experiment, because we just watch the video where he got eatenby a whole bunch of horse flies or deer flies, or whatever they were.

You knowwhat Adam? I blame you on this! Alright, so we're back on the way down now, and I just want to ask you guys, have you ever been on a trail where you get to the topand you're disappointed? We were kind of having this conversation.

Watch out! Yeah, there's a giant hole here, Okay.

We're kind of having this conversationwhen we were sitting at the top about how I was okay with being disappointedat the view, butm you know Akane was a little disappointed that I wasdisappointed in the view.

Because you know, I don't know, I guess I'm the personwho who knows or realizes that not every hike is going to be absolutely beautiful.

It's not going be what you were hoping.

So just comment below if you've ever hada trail where you've gone too and you went to the top and you're like “Oh, well, that was nothing special” because for us.



for me.



this is one of those trails for me.

Let me erase that a little bit.

The trail itself is nice.

The view from the top, Meh.

So one person I know for sure who's had disappointment whenthey got to the top was Josiah.

So I know he's watching this, so you know YouTubeJosiah Martin, he does fantastic videos, but there was one he was in Hawaii andhim and a buddy went up to top of the mountain to go watch sunrise I think itwas guys, anyway, got to the top, it was completely clouded over, couldn't getanything, so I know what happens.

Have you noticed that these markers areall slightly different? We're not following the.



The yellow ones? Why is that? We're going the right way still? Okay, I believe you.

I told you were going to spend the whole night here.

We we might be! I don't recognize any ofthis! I actually don't recognize any of this.

So do I need to go back? We can go through here.

Like a bear.

And back we go! Let's reconnect with our actual trail.

Alright, so we have made it back.

Akane quick! What time is it? Uh, 3:00! 3:00! Oh, okay so we took about 2 hours.

No, 1 hour.

What time did we get here? Around 2.



So it took about one hour to do theentirety of the hike there back, and sit for a little bit, so it's not too long ofa hike.

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Filmed June 2018.

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