Boeddhistische Tempels – THAILAND EPISODE 7 || Takiany Travel Video

In the previous video we had a look at an underground Buddha cave.

It is clear that in Eastern cultures people tend to be more religious.

Much more.

We have also seen how golden leaves can be usedto make wishes for Buddha.

And finally we arrived at themountain that houses that one temple.

In this episode I will show youmore temples and rituals.

* Theme music plays * The same day, yet a new adventure.

We have arrived at the next temple.

The peculiar thing is thatit is made entirely out of coconut timber.

For us this is a fairly durable material, but the origin of this wood is, of course, Asia.

We were given a plant with agolden leaf, just like before.

The wooden temple is right in front of us.

It's completely built out of coconut timber.

It is a very beautiful temple.

The architecture and details are stunning.

It's really beautiful.

Take a closer look at that craftsmanship.

It's beautiful.

You may have noticed tools and buildingmaterials lying around this is due to the fact that the temple was still under construction.

Here we can see some statues, decorated with golden leaves.

Locals believe that this will help to make their wishes come true.

Originally this statues don't have a golden colour.

They were carved out of stone, but the people stick golden leaves on it to help make their wishes come true.

Top: Golden leavesBottom: Without golden leaves This temple provides room for prayer and wishes as well.

Just like in the very first episode, one can choose between two different colors.

Gray: To ask for forgivenessGold: To make a wish I make a wish, but place my ownleaf in the forgiveness pile.

Everyone regrets at least something.

Here we have another peculiar sight: A golden tree and a silver tree.

Visitors can leave a banknote or golden leaf here, those were available at the start of the tour, to add more strength to their wishes.

The money is collected by a monk, who brings it to the temple.

Let's take a look inside the temple.

* Shoes out * Let's take a look at the inside You can immediately seelarge amounts of golden leaves on the Buddha statue, leftbehind by religious visitors.

This Buddha is not made out of gold but seems to be due to the large amount of golden leaves.

I soon noticed that each temple had its own theme.

There was a water temple, a Heaven versus Hell temple, an underground cave temple, asseen in the previous episode and many more, but let's focus our attentionto the temple you were watching.

Allow me to show you some more imagery of temples.

The colouring of this templewas all painted by hand.

These artists deserve a lot of recognition.

Since we're all in the mood to see more temples, we'll take a flight to 'Chiang Rai', home to the 'Heaven versus Hell' temple.

This temple illustrates the differences between Heaven and Hell.

Drinking whiskey is portrayed as bad, whileindulging in prayer is shown as good.

It's a very large temple right in the city center.

The temple is known as'Wat Rong Khun' to the Thai people.

To reach the temple, one must firstcross the 'Cycle bridge of rebirth', which in Dutch translates to'De cyclus brug der hergeboorte'.

After crossing, you reach 'The Heavenly gates'.

According to legend, this gateis guarded by two giants.

Passing through, one reaches the temple We've arrived at 'Wat Rong Khun'.

It's featured on the 'Top 10 most beautiful buildings on earth' list.

Everything here is made by hand.


What's that?! These are saleable gold plates on whichyou can write your name.

They are meant to bring good fortune.

The ceiling of this passageway iscompletely plastered with them.

These statues depict the temple guardians, who protect the path to heaven.

There are some donations here.

This is probably a dragon with multiple heads.

This place was a little too busy for my taste.

It was quite difficult to record footage, so I hope you'll enjoy these few shotsthat I was able to make.

These are the homes of thepeople who work in the temple.

They have some very nice windows.

Almost all white buildings are sacred buildings, while the yellow / golden buildings are toilets.

Not quite sure what's up with that.

That's just how things are, I guess.

Quite odd indeed.

This stunningbuilding is a restroom.

Would you guess upon first laying eyes on this building, that this is a toilet? I know I wouldn't.

For now we've seen enough temples, In the next episode we'llvisit another abandoned location, which will also be the last episode of 'The adventures of Thailand'.


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