Breathtaking Chiang Rai, Thailand – 5 more attractions(Part 2) ! Travel vlog #003

sawadika people! welcome back to ourChannel.

in our last vlog we covered the topattractions that you must do in Chiang rai, and this is the second part.

five more attractions that you just can't miss.

if you didn't watch the first partyet, you can click on the link in the description and do so.

so once again we got ourselves a driverfor the entire day who took us to all the following attractions.

we startedwith a one hour drive from chiang rai city center to our first experience, which wasthe Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle is basically where the borders ofThailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.

so you can see all three countries from oneplace.

very cool! we hopped on a boat tour through themekong river that separates those borders.

the boat actually had a stop inLaos in an interesting cheap market in the lao island Don Sao, the visitdidn't require a visa to laos and you don't get a stamp in your passport, though they do take it away and give you a permission to pass document.

the boat tour cost us 1000 baht, and the views and atmosphere are incredible.

so we are sitting here in Laos Eating a pineapple the secondthing you must do in chiang rai is go visit the Choui Fong Tea plantation.

it'sa perfect place to sit and relax take a break with a cup of the tea that they grow there while gazing at the beauty and the serenity of the plantation.

there isalso a chill restaurant that overlooks the entire field and they have some damngood tea cakes the next attraction requires some effort, but it's definitely worth it .

we drove the entire way up the mountains to abreathtaking place called Pha Hi village the road was tight and a bit scary butthen we got to those views.

NOOOOOOO we had an amazing time in the village walkingaround with insane viewpoints in every corner, and we crashed into a privateparty and got drunk with some of the locals.



well we didn't actually crashinto it, they saw us and they insisted we will join them.

they were amazing andfriendly they had music and dancing and they just kept filling our glasses.

theyalso have a coffee plantation in the village and some amazing quality coffeeshops, long story short you must visit this place.

ok so what's a day trip inThailand without A temple visit seems ridiculous.

the one that we visited thatday is called Wat Tham Pla or the monkey cave.

this is a very unique andinteresting temple, when you enter you will see thousand of monkeys playingaround and waiting to be fed they are very cute but be careful they are veryspoiled and can be a bit agressive the area of the temple is filled with weirdsurreal pieces of art and beautiful nature the cherry on the top is thebuddha cave a dark cave with a Buddha over 2, 000 years oldyou might also meet some bats and monkeys in there it was a rare anddifferent temple and a very fun experience enjoy the climb! we reached the top of the temple and itwas hard it is still hard! it's 200 stairs which are uneven which makes it alot a lot harder but we get this beautiful view and now to my favorite partwhich might be the sweetest attraction in the entire Chiang Rai province.

back in the city center not far from the night market, you will find the mostadorable and relaxing place on earth A cat cafe called Cat n' A Cup.

okay sothis might be a specific attraction to cat lovers only but we had so much funthere we just had to recommend it.

we even came back a second time, the catcafe as implied in the name is the home of a beautiful cat family, different catsof different kinds with different personalities just enjoying their liveswith locals and tourists that come for coffee and breakfast.

well, as much ascats can enjoy.

just go touch them, play with them, watch them live theirinteresting lives , you will feel very relaxed.

It was so hard to leave.

this is Nepal's bike and she left with my bike where she is? give me back my bike where did you go with my bike??? Hey baby, I brought us Coffee a lot of coffee be careful COFFEE! now for the bonus recommendation, forwhere to stay.

we had the most amazing time staying in a resort in themountains in Mae Sai and close to the border with Myanmar.

it's isolated andfar from everything but our few days there were the best! sitting in thisrestaurant by the lake which is beautiful, the mountains view and Ireceived a bit a radioactive drink I think.



what do you think? I think that you need to try that first of all.


you try that My TaAaAaiLLLL it's a bit spicy so be careful babe told you thank you very much guys for watching, ifyou liked our video let us know in the comments below now we would like to haveyour feedback to know what we can do better in our next upcoming videos foryou because we would like to make great content only for you guys please don'tforget to subscribe to the channel and like this video and for now goodbyeShalom and Lehitra'ot (Goodbye in Hebrew).

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