🇨🇦 CANADA: Quebec City Food Tour 🍷 🧀 | TRAVEL VLOG #0082

And now we're walking down Rue St.

Louis, or St.

Louis Street, and this is where everybody here has told us you can findsome of the best restaurants in Old Quebec, so and we've already tried a couple of them that were closer to the hotel.

We're up a little farther now andwe might just have to venture up here tonight and try one of these.

This is so very European, all these smalllittle restaurants and shops facing the street.

This one is smoked salmon.

I don't eat fish, so he's getting the second taste.

[Laughter] If I have to.

If he has to force himself.

I'll take one for the team.

He said it's the best salmon in the world.

Is itthe best you've had? It's good.

It was raw, right? Yes.

So like sashimi or sushi, yeah? It's classic smoked salmon.

Well, I think the first stop on our food tour was a hit.

I know it was for Mark.

I don't like the salmon, but Ireally did love the.





I don't know why I can't remember the name of that.

We'll be ordering Caribou again.

And now, we're off to our second stop.

So, we're now on Rue Saint-Jean, Saint Jean Street, where he says we're spending the rest of our tour, so there must begood restaurants here.

Very good.

We're tasting wild boar now.

Go for it, Mark.

That has a good flavor.

It's very good.

You know what it reminds me of? That summer sausage we used to get all the time.

So, when we came through that gate backthere, we left the old city of Quebec.

We're now in this part of Quebec called St.

JeanBaptiste, St.

John the Baptist.

So this is the newer.



a little bit newer section ofQuebec from here on.

So we're having poutine! And we are told that Quebec is THE place to get poutine.

It's the most authentic here.

What do you think? VERY good.

So, our last stop is at the chocolate museum.

Oh, wow! Look at those.

Look at hay bales and everything.

A clock made of chocolate.

Chocolate melters.

What do they call them? I guess to make hot, hot cocoa, yeah.

I love the copper ones.

Two of my favorite things in one; chocolate and purses.

Well, we just finished the food tour.

It was a walking tour, and it saidon.



when we booked it that it would be two hours.

Plan on three hours because ittook us every bit of three hours.

We went to seven different places, and we got out ofOld Quebec, which was really neat because we're down in the area calledSaint-Jean-Baptiste, which is named after John the Baptist, and it's it's more.



it'soutside of the UNESCO area and it's more.



gives you more of an idea of how peoplereally live here in Quebec.

It's a little bit of a Bohemian kind of feel.



some really funky little places, Really interesting places, lots of little allthe places we went to we're kind of little restaurants a littlehole-in-the-wall type places, which is exactly what we look for when we travelso.

A lot of pubs a lot of specialty bistros and things like that.

Right, and we had something to eat it every one of them, as well as, I think we had abeverage at every one of them didn't we? Pretty much, yeah.

Even at the mapleplace, we had an infused tea that was really good.

Yeah, the maple place was really good.

And I needed that to walk up hill.

We walked up hill first.

It's nice to have alittle caffeine.

We've gotta find our way back now, but overall I would give it an A+ It was only $29 a person and I can't believe what we got for it.

What a bargain.

Our guide was a lot of fun, and like I said we saw a part of the city that weprobably wouldn't have ventured into on our own, and not to mention the cost ofall the food, even though they were, you know, tasting size samples, we're full.

It's five o'clock we're not even anywhere near.



Dinner's gonna be delayed forsure.

It's gonna be a late dinner tonight.

So, we booked it through TripAdvisor, no, through Viator, and I will put the link to that down below in the description ifanybody's interested in it, but I highly recommend this tour.

Now we're headingback to our hotel where we're going to get off our feet for a little while and then probably eat dinner really really late tonight.


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