CANADA ROAD TRIP | Traveling out east to visit the Maritime Provinces

first passenger aboard the vehicle togiare you ready to travel Togo well good morning guys today is a travel day weare kicking off the trip the road trip to Atlantic Canada today we're going toQuebec first stop first stop is going to be Quebec no Quebec City or we're gonnago visit a brother in Montreal for a couple of hours and then we continuejust for another hour hour and a half to a little town outside the city we renteda cabin in the woods by the lake so that's going to be our first day yeahyeah we're already it's nine-thirty accused the july the second so the afterKenny today they have the kind of a day and all the way so ready inside the carthere he's eager and ready and yeah we have a lot of stuff that's the onlything but this car looks familiar is because we were driving the same modellast year when we went out to the Rockies yeah and we're trying to figureout if it's the same car as well not just the same model but the same vehiclecatching a cold over here because we rent it from the same place at theairport and it's exactly the same model the same power so I wouldn't besurprised if it's the same car that we we took last year – yeah – travelalright anyway I'm driving take the road up in the driver's seat solet's get out city let's go let's get goingwe were running a bit late leaving the house so we didn't do a very good jobexplaining this trip but basically the idea was to spend two weeks roadtripping around the Maritimes which includes the provinces of New Brunswickfrom Nova Scotia in Prince Edward Island ever since Togo came into our lives it'sbecome a bit of a family tradition to do a summer road trip so that the dog canalso come along last year it was the Canadian Rockies and this year wedecided to head east towards Atlantic Canada but first we had to get therethis video is about our first two days of driving across Ontario and Quebec be a hair day well how's the dryer first stop of theday it was good I'm driven for about an hour and a half we're now at Port Hopewe stopped at an En Route it's kind of like a rest area and this one has a littlepart with picnic benches yeah Toland was getting a little fidgety so he needs awalk well especially when he saw the other dogs yeah he's like yes this lookslike a dog yeah the best thing about this on route is that I mean there's arestaurant area but we avoided that and we just come to the park area aha lovehow did you find the drive so far it was a bit a lot of traffic going out ofToronto but that's to be expected yeah okay now it should be smoothcruising yeah probably make another stop before Imean when you're with the dog you have to do that we have to usually stop likeevery hour and a half or two yeah that seems to work that works for him and wealso have we have sandwiches as well and there was banana bread two containers ofbanana bread yeah and someone devoured in the first one I haven't even had abite portion by somebody you know I can honestly say it wasn't me maybe yoursister had it how was my driving for you how did you enjoy the ride I think Ionly gained about 10 white hairs oh my god I just kidding you did a good jobyou were driving slows a little bit like Sunday driving I do the Beeb limits I'ma safe driver yeah yeah it was you know what once we got outside of Toronto it'stotally fine mm-hmm Toronto's always a bit of a zoo and guys we've packed theirown sandwiches take a look here yes we've got chicken sandwiches on threerocket chicken oh and this is nice thick bread it looks like the guy from healthywalk bread for you yeah try it none of this stopping at Tim Hortons businessyou eat homemade sandwiches so how's the trip so far pretty good we're doing apit stop for Togo yeah and I think he wants water too but he got a littleexcited when we pulled in all the dogs doesn't know where we arehe doesn't know where he does the problem you know yeah so he's all hyperbut now he quiet down a little bit can we take him somewhere unfamiliar heneeds to get out run around snippets crazy but I think now he wants to have alittle bit of water mm-hm and yeah this is a perfect area to stop were walk thedog a little bit you know we haven't been troubling a lot is aboutan hour and a half but we are not in a hurry and you know we want the dog tostretch the legs a little bit because in the back is a little bit cramped youknow it's a lot of suitcases and stuff like that so he doesn't have a lot ofspace and yeah like this he's going to quiet down a little and then he's gonnatruck travel a little bit better here we're gonna have some water for you hmm what are you giving him why'd welavender because it gets them a little what alright guys we've may be drivinganother 15 minutes and we've stopped again at the Big Apple this is a placewhere you can buy apple pie and you can see how they're made and they have likethis giant red apple off to the side of the highway so it's kind of like atourist landmark as well so yeah we're gonna get some pie since we're visitingmy uncle's we don't show up empty-handed I don't know let's go well there you have it guys the BigApple the one and only and yeah we daughter Piewe got the mumble crumble apple pie huge really good and Sam apple chips theseare the caramel yeah apple chips guys fun factfun fact let's talk ever new as you as you go into the store you can see wherethey're making the pies and they have sold over 6 millionunbeliev of all it's a lot so guys we picked up some apple chips over heregonna try them they're basically shaped like a like anapple rings cord ring looks like there's a bit of sugar aroundthe outside oh wow miss sweet how about the caramel taste really crunchy I likethem you snake hellostop number three number three number three means cake actually banana breadwater a little walk for the dog sun's out every stop is an excuse forAudrey to have a bite and we're closer to Quebec border now so yeah that's thefrench-speaking part of Canada yes get any fitting cuz we're not too far fromyour uncle's place yeah we're hoping to be able to get there by four o'clockyep making decent time Tony's sniffing you hey guys and we have banana breadwith chocolate chips walnuts its moist its fluffy itssecond piece of the day so you did find it after allTokita once the war explore alright guys so we just crossed theborder over to the back the province of Quebec a few minutes agowe're now about 25 or 30 minutes away from my uncle's house and I am keepingmyself entertained by taking selfies with togi in the back look got him therebut him there in the same frame look at that guy looking at the camera lookinghandsome as always I'll DriveI'll give you your camera sim we spent a really nice afternoon visiting withrelatives and then we hit the road again while we still had a bit of daylightleft in order to find the cottage somewhere in the countryside we gotstuck in traffic leaving Montreal and then we also lost a bit of time takingdetours due to construction but we eventually got there killing mosquitoes we're in thecountryside next to a lake in the forest and there were hundreds of them like weopened the doors and the lights were on and they just like swarm yeah they'relike they're like food oh you're really old I'd say 20 or 30 by now my dad and Iwas told Papa no consume wine yes kept telling uslike 20 minutes 20 minutes for what felt like an houryeah but we're here and it's gonna look really nice in the morningyeah we'll show you guys around in the morning yeah you know we're gonna justhave some wine yeah have a little bite and we'll let you it will give you atour of the cabin tomorrow and we'll pick things up yeah yes for the end ofthe day no it's been a long one you're in a long run anything would be good atthis point yeah so we are starving we are fired and number Thursday we'regonna be mosquitos because the cabin is full of them yeah so I think they'regonna eat us alive tonight yeah we're gonna pick things up in the morninghopefully we're not ravaged by them but yeah what a daywhat are they what a day let's call it a day oh good morning guys from the woods herein Quebec we are being attacked by mosquitoes we just came outside to givethe dog a little walk and oh boy summer here is rough it's beautiful it'sjust the mosquitoes are also here to enjoy it but yeah we were up bright andearly my parents woke up at like 5:30 thismorning Sam was up at 6:00 so we're getting an early start or just aboutpacked up and then we need to start loading everything in the car so yeah wejust wanted to show you around a little bit this is the cottage where we spentthe night last night we arrived after dark so you couldn't really see much butit's really nice we're not too far from the lake togo's having fun playing fetchwith sticks and pinecones and yeah today we're gonna continue driving towardsFredericton it's gonna be seven and a half hours and we're also gonna makesome stops along the way so yeah we'll see what they hold day two was another long day of drivingmostly crossing the province of Quebec we didn't really do any touristy stopsalong the way since our goal was to reach Fredericton before dark and meetup with Sam's parents we just drove and drove taking breaks at Togo's urging get up game good morning I'm awake now I wasn'treally awake earlier yet a bit of a sleep ha ha ha in the carno I've been navigating actually ok um we've been driving would you say an hourand a half or two now yeah but at least a solid hour and a half yeah we woke upearly we got Union alive I mean yeah bitten onmy fingertip and my fingers swelled to twice it's yeah I mean I've spent quitea bit of time in the wilderness in Canada I've never been to somewherewhere I'd like to bring the mosquitos yeah that many of them too they evencame in the house somehow yeah anyways yeah it's been a nice scenic drive sofar and we're heading towards Quebec City at the moment and yeah we've got alittle bit more time to spend in this province thanks oh it's naturenone of a shower this morning so the me the main reason why we stopped those totake the dog for a walk about every two hours we do that and it just makes thetrip a lot more bearable for us for him for everyone involvedTogo has to be first we can't be ahead he must be the leader or he startssqueaking and getting nervous and anxious yeah there's a system in place my fat one boy I miss people Oh nervous yawn well guys it's just beenmore highway driving more of the same hopefully you're enjoying a bit of thescenery we're doing you guessed it another pit stop we're going to attemptfeeding the dog our itinerary it really revolves around the dog quite heavily incase you have not noticed so here we go feeding time for toto he's getting somebeef getting some rice home-cooked mealshere we go lunch for Toby so we've been driving for a really longtime it feels like you know never-ending adventure here in Quebec and it isCanada's french-speaking province so I don't know if you've noticed but we havebeen filming a lot of the signs all the signs are in French and yeah the cultureis different the food is different if we had more time I would have loved tostomp and had a bit in here I've been craving it within and speaking of Frenchnames a lot of the names here are after saints we just passed by it for a keylittle town what was that called it was st.

Louiehaha like haha I'm laughing there's some great names in Canada of small towns Ihave to say my favorite being in and happy valley-goose Bay but you'venever never I haven't been there but I'm gonna go that's history that's my dreamin life happy valley-goose also they do speak French in New Brunswick and partof yes yes technically a bilingual province there's some cities that aremore French than others Edmundston being one of them near the border is alsoMoncton which is predominantly French but where my parents live in Frederictonand then where my relatives live in st.

John's or English speaking soit's really interesting if you want to work in the government there you do needto speak both languages yeah Rose wait brother alright guys so we made a little pitstop in Hartland New Brunswick a place that Sam visited as a child he thinksmaybe remembers and this town is home to the longest covered bridge in the worldtwelve hundred and eighty-two feet also I was really surprised that you candrive your vehicle across because we visited covered bridges and Quebec thatare made out of wood and they're so old that you can only walk across you can'tdrive on them anymore this one you can do it with your car but you can alsowalk it too I think hey peoplehow are you out there I'm gonna do a little bit of talking here forall three thriving and Samuel is filming my yeah we've been traveling for acouple of days we are a bit dirty sweaty and tired but we're having a good timetoad was at the back there having a good time too and yeah we just cross theprovince of Quebec we passed through there yesterday and this morningnow we're in a New Brunswick is the first time for me here in New BrunswickI have never been past Quebec City East right so as you know what BEC is mostlyFrench speaking problems although Canada the whole country is bilingualthere are two official languages that are French andEnglish if you want to have education in French you can study in French if youwant to be educated in English when you go to school University you can do it inEnglish in the province of Quebec is a little bit different because they havesome laws that they had to implement to protect the the French culture if youcome to the province of Quebec from abroad and you want to go to publicschool you probably want to have to go and do your schooling in Frencheven if you were born in the province of Quebec and neither one of your parentsand mother or your father did their schooling in English then you're notgoing to be able to do your schooling in English in the public school system ifyou want to pay private education you can study whatever language you want butin the public system that's more or less the rules enough so they have to protectthe culture and this is a way of trying to make sure that the language is keptalive and also when it comes to signage outside the businesses and whatever itis with the advertising you know it has to be done in French in theprovince of Quebec so now we've come just close to the province of NewBrunswick it's my first time here I'm surprised at the size of both side of the highwayhere the road they have a fencing system to protectfro from the moves apparently right here there are signs every word that saysbeware be careful especially at nine moves crossing you know they cross theroad and if you are doing 120 130 kilometers an hour and you hit one ofthose monsters it'll be like eating a horse and I don't think you're gonnasurvive it neither the moves right they usuallycome to the wind chill and end up inside the car and it's a it's a disaster sowhat they did is they fence the whole length we've been traveling now for likefour hours and it's been steady okay both sides of the highway the fencing isa metal chain link type of thing and Wow you see the kind of expanse they went toprotect lives in this country in Canada they don't take it lightly when he whenit's a matter of safety and and trying to save life money is no object a partlybecause this must have cost a fortune to do but they did it you knowand also when we cross into New Brunswick we came into another time zonesorry so you know Canada being such a wide country it has four time zonesright you got a the Atlantic you got Central you gotMountain and you got Pacific that's four and then you have a new phone now TerraNova and Labrador that they also have a little different that is about a half anhour so if you are in Vancouver and someone that is in Terranova Labradornew format will be four and a half hours difference you know they'll give you anidea of how fast this country is so yeah that's another you know interestingthing to know I guess for people that are interested in traveling and stufflike that and also another thing that I've noticed anisha's amazes me is howclean everything is we've been traveling for two days okayand so far we haven't seen a piece of paper a piece of newspaper a plasticbottle an empty coffee cup nothing on the side of the road he says pristineokay that tells you a lot about you know society when they when you havethings and you see things like that you know how they behave so what are youdoing here you're you're having a good time have any good road trip it's lots alot lots of walks yeah he's having a great time is it agree hey one more hourone and a half and we're there is a happy camperso yeah now we are approaching in about an hourand a half we're gonna be in a Fredericton in New Brunswick right there we'regoing to spend a couple of days recoup a littledo a little bit of sightseeing and then we continue to Nova Scotia and PrinceEdward Island and we're gonna be I'm eager to gowe're gonna try the the cabot trail okay it's supposed to be one of the mostscenic roads mainly for motorcycle drivers you know it's a lot of peoplethat go do that drive with their motorcycle you know the big bikes huhso it's supposed to be an amazing Drive and amazing views and I always wanted togo and do this and well now is the time so we'll we'll keep you posted and we'llmake some good videos so everybody can enjoyso that's it that's it we put down our we'll see you in another little piece ofvideo and talk a little bit more we drove through a torrential downpourbut then as we were approaching Fredericton the skies cleared and we gotsome sunshine and that pretty much sums up or two days driving out to easternCanada in the next video we'll be exploring the province of New Brunswickso get ready for some sightseeing around Fredericton a hiking and fundy nationalpark eating delicious fish and chips visiting the hopewell rocks and enjoyinga cottage in the middle of the woods all that and more in the next episode.

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