Canadian Rockies Travel Guide | Canada's Most Beautiful Place To Visit

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies! In the last video we showed you the 4-and-a-halfday car journey from Ontario, but now it’s time to jump into the sightseeing.

We had 1 full week in the Rockies, splittingour time between both Alberta and British Columbia, and all of our days were spent hikingin woods, visiting the lakes, and just enjoying being surrounded by nature.

This was a family road trip with our trustyfamily dog Togo in tow, so we’re going to be sharing with you our adventure in whatmay well be the most beautiful part of Canada! Alright guys so today is our first full dayhere exploring Alberta.

We arrived in Calgary late last night so wedidn't really do a whole lot or see much of the city but we got up early today um andwe got our pass.

We bought the Discovery Pass which is goingto give us access to a whole bunch of parks.

It is good for a year as well which is reallycool.

But yeah our first stop today is Banff sowe drove into town, parked the car and now we are walking along the Bow River Trail.

So we are now crossing this bridge here wemet a local on the trail who suggested once we cross the bridge we turn left because apparentlythere is a really nice trail and he likes that area so since we don't know any betterwe're going to follow his advice.

Turn left and see what nature holds.

So we are now walking through the forest.

Well it is a little trail you know lined withtrees that looks like a forest to me but it is super quiet and super peaceful here.

We can just hear the river running to theleft and then birds chirping all around us.

This is nice.

This is a great way to start our travels herein Alberta.

Alright so we are just starting the day.

We've basically been walking through the parkfor maybe 20 minutes and we came across some benches right along the side of the river.

Why are you wimpering? It is beautiful.

It is beautiful Togo.

So yeah we just wanted to take a minute andkind of talk about our first impressions of the place.

Starting with my Dad who has always wantedto visit and come out to the Rockies.

Yeah, that is true.

I always wanted to come.

First impressions is wow.

This place is hard to describe in words.

This is nature at its best.

Anything and everything you see here is extremelybeautiful.

The mountains, the rivers, the turquoise colourof the waters.

The trees.

I mean it doesn't get any better than thisguys.

You know like I mean anyone that has the opportunityto come and visit this part of the world do so because I can guarantee you that you willnot be disappointed one bit.

It is a beautiful place.

It is nature and uh yeah it is taken careof everything is pristine.

It looks like you know nobody has ever beenhere.

So I recommend it highly to visit.

The Bow River trail is just a few steps fromdowntown Banff and it follows the riverside with lots of benches along the way so thatyou can stop and enjoy the scenery.

We followed it up to the Bow Falls Lookoutpoint.

From there, we walked over to the Banff SpringsHotel.

This historic hotel opened up in 1888 it’sone of Canada's grand railway hotels built by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

If it’s luxury you’re after, this Châteauesqueproperty fits the bill.

We didn’t stay here, but that didn’t stopus from admiring the exterior.

After that, we continued over to Canmore.

So it is now time for our second stop of theday.

And we've come over to Canmore.

So basically once we finish hiking a littlebit in Banff we went to the supermarket bought a quick lunch.

You know some bread, salami and cheese.

We ate in the car and then we drove to Canmorewhich I would say is maybe like 15 minutes away so it is super close by and yeah nowwe're just doing some more hiking.

Walking, I should call it walking on thislittle boardwalk following the river.

It is super peaceful.

The dog is loving it.

He's already jumped in the river a coupleof times to drink some water and cool down.

So yeah we are enjoying it.

It is our first full day in Alberta but itis great.

It is great so far.

This particular trail is called the Policeman’sCreek Boardwalk Trail.

It’s 3.

9 kilometers in length and it’sa very light and easy walk.

Do you think he is going to take a littleswim? A little dip? Go swim.

And the one who has been enjoying this themost has been the dog.

And I feel so happy for the dog because ithas been in the truck for like four straight days and today it has done more walking thanit has in any other day of its life.

I feel as though its instincts are being awakened.

Its wolf and German Shepherd like instinctsare being awakened out here in nature.

And that brings us to Day 2! Our first stop was Cascade Ponds, which Iwould describe as one of the hidden treasures of the Canadian Rockies.

It had glassy emerald waters, a beautifulrocky backdrop, and not a soul in sight.

So it is day two here continuing our roadtrip and exploring the Rockies.

My sister got married around here in a littleforest so she is showing us around, kind of retracing her steps but yeah this place isbeautiful.

Like I thought yesterday was beautiful andnow today it is like oh wow we haven't even seen the best stuff yet.

And we're the only people here so far.

The only ones here so far.

Gotta love it.

You've gotta love it.

Yeah except for some ducks on the lake.

Oh those ducks they had to go ruin it forus.

From there, we drove over to Lake Minnewanka, which has more of a bluer hue in comparison to the other turquoise and emerald lakes inthe Rockies.

Lake Minnewanka is a glacial lake 21 kilometresin length, making it the 2nd longest lake in the Rockies.

It’s a hub for water activity like boatcruises, kayaking, canoeing, and well, it’s beautiful.

(Splashing sounds from dog) And that brings us to day 3.

Alright guys so another day of sightseeinghere around BC (British Columbia) and Alberta.

Today we are driving through Kootenay ProvincialPark and honestly if there has been like a theme or a word that we keep repeating overand over again it is just wow.

Wow, wow the whole time.

Um we just stopped over at the Kootenay viewpointlookout so yeah you can see like the whole valley, the mountains, forests.

It is amazing.

My parents are struggling with the dog.

They forgot the dog's collar so we've hadto like make due with a leash and like wrap it around his body because all dogs must beon a leash here.

So yeah Togo.

Togo sit with the background.

Toghetti show off your little harness.

Leash situation.


So we are stopping at a place called the PaintPots.

And we are going to be having some lunch here.

We packed a picnic.

We are also going to let the dog walk arounda bit, stretch his legs.

He's a little squeaky at the moment.

Whenever we arrive somewhere new this onehas to sniff it out and get used to the environment.


Do you want food? Isn't that right Togo? Let's give you a tour of the picnic.

Bananas, triscuits, cheese and salami.






Olives and artichokes.

Yum yum.

That looks awesome.

It looks like bears tend to roam in this area.

Maybe we'll see a bear if we get lucky.

Maybe not.

So now that we've had a quick picnic we'regoing to do some hiking.

A little walk in the woods.

Hello there.

I've got to burn off that meat and cheese.

That was a light meal I will say.

There isn't much to burn off.

No that is true.

It was more of a snack and it is better likethat because if you had a great big lunch then you wouldn't want to be doing all theseoutdoor activities.


You'd want to be taking a siesta instead.

So we are hiking to the Paint Pots.


And apparently these are like little lakes, little lagoons where the water has strange colors I imagine because of the minerals.

Maybe sulphur.

Yeah and I've noticed that there is a fewdifferent I don't know if it is routes but different varying lengths of this trail.


And so we're not going to go that far in.

We have a lot to do today but if you wantto like make this into a half or full.

Maybe not a full day but a half day activityyou definitely can because some of these trails go I think like five, six or eleven kilometres.

You can hike a lot in here but we want tosee the Paint Pots apparently they are like yellow and orange and green.

So let's see if we can find them.

To find the paint pots, we walked across thebridge and then turned left.

This led us down a forest trail, and eventuallyto an opening.

The Paint Pots consist of 3 pools made up of coldmineral springs, surrounded by earth predominantly composed of iron ore, which stains the groundan orangey-red color.

A nearby stream then flows into the 2 largerpools creating a greenish color.

Later that day we drove to Moraine Lake, whichis another glacially fed lake.

It has a brilliant blue-green colour due tolight refracting off the rock sediments, and like most destinations in the Rockies, thisone was another stunner.

Even Togo couldn’t resist the waters! Okay okay one more lake to visit.

Lake Moraine.

This is one of the lakes we've just been dyingto visit.


It is just beautiful.

It really lives up to its reputation.

I mean just check out the turquoise watersguys.

The color is unbelievable.


We were so lucky to get a parking spot.


Like actually every car in front of us hadbeen turned away and suddenly some spots opened up and like we were honestly going to cometomorrow.

We were able to go today.

So yeah that is something worth mentioning.

We are visiting here on a weekend yes andit is super busy so it is better if you can come in the middle of the week or like earlyin the day or late in the day if you are here Saturday or Sunday.

Exactly or not during peak season.


Maybe later in the fall.

(River sounds) Update.


It is time for our final lake of the day.

Yeah, tell us where are we? Lake Louise.


Probably the most famous of all.


We were very lucky to get a parking spot rightnear the end of the parking lot.


Like we had to wait until someone pulled out.


Yeah, so we're visiting this one at 4 pm sopeople are slowly starting to leave but they are still you know quite a few people snappingphotos.


But yeah this lake is probably the most famousin all of Alberta.

It has beautiful kind of like turquoise milkywaters.


Right now we are just waiting for the lightto pop because the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

And I think it actually just is right now.

So we better run and do that.


The views from the shore were nothing shortof stunning, we had Victoria Glacier perfectly framed by mountains on either side, and thenthe brilliant glacial waters with dotted with red canoes.

Since we spent part of our trip in the townof Invermere in BC, we also did a bit of hiking around East Kootenay.

One trail we really enjoyed was the Old CoachTrail, which sits between Radium Hot Springs and Dry Gulch.

This is a 9-kilometre trail that follows theColumbia River from a height, offering views of the river and the wetlands below.


You are waisting it.


Oh look at him getting all dirty.


We finished off that hike by driving backinto town and enjoying a break along the shores of Windermere Lake, where you guessed it, the dog enjoyed some more splashing around.

Next up, another cool stop on our road tripthrough the Rockies: the Continental Divide.

Hello! Hey! So right now we have stopped off at the ContinentalDivide.

You can see the sign kind of right behindme here.

So in a second we are going to explain toyou what that is all about.

Get him up.

On camera.





No he is distracted.

Oh he sees a dog.

That is why.

There is another dog that is why.

Okay so another stop on this road trip rightnow we are standing at the Continental Divide.

The dog is going with my sister.

Um so yeah right now we are standing at theContinental Divide.

We've got this big sign right behind us andbasically this line right here divides three different things.

So let's try to go through them.


Number one yeah it divides the two provinces.


Alberta with British Columbia.


It divides the two parks Banff National Parkand Kootenay National Park.

And also divides the area where the riversstart flowing either towards the Pacific Ocean or towards the Atlantic Ocean.



So pretty cool.

It is fascinating stuff.

Also we are at 5382 feet above sea level.



So that is pretty cool.

And yeah we're just surrounded by mountains, by forest.

A really scenic spot so we are stopping fora few photos and to walk the dog again.


It is an area that is really attractive andfor the last hour or so we've been traveling through part of the forest that has been devastatedby the wildfires.

The wildfires.

And it seems that they've been three differentfires at different times because some of the forest has already regenerated.

There is another area where it is beginningto get there.

You know the new trees are about a meter anda half height and the third part is the newest burnt there is nothing there.

Everything is charred to a burnt wood.

Yeah, it is really sad to see that isn't it? It is really sad to see but I guess it ispart of nature you know.

It is part of nature.

The forest gets to a point where it chokesitself with so much growth that the trees are just have no place to go.

And this gives the chance for new regeneration.

New regeneration, new growth and a new foresthas been born all of the time.


So yep.

And with the fires it is something that happensevery single year here in BC (British Columbia) and Alberta.

And they say that 73% of the fires are startedby lightning.


Um and I guess the other percentage is eitherpeople smoking or campfires or stuff like that.




But yeah it is an issue every year.

We are here at the end of the summer and startof fall so a lot of the big fires have already gone out but yeah you can see that it is scorched.

Temperatures dropping and also some rainfallcoming soon will help put out the rest hopefully.

Yeah but we have scene a few smokes.

Like there is areas where it is still smokingin the mountains off in the distance so hopefully that will be over soon.

Another day of sightseeing here we go.


We are in Kananaskis Country.


This place is a little more remote.


Definitely a lot more quiet.

It is awesome.

There aren't really any tourists here at themoment.

We are the only ones here.

It is just us and the dog basically.


And a big lake to explore so it is exciting.

A warning.

What does it say Sam? Let's get a big closer.

It says you are entering a bear travel corridor.

Prevent a surprise encounter by looking andlisten for bear signs, make noise, travel in groups, keep pets on a leash and carrybear spray.

Alright we didn't do the bear spray.

No bear spray so hopefully we don't get tooclose of an encounter.

And last but not least, our final destinationin the Rockies was Kananaskis Country.

Our first stop was Lower Kananaskis Lake, which was a nice place to hike, picnic, and splash around with the dog.

He didn’t seem to mind the icy waters atall! And from there, we drove to Upper KananaskisLake, where we didn’t stay quite as long because the weather started to turn.

But the real highlight was finally spottingsome wildlife just as we were leaving for the day.

And that’s a wrap for our Rockies Road Trip! We still have lots left to see of our homecountry, but we can honestly say this is one of the most beautiful destinations in allof Canada.

We hope you guys enjoyed following along, and that you also got a few ideas of places to visit on your trip.

Wishing you happy travels and see you nexttime!.

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