Cape Breton Travel Guide | Cabot Trail Road Trip in Nova Scotia, Canada

in today's video we continue our roadtrip through the Canadian Maritimes this time visiting Cape Bretona large island in Nova Scotia that is separated from the mainland by theStrait of kanso during our visit we stayed in a converted barn hike thetrails of the Cape Breton Highlands and drove around 300 kilometers on theworld-famous cabot trail that borders the island we hope you enjoy this tripand now let's go explore Cape Breton our first date kicked off early with thedrive up to key breton highlands national park this is a park that can beaccessed from either the east side or west side of the island we entered fromthe west side just past shetty camp okay well good morning guystoday we are kicking off the second portion of our road trip we started upin New Brunswick spent a few days there hiking driving around and now we'vearrived in Nova Scotia specifically Capon what we're gonna be spending thenext three days and yeah yesterday was a long day of driving I should introduceour gang we have George Sam's dad my mom me lad my dad Daniel you've seen himTogo and yeah today we're gonna be hiking we're in cape breton highlandsnational park but before that let's talk a little bit about yesterday's drivehere cuz we didn't really film too much didn't we okay yes the drive it was along long drive you know yeah it's all day you know people you can only realizehow big this country is when you start driving so what are we doing right nowwell we're going hiking and we chose this trail it's called lubuto andthere's a chance we might see moose here check this out yes got a sign yeah witha picture of a moose apparently they like to hang out here we want to findthe elusive kind of that moose that's a one we're after we hope that the mooseis loose don't forget to bring some repellent because this is mosquito onblack fly season we donated blood in New Brunswick and because they sucked us dryalmost yeah it's a little bit less will be made in here too you know so beprepared for that this particular hike had a steep inclineat the start but it then leveled out and we were rewarded with ocean views andshaded forests this has been a really fun walk so farwe're letting togi lead the way he decided to go left when the trail splitbut really it's a loop he'll be coming back round the other way but we alsojust passed an interesting information point that was talking about theinhabitants of this area of the park because there were actually fivefamilies who lived here before this was turned into cape breton highlandsnational park and it has the names of the families and it says that as we walkalong this trail we should be able to see what's left over of the the familyhomes the ruins essentially so we're gonna keep our eyes peeled and see if wecan spot these homes also we chose a very easy trail this one's only 35 no 3030 to 45 minutes I think it's said and it's a loop so it's an easy one to startoff with and who knows maybe we will see moose alright guys so here directlybehind we have the ruins of what's left of one of the five homes and here youhave a little sign with information the name of the family this one was Leblancand they had nine children so quite a large family and apparently there arefive of these homes here in this section of the park so hopefully we'll see thoseso we just saw another cool information point here on this trail and it wastalking about how the women in these five families who lived in this part ofthe park they would split up the tasks like their daily tasks of what they hadto do so things like kneading bread and washing laundry and churning butter andeach woman would be assigned one job and do it for all five families just to makethings a bit more efficient so yeah there was a sense of community andreally helping each other out I kind of have to do that to survivewhen you're this isolated I mean I couldn't imagine only five families inthis forest hmm and it's getting quite muddy and swampy along here Togo hasdecided to roll around in the mud and get all dirtyto fight the mosquitos he's a dirty boy today togi you're gonna need a bath and now for the funniest moment of thehike there were signs with bear warnings throughout the park so I think that wason the back of everyone's mind and of course Toto was walking up front becausehe insists on leading the pack well there was a group of hikers coming fromthe opposite direction and when toga was the first one to round the bend all byhis lonesome self the hiker saw his black furry face and thought he was abear poor Togo looked really confused he just wanted to greet the group of hikers I wanted to say one thing about thisCape Breton National Park it's got so much eye candy we've seen oh so much eyecandy today that we're all going to have to go back and wash our eyes out threetimes because it is exactly believable tacular and I'm so glad that they haveall these different lookout points so that we can make our and we've only seenhalf of it so you've actually seen a quarter maybe a quarter yet so I meanthere's just so much left to see yeah lievable I hope we give ourselvesenough time and I hope you have enough eye wash to make it through now for abit of information on this drive the cabot trail is named after john cabot orgiovanni kobato an Italian navigator and Explorer who was one of the firstEuropeans of modern times to reach North America in 1497 he had been deniedsupport for his expedition in Spain and Portugal so he went to England where hereceived financial support from Henry the seven Cabot's plan was to reach Asiaby sailing west along the North Atlantic and he estimated that his route could beshorter and faster than the one recently discovered by Columbus the exactlocation of his arrival in North America is unknown but today the route theborders key Breton is named after him okay so this is our second stop of theday we are now at Benji's Lake this is a short trail I believe it's 1.

5 roundtripwe are seeing footprints moose tracks we are seeing that is the second moosetruck our map said that there's a good chance of spotting moose along here thisis one of the trails where they tend to hang out it's kind of like a swampy areawith forest so we'll see if we have any luck another truck that's our thirdmoose track the moose is around the movies around here and fresh – freshalright so here tracking down the moose of course we are with the dog and we arespeaking and being kind of rowdy so I don't know if the Moose is gonna showits pace but it's gonna happen anywhere it's gonna be here oh the other thing Iwanted to mention this is this trail is called Benji's Lake and Benji is thename of our neighbor's dog Benji is togo's nemesisso when tow heard we're going to Benji's Lake his face was like so dad what havewe found here walking onto the lake we have found a moose track Wowif you just get out of the shade a little bit there okay yep these are thetwo front hooves like that there's their spike like that and this is the heel padright here yeah so it's hard to say how big the animal is but does it appear tobe fresh it's definitely fresh okay yeah maybe we'll fall one yeah it could be wecould see one in here it's a very good possibility Wow MusaMusa Musa I've never seen one on foot I've only seen one from vehicle before we're worried about the ball Togo inshame we hadn't spotted a single moose upuntil then but then my dad saw something moving in between the trees oh wow I gotit I filmed it oh my god I think it might come out no oh I got a great shotright now yeah I got it face we spend the rest of the afternoonexploring the national park and then call it a day and drove back to the barnfor some dinner so guys after a busy afternoon I don't know if we mentionedbut we were able to swat a moose Wow wasn't that amazing at that time we sawthe first Canadian very elusive Canadian moose very elusive Canadian mooseespecially in the summer they like to chill out and the swamp by the lake yeahI'd like to do that kind of activity yeah get away from the fly is exactlywhat it was funny because we were walking in the middle of the trail youhave to see a lake and we were coming back and I turned my hand like that andI saw something funny looking far away between the pine tree yeah and it turnedout that this guy was spotted it it was about maybe I don't know what 10 feetfrom the edge of the forest yeah inside rightyeah he just kept seeing his head going up and down down massive massive was butanyways they've told us that in the afternoon beginning of the lateafternoon in the evening you know we can see them at a couple of places yeah sowe're gonna drive there especially if you try to capture them yeah they'renocturnal animals so they do come out at nightyeah and the goal is for us to go around sunset and visit a couple differentspots yeah and we've talked to now like probably three or four people have hadluck doing this yes I've seen them in the late afternoon yeah but but if worsecomes to worse I thought I think at least we got one on it on record noyou've got to see your first there by now okay so far away yeah but yeah wehad a good time we went out of this coven this morning around 8:30 yep nowwe're back is 4 4 o'clock in the afternoon we've only had a little bit ofa breakfast we are starved oh yeah so we're cooking here a beautiful saucewe're gonna eat spaghetti da y espagueti and we're cooking a sauce here that hasred hot sausage Italians hey guys check this out check out the bubbling goodnessoh it's got tons of we put a whole pack of mushrooms in there – sausage sausagescreams scallops oh it's good everything in life scallops mushrooms Oh Italianhot sauce uh-huh it's amazing okay let me go wine wine after having the sauceif we encounter black bear and it comes for us I'll be willing to wrestle thissauce is gonna give you such a strength and such a force that I'm not afraid ofthe black bear what what more can you ask for we had a beautiful beautiful daytoday not one cloud in the sky okay no one person on the trail no basicallytrails and we were the only people walking around those places you knowlike I mean wilderness there's a couple more famous trails but we purposelydidn't do them we wanted to just have that kind of exclusive experience out innature and we got it I'd say for about 75 or 80 percent of the time we were outthere we didn't see anyone and when we did just a quick hello passing by yeahand that's it that was it and on top of that look you got theocean you got the mountain you got forests you got creeks coming down themountain with this water that is pristine crystal-clear you know like Imean this is as close of paradise as you can get on earth yeah let's put it awayit's amazing if you have a chance guys the CabotTrail come and visit different enemy Britain you've got you've got a giantisland and not that many people here and now it's time to eat spaghetti is itthis year all too familiar with yeah when we were a young I guess we hadeight kids in our family and just one or just our dad was working yeah we gavetwo other nicknames – spaghetti yeah and one of them was Skyy Betty and the otherone was biscuity all the same same name you knowsometimes my mom would make special meatballs or to put it but most of itwas meat and veggies okay all right spaghetti at the table yeah I see foodmeat no spicy Italian pork sausage stop hungry after all baking we forgotto bring more snacks yeah what do you think it's deliciousbetter than Skyy Betty and biscuity it's right up there with spaghetti reallylike I think what unity when you are this hungry is anything anything willtaste great but these one is really good we got another reinforcement yeahthese one game we called the cavalry the girl the girl came to reinforce thederanged so we are back in the car it is now 806sunset is just before 9:00 p.


and we are going in search of moose we aredriving around we met some people who told us if we drive around the area ofplateau and shetty camp we might just spot moose they were very lucky we werealso told you can see them in the park but that's a really long drive fromwhere we're staying so we're gonna try a lot people those two little towns andsee how it goes the Sun is starting to go downyeah maybe the Moose will be feeling like an evening stroll oh yeah that isthe goal and look who else came along in retrospect this outing wasn't such agood idea we didn't see any moose the dog got super anxious and only aftersundown did we realize that the rows around here have almost no streetlampsso we wouldn't recommend driving at night the next morning was another early daythis time we plan to drive along the east side of the island good morning we are back on the roadhere on the cabot trail having some Tim Hortons for breakfast um so yeahyesterday we explored the west side of keith breton highlands national parktoday we're headed in the opera opposite direction we're gonna drive along thecabot trail up the east side of the park and we're thinking potentially doing thewhole loop so first stop of the day is here in bat ik it's home to theAlexander Graham Bell historic site the man the creator of the telephone sowe're gonna go inside and check it out it seems to be like a museum first wehave to walk the dog bathroom break for the dog oh yeah it should be a reallygood Dame it's a little bit overcast which is kind of nice because yesterdaywas very hot and sunny so it should be nice for driving and doing a bit ofhiking as well since we're driving a longer distance today I have a feelingwe're gonna be making more stops along the way just to break up all the drivingand yeah that is the plan for now that is the update for the day and we'll seehow things unfold back to my breakfast Alexander Graham Bell is best known asthe inventor of the telephone but he also invented the photo phone the metaldetector at the hydrofoil and he designed the silver dart which made thefirst aircraft flight in Canada perhaps more interesting is that apart from allthese great inventions Bell devoted most of his life to teaching the deaffollowing in the footsteps of his father and grandfather we really enjoy thismuseum and would highly recommend that if you're in the area alright guys so we're just taking alittle pit stop here on the side of the road enjoying the views we're gonnaswitch drivers but we also wanted to talk a bit about the museum we justvisited so it was a historic site for Alexander Graham Bell the inventor ofthe telephone and many other things a lot of other things yeah so we learned abit about his life he was actually born in Scotland and then after two of hisbrothers died from tuberculosis the family moved to Canada first to Ontarioand then eventually he came to Baddeck which reminded him of the ScottishHighlands back home similar landscapes three Museum great Museum veryinteractive yeah yeah and now we're gonna follow the the Cabot Trail for motorcycleenthusiasts this is the best place in the world one of the best places in theworld this is where you come and you prove yourself a motorcycle right andyeah we're doing the loop today we're going to do the completely yesterday wedid one side but today we decided to do the whole thing complete is about 330kilometers and we stopped over here and look at it you look at anything one ofthe biggest lakes in Canada yeah one boat on amazing place for sailingboats and power boats and you name it there's no one here one only one boat iscoming over there another beautiful day we're heading over to a beach nowcontinue to in ganoush Beach let the dog have a little swim we continue drivingup the East Coast passing through towns with Gaelic names and then for lunch westopped at a beach all right guys so our next stop of theday is ghanoush Beach Oh a little bit windy out hereyeah we've been driving all morning we were feeling hungry so we noticed abeach on the map we thought it would be the perfect spot for Togo to enjoy alittle splash and we can have our picnic we packed a whole bunch of snacks todaywe have cherries bananas crackers peanuts you name it it's gonna besomething lighter because we had a huge spaghetti seafood spaghetti meal lastnight for dinner I had four bowls so keeping things light and then we're justgonna continue driving onwards north to the National Park but for now let meshow you togi having a swim he's loving it so we are back in the park Keetonhighlands national park and our first stop here is Warren late yeah beautifulLake you just a few families out here kind of red red sand I would say yeahthere's kind of like brownish red really interesting the dog is swimming Lotslike every time you stop and there's water the guys end doesn't matter theriver a lake the ocean he's getting more confident by the day he's even doing alittle bit of swimming to fetch his dick I saw another dog yesterday that showedno fear and we would swim out really far so I think yeah I think he got areference point as to uh you know I can do a bit more than what I've been doingin the past this is how it's done exactly but yeah just a nice familyfriendly Beach quiet hardly anyone here and yeah we're just exploring the otherside of the National Park and it's been beautiful so far I'm sure we'll have afew more stops oh yeah definitely for sure and we're doing the whole looptoday the whole Cabot Trail so gotta love it here Kate Breton Island we also hike the Jackpine trail whichare offered coastal views with pink rocks and hidden coves we then completed the full loop aroundthe cabot trail and it was finally time to head back to the barn for some restand our last dinner on the island what an afternoon we just got back from doingthe entire circuit of the cabot trail today so now we we've done one and ahalf one and a half times failed we did half a day yesterday and we did theentire week today today unbelievable again we had beautiful weather and so wehad the best Drive we just came back is a long day never gonna be trying twodifferent beers craft beers you picked these out at the store theseare just two that we picked out and we're gonna try them too of any Bowl sowhat are the two brands okay so the one I've got here this is nine locksokay it is from Dartmouth Nova Scotia IPA the undie Pale Ale and this one isBlack Angus it's also an IPA lovely slogan so it says hike camp fish sailGulf relax we can so you can take it outside pop it open cheers to a good dayI have to thank my dad he's done all the driving a professional dry run is yourbead it's quite impressive that's allowed me to film and capturesome nice shots so appreciate it time of the drinking don't worry about it thisis good oh this is great Oh citrusy taste on mineyeah very smooth if you ever want a good beer that's what you should get youshould get the local beer that's made in the area and you know they're gonna befresh no preservatives and it's gonna help the people in that communityalright so we're sitting down at the table cracked open a beautiful bottle ofwine from South Africa what have we got today we have a Shira2009 it's beautiful wine yeah cheers guys Cheersyes hello hello what do you think of thiswine dad it doesn't get any better than this Wow it goes down like velvet huh sosmooth tickling and sparkling in my throatten years old to ten you dont't fancy yeah I have heard a lot about wine fromSouth Africa they're very very good yeah on this oneit proves it is spectacular I can't believe I have room for this after twobowls of pasta we are having farmers ice cream local ice cream we have got thebutterscotch Ripple excited for this okay butterscotch Ripple you got to loveit you're gonna love it for those who haven't tried it it's kind of likecaramel I guess but I think it'd be nice good well have look at him you see likebe a good as maple walnut but you're not wait no maple walnut is the best icecream you can get in Canada because it has the two best ingredients me fear ofthe second-best this is this is a bull second best but still pretty good theydo a really good ice cream like I admit this was on sale for $2.

99cool I love it there's no really like six box or something so we found areally good quality ice cream local ice cream good price that's delicioustaste the caramel before the expiry use expiring tomorrow is expiring tomorrowmorning plenty of time plenty of time so I'm curious to hear some of yourhighlights favorite destinations or my favorite moments I'll talk first againmy very first time to Cape Breton Island but being here in person is even moreimpressive this this land feels like like frontier land it feels like like aplace where you come to however have a real adventure also it just feels like aplace that like if I was if I was eventually gonna settle down in Canadathis would be on my short list that's how much I like it so just a few dayshere has won me over and how what do you think I'm gonna boil it down to one onesimple thing Cape Breton has got lots of eye candyeverywhere you go all along your cabot trail is unbelievable let me just saythat I've been living in the Maritimes now for almost a third of my lifeis the first time I've been on the cabot trail I've been in I've been in CapeBreton in several times hmm but bypass it was great to Sydney okaythis this is the first for me it's awesomeI mean Cape Breton trail is one of the best drivers in the world yeah Iremember I think it was lonely planner some other publication said that this isthe best motorcycle drive in all of them North America yeah and I get it afterdoing the whole cabot trail today the views you get are unbelievable here comecheck it out and with that being said we'll see you in PEI in the next videobye guys ha all right here's Tony thing boy I'm eating dinner guys it's timeokay that's great that's all wasn't me.

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