Carl and Jinger Travel to the Gum Wall in Seattle, WA!

hey guys thanks for hanging out with us and we're in downtown Seattle right by the ocean there's the big ferris wheel and everything we go on a ride on the beach oh that's good you guys want to come with us let's go we just in you're next [Music]

that's what we do right every day is a new day [Music] [Applause] [Music] not yeah are you ready to go on the ferris wheel yeah let's go [Music] okay I want to play a game right now you guys ready you see how every one of the ferris wheel

pods has a number at the top like that's 32 31 and all that okay whoever guesses the closest number gets to pick where we eat dinner tonight yes 38 38 50 okay what's this 42 40 I'm gonna say 15 remember your numbers oh there's 38 look rotating up

around oh there's the last car okay 15 is coming around oh there's no 50 so you laws Oh which car are we going in which one number one wait what's the one right before it 42 now what did you guess 42 so you gauge actually one gauge you

won the contest so you only missed by one pot isn't lying there we go up enough or not they're still loading up all the pods and everything down there so they have to rotate us up there hi [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] way down there is where we got our

tickets to go on this ride and no boy we have an awesome view of the city don't mean oh yeah they are I love Seattle if the whole thing came unhinged off the axis and though I wouldn't roll this way loco satan would roll this way but it

would roll that way cuz that's the way it's spinning right now it just probably land in the ocean which is soft to pry the door open yeah jump out boom that would be a chilly swim look guys you can see the Space Needle let me see if I

can get it focused oh there it is the Seattle Space Needle right there you can see it right in the middle how cool one of my favorite memories of Seattle was when I was a little kid we came here for a business trip for my dad me and

my dad stayed in one of these high-rise hotels we Oreo cookies in milk and we looked out the 32nd floor I even still remember the floor of the building that we were in and we watched all the accidents on the freeway people getting into fender benders and all

the police coming and like filing reports and we stayed up till like 2:00 in the morning and it's one of my favorite childhood memories so I have a little nostalgic piece inside of me that came from Seattle that I just love we all made it k gage you

get to pick where we're gonna eat tonight I don't know yet a dinner made of desserts we are here in Seattle on Pikes Place and this is the whole street here the fish market and all the cool produce and everything it's not you know ginger and I are

talking about like maybe when the kids are older and move out we'll move to Seattle for like a year or two or something like that Kyle just realized some day he's moving out of the house the famous ice fish market which is a world-famous one day no the

fish when you order of this so we're going to see if we can get them shucked and push you out you want to buy it this little throwback [Music] looks like it moves up at noon it's got a thing that goes all the way back and he like

my he just said you're next guys guess what I found the world-famous Seattle gum wall Luke do you know why they call it the gum wall they stick gum oh this is disgusting I'm literally gagging Wow that is it's so bad I cannot look at this right now

the smell and let's get out of here no I'm not joking it is like my dad would be barfing everywhere right now if he saw this place this is so gross [Music] [Music] do not touch it I cannot believe how much gum is stuck everywhere on these walls

was it grossing you out just be calm I cannot because they keep smelling it and it just keeps making me want to barf everywhere it is really disgusting look at all that go I know [Music] you guys ready to go to the aquarium yeah yeah let's do it

we are going to the Seattle Aquarium I came here with my mom when I was a little kid like Kyle's age and now we're gonna take our boys there for the first time ever this is so huge and the glass is like sloped in wood it's gonna weigh

so much like that no look how big that one is I think that kind of fish is called a grouper though I'm not sure he's coming over here to say hello isn't he hello group oh he's missing an eye oh my gosh that's crazy new that this is

a representation of exactly how big and thick the glass is on this aquarium they're not messing around are they this whole big fish tank is ginormous simulates like a giant tide pool I know this kind of makes me want to get an aquarium it looks really cool who's

brave enough to touch a sea urchin that's not her chin okay what is it be like white gummy very interesting oh then a beautiful colors huh big pink one welllook kind of grabs your fingers Lucas lipstick look you can see him breathing in and out he's sleeping he's

got his eyes closed doesn't he live full they've got a design suck he's in this big water tank cylinder right here and then he can swim across the student go into the bigger sink if he wants like these little suckers he's like hanging on to the side of

the tank Wow they have this whole big ring aquarium right here full of jellyfish look at that Kyle you can see and go down through the floor even look at that it's like we're inside the aquarium these port jellyfish just go around in the circle all day and

they're probably like just keep swimming we're almost free you've almost made it like that sea monster on the other side it which one you're gonna touch try one of those orange ones one of these big ones should see what they feel like if they feel the same or

not it's like Harry Harry here look this one's got a little fab draw a little hermit crab line under the top he's going on like gonna give that starfish some back scratches gauges Nemo your favorite yes and I found him he's right here I know when dates was

a little baby still in diapers he watched Finding Nemo probably five times a day in fact the first word that gage ever said out loud was me mo because he would get us me mo sippy cup and get it Nemo blanket and then go lay down and watch

Nemo like five times a day when he was like yeah look all the colors in this giant fish right yeah what is this dish it's like breathing and stuff wait a little entry tube like what is that tell us down in the comments below what animal is back

wait guys look it's like a giant clam is that what that is it's in a giant seashell [Music] give these little pickin birds they're orange beaks and stuff you see their feet under they're nice women are he's missing a leg he's got one touch that or something maybe

some of these animals are little rescue animals here he comes I like their little orange bills Oh does it oh maybe they just swim around with one tucked up in they just realized it's feeding time look at that it's like little squid thing whoa good catch jeez here

comes this puffin coming up here [Music] are you ready to go to the underwater dome this is the part that I remember the most from when I was a kid that is we're another car it's a school of Finnish they call it a school of fish things like

we're in a giant space station it's an under the ocean right it made me Wow what are the size of that sturgeon it's hard to tell on camera but that thing is taller than me that's probably like six and a half feet long what do you think that's

big and they get a lot bigger than that how does it feel to be in an ocean oh look there's a seal swimming up there how cool is that he's doing little barrel rolls sea otter look he's doing up there he looks like he's either eating something or

cleaning his paws he does he just swims around all day walk with his tail and swimming around I would love to have a pet feeling happy nice you guys remember when we were in Oceanside and we got like within that thing was like 800 pounds or something it

was so good this guy looks really cool though I like how he's like gray and white look at him cruising around he's having a good day he's just chillin he is just chillin you're right swimming his labs just taking a little nap right here is he so cute

oh he's got a little tunnel so he can swim from that side then he goes he swims right [Music] we didn't spin checking out this screw that Iver almost got a flipper to the face upon job right that'll be a really cool job you guys thanks so much

for hanging out with us at this Seattle Aquarium what was your favorite animal gate so adorable I think so those are really cool the little puffer birds who are kind of cool too what a great experience in aquarium thanks for hanging out with us you guys do you

leave this giant eagle and we'll see you guys next time [Music]

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