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Hello everyone.

Today we are in the Chalong Bay.

Behind me is the pier, or bay “Chalong Bay”.

Himself Chalong Bay, located in the southeastern part of the island.

There really is no beach, it's not the placeBathing is a bay.

Depart from here the ships, boats.

There are so many places everywhere, where you can rent a boat, buy a ticket for it and go to the next Phi Phi, to coral islands.

Well, let's go by the pier, and there we see everything.

Behind me are pinkbuses that run along the pier It is quite a long, long, and walk on it you can walk.

But when you go on a boatwith some backpacks, probably better go on this bus Let's go to the pier and therestill see us go.

We arrived at the pier.

You already see behind me, a huge number of boats here, any small boats.

They all are waitingthe hour when the sail to the island.

Or to take any tourist, and go fishing.

Fishing in Thailandfairly widespread entertainment.

People who go on a fishing trip, bringwith a huge bag of fish.

Behind me is, I do not quite understand, a continuation of the continent, or it is some the island.

As you can see, I hope, pierit is very long, very long.

Red carpet, whichit goes along the pier footpath, and her eveningsoften run Thais and Europeans.

She's such a strollerand running at the same time.

And on the way cruisingthese small, pink buses and tourists to carry about slopes.

Here a little, you can call it a platform, I do not know, that's descents toboats, ships.

I want to show you more beachthat there is.

Well, not exactly beach and the coast.

He is sandy, but you can not swim here.

Here are parked boats, and entry into the water is very dirty.

Here you can enjoy the viewand walk.

You can not swim.

Why am I saying this? If you rent a house or hotel in Chalong, you need to understandthat the beach you have to go.

That is to rent a bike and ride to the nearestNai Harn, Kata or before possible.

Because there are not pokupaeshsya.

NoReal estate is cheaper than in resort areas.

It is veryquiet, and the district itself is very beautiful.

But to buy, will have to get to another place.

Come take a walk on the pier.

And let's see, what is it? By the way along the pier are all suchbeautiful pots with pink flowers.

Looks picturesque.

Come on, take a walk.

It is very picturesque.

I 'like how it looks here.

Walking here is a pleasure.

In the evening, these lanterns are illuminated.

Who are at the top.

And herealso very beautiful.

If you do not want the next eveninghold the bars, and just want to quietly walk, be sure to cometo “Chalong Bay”.

And take a walk on the pier, lift yourselfmood.

And the same can be done here Great photos.

Still, what is most interesting, here you can find the sunset.

Here, too, is very beautifulpink sky in the evening.

Looks amazing picturesque.

ANow we look to the other side of the pier.

There, where the entrance.

If you seeon the hill stands a statue of the Big Buddha.

Cool here, very cool!Come on let's see.

Next to this is the old pier pier old, concrete, deflating.

And this is so beautiful, well-kept, with flowers, fragrant.

And we continue our walk on the pier.

And slowly we move on it.

I think a great idea, ifit may take a bike and ride on the pier.

I think it would be super.

Because the road is completely flat no slides or anything.

Go easy.

And thisbicycle ride together quite, quite .



Look, we alreadyreached the end of the pier.

There is such a huge concentration of allthese boats.

Looks very cool.

On the other side stands the building.

Where did all the little ships depart, boats.

There is a parking lot for bikes.

You can come and leaveyour bike and go somewhere on the island, relax.

And we will go probably go down to some boats.

And let's see how it all works.

And as people sit on thesemost boats.

Come on.

We went down to the pontoons.

Then stop all boats And here are the large concrete slabslocated on pontoons, and they move.

Just you stand, and so .



People do not Are small boats boats, fishing boats, stupid.

We ourselves feel here with Yuralike little children.

Because everything is so moving.

You go, and youthe earth moves under your feet.

This is so cool! And we have no one said anything, we went here.

Everything is fine, no one with us for nothing.

So you can go down here walk.

Now 12 o'clock, Saturday, and people do not.

Empty pier.

Usually in the eveningthere are people who run and walk.

As I said, you can buytickets.

On the shore you can buy tickets to the islands, take a trip to Phi Phi, on coral islands, fishing.

All sorts of excursions, tours here too.

And if you, say, want to Phuketmove to the province of Krabi.

And then to the island, and to Krabiwhich is on the mainland, from here you can get on a boat.

I think this is our videofrom Chalong Bay can be completed.

Chalong is very beautiful, picturesqueBay deserves to visit walk in the evening.

I hope, that you liked this video.

Thank you so much for watching.

Likes, ask your questions, leave comments.


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