Cheapest way of Getting a Property and Land in Thailand Video 60

hello everyone again Simon here lots ofnew subscribers Wow thank you you're welcome to the channel I hope thesevideos maybe saved you a penny on some of the ideas and things I've talkedabout today I want to talk about is it some possible to buy some cheap land andbuild erect

a cheap house what's the cheapest way of getting into Thailandand owning some some property their condos are obviously the first thingpeople think about because as a foreigner you can own them it's not justhard to get one but I have a did a bit of research and I've done

a couple ofvlogs earlier on about property in Thailand and the mistakes I've made nowwith the information I've got now and my trips to Thailand I realized that thereis a cheaper way of getting a property now in Thailand land when you buy landits measured in what they call right

which I believe is 400 square meters andthe Thais call it 400 square Dara meter now and they call it one right if I'mright two-and-a-half why is an acre ifsomebody's knows exactly if you can put me straight in the comments but one ryeis enough to probably build four houses

on you know it's quite forward to squaremetres a lot or two big houses now the price is around Thailand verydramatically depending on how far away from electric water you are if you're inthe mountains up north in Isan or Chiang Mai you absolutelyI've believe you can get one ray

of land so four hundred square meters for lessthan a thousand pound it's $1,200 Pecha boom north-eastdefinitely in that area away from civilization it's even lower 500-pound$600 for a riot land further safety go the process changein my village 8 which is our side the Bangkok it's about eight thousand

payingfor a ride next to a road and if you come away from the road a few hundredmeters probably drops to like five thousand pound six thousand dollars nowif you were to get a piece of land building a house it it can be quiteexpensive it can be cheap if

you don't do what I did find a company to do it amillion bar so twenty five thousand pounds 30 thousand dollars you can builda three-bedroom house but I thought many times when I've been driving aroundThailand on the side of the road you see these wooden Chalet site houses

and someof them are very grand three 4-bedroom big wooden log cabins on stilts a lot ofthe time built up in the air and these are companies that build these chaletsstroke cabin houses for you and these are just they're just ones there on theside of the road a sort

of show homes now I've done a bit of research I putsome picks you up in a minute the small one-bedroom Chalet which is just onebedroom open plan a little bit of a range with a veranda a deck area and abathroom sort of shower toilet you can get those

for two hundred thousand barsand if I see them at 170 I would put some webpages up but they're all in Thaiand you I can't read Thai but you can do a search on the internetfor these wooden slide pages that 170,000 but upwards for a little sothat's about 4000

pounds so put the two together four grams 5,000 pounds andlet's say you spend 8 for some land in nice area less than 15,000 pounds you'vegot the comes will come along build the wooden house on your land you hook it upto the electric water if it's a night if

you've got it in that area all thepaperwork yeah less than 15 grand I reckon you could get a small woodenhouse on some land which is cheap in this day and age really is and it's agood starting point if you bought a little bit of land put one of

these onin the corner of the land you can always build your own house on that same landlater on or you could use it as a holiday home and even rented 8 so 15grand I think you should get your money back quite quickly Ren's me she wentsomewhere like Chara

save the Bangkok near Hua Hin they're still land upontowards the mountains there I've seen four six seven thousand pound tenminutes from the beach I think if we go a bit further down the coast from Barryand this may be even cheaper condos they seem to start with a million

baths youknow 25,000 pound you've got the upkeep of them in our maintenance and all therest of it so better lounge wooden house 15 grandsounds attractive and I think that is the cheapest way of getting onto gettinga piece of getting property Ibiza land in Thailand you have to either

marry atour national put the land in their name but hasten your name get a yellow bookor you'd have to set the company up I've also mentioned how to dothere's been a gray area yeah it's doable it is doable I think it's great15 grand what do you think is

that have any ofyou guys who are living that is a lamb near YouTube for sale and have you seensome of these wooden Charlie buildings on the side of the road you've got someup-to-date prices maybe some pictures could drop across so in the commentsbelow that'd be great anyway so

that was mysource of getting the property getting on the ladder in Thailandmaybe a hold of their home for the cheapest possible way I'll catch you onme a boyfriend I'll catch you on the neck that video bye for now

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