Cheapest way to Send Money to Thailand Video 61

hi everyone Simon here today is a toptip from me sending money to Thailand in fact this company you can send moneyanywhere in the world and it's the cheapest way of moving money around I'veever found I've been using this company for two years maybe three when I want totransfer money from the UK to my toy bank account you can I believe even sendit to a bank with someone to pick up various different methods available butI don't normally do like an advertising video but this is worth it i think thecompany is called willed remit a world remet his room it I'm going to put alink below for their websites and their Facebook page now this company you cansend from your bank account you can send to a bank account to a person similar tomoneygram I think you can even send to a mobile phone but one of the big things Ifound I was always worried sending money around you hear a nightmare stories buti recently found out that you could use now this is probably the same for yourcountry your credit card i can use my UK credit card go on to their website fillin the details of the person and the bank you're sending toand then you can take the payment from your credit card and it doesn't gothrough as a cash withdrawal or a cash advance it goes through as a purchase soyou're not paying the extra interest or charges so i can send money from mycredit card to my bank in thailand and you get this extra cover and insuranceswith using your credit card so if anything goes wrong you're covered andthen i can just transfer them away from my bank account to pay off the creditcard and if things if your struts and you need to send some money you can usethe credit card and better part but now every time i've used it and it seems tobe the case across all transactions they only charge three thousand ninety ninetenths so that's about five dollars american dollars I saw the Australianexchange rate but and you ever check your exchange rate but the website tellsyou from which country is sending now when you're filling out you can say howmuch you want to send in the local currency and it works out and tells youwhat your local currency and what your currency in your country is going tocost you you can send what peeps everything is there on the page isbrilliant the way it is rosal and set it up so you're tap-in how much you want tosend whether it's pounds or play bars and you'll get email receiptsconfirmation that's all gone through you could send up to 30, 000 times in one dayso that's what 35 thousand dollars and they still only show you three pound99 it's amazing as I said I've used in two years coming on for three years I'venever had a problem if you send on a Monday quite often the money's there onthe Tuesday which is great but then you'll get an email saying your mannersarrived destination it's a standard registration on on their website set upyour password and details you can register I believe three bank accountscards recipient recipients you can set up as many as you want actuallybrilliant so we'll drumettes calm the facebook page is facebook.

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m IT I'll put a link below so Ithought I'll share this information because as I said it's I've tried usingmoney grounds in the past I've bank to bank transfers and it cost you that mylocal bank charges made a lot more i want to send money and having thatfacility with a credit card fantastic now i'm pretty sure they're in 125countries they definitely money silent because I've been doing it it'sbrilliant so I thought I'd share it with you it's a really good site they're notpaying me anything i'm not an affiliate or anything it's just this is saved me alot of money over the years and will do in the future so have a look at theirsite and if you like it and it works for you give me a thumbs up tell yourfriends what yeah I will catch you in the nextvideo so will remit fight.

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