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so China is tightening border controls as the corona virus outbreak deepens worldwide and the country is now starting to focus on asymptomatic cases as the virus continues to spark global fear let's bring an NBC News foreign correspondent Janice McKee fryer in Beijing Janice what can you tell us well borders have been tightening across Asia for the past couple of weeks and China is now effectively barring foreigners allowing citizens to come back but then making them do a mandatory 14 a quarantine I came back just before the rules changed this is my last day of quarantine it's not a choice here it is an obligation it's enforced by law and there have been countries that have started prosecuting people for floating the rules the real concern here and in much of Asia is is a so-called second wave of infections the concern is because until this point China hasn't been tracking asymptomatic cases so it could be thousands of people who could be positive for carrying the virus but aren't showing any symptoms they're now going to start tracking those people because as the restrictions are being relaxed here in Wuhan and cuvee province as people start to move around a bit more as China tries to revive the economy here those people are going to be moving around the country they're certain that they could be as infectious as people who are confirmed cases being treated for the disease so that is the concern at this point is trying to ensure that they aren't going too quickly in relaxing some of these very harsh prescriptions that have been in place for two months now because they don't want to have this second wave of infections if it does happen we should be looking up in numbers probably toward the end of April and there are a lot of countries around the u.


included that have lockdowns in place now that we'll be looking to the trends in China to see if they might be a sign of things to come hey Janice it's Willie it's good to see you you've been on this story for months and months and frankly alerted a lot of us and a lot of the world to what was happening in China before it was front-page news so I'm glad you're a day away from being out of quarantine I want to ask you about the numbers that come out of China we've learned to take them to put it mildly with a grain of salt well you can't get good numbers because I've obviously the way China has handled this suppressing information silencing doctors whistleblowers people from the very start of this so what is your sense actually it's if it is possible even to know based on the way this government operates in Beijing how big the problem was and how big the problem is right now in China statistically there doesn't seem to be much denying the fact that there was a lag between when the cases were first highlighted or when British were first alerted to when there was actual action the lockdown in Wuhan was the 23rd of January so that was just over 2 months ago and the the tactics that have been employed the measures that have been being put in play he's since then have been quite aggressive and I thought was chained the way that it measures cases it's changed the metrics sometimes they included people who didn't have symptoms sometimes they did so the numbers have been difficult to follow certainly now when China is wanted to show that it's had some progress and that it does appear to be recovering it it wants people to believe that these are real numbers as of tomorrow they will start including asymptomatic cases in their official tally every day this hasn't been happening this has been growing in significance over the past week especially since China closed it can't say that imported cases are causing the cases anymore so that would be probably quite to see exactly how many people they believe are asymptomatic they are now saying also that they're going to do a better job at treating those asymptomatic cases so in in terms of trusting all of the numbers it's it really is hard to say but they are acknowledging the importance of track tracking these asymptomatic cases in order to have their recovery story or believes all right really good NBC's Janice Mackey Freyr thank you live for us in Beijing thank you very much thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more four Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching.

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