Climbing Mt Fuji – A 24 Hour Adventure | Celine Liu

hey guys welcome back to another videoso today is July 29th and as you can seeI’m in like an ugly outfit and (has) a heavy backpackcuz we’re about to climb the Fuji mountain I have all my things and clothes packedfor the next few days (only two) umjust to climb the mountain and everything soya I’m pretty excited but also this is probably gonna be a hugechallenge let’s go! guys the food here looks so goodlook woahoh my gosh we’re hiking on Fuji right nowdamn oh my godit’s so pretty it’s only been like 45 minutesbut we’re already a quarter of our way thereto where we need to be today so we’ve been climbing fora little more than an hour now it’s getting kind of tiringbut we’re actually like umkind of ahead of the group like I don’t even know where our group wentso I think we’re doing pretty good I didn’t expect to likebe ahead of them right? hey what’s upwe’re on Fuji mountain right now Fuji mountain honestly it’s not even tiring at allI would say we’re like a third of the way there right now I’m wearing this thingcuz it’s getting kinda chilly so it iskinda ugly but you can see how foggy it is right now ok sowe’re at the 7th station right now which is like 2700m above groundbut technically we didn’t even climb that highbecause we took the bus ok so honestly I don’t exactly know wherewe are but you can see we’re actually pretty highall the way down there like where the fog is covering up nowis where we used to be in the beginning ok start playing music hey guysit just started to rain a bit a few minutes agobut I think it’s getting better now so yep we’ve literally been climbing for likealmost 4 hours now and right now we are ina restroom which we’re not supposed to rest inso we’re leaving pretty soon but umit’s raining outside and ya I really hope we get to our lodgepretty soon the view is so niceup here it’s still raining a bit though we just made it to the 8th stationand um we’re pretty sure our hotel ispretty close to here and ya we lost our group sowe don’t know ok guys so we are2.

6 kilometres till the Mount Fuji summit and right now we’re basically-we were 2.

7 ya we’re one stop awayfrom our lodge which isso exciting we were 2.

7 fourty minutes agoso we basically climbed 100m in fourty minuteswhich I don’t actually think is truebut ya I took off that blue thingyso I think I look better now wait a secdid I lose it? where’s my blue thingywait did I put itdid I put it waitcan you hold it can you hold itI literally- I just lost itoh my god I’m so disappointed in myselfI look like I’m pregnant talking to you guysmade me realize I lost my head thingywhich is kinda badbut it’s fine I think I’ll still survive we made it! yes!let’s go! we’re finally here! it’s been 5 and a half hoursand we’ve climbed for approximately 4 kilometresrip to the people who are still going English? yesplease put your shoes here guys it’s currently 5:30and my phone is at 1% so this is gonna die soonbut wow me and Laurence are the first ones that madeit from our group like brooI really thought there was gonna be like a parent or someone who’s up here butwow and I think we’re likereally really ahead of them because I can’t see any of themlike looking down the mountainI cannot see any of them right? exactlylike we honestly thoughtwe would be the last people to climb on here in our groupand this is where we’re sleeping uh the space is pretty smallit’s like this is one person’s spacebut you can also hang your backpacks up thereand I think ya it isit is pretty nice and we got the corner tooya because we got here first ya I call the corner by the way hey guysso it’s like 3:40 right nowand currently it’s super dark outsidewe’re about to climb up towards the summit of Fuji mountainso that we can catch the sunrise but sinceour group kind of left a little late we’re gonna see the sunrisealong the way and not likewhile we’re up there but it’s fineit’s still gonna be pretty great anywaysit’s kind of scary since it’s all darkbut ya let’s go talk about how badthe sleep was last night 64 people in one roomwe had like no space at allthe thing is it wasn’t a bad sleep because I didn’t even sleep look you can see the city lights down thereso cool our group is so slowthey’re like trying to get a souvenir or somethingwe’re just gonna leave them hopefully we’ll be the first ones up thesummit today too the conditions were so bad yesterday nightthat Laurence has decided to sleep standing up here the sun’s about to come outI don’t think we’re anywhere near the top it’s 4:30 right nowand the sun is basically up although the sunrise starts at 4:50but wow look at that view with the cloudsinsane the sun is basically upit’s so prettybut I don’t know where we areI don’t think we’re near the summit we’re atthe 8 8.

5 station? something like that it’s 4:46 and the sun is rising it’s amazingthe sun is pretty much up there me and Laurence are justtaking pictures right now cuz the sun is going to be gone anytime soon can we go I don’t wanna be with themoh no oh no poor groupLaurence wants to leave you guys you don’t wanna be with them eitherlet’s go I wanna see the pictures it’s 5:44amI’ve been climbing for about 2 hours nowand right now I’m 200maway from the summit almost thereI literally just took my first drink of water in 2 hoursI don’t think that’s a very good idea lookLaurence is too tired he’s sleeping 6:11am right nowand I would say I’m pretty much 100 steps from the summitit’s right there oh my godI can’t believe I’m almost about to reachthe summit of Mount Fuji that’s absolutely insaneoh my gosh let’s go finallyafter 8 hours and a half of climbing we’re finallyat the top of Japan after 4 hours of climbingwe’ve finally made it back to the 5th stationthat was the hardest I’ve ever climbed (going down).

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