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I decided to tackle a big piece.

a country that so many people already know and that I wanted to discover Imagine a hot country where you can sleep and eat amazing things all day long for less than 15 euros a day.

I traveled thailand from bangkok and then north to south.

whether in the gulf of thailand or anywhere near the Adaman sea.

but I also discovered places where only the lucky ones can visit.

This country does undoubtedly part of my top 5 of the most beautiful places on earth.

My trip took me to one of Southeast Asia's most popular destinations.

Done with the speaking, here is how to travel to Thailand! As usual I have been using the website tripline.

net which help me to make two maps of thailand.

one for a ten days trip and another one, taking a little longer than three weeks.

Let's have a look at this map: in thailand there are three major touristic areas Bangkok, the south with its islands and the north With this route, I just wanted to come back with you to the most beautiful places in Thailand, the essentials but also other places that only a few know about.

let's start with the capital: Bangkok.

with 8 million inhabitants, the megalopolis will not be unanimous among you.

indeed some will see a polluted axis, Overcrowded and therefore less interesting than some other places in Thailand.

for my part I love this city.

last year I stayed there for more than 10 days and I can assure you that my days were incredibly fulfilling.

but let's talk about the essential, here are the places that have marked me the most, Wat Pho of course, Wat Saket, Erawan elephants museum, Chatuchak Markets, the Lumpini Park, and basically every roof-top bar in the city.

I advise you to spend four full days here.

to get to the old bangkok and temples faster, I invite you to stay at Casa Nittra on Sam Sem Road, its rooftop pool will make the difference.

I was talking about roof top and Bangkok is literally the city to drink a cocktail on the roof of a building.

there are plenty of bars and I invite you to see the related blog that appears at the top of the screen if you want to take a break, I invite you to take a train to two cities of the kingdom of Siam lop buri and ayutthaya.

lop buri is known for one thing: these temples full of monkeys they are very curious and their presence literally changes the visit of the monument ayutthaya is also very pretty and you have to rent a scooter to travel the city where all the archaeological sites are scattered.

at this level there are several options available to you return to bangkok to finish the things you haven't done there or you can take another train and head north to the city of Sukhothai.

then there are two sukhothai the new and the old the old one that houses the temple, which interests us the most and the new sukhothai where the hotels finally come together and are quite cheap at this level I advise you to leave your bag for the night and go directly on a scooter to old Sukhothai.

The site is huge and you can visit on your bike.

l I also invite you to discover what lies outside the walls Now heading north to chiang mai the best time to go here is November at the festival of lights called Loy Krathong.

in the description you will find the link of the video that I had made about this it was magical nights in addition to the city and its many temples, you can also go to Doy Inthanon it is the highest point in thailand.

there I was surprised by the cold caused by the altitude the site is very popular with the Buddhist population.

I also invite you to go to an elephant shelter this is one of the places in thailand to see them in the best way.

and please, do not participate in tourist treck on elephant back, it's against nature.

even further north, there is chiang rai town with one of the most stunning temple in thailand The white Temple.

Done with the north, several options are available to you: then there are three axes for the islands phuket koh samui and koh chang.

so of course your choice will depend on your preferences but a subject can help also to choose.

the season.

In general, it should be noted that between October and December the islands of koh samui are in full monsoon.

Let's go for phuket I absolutely did not feel the desire to go to the main island I just wanted to lose myself on one of the less known islands and especially two islands: Koh Yao Yae these islands are much less touristic than the big phuket and they reserve a lot of surprises I could discover incredible beaches, meet travelers like me, without being disturbed by other tourists.

From this island, you can rent a boat and go to another island Koh Phiphi, you probably know the famous Maya Bay and I advise you to come very early in the morning To leave the island and return to the mainland you have several options: to take a ferry or a speedboat It will bring you to the city of krabi at this lpoint you can either spend more time in krabi, enjoy the sun and activities, or take the bus directly heading to the east coast.

and now I also want to talk about three other incredible islands Koh Tao, Koh Pangan and Koh Samui.

You must know by which island you want to start Each island is unique and unlike any other.

about Koh Samui, the island is huge.

it takes three days to cover everything.

do not miss the big buddha north of the island and the rock to the south.

I urge you to sleep coconut palm resort beach the beach is beautiful and the speed boats arrive right next to the hotel the opportunity for you to jump into one of them to go to the next island this island is known worldwide for its fullmoon party.

I just tried the half moon party and it was lit The jungle is so dense and you can also do some nice walk especially on the high point of the island The island can be crossed with a scooter, and let yourself be surprised by the small beaches and the atypical atmosphere of this island.

To sleep on this island I recommend the b52 with my girlfriend we had stayed in a bungalow and it was super nice and not very expensive.

after this one it is important not to miss Koh Tao.

The Turtle Island is first and foremost known for its unique diving spots in the world I give you a very good address in descriptions.

The island is very small but the nightlife is very attractive.

You don't want to miss the fire show on the beach at night.

the next day you can also go to two twin islands in the north Nang Yuang island.

it is also a great spot for snorkelling but again very touristic.

moreover access to this little paradise is not for free To rent a boat in order to discover the island seems to be a good compromise so if at that point you still have not decided on which island let me tell you about three other islands east of bangkok, east of thailand at the Malaysian border.

it's koh chang, Koh Mak and the amazing Koh Kood I will speak only of this last.

Koh chang is cool but highly touristic Koh Mak is very small compared to her two big sisters.

remember this name as it is for me the most beautiful island of Thailand.

You will reach your hotel by boat.

but do not worry, locals know them all.

you know how it is: scooter rental and we are back on the road ! there are two waterfalls on the island each different from the other the main beach in the center is amazing and i thought i saw my most beautiful sunset in thailand the locals are adorable and I really invite you to explore the island, this is also how you will make the best discoveries What did I think about this almost entire tour of the country? so i would say that if you have never traveled outside europe, if you are not a backpacker I think thailand is a great country to explore.

because there it is finally cheap and easy It's exotic.

You just saw it: there is really something to do for everyone For me, thailand remains a real favorite.

but I think for my next trip I would like to do different things.

I take the example of my friend Justin Van Colen, who is currently doing a web series that is great “traveling around the world” and like him I would finally like to discover other populations and mingle more with the Thai population so i did not mention it in this video but for me thailand has one of the best gastronomy in the world.

the food is really good, healthy and she is really varied.

so i talked about it but there are really two major events in Thailand: Thai's new year “songkran” and the festival of lights Loy Krathong it is also during these two periods that I advise everyone to travel: the month of April and in the month of november for Loy Krathong.

there is a lot stereotypes about Thailand.

but the best way to be objective is to get there.

whether you are a student or of mature age I think that this destination can please everyone this video is now over.

A lot more will follow about thailand.

Make sure you are not missing anything by subscribing to the channel More and more people are subscribing, and commenting on my videos i am currently in the usa and the trip is amazing.

I'm shooting something pretty new.

Thank you all for your support, see you soon, ciao!.

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