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Hello everyone! Today we're shooting videoabout our accommodation in Phuket.

But this time it is not a house asOur last video.

Link to the video I leave here somewhere.

This time we shoot a video about our the apartment that we rentin a large condominium complex.

And now I'm standing next to the very complex, he is behind me is.

Here, as it were two such large buildings.

Here's onehousing, and we live here in this.

Condominium called “Plus Condominium”.

Behind me is the entrancedirectly in the shell.

And here, to the right, there is aa large underground parking.

Where can I put the car bikes.

But now people are not particularly bother so right hereput their “bugs.

” And now we go inside and seeas things stand there.

In general, to go to the entrance, Here we need to use this electronic card key.

There reader.

Just spend it beepsand opens the door for you.

In the wrong direction.

And when you walk in, there is something else, A woman speaks Thai.

This is a small reception .



Well, this is not the reception hall.

There is always very cool.

Well-conditioned room.

And here are so cool sofas! Ahhh! Oh, it's so good! Oh.


Vsё, video ended.

You still here? Come on.

By the way, here on the table there is a basketwith all kinds of oils, lotions and a small lie.

Somegirls secretly make a home massage We have not ordered.

Here you can orderThai massage or foot massage.


No?You can not? Condominium called “Plus Condominium”.

This project is now 4 developer We are in the second complex, which is located in Kathu.

Link to a map, at the location on google mapsI leave in the description below this video And now we go to the elevator and go upon the seventh floor, where we are, just the same, and remove our apartment.

Come with me.

Come here.

Come here.

There are touch-sensitive buttons, theirconstantly need a very, very intense iron.

That's so.

It does not work.

The ____ does not work.

Please .



that's all.

We're going to the seventh floor.

Only eight floors.

We are on the seventh floor.

And we go to our room.

It seems to me that we are on one floor living.

Room apartment Four-built.

Large three bedroom apartment.

Come to our room.

There's more interesting, there is no such devastation.

Especially because I all we podtёrla.

Pokanot logged into our room, let's go see a large window at the end of the corridor, which overlooks the pool.

There's so funny to watch somechubby man “seals” that there are floating.

There nowcouple floating carcasses lying sunbathing.

I think that will show Jura.

Here are the angularthe room where the chairs are now, this is just two-or four-room.

But theywere busy when we arrived, and we them not even shown.

We rented a one-bedroomapartment, and now we go to watch it.


It is here, that's her door.

– No that's not it.

– It is not our apartment.

Come on, let's go.

Hack would now someone.

I have not really with locks.

Here penssuch conventional, stupid, interior.

These are wacky interior doorsin principle, not very safe, because they are easy to open.

But peoplehave here are now “bomb” locks.

I do not know, probably at the bomb shelterare hung that will not pass.

We do not exist, we are not particularly bother On the one room key, the second keyAdditionally, you can take for 300 baht.

We are missing one, becausewe are always together.

Come, come to us.


We went into our little apartment.

In fact, the photospeople thought they were large.

But it is spacious, but quite compact.

It is very cleverly realized everything.

Now we have come to a small room, which, in principle, as a hallway.

Whatwas the most pleasant for us, there is a workplace with a chair, a table, shelves.

There usually works Jura.

I work more often in the kitchen.

Here, everything is convenient, illuminates.

What's nice is there many outlets everywhere absolutely! Becausein the apartment we had a problem.

We had to buy extension cords.

In the past, the house We've got a small sofa.

When people see it, They somehow think that we sleep on it.

Firstly, it is not decomposed.

Secondly, it is quite small.

We are hereusually think.

This small sofa only suitable in order to sit herewith a laptop.

And yet on the other hand, on the wall, now stand up show, in generalhere a TV set.

Some rooms have two in my opinionTV, as far as I know, he's one of us.

That is, you can put either here orin the bedroom.

We now let's go see more.

We decided that here we do not need.

We usually put a laptop here, and something turn and look, sitting on the couch andabsorbing any fruit.

Here all sorts of shelves, which is veryconvenient.

Boxes, that is all your stuff can be hid, and they never willvisible.

Then light the way, it seems to me, a little foolishly implemented.

Here we have one bulb burns out.

Two sources of yellow, Well, warm and one cold.

It's all togethermerges, quite dark, I think.

In principle, in Thailand with lightingalways, in my opinion, is a problem.

There are air conditioning, they have in factactually two, the second is in the bedroom.

And we both use them actively.

Come on, probably in the bedroom.

The bedroom is located just outside the entrance hall.

Here, as usual, a large double .



Well, this bed is less than it was in our past the house, but it is also quitespacious.

There is a wardrobe, as usual.

This, quite roomy, You can throw the bags, throw things.

Here, we just put it hereour TV.

We almost do not look, sometimes before bed will include somewatch a film We have enough of that.

Air Conditioning.

By The Way, stupid thing with air conditioning, they are the same company, same modelwith the same consoles, is that we this room include air conditioning, and in the room it starts working.

I do not know why this is happening.

Here it turns out, I do not know how this thing called, well, standfor TV, I'll call it so.

King size bed with a firm mattress.

I love hard mattresses.

The one thing I hate, this giant plump pillows.

They are impossible to sleep.

My neck gets tired.

I usually sleep without a pillow more.

Here there is all sorts of little niches.

Here nightstand, probably it is not visible.

In general, yes .



the light and in the niches sunbathe, and here as well warm, warm and one cold in the middle.

We basically just sleep here.

That is, we generally do not work at allon the bed.

There we are often very worked on the bed.

Here we are nowOnly sleep.

Most-cool thing here maybe this here box, that they aregreat neighborhood and no nothing at all.

That is, there stands an empty house.

That's iton this side, it is on the seventh floor, perhaps a little too roughly belowthe same situation that you can then safely do not close the curtains, bed.

How much here about the dawn? Well, that direct light at 7:30.

At 7:30 already start singing birds and in principle is very easy to wake up, because the light fills the entire room.


Windows open.

We have, just, kind ofgoes to some old, abandoned house, very nice this turquoisecolors, and grove of trees, I do not know the way, what kind of trees.

And as I understand it, herelike this, clean some ground may Then something will be built.

I do not know, now herevery quiet, ie no construction work is not conducted, and all just super.

Here is a building that is a long standing, a school, 29 school.

And in the morning a little audible.

Pupils gather every morning and the speakers are saying something, there any songs played.

But that does not stop us.



, when the windows are closed, none of this can not be heard.

When we wake up, we usuallywindows open, and very fresh, all is well.

That's where we grow bananatrees.

I think about all the bedroom.

We'll go now to watch oursmall kitchen.

Let'S Go.

Close the window Insects here almost did not reach.

That is, we have no mosquito nets is not necessary.

But we do not open the windows, weair conditioning use.

But there is a huge cockroaches, flies, spiders.

All is calm.

What else is very cool that the bedroomis located in a separate niche.

Here there are glass doors, frosted glass, which are closed.

Why is it great an advantage?Because, firstly, we often if you saw was an old laptop, we often put on the video upload It is at night, and he bit noisy.

And when we go to bed, we Door close.

I usually get up a littlebefore going to the kitchen to make a noise, or sit down at the table, close, and generally do not hear anything.

That is, there is veryquiet space is obtained.

Come on, let's go further.

We're goingthe kitchen, we go to the kitchen.

Until we went to the kitchen, I forgot to say, what's in front of the workplace have mirror.

How does it help me? Since Iconstantly frowning, I try to go there often Watch your emotions and somehow control, ceasing to wince.

I do not know, Why am I telling you this.

Let's go to the kitchen.

I somehow distracted.

We are in the kitchen.

Kitchen enoughspacious.

No home technique was, except for the small plate, microwave.

And we More hood put suchautomatic, which simply slides out and it starts to work.

We have thisdo not use, because we since that time has remained riceand a frying pan.

That's all what I cook.

There are many different boxes, different sizes.

Sideboard, double, for every junk.

Here drawers.

What is the most cool in this room, space is quite small in the amount of 30 square meters, with the numbers Ipoorly But here everywhere very wellinscribed mirror.

Great if you've seenlittle long mirror.

Here is also veryconvenient mirrors everywhere.

And they visually expand the space.



it seems that a lot of places.

In different rooms a little differentlyand very design.

Can be different chairs, different tables, somewhere maysome dishes sometimes stand, different wallpaper Colors can be, but are not very different.

In size, they are all the same.

I'm so madly in love those green chairs.

I usually work here, because it is very light, a lot of light.

Small refrigerator and roomy, in principle, all that is necessary.

Send to a balcony.

Exit to the balcony.

Balcony is quite small.

These pieces, they are for us personally dryers.

Because there is no drying pieces herenot worth it.

Therefore, we have to hang things Right here.

In our apartment, it is in this, There is a washing machine.

I do not know, why the Thais do it, but they are everywhereestablish a giant washing machine.

She is seven pounds to its load, probably need to collect all our belongings, Well, at least half of accurately and push back.

It is worth pieces of air conditioners, from both.

It's so great to do, here is theglass corner, and there is direct seen our bedroom.

You see, yonder our bedroom Here, of course, the view is not of Patong, not at sea, butthen in any case very quiet.

And it is very pleasant to me a view of the forest, I think it looks very cool.

Well, now let's go to our shower, and then I'll tell about some of these information issuesrelating to payment of all all all all.

Come on.

So, here, right off the kitchen there is a shower, room combined with a toilet as usual.

Come we go into it.

By The Way, what a fool when you turn on the light, it will immediately turn on hoodand becomes quite noisy.

But here, as usual, in principle.

Mirror, shelves.

Here shelves more There is where to put, because in that housedid not exist.

Small sink, toilet.

Stuck for personal hygiene, it is not for sex, guys, it's for personal hygiene.

There is still more pressure allows, in house pressure was such that it is possible was all his intresno place to split.

Come see the shower.

Shower here as elsewhere, in the same room, not separated.

But there is a glass partition, it is possible to close.

Show “Behind the Glass”.

Well, here, too, the usual water heaterworth it.

Pressure Not to say that powerful.

Here it needs a little leak But I have enough to my “mane”wash normally.

We now go back to the room, and already there, I'll tell you about all sorts of .



I do not know the informationyou more, more.

Come, we will sit down on the sofa, I'll tell you there.

And I'll be here to walk flickers.

Well, let's start with the most important, how much it cost to rent this apartment? Now in January 2014, and weThe fee for this apartment 14, 000 baht.

Not including electricity, water and internet.

When we arrived, we were told the price 15 000 baht this apartment together with the machine.

Without cars, worth 14, 000 baht.

We tried a bit of a bargain, and weit gave over 14, 000, given the fact that we had rent for at least two months.

We have signed a contract for two months.

Price nefiksirovanna, Be ready to come here and learn almost any priceup to 20, 000 baht.

That is, there are people who stayed in Septemberthrough the phone, and they were told that it costs 19, 000 baht.

Someone shoots here for 12, 000 baht.

Suppose, on the site .



That you make me often ask on their website is written for rentthis apartment of 12 000 baht, but it is like again, this is not fixed price.



it all depends on how you try agree on what time you arrive.

You can safely say that in fact Rooms No need to leave a deposit.

But, as we thought, now home, well this one complex half-empty, so we have on the flooreven in general nobody hear except for the cleaners.

Therefore, if you suddenlyagree in advance, and you say, leave a deposit, it seems possibledo not bother, just come here and see the room.

We were shown threerooms on different floors.

But someone say have that one last roomremained, but there is very streamed people come, go.

AndI think always, especially now, winter, “New Year”Season passes are almost and I think the place to be.

But even if not, these condominiums, complexes, very much.

And even this developerI said, four different projects, in different places.

Once again, the linkon google maps, where our condominium, I leavein the description below the video.

As for more prices.

As I said, already paid for water and electricity separately.

We still do not know exactly how manywill cost a month, because we are here two weeks.

And as soon as we come byfor water and electricity, I probably it somehow illuminated.

On the Internet, here to connect wi-fi, but wi-fi not free, it must be paid separately.

Here is a card.

You buy separately on any card, I do not know whereThere are different periods.

Personally, we have taken the one month, is it worth 550 baht.

Says thatone device can be connected, i.


whether it is a tablet, laptop or computer.

But in fact, we've got to connect three devices.

That is, we periodically somethingconnect, something is turned off and everything is stable works.

As for the speed of the Internet, hereI myself wrote here, Jura exactly what I wrote.

We measured through Speed ​​test, at what speed Internet.

Ping to Bangkok had 29 milliseconds16 Mbps for download and 3.

5 Mbps for downloading.

Basically, he flies to Bangkok.

But to Moscow, to Rostelecom to download 10 Mbps, and upload .



I'mconstantly confusing at 1Mbps upload.

It would seem very small, but we really have enough stable load video, watch videos from VKontakte from YouTube, from all sorts of different sites with serials.

Especially after what happened in the past the houseit seems to us that the Internet is very fast, smart and quite stable.

Sometimes that is interrupted, but quite stable all.

On the Internet, I think, everything.

If you have any questions, ask.

Although I think I said everything.

Also separately payable cleaning.

If you want to come to you Pretty woman surreptitiously and tidied up hereall washed, is it worth 300 baht.

best of all, free of chargeOur rentals include free use of gym and swimming pool.

That is, we can at any time, swim in the pool, going to the gym.

I actually all these things already shown in the video thatAs we searched for this complex.

I leave the link to the video here somewhere.

There I already showed and gym, and swimming pool.

Now I go there I will not.

I plan to in the near future to make a video one of the days of life, how we live, what we do, how we work.

And there I will show moredetail and gym, and swimming pool.

And you write to me in the comments, you want togeneral view this video or do not want.

And I think I've told you everything about this apartment.

If I have forgotten something, email mein the comments, and I'm sure in some kind of Next video will answer your question.

Thank you so much for watching.

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