CORONAVIRUS | Quarantine and school closures in Hanoi, Vietnam

people all over the world are panicking about the coronavirus planes are being grounded ships full of people are stranded at sea and will hear him in Hanoi Vietnam only 92 miles away from China the epicenter of the outbreak already one village has been placed on the quarantine just 25 miles away from Hanoi after six cases of coronavirus were confirmed this is a forest village outside China that's been quarantined with a population of around 10, 000 and the outbreak was caused by a woman who was working in new Han in China there are checkpoints in the surrounding areas with officials warning people who want to enter the quarantined area that once they enter they can't live as the virus spreads across Asia will be receiving worried messages from around the world family and friends are worried about our safety how are we managing during this crisis how are people being affected during this crucial time so let's see if you're wondering about this well in this video I'm going to go out on the streets of Hanoi to show you the impact that this epidemic is having a day what's been done to stem the tide of movies this looks just like a normal day there are many businesses open traffic is normal the world Street food stalls are open and you may think what it looks quite normal [Music] [Applause] but let me tell you something if you've ever been to Vietnam you know that these are essentially very crowded traffic jam is and the most obvious even more people than normal are wearing masks ster p.


right now and I've always work alone the street around this time and I always hear the scream of the children play in the school during break time today the police were trying to say I didn't want to stay there more time because I was in front of us all right I don't have I don't want to have any problems but it's already been two weeks since a government mandated that all schools must remain closed due to the corona virus now every day when children are coming back this of course this is have a huge impact in different aspects of daily life and we can see the evidence on the streets the loads of people are working teachers are staying at home children and staying at home as well as parents who are being offered extra time most to take care of their children we know that traffic jam is insane it's five o'clock afternoon and straight from almost I mean by corporations do not and we have in our beloved Internet today since I got here their quality indexing Hong has frequently been over 100 which is described as quite unhealthy judging by the lack of traffic I wonder if this has an impact on the levels of pollution in the city here you can see some of the statistics relating to the pollution level over the past weeks we can see that they're still at levels which are considered harmful but there's not a noticeable reduction compared to previous months but this isn't the case in China according to south born in china post a china register high levels of pollution despite the lower emissions of vehicles and Industry [Applause] as you're ready for it we just remember it we don't have any cases hearing people are already taking measures to come to this part of Asia they're canceling their flights to come to Vietnam which brings me to another point last week I want to live in a beautiful natural place which about which I've already made a video the truth guy was telling me that trips are going so well because Chinese visitors are make the majority of visitors to nimbin and halong bay which both are in the north of Vietnam my husband and I went to Thailand two weeks ago and almost everyone was wearing masks this surprised me because also when we went to the capital to Bangkok will show more people wearing masks much more than here in Hanoi however one print just ran away and she submit some videos of people wearing masks at the airport here in Hanoi there wasn't a famous person without the as I mentioned before I teach Spanish on itoki and I've heard so many opinions from different people and a student told me that a friend of his had to cancel his flight to Vietnam to avoid getting stuck in the country as a result of the strict rules that his country is an active and as far as I can see Hanoi is safe pupils are taking measures such as worry much notes of businesses at first free sanitizer their activities as usual if I were talk order the Mystery's to place in Hanoi the police were the foreigners 1-0 when they visit Hanoi for the first time I will still see loads of tourists that are visiting Hanoi during these days so I'd like to know your thoughts what do you think about this situation are you planning to visit Vietnam during the corona virus outbreak to be honest I'm not scared but it oh great that's it for today hope you like this video if you like this video please please give me a like to subscribe if you haven't done it I'm gonna throw up a German town yeah [Music] [Music].

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