COVID-19: PM Trudeau announces support for vulnerable youth and seniors – March 29, 2020

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hunkered down with your parents and you're watching the world you know change radically it's a source of anxiety it's a source of tension maybe there's extra tension in your family but there are people who can help reach out the Kids Help Phone you can call them or text them text at six eight six eight six eight or call one eight hundred six six eight six eight six eight or go online to Kids Help Phone dot CA they are there to listen they are there to support you they are there to make sure that you know that you are not alone and help you and all of us through this no matter where you live 24 hours a day seven days a week in front and in English indeed to make sure that you have the help you need we're investing seven and a half million dollars for more counselors and trained volunteers with Kids Help Phone there are people in your corner making sure you're okay and kids want to speak with your grandparents now our seniors are particularly vulnerable to covet 19 we all know that and it's for them that so many of us are staying home ourself isolating are following the rules but even if they're safe and isolated this is not easy on them maybe they're having trouble getting out to go to grocery if you get groceries maybe they're feeling particularly alone maybe they've already been isolated and this is just an extra degree of stress on them well we've got help for them as well minister of seniors deb Schulte is announcing nine million dollars through the new horizons for seniors program to the United Way for everything from health check-ins to grocery delivery in fact the United Way is already stepping up here in Ottawa helping people like you with things like meal delivery poor job 3 una knows de novo phone posture kyono Lopez way recommend esta por partly director Morgan just succedaneum simon opt facile collision the Parsee semi Paparelli Cal the popular finally shows Kezia van but moon day dark energy sitting sauce distress in Ark City pour vous Bharat Vani show 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vote either services any curses were in verification directed salty were service delivery so poorly p3p calmly Canada Pearson never take less if account people hey daily personal stress on the seniors a selkie Philadelphia al will have your last phone this over sex on a Louie do some media on the dollar or a huge we promise to help everyone get through this tough time you can't go home because it isn't safe or because you don't have a home we're not going to forget you will work with the organization's you rely on will have your back earlier this month we committed 200 million dollars for shelters if you need to get away from domestic violence or violence because of your gender if you need somewhere to stay there are places you can go and be safe this new funding is already having a huge impact on support for you just take the shelter in Toronto that can now rent additional space to isolate residence with kovat 19 and keep everyone safe and we're going to keep working with charities and nonprofits on this on that note I want to recognize the incredible people who work and volunteer in their communities through these groups I know it's been hard lately not just because more and more people need your help but because you're struggling to keep doing this work for marginalized and vulnerable people during a public health crisis on a scale that Canada has never before seen soon I'll have more to say about how we can make sure you're supported and can help keep helping Canadians who need it most but the bottom line is this whomever you are whatever you need we're here for you and if you're fortunate enough to have a little extra to spare right now I'm asking you to join in and be part of the solution please donate to your favorite organization or find out how you can volunteer in your community even working from home you can make a real difference in the impact an organization can have as an individual a family a company think of how you can lend a hand to help others through this tough time oh no toast no collage away por hacer a note Rosati Anat security come on repeat servants present particle Asia consider instance – Dermott a feckless old arrestee chaser individualism washing on depot Apache Oklahoma the pure Piedmont possible 6/8 on Capri difícil de esta la maison panel offense on a par mama Oprah sincere treasure me newbie Paco NATO's our entire CCP I have a song in the cicada built on the roof of our they sing the Solidarity a triviality a travel element lives on a fish dessert Koshien poor happy I love was a trinomial Thunder volume issue busy tomorrow else as well regarde le pont samuel de champlain Domini Vicki Kula the last question I know these are hard times but I also know that we're going to get through them together mexico puerto montt thank you will now go to the phone lines for first question please keep it to one question in one follow-up operator thank you merci la panaka so new gender hemophilia severe weave on social body Minister she lives an issue a notice rescue said it was renewed at the boundary skeptism West Europe or the possibility of a zombie for Nicorette en quelque pork and response to trauma or Quebec education possible Cody portion show the film in Excel and Hilda Maria new civil case it's JC on a value customer knew some play a touch of the different events reality if the money Canadians have try bienick Lamar the Sammy so to table poor ad Cal Canada on adverse one solo persevere in Portland stone on upper you determine specific topic I say yeah but plan as mama for her for effects we this operation Oh Canada live for me in a follow-up right with Yvonne with Ripa Roger quantity Marie Shifu maybe with a friend right now to sunburns RT especial mapu Tennille exam a stability hockey this second I'm chef Dumont's Canada script with Lamar it was just 40 G like an adult on please office on steady travail Adama you some practical town so he didn't revile suffer physio kelipot symptom a little AI Harrington avocation found one records need have a sec come on that Monday a B&E Dijon welfare Mesa Boise Percy chete anonymous over calcareous kya karu availa covetousness a don't the decode Bakken scenery pass capital Rickman laughs a t10 kalkaluru along Wisconsin reader s Jionni's relationship certain psychic rose Safiye Canada no God command nil Adama see quelque chose commandos on Cedar Fire the SD she can see passive income ye skal du travail a at leisure glamour zone and Eva Kor Donny affair a Vanessa first of all I'm very happy as as many people were to see that Sophie has been given the all-clear it's been a few days since she's been symptom free and obviously I want to thank everyone who's sent messages of support she's taken the kids to Harrington I'm going to continue to stay here to do the work that needs to be done and if you think about it people are wondering why I'm still in isolation up to a few days before she was clear I was all still sharing a roof we were being careful but sharing a roof is someone who tested positive for kovat 19 so I have to continue in isolation in order to be sure that we're following all the protocols and the recommendations by Health Canada the work that we're doing continues as a government there is there are lots of companies and organizations around the country who are discovering that you can do an awful lot of work via via telephone via video conferences and that's exactly what I'm doing and I will continue to do it as so many Canadians are as well Thank You next question operator your feet thank you the next question is from Neil Robson the Canadian Press the line is open I'm wondering if you could talk a little bit more about what need and help you will be providing to charities I know several hundred of them made a plea last week for help to be able to continue I think you hinted that there is something coming can you give some more reassurances that the charities that are being so relied upon right now will get to help today we have announcements for charitable and nonprofit organizations specifically that have been doing a great work helping out our youth and our seniors but we recognize there's much more to do not only our organizations in the charitable sector and the nonprofit sector doing incredibly important work during very difficult times they're also in many cases seeing their donations dry it up and are very worried about their capacity to continue to do the work they're doing that's why we're working closely with them and we'll have announcements to make in the coming days about how we're going to ensure that they can continue to do this incredible work that is so important for Canadians and a follow up Mia yeah I'm also wondering are you concerned at all that you're putting too much pressure on airline staff check-in staff people at the train stations to screen people for for covert 19 we already know that a lawful lot of people are not traveling have listened to the recommendations to stay home to avoid non-essential travel this is extremely important and from the very beginning we told people that if you have kovat 19 symptoms you need to stay home you should not travel you must not go out that's going to continue to be the the instructions we give but we've also asked airline and and air and train staff to ensure that nobody with symptoms boards their planes or trains thank you next question operator thank you Elsie next question Comcast only Madrid La Paz can attend Gamasutra do povo continued success mmm CJ who did Kona deeper behind the Jelani police honest drama Nabokov was ready to subscribe you ned which is a nice a certain viscosity Beck kiyomizu-dera provinces upon example attacked 83 to continue to be platinum on d4 semi so T'Challa poor EDI Camino de Jong Hyun on Birdwell Canada only play Oregon different scenario para que si important damn nice at a diplomatic me only parent Allah pooja-ji over continued description of a clip Rivera's 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Tom may over Boogaloo around the community continuing a fairly confident the price you see thank you one more call operator please no see thank you next question Alex look here Toronto Star you line is open good morning Prime Minister you announced a whole lot of difference you know funds and measures for small businesses but you know a lot of small businesses are having trouble navigating through what you've announced in terms of tax referrals wage subsidies credit availability that sort of thing groups like the CFIB are trying to help them navigate this but are you considering anything from the federal government to make it easier for people to access the funding that they can access and getting funding to the right people we are doing an awful lot of things that have never been done before by any government in this country we has never been a reason to and as we're developing new policy solutions new ways of helping out people so that we can get through this time and come out the other end of it stronger than ever before we need to you know really figure out both what those things are and to ensure that people are going to be able to access them we are putting out as much information as we can about the different options and I recommend people go to government dot cxo Canada CA to be able to find more information about it I know there are organizations whether it's the CFIB or banks themselves that are giving advice around these new measures we're coming in but we're going to continue to communicate as best we possibly can so that everyone is able to access the help that's there for them even as we create new ways to help people I recognize the challenge and we're going to continue working on it and say Justin second Alex genre connect only talent fair in my mother shows Nouvel on the Nova program a separate wolverson Odyssey to the exact AMA come up to near LED Connaughton kind of a year supporter cocoons in we decided on a total informatio necessary booster 20 news and release pop well exceed a late kid married on october considering this organism mmm the bank for satirical information so too late kids / neighbor sois excessive poorly junkie kyon Ombudsman and you call about Prime Minister there there have been numerous reports that prisons are particular concern prisoners are concerned about the measures in place to protect them from the outbreak if it reaches prisons in Canada but what do you say to prisoners who are concerned right now that they're dealing with one bar soap for a week and no other countermeasures we are very concerned about the fact that our correctional institutions could be places where there is our places where there could be greater vulnerability to covet 19 that's why we've been working very closely with Corrections Canada and I know Minister Bill Blair Public Safety Minister will have more to say on this this is something that we are digging into very carefully because we need to make sure we're keeping everyone safe in this country okay so connect those institution the Correctional Canada so please vulnerable adult and what our cookies don't news alone considered Hawaii avec the sophistic election Canada II the Minister Blair poor as to reckon with and fanfares kinases I forget this terminal security thank you will now go to questions in the room Ian Wood CTV News Prime Minister this morning you made a small announcement for with regard to seniors giving money to charity groups there but what about those that are on fixed income seniors who have watched their investments and their retirement savings dwindle away on the market are we going to see any increases to CPP or other provisions for them like you've offered to to to workers and small businesses our focus right away has been figuring out how to ensure that we can replace sources of income and revenue that have been lost because of CO vat19 for so many Canadians across the country who were relying on their paychecks to get through from week to week until this actually hit but we recognize that seniors are facing greater vulnerabilities and we are looking carefully at measures to be able to support them through this tough time as well and the Dutch government has sent back 600, 000 masks to China that they deemed were defective I'm wondering when will we receive the masks that China has said they're going to send to us and what assurances do we have that they will be effective and have we seen a thaw in our relationship with China in the course of this crisis um we will be receiving equipment masks and gloves and gowns from China extremely shortly in the coming days and at the same time I can assure people that Health Canada has very strong procedures for evaluating for ensuring that what we get is up to the necessary standards and there will be no no coroner's cut on this one we need to make sure that the equipment that our health care workers rely on to keep them safe as they keep us safe is of a quality that is going to actually do the job and we're going to continue to engage with the world and try to work collaboratively through this difficult time it is a global pandemic and countries need to set aside their differences and work together to get us through this as best possible and that's certainly the approach that we're taking topical Beeman Global News prime minister in the case of the quarantine act and also in the case of the measures announced for travelers yesterday there's been no clear information about enforcement for those who break the rules and yesterday in Ontario we saw a snitch line for price Gaucher's I'm wondering if you can provide more information about enforcement in general and also wondering are you encouraging Canadians to report other Canadians who aren't following the rules to local authorities I think first of all it's really important that we all follow the rules what we do today what we do what we've done over the past few days what we will be doing over the coming days will have a direct impact on whether or not Canada is able to make it through this crisis in the best possible way it'll have a direct impact on our health care workers what we are choosing to do right now these weeks will affect deeply whether and how we get through this crisis and get out the other side better so I really impress upon everyone the need to self isolate to follow the rules to make sure that we are not putting ourselves or our neighbors or communities at risk Health Canada does follow-ups with people in terms of respecting quarantine that's an important part of what we do and I would really encourage Canadians to continue to spread the message share with each other how important it is to continue to stay home I'd also like to ask you to respond to reports that we're hearing about how truck drivers deemed essential workers are being treated when they cross the border not having access to washrooms or restaurants and some just being made to stay in their trucks I we are very concerned with the need to continue essential services and that includes obviously supply chains that are so important for keeping people Fed keeping people with the medications they need through this difficult time we continue to work with folks at the border to ensure that the smooth flow and respectful support for these essential workers happens at the same time as we're ensuring safety for for our citizens it's always a challenging balance to establish what we need to keep working to try and make sure that we can continue to get these essential goods while people are taking risks by continuing their essential work eldorado canada revenues escaped division during minute concern alle scenario so Lake Albert Rivera claman otama Olinda Morial escape we de Bracy Sonny scenario so ik Alberta y equipo a visitor but the field evil also creep are a different scenario lock event betray people copy Farrakhan Vaudreuil buchumi round ratio unscientific difficulties we would dare do for me le reconnaissance Exhibit D D D scenario D D al queda de nan dasi also prepare Suva lapa fafsa musa no concern with raava Vicky's authority regional prevention avec level memorial effect available people hey Paul a distressed endogenous hippo receive any member porradasa deputies found eight uma move on the right and near fairly the visit up pre-ground google news alone cancer Angela for to Tom prepare importance of the opportunity we saw Elizabeth Martin elope reciprocal desert of Nepali s curses a progressed Alma okay Beck wisc adult moment our conversation economy over to serve a pond at tubers Joaquin prevents seiderman delayed federal nirupama varsity of Cal prevents coral favorable fire envelope or a souvenir Oberth wine a de Provence eb canadian security for nancy mama exceptional it's obscene thank you we have time for one more question Ashley Burke CBC News prime minister in their towns in there are cities across the country who are preparing arenas and community centers to prepare them into makeshift hospitals if needed what does that tell you about where we are in the arc of this crisis and as well what is the sage Canadians about their hospitals capacity I think it's a message that we are preparing for every eventualities we are hopeful that the behavior that people have engaged in now will keep numbers to a manageable level of people affected who need hospital hospitalization and that is why we are working extremely hard to encourage everyone to stay home and to not not risk spreading this virus further that is how we will control the spread our health care systems are designed to function close to capacity in normal situations day in and day out we need the our hospitals to be able to handle normal surges whether it's during flu season or after an accident or an illness we have a health system that works pretty well to handle the needs in regular times these are not regular times and therefore it is appropriate and necessary that we look at how to expand our health system to handle unprecedented numbers in an unprecedented crisis and I want to commend all the people unless you have symptoms of kovat 19 or unless you have returned from overseas or outside the country within 14 days and when you do go outside make sure if you're you don't have any of those three categories make sure that you are keeping your distance don't gather in groups in parks keep those distance and if you are in quarantine or self-isolation and you need some fresh air open a window or step outside onto your stoop if that's a private place but really we need people to be abiding by the rules the public health has put out particularly people who have returned from travel outside the country we are ensuring that we're able to deal with this surge people are putting situations putting emergency measures in place but we are hoping that there won't be a surge because we have seen other areas overwhelmed even if they have strong health care systems that's why it's so important that everyone abide by the instructions given yes we put them on when Johnny.

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