[Music] hey guys good morning so today we'll be living for halong bay and it's almost it's almost 6:30 over here and our Chi Chi regatta prefers one is an oppressor because our guide will come pick up us here at 7:30 sorry bunny cuts us so let's go fast

breakfast table what got it and this will be ready for guide we'll be waiting for guide reception and then we'll leave for halong bay because he said it's obviously said it's about 175 kilometres at eterna so it will be a long travel so let's go 176 kilometres we

spent around 3 and 1/2 hours to four hours to arrive tea column CD ok so we had our breakfast any breakfast Percy at our target we are on our way to halong bay this is a place where we get Vietnamese traditional things and things that are made in

Vietnam so let's go inside check it out [Music] when out [Music] [Music] [Music] was so soft and one for yourself why did you buy one for yourself so the process how pearls are made from oysters it's really expensive Joe Island 1 1915 I island is the inside way

look at the next thing that I forgot to say was I even asked the traditional time I even asked about something like this aesthetic view but it's really really expensive so there isn't one now we are going to leave the bus [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

thank you this is bran sweet spring rolls boisterous [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] where are we now Oh give getting the key how they give between the sea we are in the cave hollow cave wonders is a legend how many steps six thousand skips no not six thousand [Music]

[Music] that's a baby hi I sta why FL why thank you very much all right my man thank you thank you one two three go okay screeching what's that [Applause] okay Sammy so we are returning from halong bay yes good great so what did you enjoy about it

the top of the boat and what didn't you like about halong bay even like the seafood no I stay a third [Music] oh I'll be the significant lesson these are the complete size shows Nationals [Music] okay [Music] [Music] moments little babies giving us to today rather than half

yeah being here is like our brother like our brother we came back from halong bay yeah wind hotel and him for the night market next time we come Vietnam we'll meet you [Music] [Music] [Applause] it's not enough [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] sorry okay [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

okay guys so we are back from halong bay he's over me rocky another well I've been talking like I slept early I learned a lot of things about watching me and he's really an inspiring person whether you are already I said I'm listening Athena today yeah how long

he was really good into it a lot but then mirror drones a man hold on who's the hairy – GPS lay on me and I have home synagogue ever ever don't I get home all up she says to me it's funny like over a bang we're at the

cotopaxi Saints win Alesana over yeah and then we came back I mean once we came back I may only be te oramus Abba mom dad there's always forever been our guide he's more like a brother to us now so it been at this a long time it's an

asana so we went for a drink so bingo treaty I need the bureau's really good meet with you guys in Vietnam you can come there is really good it's like a flip does what is the city if you are not knowing about more about being this contact a

sister in East locks and do subscribe my brother's channel so you think if you want you can subscribe my channel so yeah tomorrow we have flight to Bangkok and Bangkok what a transit bus area that we are directly flying to I cook it so I'm Rob rocky peggy

know this up because it's all so a lot of a single and i think of because i'm a theory I love mom dad or something dinner we again went out you as a night market sorry I'm Brady I meet Tommy leaders the main cue cue I mean Canada

already shopping funny guy it was really good in a cool night market thoughtful walkable Emma like Tamil lick Snyder when the Bob by the only racer and yeah my friend Austin might is do the make necessary with you mighty world water up nights like this Baba what I

think he's ready right ultimate relator I really loved it animal i Vietnam was it was not to be estimated don't say I'm Lee once anything like rushing up wilmyer go holla building in a thousand e it's kind of like ballads children hustling saying I am really loving it

I mean next time go by the plan if anybody suggest sweets it that's the way my the only valid argument yeah that's the way when only [Laughter] really demanded pile a little bit a couple bullets it was up whatever is here one stop the trip barrini yeah he's

okay so we'll be painting right now and good night for today see you tomorrow we'll be playing to forget so guys see you next video bye bye good night you

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