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Welcome back monkey hop regulars, hopefully we're talking to a few new people as well as most You know we're back in the noid and today.

We're going checking out ho lao prison To get some waxing and girl stuff done im waiting on an uber its my first time so hopefully it doesn't kill me So yeah, I know where no Hilton the prison cool cool First moving in my brother drove me around parteen when i wasabout 15 Kelly basically gets a bit freaked out by the prison cell for the war stuff So she decides to skip this and top that you need to do some Girl escaping oh, she's gonna doing that Son that was my first motor taxi in Asia are ever really is absolutely grand up So you don't feel as safe as you are in a Kara, but like more than just nerves and actually being unsafe We're just about to hop into a Ho Lao prison also known as Hanoi Hilton they house a lot of prisoners the American soldiers the persons the war back in the Vietnam War and Supposed to be very very interesting So I'm really looking forward to getting inside here and seeing what the place is like so whole our prison was built in the late 1800s I think 1896 is built by French Colonials obviously There's a massive French influence all over this city from their food to their architecture this prison was built by the French Themselves it was initially used to house French soldiers, but in the 1950s They've decided to turn it into a place for criminals making an actual prison Henson in 1963 to 1974 so around a 10-year period they use this place to house American pilots that were shot down over North annoy there's some French side buildings in here some of the old cells some of the death sentence cells and That's about it.

Let's go check it out so this room that I'm standing in has like Lux and I decided Dummies have to feet locked up on everyone This room looks like it would have been able to house 50 to 60 prisoners, it's pretty intense.

I can imagine it allowed this room deliberating would be in here It's an intimidating room the guys I think there would be an all in on top of each other especially when it got more full I Forget the feeling at the amount of enemies in here it doesn't represent the amount of soldiers the maximum of the soldiers that were in Here at one point in the forties so one thing that I just learnt there is the big Massive doors that they they have in here we're actually shipped in from France and they're absolutely they look so so thick the walls are three and a half meters high and a Half a meter thick so very very very very sturdy, but the prison was built initially to house 500 prisoners but there was estimated over 2, 000 here at one point eighty percent of the prison has been destroyed and there's only like a fifth of that ones that we were In in block D in Block II were used initially to hold that Vietnamese Communist revolutionist by the French government The tight spaces were supposed to break their will to fight Some of them did break out in Christmas Eve in the thirties It looks very very like basically what Andy Dufrane did in the Shawshank Redemption where they just basically climbed through the sewers there's reports of one guy telling his account of when how he Escaped and he said going through the sewers is absolute hell There is very very little on what American soldiers actually experienced here and When you do see that you do have to remind yourself that this is like a communist country And if some some information will be limited as what we saw of the American Prisoners here was them playing volleyball and tennis I don't really feel like Any soldiers here had an absolutely great time just accounts of American soldiers who spent their time here And they said it was horrific, but who knows I guess the real truth, and that won't be discussed today anyway also I'm sure we've all seen buildings that have barbed wire on the walls or barbed wire fencing or glass the fencing or whatnot like that But the the glass and the walls here to stop people climbing over absolutely horrific.

You're not getting over it These would absolutely tear yourself up.

It's it's pretty nasty.

So this part is coming – shut I know I think it's a French word so ca chot this basically where they put the prisoners are in the most trouble and They Kevin's house is the dungeon Prisoners would be bound in here by the free pens that have to eat defecate in the same spot pretty nasty Our force today Just in the one room pretty gruesome Very very very little like come in tonight, here's actually my lifetime.

I doubt they were afforded the luxury of Again these Big massive doors we won't be shipped in from France so Here they've removed some of the some of the actual walls you can see the room would be like with dummies in there Towards the end of this prison tour we came to the memorial that was erected that for many prisoners who died or received horrific treatment in hole-out prison in its conception You Make sure to stay tuned for this awesome ride home Oh Yeah, all right die You know I'm not used to motorbike My baby beside me at the wheel I Stole a kiss at the turn of a man My curiosity running wire.

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