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all right summer is just around the corner vacation time it's gonna be great but travel can be a hassle too if you don't know some simple tricks and that's just what you can find at the Dallas travel and adventure show this weekend it'll give you a lot of ideas on places to go and how to get there and how to pack when you go joining us to talk more about that and share how you can pack for two weeks just using carry-on luggage which seems amazing to me is angel Castellanos welcome and and and I am thrilled to see this because we just got back from a trip and I complained about this the entire time because I'm like carrying a lot of the bags for the violation of our the luggage mule yes I'm the mule and none of us pack well okay well none of us you know that's why I'm here in Dallas with the traveled in adventure show I'm speaking specifically about packing Saturday at 12:45 and really how to maximize a space Karina Mize wrinkles and get through the TSA a whole lot easier the airport should be the least of your worries when you travel so for out of math involved in this when you get inside this absolutely because you know first we want to make sure that we have a proper carry-on size bag and the measurement starts from the ground to the top of the hand on not the top of the wheel but from exactly and double check the website of the airline you're flying on because just because you're able to carry it on here in Dallas doesn't mean you're able to carry it on London or Beijing or wherever you're traveling this already looks so much more orderly than dealing with of Tetris right because what we're doing is we're maximizing the space but using all of these wonderful packing cubes here right and I'm a folder enroller or and so there's another mistake yeah I'm a guy put it like this just like okay hacking stacking I call that the luggage lasagna why are you messy you want a nice neat system here so I fold and roll but I also rubberband things so I can put them inside of these cubes is you have multiple shirts it's one little tiny yeah I have all my t-shirts and there are three t-shirts socks underwear workout gear in here my size eleven running shoes here I wear my biggest and heaviest things on to the aircraft I always take more shoes than I need to you put one pair of shoes in here that's smart I mean I don't have any credibility with the ladies I'm sure they think well the carrion is for shoes alone right right we want to categorize our shoes so for us dudes it's maybe just the workout shoes walking shoes and then our nice church shoes or dinner shoes right right but walking evening in flats that's how you want to categorize the shoes and I think anti-microbial is a big thing especially if you're a business traveler right and you're dealing with dirty clothes so I have these antimicrobial bags that I put my dirty laundry that's for the dirty clothes this is for the dirty clothes so I'm no longer stealing the plastic bag from the hotels I did even worse I'm stuffing it into like a corner of the suitcase and trying to remember was that the dirty pile or the clean pot yeah the ultimates laundry bag is one of these compressor bags oh wow so if you're using you know fleece and down jackets and stuff you're probably using these already to compress the air out smart but I take two of these and this goes in the bag empty for my dirty laundry now the stuff that you roll up when you hold it up like this does that keep it from wrinkling yeah that that's a classic way of keeping everything from wrinkling but for Oxford shirts and slacks I use the folding and bundling method so this folder here keeps all of my nicer clothes a little bit you know wrinkle free and organized and it compresses everything down so we can easily pack and repack get through the TSA a whole lot easier here and we're not we're just dealing with you know shapes as opposed to a big bundle of clothes here as you said Tetris in the suitcase absolutely bed of luggage lasagna yeah I've been doing it all wrong for all this time again the Dallas travel and adventure show is happening tomorrow and Sunday at the Dallas Market Hall real excited about Phil from The Amazing Race being there too you can find information including a list of all the guest speakers at travel shows calm and don't forget angel speaks tomorrow at 12:15 12:45 45 minutes Sunday on traveling with technology all my favorite travel apps how to not come home to a huge phone bill on Sunday 2:00 p.


you can be organized like this guys is amazing thanks for coming on with it thanks man appreciate it yeah.

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