Das Leben eines CEO im Online Marketing | FFC Podcast | #008

Deep topics, profound topics likeI can actually point him at Hanau? No.

Three, two, one! Welcome! Hello? Could such an old leather manor be an old bicycle chain? It's like she wants FFCshe was going to say something.

And then I guess the consequenceeight, nine, eight.

Welcome, welcomewelcome to the episode.

We will guide you through the nexthalf an hour, half an hour long.

But I havereally really want today.

Why? Less well prepared, butthe more spontaneously in my Answers to why I'm so spontaneousfrom my answers because not like you by heartlikes things I've learned, maybe even.

What interests me, has this week.

What do you actually doall day? I believe this week's phrasein a conversation with the colleagues together.

What doesall the time, actually? And then she asks meNow I'm asking him.

The managing director of Boyhood manactually all day long Podcasts to think about, what podcasts do.

How does a dayin Christian is off.

From home to evening.

But he doesn't care.

What you do at home, for this you can use your Instagram account follow.

First of all.

I have my Opinion one One day in lifeof Christian looks like this I'm up or 34.

Depends on how I wake up, and then I was already all set up theThe night before.

I'm not someone who wants to beClothes how early to get out, but I'm already doing all thisin the evenings, so that I could just to wear.

I'll shower before that, that I have to go to work because happens to sweat, butnot at night.

I'm sweating.

Clothes off? Nah, I do that.

mostly here in the office.

I'd like to get as soon as possibleto the office, so I can't .



I don't know, lie down again.

So I pretty much just prepare everythingthat I'm just.



I have automatisms thatdoesn't have to think about it much.

I always am.

There's a question where he tookso as a child, so to speak just like that, and then, yeah, as soon asI'm here, is actually starting the Time on.

Or does the only timeon, like, five o'clock, where I really work? Well, I wouldsay my most productive time is from five to nine, then catchbut my first meetings between seven and eight on.

That is.



I've got five to five in the morning.

eight o'clock three hours, whereI am still functioning properly can.

That is, I lookon how the wrinkles are currently deadlines.

That's why I geteven in the morning.

When you come, more often.



some news of mine.

I look atHow do projects develop? Me? Koc How many hours do we have forthe customers have worked where have we done too much? I felt.



I'll go and get some more.

the CFO and questionhim What does it look like? Is that good? Is that bad? I think about strategic thingssuch as certain Work processes, workflows.

All that means? Yeah, but I have.



not every day.

Depending on when I sayOkay, for example our and our new ropes.

Max needs resources wherehe can learn new things.

This is the kind of thing wherereally sit down for half an hour and think.

What does mostSense for him as the next step? The me then out, so on the me.

We'll have to do it till the end.

next week.

Then in so far as I'm on the phone.

with relatively few customers still yourself.

But with those, with thoseI'm on the phone, I usually have also between nineor ten phone calls.

That means from my point of viewfive to eight, I actually work my stuff for my way and thenfrom eight to nine I prepare myself then at firstAppointment before and after.

Then say ten o'clock.

about everybody's here.


Is it true thatI'm only in meetings and Fireman? If you are.

I'd say I'm someone, which extinguishes fires, otherwise relatively little.

Job title? Nah, but if anyone asks me, I say fireman can I .



to imagine myself underneath.

Well, I'm staying like this.

dressed the way I am.

If I put on a helmet like that.

and a red suit and then yes It's just a metaphor, really.

But that's how I feel, That's just the way I feel.

That's just the way it is in the end.

I think I'm gonna have to.



also measured and evaluated.

Firstly, the qualityof my decisions.

Even though we are strategically committed towe have to make a decision.

to the team.

This is aDecision I have to make.

Independent and problem solver.

At best, yes.

And the better.

I solve the problems or the better my decisions are the betterI would consider myself an SEO .



the name.

But isn't itrather the employees themselves help when they themselvescan solve the problems? Absolutely yes.

I think.



Fireman's all well and good, but only just a little flashit's okay.

You have toof course.

I'd say so, that decisions are decentralised extremely important, and Iwould not even now.

I hope that's the case, that I don't always take it all off.

I do it myself, I think.

me, still too much.

But fireman also becausethe fire brigade in the rarely in the case of a smallI didn't fetch the flame, I got the flame.

really burns.

I have a feeling, too, .



that the people would have to wait.



come to me whenburn it properly.

So I don't know.

can't meet a deadline.

This has to be said honestly, which is what's happening here.

The customer has, thenit just happens more often.

And that's what I'm here for.

I'm also responsible for you saying Christian wants to talk to me about it, and.



then I have to sort this out.

I think being a CEOis nothing, is not natural.

Don't be like 50 Shades ofGrey with Christian in a big office.

That must have been obvious.

Sure it is.

It's not like that.

but it's not like that here.

For the youngsters, who might be watching.

Not the same wishful thinking.

I think it's just likebe self-employed or be c O.

Is the title the most beautiful thing? I think it's extreme.

It's a job thatextremely extremely lonely.

I actually believe thatyou're very alone.

No one can help you because you'reyou have to help yourself, and all come to you, so thatyou're an aide.

And if you don't help them like that, as they wish, are such a bad CEO.

Are you good? Of my little world? No, God there would be flawless andI would even say I am such a martyr.

I would have been.



now as Jesus a martyr? Yeah, sure, I can do that.

died for his faith.

The metaphor camefrom you, in a way.

Now, if I were to say.

Nayes, then each independent Managing Director such aa little bit like God.

Each independent managing directoror any self-employed person.

Must be aware of that.

Do you really? Made for the problems untilapproaching you You have advantages and disadvantages.

For example.




imagining you in a to be an employee.

Could I have a look atat the moment.

Actually, that would bemy thoughts.

Yeah, that's aSkill of mind reading.

Gladly employed? No, let's say, there's a new Company, or, or, or, or.

I would get an offer whenwhether a super-hot guy would get a cut because I'm.



would be back, so to speak.

It does not.

I can do relatively little.

I can do relatively little.

But I can.

ButI'm very good.

I think I can.

Mecan get people excited about something.

And I also believe thatI people or groups of people already I've always led.

Whether good or bad, it must bethen also evaluate others, believe me.

But whether that's in myyouth in sports or whether that was .



was then on the train.

And you.






six people will have to do it in addition.



to go in one direction.

It's always been mine.

So? I've always cared about that, too.

and I've always wanted and create something.

Head boy? Yes, me.

was a class clown.

No, I wasn't head boy.

Because I.

Because me, becausethat didn't itch.

I had no passion for it.

I will alwaysright up front.

Always has been.

I amalways also in friendship groups, because I always have, and they all have.

hated because the songs always Asshole.

Actually, yes.

But I thinkI can't imagine.

Easy to lead.

I think, I'm too weak for that.

I don't know.

I just thinkjust if you, if you, if you you think that someone who's enthusiasticis in the lead and relatively much, yes relativelya lot of input.

Isn't it automatically someonebecause, your position and a I should fill a management position becausebelieve I've heard that before except to be loud and up frontto want and to be good.

It's a matter of.



more things to it.

So also things.

That's why I thought I was the CEO.

is totally unnatural, because you will, because we as humans and also inof the group always want we are liked in the group andthat we, that we all want security and.



all have peace and quiet.

But the truth is, a good CEO, often decisions that no one else inthe group like that.

Yeah, and then maybe two yearslater on, the praise for get.

That was avery, very important decision.

We did, we didwe haven't seen it like this.

And so is this.

FeedbackI don't believe in conversation.

Lots and lots of conversationseither carry fire extinguishers or Conducting conversations withthe department.

The service is provided by the division managers atus to see how there's a question on the table: Whatcan you do better? How can we, how can wethe experience of Balmain improve? That comessometimes project based.

For example, if we sayhave, stellen must write content, then of course you canover my desk strategically.

How do we want to position ourselves? What shall we write? WhichDo we need resources for this? Who accompanies, what role suchthings, and for that very reason is unnatural behavior, you noticemaybe also to Christian Wulff.

That feelsyou probably do.

I like to talk as ifI'm a bad quality.

All he can do is keep quiet.

can also be keep quiet.

I can alsolisten once in a while.

But I think even thoughI like to talk.

What few people know is thatme meetings and face to face I hate conversations.

I hateto make it on the phone, too.

He really hates phone calls, hatesI hate telephones, more with to call him on the phone.

I like it.

The manager once gave mea picture of me.

He's already got himself rightI got upset with him for saying has me on all the time, butsince January I have also been working on He always calls when I answer the phone.




I felt Max's on.



I don't know.

And that, for example? I'm going to have to.






to really force.

But my role is simplynecessary to be able to speak.

For example.

my into my natural Model case.

Then it also reflectsdirectly in the company again and the mood gets bad therepeople don't perform as well.

You wouldn't believe whatyou just have influence.

So as a CEO, you're alsoa bit of a clown, a Entertainer? Yeah, I don't know, .



if that's the way you want to play it.

I don't know if.



I can say it.

Yeah, I think it's also personal.

I can't be held responsible for that.

others speak, but my mood decisive, the otherwith influenced.

And therefore, for examplean employee, a salaried Form.

Who, I think, still clearly on.

An eccentric one, when I wasI am now.

That's an awful lot of energy, reiterate which.

I have a.



Conversation held, aware of it is that everything you do.



you say, quasi finally on the Gold scale.

It happens to me.



often that I've seen each of your Actions for every word you say.




until you've assessed, exactly.



and different than interpreted.

A normal employee isprobably because the meaning probably very differentis weighted.

Yeah, right, and thatis of course extremely beneficial.

Yeah, you have to say it like that, that does bring some pain to .



in a certain way.

Are ethically inclinedyou probably.

Then you will indeed become the perfect one, because you're just looking for performance, you can't do thisHumanity yet another .



a little bit.

And you'll hearthings about you, what you get.

But what alsois actually quite normal.

In my opinion.

yes, absolutely.

Up to a certaindegree it's normal.

And then everything, what's above it.

This is also such an excitingThing How do you deal with it? Is it possible to then be able toto react and that is totally unnaturally so? As an employee, you sayMaybe if I'd done that earlier.

“Fuck it, that's the way it is anyway.

not long to go or the like this anyway, he'snot gonna be around that long.

Or I just perform better.

But when I, as CEO, seeyou can do that again from a very different corner.

One question.

Does aBoss lunch break too? He should be on his lunch break and notfar too little with the people together.

And then I.



I have one more question.

What if you're coming home fromSPIEGEL and do your hair? That's the kind of mantra you used to useto get through this day, right? Well, I mean, you seewith you always that you are super fervently attached to theI don't want you to get into this.

You have, you love andlives for your job.

Mantra What you say.

To be honest To be honestto be, I didn't.

I'd get a new one every day.

Beginning I would like to say, that I was so spiritual.

I'm not in that sense, that I'm in front of the Mirror and say I am strongand strong and not? Even though I'm a big one, Ifor what Health simply tryto do.

If I can't keep up with the diet.

is to spend 110 minutes every day meditate.

But by doing that.



I'm an emotional person, I'm just trying to get myto calm the heartbeat, a little to think more clearly.

That actually helps me.

AtClosed my eyes at the beginning of course and breathed that and then in your head.

Actually, you have to do two tothree months and then slowly you realize you have this routinejust, come slowly, be more relaxed.

And actually tried to visualizeThat's what I mean.

just once in the morning before I leavethe house, then sits down another five to ten minutes.


Stop! Once in a while.

Nah, I sit on a chairor in summer on the terrace outside at six in the morning.

Or now? Probably this year, at five in the morning, still a little earlier.

And ask me.






I'm just gonna do a few things, that I wish for.

Youso you're most productive in the morning? Yeah, definitely.

and inheritance of the when? Later on, when I got it.



would wish me.



Ever since I had a sonI'll try to have it ready by to get off work at 5:00.

Twelve hours here.

But then writewe also in the evening again on.

Well, I did from 17 to 19.

Fifteen till the kid goes to bed, .



and I'll have Halligalli at home, and then I'll deal with another hour for emailswrite, answer things.

But since I'm trying to beIn contrast to before, there is nothing left on the weekend, you do.



as managing director, he's also on vacation sometimes.

My last vacation is now overa year and a half ago, I had I haven't taken a vacation in four years.

But I don't need this.

I'm more aboutof the family that I was forced I will.

It was super interesting, nowat this point to a very, very important subject.

The team hasvery good of the subject.

I'm closed, I'm closed.

so much, again.

You realize that today, Friday.

With heroic stories.



once a superhero.

Who is the scholar? I'm doing what I was told earlier.

told who God is, my God, complex, honestly, me, no.

But now I've gotthat's not a wake-up call.

I only have aa little quieter.

Let's face it, I don't thinkMal, you're already coming again.

How do you sayYou talk too much? Not just storytelling, butwhy story so interesting? It is the concept behind it, and the concept is self-explanatory.

Yes, a concept fromto the States, and.

What we have to do here is super exciting.



it's not like it is blatantly applied by customerscould still become so.

We're more on it.

This is awkward becausethe ignoring just once, that it works.

But I knowalso, why It's almost 15! That means we have tothe now quick story.

And that's italready with the consequence.

There's no other way, makes me really sad.

I that we will deliver.

But that's not so bad.

For this, the next story will be BradPitt in an elevator pitch we'll be clear in three minuteson your mark.

Go 30 seconds.

Stohl Brand is a way, how to deal with his, with his Communicating with customers and the bigProblem of communication of Brands like Brains with theircustomers talk, is that the Brands as the heroin history.

You can see this for exampleat a lot of agencies.

We are rad.

We have the bestcustomers, and it is very rarely possible actually um.

User or user driven, customers placedexactly the buyer or the Users.

Accurate and correspondinglythat Davos is actually .



quite well.

That's whythese super heroes! It's already torn very briefly.

When we say okay, there'sLuke Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader so to speak.

There's someone who's a little.



or who has to solve a problem .



to the side.

Luukmust destroy it again.

Death Star? The veryDeath Star.

And Yoda was practically his teacher, and Darth Vader was the evil Position the villain and his fatherone another far too often as Luke Skywalker, shouldas Yoda.

So it's pretty simple.

It's quite simple, is not implemented.

Just making it really, really, really, very few companies, for example, to to give you an examplein the three minutes.

Apple helps youin creativity.

Apple is for them andthus helps quasi creative people, to solve problems for creative people.

Accordingly, creative agencies.

Always only Apple computershas prevailed.

Right, but think about howyou can't wear your badge as heroes, but how can youthe Joder for your hatch Skywalker? To be able to quicklyare our customers.

And we're gonna make you, to be the superheroes.

Still a lot to learn.

Have a nice weekend, Goodbye!.

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