De Avonturen van Thailand – Episode 1 || TAKIANY TRAVEL VIDEO

A new year, a new adventure.

To start the year well we went to another continent.

We flew to Asia to spend three weeks in Thailand.

It was a flight of twelve hours flying, but it was worth it.

Asia cannot be compared to the western world at all.

It is totally different ! During this series, I'll take you to” The adventures of Thailand.

” Okay, so we just landed in Thailand.

We left the airport.

I see palm trees everywhere along the road.

It's totally different from where we live.

In our country it's winter now.

between 0 and 10 degrees, but here it is 33 degrees.

My phone is still on Belgian time.

Half past two at night.

Here it is already 9 o'clock in the morning.

The people here already had breakfast.

It is so different from our country.

There are even buddhas along the road.

I don't know if you can see them.

That's Oemmie her brother.

He will go with us, he will show us a lot because he lives here.

– Yes, that's my family.

” Soon I noticed that life in Thailand is completely different from ours.

” “I had to learn to eat with sticks.

” ” Realizing that Red-bull was in glass bottles.



” ” And you were allowed to sit in the back of a driving pick-up truck.

” “well .



It was also allowed to stand up, of course.

” ” They didn't really have traffic rules .



” ” They didn't have speed signs either.

“They drove on the other side of the road, ” “And whoever is first, is first.

” ” The Thai culture was quite interesting.

” ” People were very affectionate and preferred to do everything together.

” ” The money could be compared to the Belgian franc of yesteryear.

” “1 Euro was about 37 Baht.

” ” But now let's continue our adventure.

” It is already 31 degrees here, but it is only 10 o'clock in the morning.

And that for December, that's really cool.



You really can't imagine that.

Yesterday I was still in the 10 degrees, maybe 5 degrees.



I have a cold.

but suddenly you come into those 31 degrees, that's really crazy.

” With a raft we crossed the water, and arrived at our first hotel.

” ” Here we stayed a few days to rest from the long journey.

” ” And of course, I had to check the pool.

” ” What else happened herewas shown on my Instagram story.

” ” During our trip on the water we enjoyedthe beautiful climate.

” ” And yes .



Oemmie is still there.

” ” We have made nice photographswith reflection in the water.

” This is how the people move from town to town.






by boat.

Because it's way more faster then the road.

At least, that's what I think .



We need to go below the viaduct.




we're not sure if the boat will fit under the bridge.

Sometimes, the water is higher.

Imagine, the boat's hitting the bridge.

I think that's a problem.



Luckily we can remove the roof, like a cabrio boat.

The driver of the boat is now doing that.

– Like a 'cabrio boat' wtf? – Well, yeah .



– A cabrio car.

– Yes, but this is a boat, so that makes it a cabrio boat.

– Yes, like boats on the water.

– Yah.




– They sail on the water.





” As you can see there are cabinets on top of the bridge.

I think that is where the ship's guard is.

– We're going to hit it with our heads.

– The roof of the boat had hit it fur sure.

– It wil work .



– We had hit it, if we didn't remove the roof.



” We arrived at the first stop of our adventure.

” ” A temple where several Thai Gods stood.

“You have many subdivisions in the Buddhist faith.

” ” And those are these different Gods.

” There is just a Pikachu at that temple.

So now we stop at some temples.

And there are all different Statues of Gods.

But there is also a Pikachu.

You see a dragon there.

Here is just some dragon.

You would think, this is China.



But they just have this in Thailand.

They have it everywhere in Asia, let me just say so.

This is a super large monument.

With us, you sometimes see an imageof Jesus standing in the church.

or from Joseph or Mary.

But when you see this, what big statues they have here.

Such a big Buddha.

They are really huge.

I think you can give gifts to the Gods here.

There you also see some God standing.

A Thai God probably.

So if you believe in that God .






then you are not allowed to eat beef.

That is the female God of Thailand.

or just a female God, there may be others.

But if you believe in that one, then you don't eat beef.

It looks like we are walking into a fair.

But this is a place to worship Gods.

You can give gifts to the Gods here.

– You can give some money and then .



– You mean to hit that gong? – Yes, yes.

– Okay, let's give a gift to the Gods.

The cost is 40 Baht.

So, I'll put the money in here, for the Gods.

That's probably for the huge monuments.

” There were white flowers and black flowers.

” ” The white flowers were to make a wish.

” ” And the black one to ask forgiveness.

” ” I took a white flower.

” ” and after I did that, I placed the flower in the water to make a wish.

” ” As last, I hit the gong with the hammer, ” “so that the Gods could hear my wish.

” So we hit the gong now.

You've to take off your shoes when you walk into this place.

It's written in Thai.

I can't read it.



but, Oemmie can read Thai.

So, I leave my shoes here.

It is very beautiful ! I know there are beautiful churches .



but this is also cool to see.

It is very colourful and there's a lot of gold.

“These aren't Thai characters but Chinese characters.

” “This is a small Chinese templeso that these people can also go here.

” So, we can also have a look inside this small temple.

Again, we must left our shoes.

You can't go in there with shoes.

So, here I leave my shoes behind.

This may not be a urbex, but it's nice to see and of course I wanted to share this experience with you.

what we have seen here .



What is that? – simply .



– Is that a shop? – Yes, yes.

– You can just walk around here.

At first I thought it was a small temple, but it is a shop.

That is not very interesting.

” Honestly, this square was pretty cool to see.

” ” There were still some more large monuments.

” “a lot of action figures .



” ” Which were actually here for the children.



” ” It is intended to attract children.

” ” Thailand is therefore a very religious country.

” ” It has been put into the upbringing from childhood on.

” And this Pikachu stands for that special reason.

” “Here the children can donate to the temple.

I also said it a moment ago .



They want to bring the children from a very young age into the faith.

And to teach the kids to donate, they can donate this Pikachu.

I think they put it in here.

The children can donate the Pikachu here, and that's money for the temples.

” Because it was getting late we went back to the hotel.

” ” To rest a little for the next adventure.

” “If you want to see that, you should look at Takiany next week.

” ” Then you'll see how we go to cat cafes.

” ” And maybe we even visit abandoned places.


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