DELHI TO BALI (Indonesia): Advantages of Malaysia Airlines? How I got Bali Visa?

Its the beginning of a new trip Its a 5 hours flight from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur This trip is going to be different from previous ones This is not a solo trip This is also not going to be a unplanned trip This is an organised trip This time I am going to Bali, Indonesia My flight is via Kuala Lumpur A layover of few hours in KL I have got the boarding pass and now I am going to do the immigration formalities its 10:30 pm Boarding has started My seat is in the last rows 36K is my seat number Thats my aircraft! This is going to be my first experience with Malaysia Airlines Lets see the difference between low-cost airlines and a flagship carrier like Malaysia airlines! As always, I am very excited for another trip I want to reach Indonesia as soon as possible When the flight steward welcomed me, I said Terima Kasih He felt happy You should know what is 'Terima kasih' when you are flying to Malaysia I have kept my strolley This is my seat.



window seat I have got these headphone blanket I am charging my mobile phone through this USB port Now we have been welcomed formally by Malaysia Airlines There are lots of movies You won't get bore during the flight This is where you have to insert these jack to use the headphones 2 seats on this side.

4 in the middle and 2 on the other side My first ever flight between Hyderabad to Delhi was in a similar widebody aircraft I was 4-5 years old We got those middle seats You can check the name of the aircraft from these safety cards Now we are ready to take off I am in the Galley This is basically the kitchen of the aircraft You can see vital information related to this flight on these screens We are going to land in KL at 6:56 am This is how the wide-body aircraft looks from here There are lot of differences between a low-cost and a full service airlines You can request them for a vegetarian meal, but do it well in advance The flight took off around 11 pm from Delhi Now after 1 hour we have been served the dinner This is a cake, salad and veg pasta its 7 am We have reached Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia This terminal is called Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA Last time I landed at the KLIA-2 Air Asia operates from KLIA-2 whereas, Malaysia Airlines operates from Terminal-1 its 4:30 am in India A difference of 2:30 hours The seats were very comfortable Leg space was more than enough Seats were reclining to a comfortable angle Blankets kept us warm Inside temperature was comfortable Vegetarian meal was good, but its better for Non-vegetarians So basically, this is the difference between a low-cost and a full service carrier Almost everyone has de-boarded Now its my turn Let me share another important thing Till now I have only heard announcements in English and the regional languages in low-cost carrier like Air Asia But here they were also announcing in Hindi Infact, we were welcomed in Hindi after landing in KL He is the gentleman who was announcing in Hindi He was previously working with Jet Airways So can I use my Jet Privilege miles with Malaysia Airlines ? NO, YOU CAN'T YOU CAN BOOK JET AIRWAYS SEATS THROUGH MALAYSIA AIRLINES AND VICE-VERSA THIS IS WHAT CODESHARE IS! Thanks a lot This is the wide-body aircraft I am again in Malaysia Just a few months back I was here I am feeling good to be here Although, this time I am just in transit I am not travelling in Malaysia This is a train track This train connects this building with the main building Its free to use for all the passengers Pintu! Do you remember my Malaysian travel series! A Gate is called Pintu in Malay The train is called Aerotrain From this building, you can get all the types of transport to reach Kuala Lumpur You can use the 'Ask me' or the Information desk for any query Feel free to ask them whenever you need its 7:30 am My next flight is scheduled at 9 am I am going to use the toilets I can see aircrafts of Malaysia airlines and Malindo I am going to refill my water bottle Lets start the day with 2-glass of water! Let me show you how to use these water dispensers Press this Now I have boarded the flight going to Denpasar (Bali) The leg space is less in comparison to the earlier aircraft Rest all the features are same This is what the best thing for me! Now, I am going to charge my camera and gimbal Now I am in Bali its 12:30 pm We started our trip from Delhi at 11 pm Delhi to KL = 5 hours Layover in KL = 2 hours KL to Bali = 3 hours As I said, this trip is going to be very different So you will see how to spend 3-4 days in Bali What are the Must-Do activities and Must-visit places! I am going to tell you in this trip Do you mind if you appear on YouTube? because we are going to stay togeather for the next 3-4 days These two friends are from Mumbai He is Mr Sachin He is Mr Rajendra I am sure like my earlier Solo trips, you will enjoy this group trip also The airport looks so deserted It was so crowded in Delhi's T3 This is Bali international airport There are lot of specialities of Indonesia for we Indians The visa is available for free on arrival You don't have to pay like you do in Thailand After completing all the formalities (immigration and customs) now I am going out of the airport There is the money changer ATMs This is quite crowded also quite hot and humid This airport building looks different from others.

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