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I am John Crestani and I am a onlinecourse junkie.

And I've also made millions of dollars on the Internet.

Andin this video, I'm going to go over what the best online marketing courses are thatare free, the cheaper options and the higher-end options.

And I'm going to showyou on my computer here where you can find those courses so you can get to it, start your internet business and become a millionaire as well.

Let's get it.

Okay, so the best online marketing courses.

I don't know if you've seen this in yourFacebook feed but there are everybody selling a freaking online course.

Everybody wants you to pay tons of money and watch a long webinar.

Read long salespage.

And they say they have the best thing since sliced bread and they wantto sell marketing courses, right? Well, I've gone through hundreds of marketingcourses at this point.

I actually you know? I'm a big believer in education andin going through trainings because I myself didn't know anything about thisindustry at one time.

–Internet marketing.

And they don't teach this in school asthe fact and the reality.

So, in this video, I'm going to kind of go over what mycriteria are for selecting marketing courses that I go through.

I'm constantlygoing through marketing courses.

And I'm going to give you options that are free, that are cheap and what I believe are the most effective options that you cango for.

So, first off, I want to start with my criteria.

Now, I have 3 criteriafor judging marketing courses.

The first one is cost.

Can you afford it, okay? Is itin your budget? Don't buy courses that are not in yourbudget.

The second is the teacher.

Do you resonate with the teacher? Do they havewhat you want, okay? If the teacher doesn't have what you want, it's probablynot a good choice, okay? If your goal is to be driving a Bentley or a fancy carand your instructor is driving a Toyota Camry, that's probablynot a good sign.

You probably want to find a different teacher.

And the thirdthing is what are the reviews of the course that you're going over, okay? Whatare people saying about it? What are other students saying about the trainingcourse that you're looking to go through? If there aren't good reviews, then it'sprobably not a good fit, okay? So, those are the three criteria I'm using tojudge what is going on this list.

So, let's start off with free courses.

So, there's some really good free course options here.

Come over to here to mycomputer.

Now, the first training course option is free and it's from Google.

It'sGoogle Academy for ads.

If you want to learn how to advertise on Google orYouTube, Google has a free training course teaching you how to learn aboutadvertising on Google.

Fast and easy training from Google so you can getreally good information.

You just click “Start now”.

And they have everything thatyou need.

So I'm here in Google Academy for ads.

And I'm actually going to go to alttopics right here.

And I'm going to click this little button.

And I'm going to searchall activities, okay? Topics, all activities.

Now, underneath that link, it's kind ofhidden it.

They don't make it very easy to find it which is surprising becauseit's Google.

But you see all these different certifications.

They haveGoogle Ads display certification.

They have Google Ads fundamentals.

They haveGoogle ads mobile certification, search certification.

Let's check out the videocertification.

And you can go through that.

Let's click here.

And you'll seethey have certification requirements, Google Ads fundamentals and Google Adsvideos.

So, let's go through the video course.

Okay, now here are all the topics.

We have a lot of topics to learn the basics of Google Ads.

Choose wherecustomers see your ads.

The value of advertising, launching your first videocampaign, make effective creative, understanding your audience, remarketing, building a video campaign, etc.

Avoiding airs.

There's a lot of topics here.

Andit's an 8-hour course.

Very, very, very powerful.

I went through whatever freematerial I could get when I got started.

And if you're looking to become goodat advertising, there's no reason you shouldn't go through these courses ifyou have the free time to do so.

And you really want to master the skill.

Now, there are more effective options and I'll explain why.

So, the upside of thisis that it's free.

In regards to my criteria though, unfortunately thecriteria of the instructor, the teacher, does the teacher have what you want? Andthe teacher in this case it's a Google employee, okay? So, if you want to be agood employee, you know, working for an ad agency or working for a tech company, these are great courses to go through.

But again, that's why they're free.

Youknow, it's an employee doing the course.

Not necessarily somebody who has what Iwould consider what I want to have.

But the reviews are very good.

So, the priceis great, the reviews are great.

In my case, I want to be a billionaire and thatpeople teaching this course are not necessarily billionaires.

So, just kind ofa side note on that.

Now, the second course I'm going to go over is actuallyFacebook.

Facebook has a free course.

Let's check it out.

So, if you google theterm Facebook Blueprint you'll see that they have their own free advertisingcourse on Facebook.

Take learning into your own hands.

Find a selection of E-learning courses about Facebook marketing organized bycategory or role.

And you would just click start courses right here.

And now, we're brought to a lot of training right here.

As you see, there's tons of trainingvideos.

You know, add policies for content and creative and targeting.

Promote yourbusiness from your Facebook page.

You have ad auction and deliveryoverview.

Creating Facebook Ads.

Editing or managing Facebook Ads.

Reach andfrequency buying on Facebook.

I don't even know a lot of this stuff, okay?There's a lot of material on Facebook ads.

I only do a select few thingsbecause there's so much stuff to learn about all of these different platformsand software's and AD tools.

I don't even know anything.

And this is my business, right? But the fact of the matter is when you're running a business, you don't needto know everything but when you're just starting out and you have more time thanmoney, using their time to learn how to usea very strong powerful tool like Facebook Ads is very helpful.

So, here's agood section within Facebook Ads course which is increase online sales.

Look, bookmore business with travel ads.

Closing the deal with conversions.

Enhance yourdirect response campaigns.

How to drive actions online.

Also this, turn shoppersinto buyers with dynamic ads.

There's a lot of effective training available forfree from Facebook and Google.

Now, outside of Facebook and Google, you canalso find more free courses.

And I'm going to show you EDX in just a secondhere.


org is a free master compilation of courses from mainly IvyLeague Universities and top tier United States universities talking aboutdigital marketing.

If you're looking for like traditional kind of like top tierUS schooling, you can actually get all of the classes that you'd want in collegefor free on EDX.

Now, you spell that, it's just EDX right here.

You see that.

And youcan get anything you want really for free from this site.

So, let'szoom in and look at this.

You're getting Wharton.

I think it's the best businessschool in the world.

You can actually get a course on the fundamentals of digitalmarketing and social media for free.

From the best business school in the world.

You're getting it for free.

Their class right here.

Now, we also have marketinganalytics course.

So, let's click on this course.

Now as you see, this is self-paced.

So self-paced means you can take this course whenever you want.

And the onlytime you have to pay money is if you actually want a certificate saying thatyou went through the course from Wharton itself.

From the University ofPennsylvania.

So, I'm just going to click enroll now.

And I would have to enter insome of my personal information.

And I would get access to the courseimmediately.

So, there's actually more places you can get free marketingcourses.

And let me show you on my computer exactly how you defined these.

So, the key word you would actually want to search is free marketing MOOC, okay?MOOC stands for Massive Online Open source Courses.

And a colleges havestarted offering their classes for free just asa way to provide free education and kind of further the goals of the universe.

So, what we want to go to is right here, learn marketing, free online courses.

Okay?And we can go here.

And what we see is that there's a lot of different courseshere.

We see marketing in a digital world from the University of IllinoisUrbana, Champaign.

We see introduction to marketing from the Wharton School ofBusiness.

Perhaps the best business school.

I think it's the top BusinessSchool in the world right now.

We have digital analytics for marketingprofessionals from University of Illinois.

Copenhagen school.

Computerneuroscience and neuro-marketing that sounds kind of gnarly.

Digital brandingand engagement.

So, you have search engine optimization from the University ofcalifornia-davis.

You have an absolute plethora of freeonline courses available to you if you want to learn online marketing.


The amount of information that's available to you right now isunbelievable.

There's so much information at your fingertips.

If you have time, youcan learn anything you want simply by going through the resources that are onthe Internet.

Now, the next category of course I'm going to go over is ones thatare relatively cheap.

So, these are courses that are not by professors ornot by corporate employees.

These are courses that are done by actual peoplethat may be having some level of experience in their field.

Not to sayanything against professors or employees.

But that option is Udemy.

So udemy is aonline course site and almost all of their courses are available for about 10to 20 bucks.

And let's check that out right now.

So, we have a ton of courses on subjects such as design, development, business, IT, software, personal development and marketing.

So, let's check out marketingcourses right here.

So, we'll see we have of the complete online marketing course.

12 courses-in-1.

Over 46, 000 people have reviewed this course as 4 or 5 stars.

Sothat's pretty good.

The reviews are pretty solid on this.

And let's checkthis course out.

This looks like it's a best-seller.

And it's only $12 or $13.

So right here, one thing we'll note about udemy that'skind of not true is they say, one day left at this price at $12.


This iskind of false.

Sort of true.

They're going to change the price but they only keep theprice to $11, so it'll be $10 or it'll be $9.

They don't change the price up much.

They only change the price up by a buck or 2.

But almost all of their coursesare always about 10 bucks, 20 bucks.

Something in that range.

So, if thecourses aren't discounted, checking in the next day and they'll probably bediscounted.

But what we'll see here is we have great reviews.

And we have a lot ofsubject matter.

Let's see the courses they're covering.

So we see right here itcovers 37 hours of video that you can watch for this course.

So, you get a lotof material.

You'll see how to build a mailing list.

How to write copy thatsells.

How to build a WordPress website.

How to perform market research.

How todefine your audience.

How to increase your Twitter followers.

So, there's a lotof different individual courses in here that will teach you different aspects ofmarketing.

Now, let's look into the teachers to see who they are.

So, we couldclick on the teacher's names.

So, here are the teachers for these courses.

We seeRob Percival, web developer and teacher.

So, he's a web developer and he teacheson udemy.

We also have Daragh Walsh here.

He looks like he's an entrepreneur.

Hegot started on selling products on Fiverr and he is also an instructor onudemy.

So, it looks like he runs his own little business there.

Selling productson Fiverr.

And he's worked as a marketer with some top brands such as Amazonhurts and Callaway golf.

So, that's pretty interesting.

He's got some like industryknowledge, he's got some experience in the field and that's pretty cool.

Itlooks like udemy is also important to him.

Now, my thoughts on udemy areslightly mixed.

A lot of the courses are kind of not very engaging, they'retypically just slideshow presentations.

And oftentimes, I find that the teachersaren't necessarily the most successful people in the world.

I haven't foundudemy courses where I've learned a whole lot.

Especially in the marketing field.

Most marketers are able to more get their own brand effectively andsomehow get out to people other than just relying on you Demi's platforms.

So, I personally haven't really gotten a lot of info from udemy courses but thatbeing said, I'm a pretty advanced marketer at this point.

So, that's not tosay udemy is a great option for you to check out.

Given that their coursesare very cheap and you might learn some things.

So that brings us to the thirdcategory of courses is what I call effective courses.

And when I'm lookingto learn a new skill, I'm looking for a teacher that is where I want to be, okay?I want to make that very clear.

I am looking to learn knowledge from peoplewho are where I want to be.

And I'm not talking secondhand knowledge.

I don'twant to learn from somebody who learned from Elon Musk.

I don't want to read ElonMusk's biography that was written by somebody else.

What I'm interested ishearing the information straight from Elon Musk himself.

What is Elon saying.

Because it's like a game of telephone.

If you are getting secondhand knowledgeabout becoming successful which is my personal goal, then you're not reallygetting the knowledge you need to become successful.

Does that make sense? Now, ifyou're looking to become a teacher on udemy or if you are looking to become aemployee for a corporate marketing company, then learning from those othersources that I mentioned —On Google, on Facebook on EDX or udemy, those are greatoptions.

But if you're looking to become a self-made entrepreneur like I am orlike I want it to be and now I am.

You want to learn knowledge from people whoare where you want to be.

I want to make that very clear.

Now, the most effectivecourse options if you are looking to work for yourself and be an entrepreneurwho is self-employed is finding other successful entrepreneurs who areself-employed.

Now, I'm not going to go crazy on you.

Obviously, I have my owntraining course.

I have a 6-week training course on affiliate marketing.

If you want more information on that, you can find that out in the description.

ButI'm going to go over a few other instructors that I have a great deal ofrespect for and I've learned things from.

So, thefirst such entrepreneur is Anthony Morrison.

This is a very successfulself-made marketer.

He's from Mississippi, he's from like podunk like middle ofnowhere Mississippi.

He lives in a swamp.

But he's created for himself a massivebusiness working completely on his own.

He came from nothing.

You know, his familywas totally broke and he was able to get to the point where him and his brothernow have a 50 acre property that they're turning into a 25, 000square-foot family compound.

They're calling M-land.

It's actually reallycrazy.

They showed me the blueprints and everything.

He owns like a dozendifferent like vacation real estate, investment properties.

This guy is asuper successful cat.

I've learned a lot from him.

He specifically teaches aboutemail marketing.

And he is a master at it.

I don't know anybody better at emailmarketing than Anthony Morrison.

So, if that's something you're looking to gointo or looking to become.

–Self-employed entrepreneur, he's a great person tolearn from.

The next person I want to introduce you to who's very successfuland also a YouTuber like me and also somebody I count as a personalacquaintance.

His name is Stefan James Pylarinos.

I can't pronounce hislast name.

So, Stefan site is called Project Life Mastery.

Because hededicated himself after going to Tony Robbins events.

Similar to my story.

Hededicated himself to making him the best version of him that he could possibly be.

Mastering all areas of his life.

From fitness to finances to relationships.

Andif you check him out, he has a great YouTube channel.

Highly suggest.

Yousubscribe to.

He shares a lot of free information on there.

You can justsubscribe his channel.

But in particular, he also is a very successful affiliatemarketer.

He makes a lot of money with affiliate marketing.

He does affiliatemarketing on his course.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

And then, also he hasthis course which is called online business mastery accelerator.

Which isvery powerful if you're looking to go in and start creating your own onlinebusiness.

He's a very successful person, his approach to life his mindset, hismentality is bar none like the greatest.

Very successful multi-millionaire, young30's dude.

Has a beautiful relationship and a very inspiring person to learnfrom.

One other person of note that I'm going to expose you to is a man by thename of Tim Burd.

He doesn't do online classes.

He actually holds in-persontraining on Facebook advertising.

And he goes over some very advanced Facebookadvertising tactics.

He's a multi-millionaire, affiliate marketer aswell.

And even though his courses aren't necessarily online, I figured I'd exposeyou to him because the training he goes over is very powerful.

I've learned a lotpersonally from him.

And it would be insincere of me to not let you know thisas well.

Now, Tim Burd's website here.

He's known asThe Godfather Of Facebook Ads.

He runs the Facebook ad buyers group.

Tim Burdhas been featured all over the media.

He does mastermind sessions around theworld teaching advanced Facebook ad strategies to advanced marketerstypically.

And it's very good environment.

Not many people do in-person traininganymore.

Tim Burd does.

And I think these are very powerful.

So, that's something tocheck out.

Now, let me know what was the most interesting thing you learned fromthis video in the comments below.

Let me know if one of the free courseswas the most helpful, udemy.

Learning how.

I'm not a big fan of udemy.

Or the effective teachers.

Anthony, Tim, myself, Stefan were the mosthelpful.

Let me know in the comments what you found the most useful.

Also likedthis video if you learned something.

If you want to get a free course onaffiliate marketing, you subscribe to my channel.

It'll appear on the home page.

And I also have a couple other free mini courses from some marketers that arevery successful that I respect.

You can find on my channel homepage.

Great seeingyou.

And looking forward to seeing you in the next video.


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