DIY Destinations (4K) – Thailand Budget Travel Show | Full Episode

S̄wạs̄dī I am going to Thailand all alone, with almost no money, with no film crew, no make up, or friends exception for the ones I met.

Just myself chilling out on the crystal clear beaches, snorkeling and befriending the monkeys, visiting beautiful temples, hiking up the sticky water fall, snacking on bugs, bargaining my way around, and seeing the magnificent sunset from high up.

Not to mention, taking in New Year celebration in Bangkok.

All done, safely, inexpensively and easily.

Anything I can do, you can do… DIY Destinations – Thailand and you are invited! We are so fortunate to live in a small world with so many cultures, so much beauty, and so much diversity, The world waits for no one It's up to each of us to discover its magnificent destinations I want to make travel accessible to all of us by showing how it can be done safely and inexpensively Thailand is one of the world’s most beautiful countries and known worldwide as the 'Land of Smiles’ for its tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins, and beautiful Buddhist temples.

Although, Thailand is traditionally a top tourist destinations, in recent years, this sectors suffered after the political turmoil that erupted in 2013 and 2015 Bangkok bombing.

I am here to show the Thailand is magnificent country that is safe, inexpensive, while filled with rich cultures, amazing natures and warm, friendly people, especially the lady boys… I started my journey in Southern Thailand in the lesser touristy Krabi Town.

It’s easily accessible by bus or plane from major Thai cities.

The best way to get from airport is an airport shuttle costing 90 baht or $2.

50 USD.

They’ll most likely drop you off the bus terminal where most free hostel shuttle are waiting to pick you up.

So, here I am in Thailand.



in a van and I have no idea where I am going.



because the accommodation that was offered to us for free was 40 kilometre away and there is no way I am going there with 70 pounds of video equipments having to risk of not able to do anything given our tight schedule so follow me on this journey! But thank goodness for the Thai hospitality, after arriving at Krabi Town I wonder into Your Hostel.

We also have clean rooms for you! You can see a clean bed The young, beautiful and the generous owner of the hotel offered me a complimentary private room.

and you can go to the City Market we have also local food where you can not get it anywhere else in Thailand Krabi Town is small, you’ll inexpensive food everywhere, perfect for my hungry belly especially when there is two night market, both short walking distance away.

Finally I made it to the market and one of the first thing is buy a fresh coconut and this is 25 Thai Baht, less than $1.

00 USD One of the reason why weight lost program doesn't work for me is I like eating I would absolutely eat everything here.

and in Krabi, apparently there is a list of things I need to eat so here it is.



and Mango Sticky Rice man.



that is a lot of food! I don't know how many thing I can stuff tonight but let's go check it out and see what we can find But it was late when I arrived and most street food stalls already closed.

so finally, I successfully found one of the items on the must eat list and this is the mango Fresh! with coconut! and also sticky rice and I think this looks so fabulously delicious for $2.

00 USD, there is no way I can compliant about this because the rice is really, really good! at same time, the mango.



Next morning I spare no time and ready to discover Krabi Town… But I am not going anywhere before another round of fresh fruits and inexpensive street food.

This time, freshly prepared noodles with fish balls.

and the best way to get around this small city is renting a scooter to get around and not to waste time I rent a scooter let's pretty cheap it's about $6.

00 Canadian Dollars or $4.

50 USD a day with that being said, I am going to fuel up and this is going to be my first scootering experience Fingers cross.



I am sure I'll survive! don’t worry, a dollar worth of gas will last you for entire day.

Our first stop is one of Thailand’s most famous and sacred temple located on the northeast of Krabi Town.

This is the Tiger Cave Temple it's considered the one of the most sacred Buddhist site in Thailand Not quite, this is just the base of the mountain that houses the temple… The temple has one stairwell, where 1237 steps leading to the summit so a good exercise is almost guaranteed but remember some of the stairs are more than a foot high.

The top of the stairs is 278 meters elevation, so make sure you bring water and know your physical limits.

And when you encounter one of cuties, leave them alone including feeding them.

The parent of these young primate can attack you if they feel you pose danger to them.

So, this is step number 1, 000 I just have 237 more steps to go Just before reaching the final steps, you’ll be rewarded with some free holly drinking water, so another reminder to bring your drinking bottle.

Don't forge to be respectful and dress appropriately The foundation of the temple dates back to 1975 when one of monks went to meditate in the cave.

During his meditation, he witnessed tigers roaming around the cave and subsequently it became known as Tiger Cave Temple.

The Tiger Cave Temple on the summit has a large statue of the Buddha and largest bell tower in Southern Thailand.

The temple is also well known for the tiger paw prints in the cave, one of the legends, say that an actual giant tiger used to live and roam the cave.

But regardless of these legends… you’ll get the best panorama view of Krabi Town.

Now, this is definitely worth climbing up all these steps for plus you got a great excuse to fuel up and eat more with that being said.



let's head back down and head to our second attraction Next we’ll head to the hill right above the city's downtown core to visit the Wat Kaew Korawaram, one of the largest temple in Krabi.

The distinctive feature of the temple is the monochrome furnish – outside a temple of absolutely white colour and from here it comes with a good view of the downtown Krabi.

You know, I actually grew up in a temple and.



being here take away a lot of the home sickness feeling The creation of temple begun with settlement of 200 buddhist families in 1887.

Initially it only consisted of a simple dwellings for monks known as the Pak Nam residence.

With increase in number of monks over time, it developed into this large temple complex complete with a cat fish pond.

I ended my day by visiting the dramatic backdrop and the landmark of the Krabi Town.

The two rocks behind me side by side is actually the symbol of this town.

The twin limestone mountains known as Khao Khanap Nam straddle the Krabi River.

Approximately 100 metres high, the mountains form one of the most distinctive famous landmarks in southern Thailand.

It’s visible from the Chao Fa Pier, the centre of the Krabi Town and if you have the budget, there is long tail boat that can take you to the two rocks where you can see its amazing caves.

But if you are on budget like me, I’ll settle for few photos in front of the giant crabs or meet some local fisherman at night to get some advice on how to get a big catch.

Actually, that might not be necessary, as there is lots of fresh seafood at the Chao Fah Night Market, the largest in Krabi and located right at the end of the promenade.

so, this is the second market here in Krabi and for now, I just picked up a spring roll as you can see they actually put it on a stick as well as a BBQ chicken but I really want to try is other local dishes because I am sure I can get these at home So what I end up ordering is a noodle soup with wonton right here.

Also some BBQ pork and cabbages This is 40 Thai Baht and water is 10 Thai Baht, all together is 50 so, let's say its about $1.

75 USD Let's see how it goes.



Surprisingly its pretty good! Can't compliant if it is under $2.

00 USD right? It’s also a chance to enjoy a great range of local dishes such as barbecued seafood and meat, curries, and more in a lively Thai market atmosphere.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, I actually owns my own Thai Ice-Cream Roll store back home, but this is the real authentic local ice-cream.

The Pier served as the main ferry port in Krabi Town until 2012 when it was replaced by a brand new pier closer to the Krabi River estuary.

This is where I heading to next morning for my boat to one of the most beautiful island on earth, the Koh Phi Phi.

The price of the ferry ticket are more or less the same and can be brought directly from your hostel, but make sure to shop around first.

It also includes a free pickup to the ferry terminal from any Krabi’s hostel.

Once you arrived in the ferry terminal, ignore all those pretending to be a ticket inspectors sitting behind the counters, they only want to sell you tours or accommodations at over inflated price on Koh Phi Phi, so just go directly to boarding area to exchange your receipt for ferry ticket.

After arriving on the TonSai Pier on the largest and the main island of Phi Phi Don, all tourist will be asked to give a 25 baht environment clean up fees, Phi Phi Island is really small and walking is the only way you can get around since there is no other forms of transportation.

So, finally I am here at the Koh Phi Phi Island.

I have to say I made so many mistakes before coming here.



Now, I know coming to Thailand, never book anything in advance because once you get off the ferry there are accommodations as cheap as 200 Thai Baht for dorm rooms Number 2, I didn't stock up on snacks and stuff because everything here is very expensive and lastly all I have to say is.



make sure you exchange your money in the mainland because over here the exchange rate is really bad.

With that being said Let's go on to our first attraction, which is the Viewpoint after I have my BBQ chicken and by the way, many restaurant offers free water which means you'll able to save little bit of your Thai Baht for activities I just love when my breath are taken away and this is definitely the spot for that I am pointing the camera to this direction because that is where the sun is but check this out! This land is owned by a private Muslim family, they charged about a dollar for entrance and no alcohols is allowed on the premise.

Oh, by the way, make sure bring your own bottled water or else you’ll end up paying three times more here.

Another advice.



make sure to shop around to get deals for buying anything, a full day tours includes transportation on a long tail boat, drinks and meals cost around $10 to $13.

So, right after visiting the point I came down here I was planing for what to do for tomorrow as you can see its busy all around I'll make this.



This guy is a nice guy, nice guy! Thank you! Thank you very much! So, for tomorrow I want to go to Maya Bay, and to do some snorkelling and all that touristy stuff.

and the irony is to shop around because one shop I was given 550 Thai Baht, another shop another 550, and not even half a block away, for the exact tour, it's 350, you do need to pay for the national park fees, which is understandable.




The irony is once again.



to shop around and don't take the first offer you won't regret that! One downside of coming to this beautiful Island paradise is everything cost money, and the only free entertainment here is the nightly fire show happening on the beaches.

The performers are not paid, rather they make their living with the tips they collect from the audience.

Even though I consider myself being very generous I will not support tipping them as I am against using children in these dangerous acts especially involving fire.

Next morning, I return to where I brought day tour ticket.

My group walk together to the pier to get ready to board the boat.

Here is another good advice I like to share.



I think one thing that is really important that I emphasis is that you bring some sunscreens and if you want to be in the shade, then make sure to be one of the first person to be on and once again.



go to toilet first because I can not find it anywhere on this piers and get change first too Our first destination is the Monkey Beach, despite being close to Tonsai Bay, its only accessible by long tail boat.

The only resident are Macaque monkeys and they are the main attraction.

Well, everyone knows that I am CPA accountant but.



I also have a degree in anthropology and when you come to the monkey beach, take my advice please don't feed the monkeys and there is a good reason for that As I mention earlier, they can be very aggressive if parent felt you are threat their young, and it's not worth the risk as their bite will require to take anti-rabies shot.

and one of the great reason why you should not feed them food or interact with them is fact that they become normalized with interacting with humans then at other times when people don't come with food they will become aggressive and they will leech and will get things off their hand so that pose a danger they literally have to destroy primates because they become aggressive so I urged you, listen to me on this one from a primatologist, don't feed them! Just a short ride away is the magical Bamboo Island or Koh Pai.

This island is part of the national marine park and is uninhabited.

The island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and a shallow coral reef which is recovering from the 2004 tsunami.

as spectacular as it is, its really hot! and I don't think I want to get off it also cost 400 Thai Baht if you want to land your feet on that beach with that being said I will stay here and take a nap Our guide told us that if we don't want to pay, we can still go on to the beach after 10 minutes it's just the fact that once the boat came in, there are people who are looking to see if we have paid the 400 entrance fees now, once everyone get off and after 15 minutes they are gone and you can go on the beach but as a responsible tourist and on official assignment I like to keep things honest so, I am not going to touch the actual beach but I'll enjoy it from here Our next part of the tour is the Mosquito Island, or Koh Yung is close to Bamboo Island and is the 6th and last island in the Phi Phi Island Group.

Due to it's name and location it does not get many visitors but this makes it an ideal option to visit if you want to see a good variety of marine life.

Since it only has one small beach, we recommend do not to go on it as it is full of mosquitos! However, on the northern side of the island there is a pinnacle suitable for scuba divers that is covered in soft corals.

Next, our long tail boat takes us to Phi Phi Ley is the second largest in Phi Phi group of islands.

Due to its status as a part of the National Marine Park, there are no resorts or accommodation allowed on here.

As you head along the east coast of Phi Phi Ley you will notice a number of cave like dwellings one of which is the famous Viking Caves.

It is named after the cave drawings found on the walls that resemble four tall ships.

The paintings are thought to be over 1000 years old and contrary to the name the Vikings never reached the Phi Phi Islands.

These caves are inhabited by the Bird's Nest collectors which are collected as the main ingredient for the Asian delicacy known as Bird's Nest Soup.

The birds in the cave produce a nest from their saliva and before they are able to breed the first of two nests is removed and can then fetch a value of up to $2500 per kilogram Since that is out of our budget, I’ll settle for another round of snorkelling Pileh Lagoon or Pileh Bay is a spectacular bowl-shaped bay on the east side of Phi Phi Ley Island.

The lagoon is only accessible during a mid tide to high tide since the shallow entrance is inaccessible during low tides.

Once inside the bay, you be surrounded by the beautiful tall limestone cliffs.

Last places we visit is the Maya Bay or Maya Beach, is a very large bay located on the west coasts.

Its famous for being used as the set for the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo Di Caprio Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Maya Bay! I really think this is one of the most over rated beaches here in Thailand it's also most expensive but it's up for you to decided whether to come here and spend the 400 Thai Baht Remember 400 Thai Baht, you can get a lot of tasty food We returned to TonSai Pier for the night, but once again not before enjoying a beautiful sunset.

After a quick shower, its dinner time… like everything else, food is lot more expensive here.

In Thailand average meals cost 30 baht or $0.

85 USD on Koh Phi Phi, its double the price, 60 baht or $1.

70 USD.

There is one thing about Koh Phi Phi that there is no way around paying the tourist price everything is just lot more expensive First of all this is a island and everything has to be shipped in number 2, they know you don't have much of a option unless if you want to starving until you get back to the mainland So.



the price can still be okay this is roughly 60 baht which is 20 baht lot more than if you where to eat in the mainland, 50% more However, one perk of doing a travel show is everyone wants to feed me for free… Before heading to bed, I went for a short walk after dinner to take in the sight and the sounds of this Island.

However, right after I put my pajamas on… half of the island went dark.

This is a really interesting experience because half of the island has just gone dark I hope the power get back on because without air conditioning, I will die! Next morning, I ferried back to the Krabi, but I couldn’t stop wishing there is another ways to get back.

I was disappointed to see a very young boy unload very heavy ferry luggage for Western Tourists.

Responsible tourism means we must not encourage child exploitation.

In my view, they should be in school and getting a proper education for a brighter future.

I took the free terminal shuttle towards Ao Nang.

Ao Nang is a small resort town in Krabi, the town consists a main street called the Walking Street, which is dominated by restaurants, pubs, and shops cater to tourist.

Since I didn’t have any accommodation booked in Ao Nang, I asked one of the fellow passengers on shuttle Nikki, if she wanted to share a room with me.

She happens to be a television broadcast student from New Zealand.

That is how we paired up for next few days.




we may offend people, let's casually walk on Nikki and I rented a scooter and head off to one of the only attraction in town, the Ao Nang Beach.

This beach is used by sunbathers but there are a large number of long tail boats which offer access to other beaches on the mainland and on nearby islands.

Time to sample Ao Nang is only 19 km from Krabi Town so we decided once again scooter back to the center of the food action at the Krabi Town Night Market near the pier and one advantage of arriving late is you got the more bargaining power I want some chicken skewers, found some! brilliant! They were 15 Thai Baht each but its almost end of the night I said 2 for 20 Thai Baht She told me up on the offer it's pretty much cold but it still taste really good! So here it goes! Is really good? 10 for this? Is it acceptable? I think so, I may get sick Fuck it, I am just going to eat it How was it? I am going to get sick! Can you say that again? What did you say? I am going to get sick! You are going to get sick, why? It's cold! No, its not.



its Pig Feet! Hell no! no! Just no! We tried to be little adventurist with our food selection, but failed miserably.

I am so sorry.



how is this one? We also tried to make some new, young friends, but also failed… I promise you its not poison, I'll get one No! Why not? Are you allow to work? How old are you? Do you have a worker's permit? But we do manage to find lots of underage kids working for $0.

25 an hour… So, you just put it in a little dish like so? and that is your sausage So, here we have the sausage process and Nikki also got a taste of street sausage… it's really good sausage! before you indulge anymore tasty food with that cold glass of water Nikki got some useful advice for you.

Unlike Malaysia and Singapore in Thailand, you can't drink the water so you go to the trusty 7 Eleven and you get yourself some bottled water it should cost you about 10 Thai Baht you also need to be careful when you are getting ice with your drinks sometimes they just have blocks of ice its from the tap water and they chop it up and give it to you in they our drink this could make you sick so make sure you get the water with the hole in the middle that way you know you are getting the proper mineral ice One of most popular attractions for the locals is the Emerald Pool this is our next target.

It’s about only 70 km away from Ao Nang in the Klong Thom district.

Our usual preferable form of transportation is once again, the scooter, it’s a nice one and half hour ride through some of the most beautiful scenery in Thailand.

So, this the egg kebab.



it's kind of unusual but I suppose you wanted some protein kick over here scrap the protein shake and get yourself a egg kebab Although there is lots of food and drink stall near the entrance of the Emerald Pool, we got some little advice for you.

if you are not going to eat your food in the hurry don't buy food for walk in because you can't take your food into the pool The cost of admission is 200 THB, but we didn’t see the ticket counter and just walked straight in without paying.

Be sure to bring your bathing suits so you can enjoy many of the natural pools with fresh water from aquifers, and also be sure to come before 2:00 pm as this attraction can packed with local children after school This is a good time to introduce my partner in crime, in her own words, through this part of my journey in Thailand.

Hi, I am Nikki! I am film, television, media studies student at the University of Auckland and I am very privileged to showcase my talent and give the little lovely Charles a break Thank you, so I can take a busy from now on go have a swim I think that is a great idea! After a 20 minutes walk from the entrance, you’ll see the main attraction consist of a huge pool with green and blue crystal clear fresh water looking like emerald.

This pool covered a hundred square meters area which you can see clear trough the bottom.

Emerald pool originates from a warm stream in the middle of surrounding forest.

But there is a reason why you won’t jump in.



So, here I am at the Sa Morakot Spring Pool it's a aqua blue pool when you clap your hands the spring pop up faster you are not allowed to swim here because there is quicksands you don't want to sinking in that advice what the sign say and don't go to swimming unless you want to get sucked in There is also a hot spring nearby, but given our other filming commitment, we had to head back to Ao Nang But not before Nikki share some good scooter advice for all you beginners.

after being to Thailand three times I found one of the most enjoyable and most economical way of getting around is by hiring a scooter hiring a scooter, there are few rules you should abide by Number One When you are hiring a scooter, you should always check the indicators, the breaks, the petro gauge and everything is working you also need to make sure it has a current registration if you don't have one, the police will give you a ticket don't try to be a cool kid wear a helmet, it saves lives it also will save you about 500 baht, which is about $20 or $30 USD which you don't want to spend another important rules when you are scootering is wear some sunglasses as you can see its very sunny here also there will lots of rocks, sands and dust it might get into your eyes, so wear a sunglasses you need to be very careful keep your wipes about yourselves and be selfish don't hesitate and just go for it if you are hesitate, you'll hurt yourself Last, but not least keep your eyes on the road, there is a lot of uneven surfaces there is many rocks and the dips in the road just keep your eyes when you are driving other than that have great time scootering Nikki was exhausted and head to bed early, so I decided to go for some souvenir hunting, and off course inexpensive food at the Ao Nang’s night market located at Sea Food Street.

There is a lot of Halal options given the market is close to Muslim neighbourhood.

The street is named after the large varieties of seafood that can found here.

You can also find lots of noodles, rice dishes, BBQ, and lots of sweet desserts, such as the original Ao Nang pancake.

So, I don't know if this is original Ao Nang food but at least I want to give it a shot because I am a big fan of sweets what it is basically inside there bananas, it's a pancake with banana in the middle and also some chocolate toppings also some coconut milk on top with that being said, let's give it a shot I really like they use the real fruit But don’t forget, you can also get everything here, from clothing, local handcrafted souvenirs, cellphone case and lady boys, just joking… Next morning, I returned to the airport with a mini shuttle that picked me up directly in front of my hostel.

You can buy these ticket from any travel agencies or right from your hostel at least one day in advance but please, do not lose your receipt what happen was.



the driver shows up and I couldn't find my receipt obviously he knew I paid or else they won't have call him to pick me up at specific location but he is playing stupid and I have to pay all over again, 150 baht because I don't want to keep everyone waiting on the shuttle Less than two hours later, I found myself in Chiang Mai the hub of the Northern Thailand with a population about 170, 000.

It’s surrounded by mountains and lush countryside, it is much greener, cleaner and quieter than other Thai cities and many referred to it as “Rose Garden of the North”.

Chiang Mai Airport is located a short distance from the city center and tuk-tuks motorbikes are readily available to provide taxi services outside the terminal building but make sure you bargain.

But lucky me, my host and Chiang Mai segment sponsor Harry aka, The Flying Dutchman from the Dutch Guesthouse wanted to offer me a ride.

Chiang Mai is has one of the largest population of foreigners and popular with expats.

Especially with the retirees as low cost of living means their western pension goes a longer way One of them includes Harry who found a Thai wife and setup a guesthouse in the city center.

Chiang Mai is also considered Thailand’s cultural capital and home to no less than 300 Buddhist temples.

Getting around Chiang Mai is same as everywhere else in Thailand, renting a scooter.

But here is a warning… So, this is what happened on a really slippy road up the mountain please be very careful and slow down and I got it here, and here, trust me.



you know.



I am very lucky today because I didn't get killed one things is that people here are wonderful when I went into the office and show them my wounds they immediately asked me to sit down and pour spring water over it, washed it and put iodine over it My first stop is obvious a temple, the famous Doi Suthep Wat Phra Temple located on the top of the mountain.

after my near death experience on a scooter I finally made it here, and by the way that is the near death experience and.



this is actually a very scarce Buddhist temple to the people of Chiang Mai the name originated from the mountain here it sits on The temple is said to have been founded in 1383 with the road to the temple was first built in 1935.

Once inside the scared site, visitors must be appropriately dressed and remove any footwear.

According to legend, one of the monk had a dream.

In this vision he was told to go to Pang Cha and look for a relic.

He ventured to Pang Cha and found a bone.

Many claim it was Buddha's shoulder bone.

The relic displayed magical powers: it glowed it was able to vanish, and can also move The magical relic then multiplied itself just before it was enshrined at Wat Suan Dok Temple in Chiang Mai.

A suitable place therefore had to be found to shelter the new relic.

Unable to decide on the site, the king placed the relic in a portal shrine on the back of a white elephant and waited to see where the animal would take it.

Eventually, the elephant walked up to the top of Doi Suthep mountain, trumpeted three times, turned around three times, knelt down, and died.

The temple was immediately built on the miraculously-chosen site.

Here is where you’ll be to see a traditional practice called lottery poetry originated from China it’s a form of fortune telling in which a person request answers from a sacred oracle sticks.

so behind me is a very interesting thing which people do here when they want to get a divine question answered they will shake a list of bamboo sticks and on the bamboo sticks there will a number and once the bamboo sticks comes out you'll get a piece of paper with the divine answers Apart from being sacred another draws of this temple is the breathtaking view overlooking the city.

On the way down, don’t forget to take a break by enjoy various viewpoints You’ll also pass by Wat Pha Lat Temple, a small, statue-rich Buddhist temple & monastery hidden in a woodland and can be reached via a hiking trail Not far away is the Doi Suthep National Park the name of the park and the mountain was inspired by a hermit who once lived in the local forest.

In 1973, the Royal Forest Department proposed that this and 13 other forests be designated national parks.

It became the 24th national park of Thailand in 1981.

It’s also home to a small waterfall.

And yes.



please do bring your drinking bottle for some complimentary spring water fill up.

Next, I venture into the historic centre of Chiang Mai to visit the Wat Chediluang Varaviharn Temple constructed during the 14th century.

The King during that period had planned to bury the ashes of his father there.

After 10 years of building, it was left unfinished, later to be continued after the death of the king by his widow.

So, here is another temple, and what's interesting about this one is it is located right in the middle of the city and few blocks away there is a gigantic shopping mall there is so many great and magnificent temple across Thailand and its going to take you forever to visit every single one of them so what I recommend is to pick top three that interest you, here in particular, in Chiang Mai What I recommend is one that is on the top of the hill which I have already shown you and this one, which is in the middle of the city and there is another which is in the middle of the city as well then move on to something else, because there is so much more to do other than visiting temples The last temple we’ll visit in Chiang Mai is the Wat Phra Singh Temple.

I visited this temple because it is only ten short walking minutes away and it houses an important Buddha statue which gives the temple its name.

The origins of this statue are unknown But! according to legend, it was based on the lion of Shakya a statue since lost which used to be housed in the Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya in India.

Given the fact that I actually grew up in a Buddhist temple myself I think I know a thing two about etiquette when you come and visit one of those holy sites.

Number One Just remember, this is a religious establishment So, dress appropriately Number Two You leave your shoes outside when you come into the praying area and lastly.



Just remember, this is a place where people pray So, if there is anyone there that is worshipping, be very quite and don't disturb them Another benefit of visiting this temple is it’s home to a night market where you can support local people by buy their delicious, homemade, authentic Thai food.

as you know I grew up in a temple I really missed the food back home now, the only different is the food we serve in our temple is actually all vegetarian so we don't eat meat but every culture is very different and we have to respect that over here for 10 baht, you get a nice pancake served in a lotus leaf looks really nice and delicious for 40 baht, you basically get.



this is definitely eggs I think its pork or it looks like what I use to cook with which is soy gluten but any how, it looks really nice.



and definitely come here and try out and support the local economy by buying here Even though I was tired and exhausted I knew I only have three days in Chiang Mai… so I asked Harry to take on a tour of the largest and most important night market in Thailand.

now we are visiting the Night Bazaar Market very close to my guest house and famous all over Thailand But before you come here, you need to learn one essential phrase.

“loht dai eek bpa khrap” means give me some discount please! Okay, I have to try it can you say that one more time? “loht dai eek bpa khrap” “loht dai eek bpa khrap” One word at a time please.



But you should also learn this too… whatever you want to ask and you want to make it polite in the end you say 'Krap' or 'Ka' if you are a women “krap” if you are a men The ATM fees can cost up to $8.

00 USD… so here is Harry advice on the smart ways to get local currency in Chiang Mai I don't know if the banks gives you the best exchange rate.

No, no.



you go to Mr.

Rich Mr.

Rich? Mr.

Rich! What is that? that is the largest money exchange is Chiang Mai You’ll find everything from clothing to the custom artwork to free boxing show or should I say faked matches to local pubs featuring foreign retirees rockstars and off course, Thailand’s famous lady boys.

Here is also where I got the idea to bring the concept of the Thai style ice-cream rolls back home to Canada and today I am proud owner of Evalion Ice-Cream with our first store opened in the Pacific Mall near Toronto.

Harry told me I definitely deserves some love after month and month of filming with little sleep, and no hookups.

So, he brought to Chiang Mai’s Redlight District it literally red everywhere.

I definitely feel I got some potential to find love….

At least for one night.



as long as I have more than $20 USD in my wallet But if you don’t need that, don’t worry there is family friendlier Tha Phae Gate its located right near the Night Market.

The Gate dates back to the beginning of the twelfth century King at the time founded the city of Chiang Mai in the year 1296 The gate was originally known as Chiang Ruak Gate named after a nearby village of that name.

“Tha Phae” literally means “Raft Landing” This is also the location of the walking street and becomes the Sunday Market for traditional Thai arts and crafts on every Sunday from 4pm up to midnight.

It also serves as the main site used to host celebrations, such as New Year countdown, including local dances and other performances Thai food, and off course shopping.

Before heading out next morning I took up Harry’s offer try some Dutch food in his Guesthouse and so.



and so my breakfast for the day is their Dutch specialty this is one of the Dutch specialties called The Bouncer I never thought I'll be eating Dutch food here in Thailand so this is my breakfast Chiang Mai is surrounded by beautiful mountains with breathtaking views gardens full of exotic flowers, and waterfalls… lots and lots of waterfalls.

Maybe not so impressive but definitely very interesting, Bua Tong Sticky Waterfalls.

This is a off the beaten path attractions only one and half hour away from Chiang Mai and rarely visited by foreigners.

Two Levels, 80 meters and 150 so, I am going down to 150 and then I am going to come back up Well, we are already here, we might as check out both The best of all, the attraction is free however there is a small donation box near the entrance But do not bring food since the fine is 1, 500 baht equivalent to $50US if you are caught with food and drinks as they are trying to prevent litter this is called the sticky waterfall is because that is made out of limestone if you put your feet on it, it doesn't slip you can actually climb up to the top, top and top so, I guess I will take that challenge okay, maybe not all the way to the top half way, how is that? Compromise right? You’ll encounter many food stalls along the way back regardless which route you take but this definitely caught my eyes I know that is grasshopper Oh okay! okay, so you eat the eggs I have being offered this and I am going to eat it like a man It's actually not bad! that's really good! that's amazing.



well I am from Canada So, I don't know what is this but! So the first time wasn't bad this one actually.



if they can eat it, I can eat it good seasoning good seasoning thank you very much! Thank you! Thailand is hot, so don’t be shy to take breaks from the heat in my case I drop by the air conditioned CentralFestival Mall.

It’s the main luxury shopping center in Chiang Mai with the fastest free Internet in the city now obviously I didn't come to Thailand to embrace Western ways of consumerism but I just couldn't resist coming here to see what kind of things that Thai people are buying and how they can afford the luxury goods at the same time in the mall the internet is 30 MB down and 30 MB so its a great time for me to upload few large clips on YouTube How much airport? 100 Baht! Next morning, I returned my scooter.

Harry help me hassle the price of my ride back to the airport on a Tuk Tuk, so another reminder to always bargain in Thailand this is my way of getting back to the airport in Chiang Mai the reason I chosen this because it only cost 100 Baht one of the more cheaper ways if you are doing taxi, its like 250 or at night time, its like 500 the other way is.



is to take the public shared taxis however they stop everywhere and it could take a hour or hour and half to get there as opposite to 20 minutes now I think the 100 baht or $2.

50 USD sounds just right to me There is frequent buses and train service between Chiang Mai and Bangkok almost every hour the rides average about 10 hours for buses and 13 hours for trains Given my busy filming schedule I decided to once again to take the one and half hour flight into Bangkok for around $50 USD Bangkok is Thailand’s capital a sprawling metropolis known for its ancient shrines coupled with vibrant street life.

It’s also home to the Grand Palace and its sacred Emerald Buddha temple Located just under 14 degrees north of the Equator Bangkok, home to a population of 8.

2 million and voted as one of the most traveller-friendly cities in Asia The city is surprisingly safe and full of hidden gems waiting to be discovered If you are flying on a discount budget airlines most likely you’ll be landing Don Muang Airport or the Old Bangkok International Airport Located 30 km from Bangkok it’s one of the oldest commercial airports and the largest low cost carrier airport in the world now, I am at the DMK airport and I am trying to get down to Khao San and there is many ways to get there mostly if you needed to get down to Bangkok, you just needed to take the A1 Bus here and everyone is waiting for them for the bus to show up but there is other easier ways to get there, and that is bus 59 it's right across but I don't know where the bus stop is, so the best option is to take this and transfer We’ll be heading to Khao San Road, and the flat fare for A1 bus is 30 bht or $0.


The bus is drop us off at Chatuchak and then we’ll continue on bus No.

524 or No.

3 The name “Khaosan” translates as “milled rice”, a reminder that this short 410 meter long street was a former major rice market in central Bangkok Today, its famous around the world as backpacker ghetto as it is surrounded with inexpensive accommodation, pubs, shops and street food shall tailored to young foreigners like us I want to show you some of the things I really like about this particular hostel This is also where my host Nappark Hostel is located its incredibly comfortable with clean beds, cozy atmosphere, and reasonably priced It was late when I arrived, so decided to visit the Democracy Monument, just few minutes away from Khao San Road.

The monument was commissioned in 1939 to commemorate the 1932 coup which led to the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in what was then the Kingdom of Siam and for the first time Thai people were given the freedom and democracy As my local currency, the Thai Bhat and USD is both running low.

Despite the $8.

00 withdrawal fee I had no choice but pay a visit to ATM machine but something happened.



So I guess this is a very priceless moment I wanted to do a segment on how to avoid the ATM fees but my card got stuck inside there and these guys are not coming out to help me you know one thing that is a such nuisance is the 200 baht for a ATM withdrawal Now there is one bank that is not as evil as other ones oh boy, my goodness.



is the Citibank and I don't think they like me at all as they just shut off the light but.



there is rumor on the internet that said they don't charge the 200 baht you may still charge back home the opportunity to save 200 baht is something I can't turn down so we are going to test it out to see if that is true and if I can save that 200 baht oh my goodness, its not as the other banks, but this one has 180 baht service charge I can't do that right now, oh my gosh! But that’s not going to stop me after visited Mr.

Rich in Bangkok for money exchange I caught a ride on the Bus No.

79 for 10 baht to Talin Chan Floating Market The market has everything you need to spend a good half day without having to book a tour and you’ll get a genuine local experience.

This is the Talin Chan Floating Market, one of the two floating market here in Bangkok the other one is lot further away but this one is only 30 minutes ride on bus 79 from Bangkok to here they prepare food on the boat and serve it to you and you can sit there and enjoy your food They also got these guys, big ones… but no thank you, but I’ll try some of the other local desserts After a short nap, I met a young friend from Indonesia in the hostel He really wanted a date so I told his best chance is to join me as I am heading off the off the beaten path the Flower's Market Despite being world famous it received few tourists so less competition for the lovely Thai ladies.

Okay, so you got really nice flowers here very, very pretty I know you are authorized dealer for flowers But are you authorized to dealer for beer as well? No? This is also a great opportunity to support the locals as many urban poor are here to make a living by stringing and selling flower garlands with sacks of jasmine and marigold blossoms So, I am going to give this flower maybe I can get some date tonight so, let's ask some girl to see if there is any cute girls around Hello! Do you know any cute girl around here? I can not speak English You can not speak English? But would you like a flower? It's for you! Alright.



See you! Okay, I guess that didn’t work out… but I am glad we didn’t get into any trouble.



yet! but if you are curious there is a small, free Corrections Museum nearby My new friend told me had strict Muslim up bring and he wanted to experience something new including curiosity about sex and eating pork So, I was determine to end our day in Chinatown and treat him to something with pork and get him some pirated porn DVDs The Yaowarat Road in the in Samphanthawong district is home to Bangkok's Chinatown.

It has a population of 27, 000 with majority being ethically Chinese.

There are businesses and shops selling gold, garments, textiles, antiques, and local delicacies.

but But what I really want to find is freshly squeezed orange juice as I am thirsty and the medicine for my new friend, pirated porn DVDs Located right in the Chinatown is the largest and the most important Chinese Temple in Thailand It hosts celebrations to a number of year-round events such as the Chinese New Year Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and the annual Chinese vegetarian festival The history of the temple dates back 1871 and built in a classic Chinese architectural style with shrines dedicated to a variety of Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian deities and religious figures all important in local Chinese beliefs, including decorations of Chinese dragons throughout the temple But our visit to the Chinatown is not over until… mmm.



now, one thing I am proud today is.



my friend who is holding the camera never got to try pork in his life for 20 years of his life I am proud to get him to try it and he loved it! absolutely loved it it's important part of Chinese culture as well as part of Thai culture with that being said, we got a pork dinner coming up I'll just show you his reactions I never eaten pork before so let's try this what the hell nice and sweet, its BBQ yeah do you like it? yes! do you like it? continue.



this is really nice well, we'll have round two of the roasted pork alright here is another one this is BBQ pork this is my second time third time of trying the roasted pork this one is much better which one? this one is better? After fueling up, I wasn’t going to stay in… I wander the street to take in little bit more of the sight and sound of Bangkok and off course… the power outage, haha I like to reminder everyone to be respect of Thailand’s constitution monarchy The King He is beloved by the people of Thailand and his portrait can be found everywhere throughout the Kingdom.

Its illegal to defame, insult or threaten the king, queen, or their royal family Bangkok has hand down the best, large verities of inexpensive street food It can be found literally everywhere so my breakfast today is BBQ Duck with Rice and Soup for only 40 Baht or about a dollar Today is going to a cultural day for me and my new friend our first stop is Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit Temple.

One of the 10 royal temples of the highest class in Bangkok with a rich history so, this is one of the off the beaten path attractions in this temple, there is actually meditation we are going to be really quite because we don't want to disturb their meditation Bangkok is such a big city it's so bustling and this is located right in the centre of Bangkok and its a great place for you to come and escape and be in tune with yourself Its strategically situated between the Grand Palace and Front Palace served as the residence of the vice-King.

As a result.



the temple was used for royal ceremonies and funerals A few minutes walk away is the famous Wat Pho Temple more famously known as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha which measured 46 meters long The temple was also the earliest centre for public education in Thailand and houses a school of Thai medicine Its also being credited as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage which is still taught and practiced at the temple Wat Pho Temple is also one of the oldest temples in Bangkok It existed even before Bangkok was established as the capital by the King Rama I The name refers the monastery of the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, India where Buddha is believed to have obtained enlightenment this is also where you can get your palm read it only cost 600 Baht or $20 USD but at the same time, you can watch this show and I can show you how to read palm free of charge It is also one of the rare temples that charges for a admission fee However, we found out you do get something in return… So, for 100 Thai Baht, the admission fee at Wat Pho Temple you'll get a free mineral water which is also holy water I think supported by Chiang which is also the biggest beer brewery in Thailand so don't forget to support the Chiang's guy by buying their holy beer That's Chiang's right there this too We also pass by the Grand Palace it was the former official residence of the Kings of Siam and later Thailand Given the admission fee is 500 baht therefore its out of our budget however fees also includes admission to the Royal Thai Decorations & Coins Pavilion and Queen Sirikit Museum of Textile However, we did visited the City Pillar Shrine right across It was erected in 1782 when King Rama I moved his capital from Thonburi to Bangkok It was believed that people would achieve prosperity and fulfillment in their work and career avoid misfortune, and improve their luck power, and prestige if they took a bow and paid their respects to this sacred place I thought about taking taxi from the Khao San to Siam the upscale shopping district of Bangkok This is also the site of the New Year celebration But after seeing how my life can be cut short with explosive fuels I decided to take the Bus Number 15 instead So, I am waiting for a bus that will take me to the Central World which is where Thai people celebrate.



actually I think that is my bus right there is it 15? it's 15, that is my bus it's such a great timing and we caught this bus just in time but.



as you can see there is some delay the traffic here in Bangkok is not the greatest I'll show you what's happening one of the thing I can say is one of the best things you can do if the traffic doesn't clear up the option is get off the bus and just walk across to the Central World it's actually not far away, about 25 minutes walk and you can get a nice local street experience you'll walk by lots of places where most tourist don't get to see with that being said, we are moving let's keep our fingers cross that this will be a fast ride One of the largest mall is the MBK Center eight stories high it’s home to around 2, 000 shops, restaurants and service outlets Not far away is the Siem Center built in 1973 as one of Bangkok's first shopping malls But the King of luxury shopping is the Central World it is the largest in Thailand and sixth largest shopping complex in the world It’s filled with mostly foreign luxury brands and this where I got sample of some of unique dishes available only at Thai McDonald’s The Central World Square are especially popular with children as it is decorated with Christmas themes, beautiful flowers and a opportunity to sample some supersize fries or take your anger out on this guy just joking… Bangkok's New Year countdown celebrations is held in front of Central World which quickly became a tradition with the number of people increasing every year Therefore, not surprising it is also the 8th places in the world for New Year countdown and 6th place for live broadcast So, be here early to guaranteed the best spot it is estimated there is one million people here in the Central World So give the amount of people here it's already too late to get in or get out it's only ten minutes away from the fireworks so, I guess we'll stay put here but lucky we got backstage access to check things out The countdown is going to come soon in short time this is going to be the actual stage I like to wish everyone a Happy New Year all the best.



and keep watching DIY Destinations from Bangkok Thailand is primarily a Buddhist country so mini Buddha’s shrine can be found everywhere even in middle of the city Its common for Thai people to pay their respect right in the beginning of the new year for good luck and fortunate after the fireworks and celebration everyone is actually heading back home right now I actually want to head over to Skybar and check out to get a panoramic view of the city Unlike Sydney, with Sydney Tower and Kuala Lumpur with Petronas There is Empire State Building in New York Here in Bangkok, there is not really a building like that but there is a place where you can get a breathtaking view of the city and that is in the Skybar here in the State Tower and best of all its free of charge you can go right and go up to 64th floor with that being said, let's go and check it out To get to the Skybar in the State Tower you can take a bus 6, 9, 33 or 64 from Khao San Road to Saranrom Public Park then hop on bus #1 to State Tower Alternatively, you can take ferry, but the last ferry ends at 7:00 pm Located high up on the 63rd floor its world’s highest open-air bar and despite everyone are all dressed up, there is no dress codes So, this is my first selfie for 2016 as tripods is not allow here just want to give you a warning the price of drinks are very expensive, but you don't need to buy them Now, this is where we are going to sign off.



This how I ended my night and the magnificent Thai journey on a high note As you can see that guy is covering his mouth Not quite over yet… the smoke started appearing inside the bus and I am not sure what the bus driver is doing but definitely this is not something we see everyday back home To take me home for 40 Baht He started off asking 80 Baht I told him 40, that's it this is definitely not right for anyone who doesn't like a bumpy ride So, I finally ended my night with a Tuk Tuk ride home The inexpensive public transit options is taking Bus 59 to get back to the airport I do not recommend this way as the Bangkok traffic is unpredictable the journey rarely takes less than two hours and risk of missing your flight is very real Therefore, I recommend you use an mini van shuttle to the airport which be arrange and pick you up from your hostel For me, its main attractions in this magnificent country are not the crystal clear beaches the exotic temples or waterfalls But once again, its people… their warm hospitality to allows all of us to feel at home with their open acceptance in our differences Its culture includes the belief of peace and forgiveness with simple phrase “mai pen rai”, translated as “it doesn't matter” The impressive achievement of its urbanization and development while still maintain its deep roots in Buddhism traditional and embrace the necessity to protect its nature Thailand is truly the magnificent land of smiles that is worth experiencing and none of us will leave here without carrying a little of Thai soul and spirit with us Thank you for watching Lā k̀xn.




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