DJI MAVIC REVIEW – Best Drone For Travel?

I'm down on the beach in Mexico at the moment and I brought along my DJI Matic pro because I want to show you why I think this is the best drone for traveling the biggest reason I'm excited about the maverick is because it is so small and portable now I'm able to fit my drone in with all my other camera gear and it all fits in a carry-on backpack alright guys let me show you my camera backpack and how small the magic really is so in here you've got all the gear I use pretty much all the gear I use on my travel photography missions around the world I've got the Sony a7 r2 with a 16 to 35 millimeter lens a 70 to 200 millimeter zoom keeps my GoPro selfie stick in there right here is the maverick controller look how tiny that is there's the Maverick so small so light weighs 1.

6 pounds with the battery that's insane so small and look it actually is about the same size as my water bottle in this pocket I've got two spare batteries the intelligent flight battery so I've got three batteries total for it and that's all my gear I can bring this bag carry-on on an airplane I can take it hiking I can take it to the beach it is so convenient to have a high quality drone this small that fits in a carry-on backpack with all my other gear alright guys the first thing I want to show you is how fast and easy it is to set this thing up and you in the air so first thing I'm going to do is turn on the DJI Go app open up the remote controller plug this in turn on the remote I've just my phone a little bit there then next step is to open up the wings of the Mavic and underneath here the back one is the protective cover on the front take that off I take the gimbal clamp off set this down power on the Mavic and we should get a blue button here when it's ready to go there we go blue button it is finding satellites ready to go green that was fast so the fastest I've been able to do this is about a minute a little under a minute now it's ready to go I could just take off white boom there you go it's up and flying Matt quickly [Music] there are two sticks on the front the left stick when you press up the Mavic will raise in altitude when you press down it will drop in altitude when you press it to the left the Mavic will rotate counterclockwise you press it to the right the Mavic will rotate clockwise so stick on the right when you press forward the magic will fly forward when you press down the Mavic will fly backwards when you press to the left the Mavic fly horizontally to the left when you press right the Mavic flies horizontally to the right there are a couple of buttons here on the front as well the button here on the left is the return to home button when you press and hold this the Mavic will go into a program where it raises it to the air and then flies back to the location where it launched from based on GPS board the button on the right that's the power button this is a pause button for the intelligent flight mode that pauses the modes on the right here is a custom function button has a couple different things that can do if you press straight down it turns on the intelligent flight mode menu where you can pick different modes if you press up to swing with a camera down very quickly if you press down its wings the camera back up very quickly to the left I've got it set to zoom in a digital zoom and to the right it zooms back out there are a couple of buttons on the top as well the one on the left starts recording video the one on the right is the shutter release for still photos there are two control wheels the left control wheel controls the gimbal tilt so you can swing the gimbal down swing the gimbal and the camera back up the one on the right I've got set to control exposure compensation and finally on the back of the remote there are Q cups and function triggers I have my trigger on the left step to focus the camera and the trigger on the right also swings the camera's gimbal up and down alright let's take this out for a spin and show you what it can do [Music] the Mavic can fly up to 25 miles an hour or 40 miles an hour in sport mode with a clear line of sight it's capable of flying up to 4 miles away life time is about 21 minutes when the battery drops 30% you'll get an audible warning at 10% the drone engages return-to-home and starts flying back where it originally launched and returned to home also engages if you lose your signal due to trees buildings or distance the Mavic has obstacle avoidance sensors keep you from crashing into things but only on the front so you have to be careful flying backwards or side [Music] now I want to talk about the cool intelligent flight mode active track is probably my favorite it allows you to visually lock on to moving objects like people or cars and it automatically follows them gesture is the Mavic stealthy mode wave your hands around to get its attention then create a frame around your head after a short delay the drone will take your photo cinematic mode smooths out the drones flying creating more cinematic looking shots however it also drifts more you have to be careful around opposite tripod mode keeps the drone super stable like a tripod you can slide very slowly and controlled which is great for maneuvering in tight space point of interest allows you to select a building or monument by flying directly over it blocking on and then adjusting the radius and speed to fly perfect circles around the subject always keeping into frame head on over to my blog post link in the description below if you want to read more about some of these intelligent flight modes it's really difficult to take off from tall grass or sand because the camera hangs solo so what I do is I launched the Mavic from the back of my camera backpack and I catch landed catch landing a drone can be really dangerous if you don't know what you're doing so I don't recommend trying it until you have a lot of experience flying in many different kinds of conditions [Music] basically the DJI Mavic is dream come true for independent content creators like myself it's both compact and powerful perfect for sharing your travel adventures around the world well guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know if you have any questions in the comments don't forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time [Music] No [Applause].

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