Do You Need A Visa for Thailand?

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Do you need a Visa for Thailand? So there are two main factors which will determine whether or not you need a Visa That is – what country you're from, what country your passport says, and also how long you plan to be in Thailand So the thing I really love about Thailand is that I don't need the visa to be here if I'm gonna be here for let's say anywhere between 30 or 60 days so one or two months don't need a Visa and most of the Western countries Don't require a visa what you can get actually it's called a Visa Exemption.

Meaning you go in and they stamp your passport and allow you to come in a Visa Exemption it's only good for 30 days.

So if you're planning a quick trip no problem, you don't need to do anything You can just show up Which is kind of amazing and then if you want to stay longer than 30 days, please don't just do it You definitely need to check in at immigration but if you have that Visa exemption you can actually Extend that for another 30 days so that you get two months with that really much hassle there's like a little procedure you have to do pay a Fee that's like a 1900 baht.

You know it's not so much money And then you can give some passport photos blah blah blah I'll put a link to a website that will walk you through how to do that process if you need that Visa exemption There are another option which is the visa on arrival that some countries require Countries like India, China You can't just show up and get this visa exemption that we talked about the VIsa exemption is for countries like the U.


the UK, Australia, Germany There's a long list I can put a link as well to show you what countries get the Visa exemption and what countries require a visa on arrival So the countries like India, China some others require the Visa on arrival and That is a little bit more complicated of a process so that you have to pay for.

It's only good for 15 days to stay In Thailand and you actually can't extend that And for a visa on arrival there's different paperwork that you need to show like You need to show that you're leaving the country at some point So you have to have not just that you arrived in Thailand But how long are you gonna stay they need to see exit paperwork and need to see evidence of where you're staying While you're in Thailand, so a bit more laborious of a project But also people do this every day.

It's not a super big deal It's fairly straightforward to get that paperwork you just have to know what you're gonna need in advance And then you can get all that done But one of the things I love about Thailand is that it is fairly simple, and there aren't other ways So let's say you want to stay in Thailand for 3 months, 4 months There's lots of different options like let's say you're from the U.


like I am What you can also get is a visa, so what we were talking about before it is stay for 30 days or 60 days That's a Visa exemption and a visa exemption with an extension on top of that But what you can also do is get a tourist Visa.

Which a tourist Visa is good for 60 days Just immediately and then you can extend a tourist visa for an additional 30 days So if you just want to be in Thailand for nine months, you can definitely get I mean for nine months I'll say for 90 days.

Which is three months So you can definitely get a tourist visa extend that you have three months in the country which is a pretty long time Okay, but let's say even that's not enough for you.

You love Thailand so much You're wanna be here even longer term and you can marry a Thai person by the way It's always an option I see that option a lot walking around the streets in Thailand I see a lot of people who've taken that.

I don't know that That's why they decided to marry Thai person, but I'm saying that does give you some some more visa options But let's say that's not in the cards for you It's not what you're looking for.

There are other ways to stay in the country longer term, and one is with an education Visa So you can actually learn Thai in Thailand And that will give you the ability to stay in Thailand for much longer.

So I used to think that education Visas were just for people who were like you know attending the university studying to be scientists or doctors or something big like that But that's not true.

You can actually just sign up for Thai language classes and by the way You can't do this for any class like you can't sign up for like Pottery and then get an education Visa You can sign up for Thai classes, and then I was told you can also sign up for Chinese.

Which is kind of awesome I wanted to sign up for Japanese because I studied that and I was thinking well Let me just study Japanese in Thailand and get that Visa No, that's not an option.

That's not gonna work Thai, you can study Thai, maybe Chinese That's it, no other options um for languages so but if you're interested in being here a long term Studying Thai is really a great idea because although a lot of people Do speak English, a lot of people don't, or the English is kind of limited so it's great to have some Thai in your back Pocket if you're gonna be here for a while and and that Visa Will give you a month a month.

That's not impressive that Visa will give you like a year Maybe even a year and a half depending upon The school you go through and the type of program that you sign up for those visas are Expensive because when you sign up for that you're also paying for the courses so usually that's gonna cost about $700 but if you want to be in Thailand for a long time, you know 700 bucks really isn't that bad when you think about Visa fees that you're avoiding So the only way a lot of people by the way extend is by doing like Visa runs so as an American or European And many of these other countries Australian Whatever you aren't allowed like I said before it you can do the 30 days You can extend it for 60 days but what you can also do is go to another country and come back which will reset the clock, so That's something a lot of people do but that money adds up So it's like you have to get to this other country turn around come back plus your time is money, right time is valuable So that takes time that takes money so to get around that a lot of people hey.

I'm gonna learn Thai I'll spend 700 bucks 800 bucks but then I'm good for the year could just stay in Thailand No problem if you do do an education Visa you do have to do check-ins at immigration every 90 days But I'm sold, it's pretty painless.

I have not done that Visa option, but if I knew I want to being in Thailand for a year.

I would definitely do it I think it is worth the money, but right now.

I'm kind of more of a nomad I like going and exploring different countries, so I think two three months is good for me for right now you know we'll see what happens later, so Another thing that you can do if you're in Chiang Mai which is kind of awesome is you can do like a martial arts education Visa Who knew.

So look if you're into the Muay Thai or all that stuff you can look into that as well It's another way to stay in Thailand long term and not have to worry about you know leaving every 60 days or 30 days or whatever the case may be so lots of options if you want to stay in Thailand so to recap If you're from a western country you can just show up like you just come you didn't do anything in advance You just show up.

They will stamp you in for 30 days.

No problem You can extend that stamp for 30 days without much of a problem as well, or you can get a visa in advance which is good for 60 days and Extend that for another 30 days If you're from a country like China or India some of the others that I'll put in the in the comments below Then you'll need to do a visa on arrival and still you could show up but you need to have some documentation with you like when you're leaving the country and Proof of where you're staying and all that other stuff or you get one these fabulous long-term education visas or marry a Thai person Lots of ways to stay in the country, so I hope you found this helpful if you're planning a trip to Thailand you should have all that worked out and Maybe I'll run into you on the street sometimes I feel like I'm I'm always here I love Thailand so I hope you like it, too.

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