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good morning guys good morning so if Iask you what would make your travelling even more amazing ?based on my experience personally I really feel awkwardevery time when i travel to some specific country and the locals look atme like there's something wrong that I did but we don't really know what isthat I'm more interested in what not to do I would say knowing what that culturefinds rude or culturally insensitive and in the countries you're traveling, youreally want to know this but today we're gonna talk about her motherland Thailandso here in Thailand it's considered to be very warm and accommodating Thaipeople are very welcoming, considered very easygoing which is some of themajor characteristics of Thai people however we do not like being offended atall so basically especially when it comes toour culture and social norm in general another drawback of this characteristicis that it can also be tricky to tell when you are doing something wrongbecause out of the politeness as the core value of majority of Thai peoplepeople may not say anything to you at all they will not to suddenly come toyou while you are eating and tell you that this is so wrong, this is so rudedon't do that.



we try to avoid confrontation as much as possible it'snot like it's not like in the states where if you see something that's wrong you'dgo up and you'd directly tell them that they're doing something wrong.

Thais arevery much avoid all confrontation being straightforward is kind of likerelated to being confrontational for Thai people mostly.

Not only aboutculturally sensitive issue, in today's video we will also tell you something thatcould go wrong when you're traveling in Thailand as well.

So basically what wewould get for today there'll be three main things : first ofall, avoid problem that might occur second, avoid being rude and lastlyavoid being embarrassed especially in public.

So one of the top fears that I'venoticed or I guess you could call it values of Thai people is losing face orbeing embarrassed in public they definitely do not like that.

So try not to raise your voice when you're in a situation where you're notsatisfied with something or things don't go as you planed them to go.

that's correctthis is an extreme culturally sensitive issue especially when it happens inpublic thus cause attention from others and pointing the focus on you and yourpartner so the Thais that you interact with will thus get all the attentionbrought on them and they'll feel quite embarrassed in this situation what Jimmy said is totally correct so sometimes you might probably encounter a situationthat you have to bargain for the price the situation that probably the price isbeyond your willingness to pay where you're actually, you don't feelsatisfied.

Try to not yell at the Merchantsor raise the voice because there are so many people in the market and as Jimmysaid earlier that is all correct Thai people don't like being embarrassed orgetting yelled at in the public especially because that is kind of like losing facewhat can make you win in the situation what I would recommend is that, to bedetermine on your willingness to pay in a really polite way.

And when I saypolite, Most of the time, try to add the word 'KRAP' at the end of the sentencefor man and then what will For women try to add the word 'KA' at the end of the sentence to make it even more polite in any situation you canbasically add these words at the end of the sentence to any sentence everyoccasion shows respect yeah it showed a great respect to the person who are whoyou are talking to so in America for example especially in the summertimeyou will see people playing with the American flag I wouldn't say technicallyplaying with the American flag but people have made clothing out of theAmerican flag and in your country that's not normalno basically when it comes to cover the body in Thailand it's not the rightthing to do at all when you use the flag form to cover the body like a lot ofAmerican does especially on the 4th of July just like the Americannational independence day that a lot of people use the flag to cover their bodymake the bikini the key here is about covering of the body when it comes toThailand the flag as you can see the three color like red blue and white sobasically there are the meanings in those colors for white as example is thereligion and blue represent the King and red rubies and the nation so these weare the aspect that Thai people hold the price for and we raise take the Kingnation religion you really hold this true and like money and stuff like thatas well like they don't want you using the flag in a disrespectful way or theydon't want you stepping on money because that's the Kings face on it it's justall out of that sign of respect you plan on going and buying street food or icedcoffee you know first thing in the morning on your morning commute whereveryou want to go do not stop and buy street food or iced coffee especially ifyou're getting on the BTS or an air-conditioned you know taxi or someit's considered very rude to have the smell of the food in an air-conditionedcab like a bus or a taxi there is no rule attached but it's more like oursocial norm that what we normally do because we we are kind of like considerabout the other person considerate in general for example if you buy theCreole pork stick some move it got a really strong smell and that is a reallyyummy smell so basically um at least for me and my family and a couple of myfriend when we go on the bus for example and we feel like people gonna smell thatand then probably people gonna feel hungry so we kind of think of the otherpeople and we don't want to actually let anybody smell it for here nobody gonnaarrest to you but what you would get instead is kind of like the awkwardmoments good because I think I can guarantee that somebody gonna look atyou and you feel like what did I do wrong like it they do something reallybad however the strict rule comes in the form of when you go to actually theSkyTrain you take bleachers or you go for the subway so most of the time whenyou pass the ticket gate that will be the security guard checking your backjust randomly every SkyTeam stations every metro station they have a securethat are the security guards there whether you see them or not they'rethere another fun fact is that if you eat dry stop just like this one Jimmyjust have like some sandwich that part from 7-eleven that thing is consideredto be fine but something that is like grill stuff juicy stuff iced coffeesomething that if you spill it always fall to the groundyou make a mess yeah something like that is strongly prohibited to be safe justwait until you get off yeah try not to buy anything to eat before you get inthe train platform so as we all know Thailand is very very well known forhaving luxury retreats for a budget priceThailand is very known for backpackers being able to experience luxury life foran affordable costs while they're on their you know trip around SoutheastAsia but what we highly suggest you not doing is so basically free breakfast Ithink is the big trap whenever you go visiting any country because actually tosee the Thai life and the Thai culture know sometimes you will see early in themorning especially when people try to go to work there will be a lively Palazzoor the morning fresh market I think it's honestly the best market they have yousee all the locals out in the morning and they're getting everything ready andselling their fruits and vegetables and their breakfast moving which is to diefor so if you haven't had moving you should probably just stop watching thisand go get it so basically most of the time a lot of stuff about market inThailand that you will see on YouTube will be more about my market I feel likemy market is amazing experience to experience the street food but when itcomes to the morning market you will see more of like locals coming out so whichyou will see more of locals interact and see how they live their daily life andmost of the time the fresh morning market in the morning or Thalassa it'sreally cheap comparatively good – compared to the night market is waycheaper because that is specifically for locals so locals go there no matter whatmost of our local morning market open from 6:00 at least nearby – I mean rightyeah and actually if you go pretty like 8 o'clock in the morning 9 o'clock inthe morning they're not really as many people yeah so this might kind of be asurprise but we all know Thailand is known for partying they have their fullmoon party their black moon party their red moon party they're happyparty their quarter moon party they have parties every night but did you knowthat there are certain days that Thailand is completely restrictedcountrywide to not sell alcohol I bet you didn't know this so this law wasactually brought up and established in 2009 to basically accompany the Buddhistholidays that is the main days that they do not sell alcohol and that'severywhere we call it as the no alcohol day basically we think it would behelpful for you to know because probably sometimes you may invite someone overmost time when you're traveling especially in Southeast Asia a lot ofpeople drink when they hang out we don't want you to run into these problems andalso don't expect to go for Plan B like buying drink from 7-eleven ofconvenience for when you see the bar it's closed on this day because 7-eleventhey are so strict they I went more strict they will not sell BS to you onDoce actually for 7-eleven the reason why I say is when most trick is becausethere are some certain time of the day as well that you can't buy alcohol so itwill be better for you to actually do more research on the Thai nationalholiday calendar which I'll put a link in the description box below so then youcan mark down on the data you actually may go to Thailand and plan to have theparty with your friend or your family is you just want to make sure that you'renot gonna run into these days or you can plan your plans around them big shock tome especially is don't expect to have toilet paper everywhere you go soespecially like bars and places like thatwe just suggest carrying toilet paper with you or at least a small thing oftissue many bathrooms in Thailand still have squat toilets or bomb gunswhich Westerners are not accustomed to some toilet if you go tofor example to the gas station a lot of gas station in Thailand yeah you'reprobably gonna see the toilet that has what's at the container yeah and there'sa water in it and this is you to blow yes but they don't provide you the thetoilet paper what you don't wash toilet paper you want you will also see thesign and strictly say especially in public mud room saying that please donot flush the toilet paper because if you call and I mean in Thailand is sodifferent from the country probably in America and in Europe that the pipeactually smaller yes so it can only deal very well with the tissue paper andthing it can be easily claw and to me cause this issue at my house oh my god Ijust didn't believe it at first I just kept flushing and I didn't believe thatit was actually gonna clog and then yeah we had a major meltdown you know whatcan be a really awkward momento if for example that moment that momentexample you invite it to tight family house and you clogged it and then youaccidentally flush your toilet paper and then the toilet happened to call imagineyou go to the house and then you go to your friend how yourgirlfriend/boyfriend house and then you try to punch the toilet why everyone issitting at the dining table imagine how awkward would that be we don't want youto feel awkward no Jimmy got that awkward moment already I broke the icewhat really cost me my bullying when I am in America is that a lot of peoplehere they flush the toilet paper everywhere like if you say that you'renot gonna flush toilet paper in America everybody's like you're not gonna flushthe toilet paper it's just something completely differentso it was another really different thing for me is like if something's on theground I'll you know you use my foot to move it to the side or something likethat but entire diecut you do not touch things weyour feet or put thing put your feet on anything like coffee tables chairsthings like that you just don't do it no especially and be so rude like 100% rudeif you actually taste the person sit at the opposite and you put the feet up andthen the feet kind of like point toward that person face or something solve forthe feet for Thai people it represented dirty feet is something that should beright there on the floor and you stay there and stay there so what if you aresitting on the floor so you have tucked them beneath you or precise you awayfrom those people nearby don't actually show it to be polite so speaking ofshoes this is again something that similar to Malaysian culture so inThailand we take off the shoes as well when you enter somebody house or whenyou enter the temple and when you enter some building that has the Buddha imageput that stay tuned in something religious basically let's talk a littlebit about here as well here is something really what the six encourage sacredthey really really find the head being the most sacred part of your body Iremember when I was in South Korea one of my friend she is from Chile latinaand she had she touched my head these are all Tata I was like Iowa I gotgoosebumps came all the way out here to go to something like really cool vintagelike market made out of an airplane we got all the way here and they're likethey're closed on Wednesdays so I just I'm getting dinner from7-eleven five miles took 45 minutesI know the name of the owner I know what that is launched the first hub you don'tknow but I did the research on that I might get an open on when I said thisone is have no market in Thailand open on either Saturday Sunday or likeThursday Friday Friday Saturday Sunday but not a lot of them open on Wednesdayso all one guys the best tip that I think I can give you today for me as aThai I would say that what you can actually do in Thailand is try to be upsubmitting take a look around to see what time people does and then you can'tlike follow what to do if it happened that you fail in any situation beingembarrassed or causing any embarrassment to Thai people are havingconfrontational just try to smile and then apologize because Thai people to behonest we are pretty sensitive so we hope this video helps you guys we hopeit gives you some insights on you know the Thai culture coming from a local andhelping you plan your trip to Thailand so if you are planning a trip to Chinaand we actually have a travel essential and packing essential checklist that iscompletely free for you guys you can check it out on divert living.

com /opwhich will also be linked below in the description so thank you so much forwatching I really hope that this video is really useful for you and we hope youhave a great trip in Thailand thank you.

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