DO'S and DON'TS in Thailand

If you are travelling to Thailand, learning about the culture is not only very important but also appreciated by the locals.

By watching this video, you are on the right track to understanding Thai Culture! We are here to give you the most importantDo’s and don’ts in Thailand.

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The first thing you will probably see whenyou arrive in Thailand is the Wai.

This is a traditional Thai greeting or a wayto show respect.

There are three different types of wai: This is the first one, you put yourhands together and your thumbs touch your chin This one is used for when greeting collegues or friends.

This is the second one, your thumbs touch your nose.

This wai is used to greetolder people.

And the last one, your thumbs touch your forehead.

This one is used for the highest level ofrespect like for the buddha, monk or the king.

If you are not sure of which one to use, you can use this one.

As a general greeting.

Thai people use this one for when they are not sureif someone is older or younger them.

You’ll often receive a wai from shop andrestaurants.

It’s not necessary to return the wai for someone who isproviding you a service.

Instead, a nice grateful smile is plenty enough.

Don’t worry if you’re not gettingit right! Your efforts will be appreciated.

Probably the most important don’t in Thaiculture, has to do with the feet.

The feet are considered lowest and dirtiest part of the body.

Raising yourfeet higher than someone's head, or simply.

putting your feet onto a desk or chair areconsidered extremely rude.

Never ever show the bottom of your feet to annyone.

It's the equivalent of giving someone the middle finger.

Avoid pointing your feet at Buddhas.

While the feet are considered the lowest part of the body the head is the most sacred.

Never touch someone's hair or head.

This also includes ruffling a child's hair.

Try to avoid stepping over someone who is sleeping on the ground.

Make sure to dress properly when you visit Thai temples, Knees and shoulders should be covered for both sexes.

The more formal your clothes, the better.

Also, Thai people don't like it when you show too much affection in public.

This is also not done in temples! Try to avoid kissing and hugging.

But ofcourse holding hands, is okay.

Thais remove their shoes when they enter homesand temples.

When you’re entering homes, temples or evensome bathrooms and restaurants.

They will ask you to take off your shoes and walk aroundbarefoot or with slippers.

So be aware if you have to take off your shoes or it’s okay to leave them on.

The pile outside the door isyour biggest clue.

Don’t point! Pointing at someone is considered rude inmany cultures but particularly so in Thailand.

when you want to point at something use your hand, like this.

Throwing an object or money in someone's directionis rude and not polite.

Take time to hand things over properly, especially to older people.

Don't raise your voice.

Try to keep your voice down in shops and in restaurants.

If you find yourself in an argument.

Don't raise your voice, don't yell it won’t helpthe situation.

And causes people involved to become embarrassed and lose face.

Losing face is very important in Thailand.

You lose face when your reputation is lost and you embarrass yourself and the rest of the people.

Do treat monks with the highest respect.

Women are not allowed to touch a monk, sobe careful when you are near one.

Give a monk plenty of space to move around.

When you pass a monk, lower your body.

Taking pictures are typicallyallowed in Thailand.

Unless there is a sign that says you shouldn't.

So it’s no problem to take pictures butbe respectful.

Buddha images are not for decoration and not for tattoo's.

The last one don’t forget to smile! Thailand is known as the land of smiles, tryto smile as much as possible you will notice that your experience herewill be even more enjoyable.

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