Doubtful Sound (New Zealand) Travel Video | Overnight Boat Adventure South Island [NZ] SB59

I mean fueled our national park and there are a couple of like remote Leakey things we had lots of beautiful nature and stuff around and one's called doubtful sound and once called milford sound now milford sound is the super popular one which loads of people go to its

proper you know full of boats and all the rest of it doubtful sound i'm told is a little bit more remote so i've booked on an overnight expedition cruise ship pretty cool i think there's maybe twelve of us and a little boat so we're just checking in for

that and looking forward to get the trip started yeah that's where we're going to be going down pretty cool this our boat for the next day we are in the penthouse on the boat is so cool really awesome great place to be we're right in the southwestern corner

of you see that right now in the sound South Island [Music] [Music] right now we're just sailing along the coast for a little bit and we're going to find a fishing spot so we can get out there and catch our dinner me okay so we have stopped in

a spot for a little bit of fishing over here so I have no idea how to do this what would you to put it like that Matt Matt now I wouldn't say though it's like oh so it's my little fishing corner I've just been shown how to do

it let's give it a shot my thing got completely mangled up before because apparently I was just feeding the card on the bottom of the ocean rather than actually catching them and here's the evidence this is what the court did to my her we're gonna give it another

shot man has caught a fish after women showed me how awesome fish was nice little fishing I hope that one fish to throw in and I'll show you on camera I'm also cool a little Cod which fell off the hook for 9:40 ha that makes me a real

okay see harvest to see balls so these are New Zealand fur seals there's a bunch of them kind of just hanging out on this on these rocks there's a lot more here than that little seal colony that I went to down the coast I guess obviously because this

is kind of like Oh in the ocean we're not diving but the crew are on the search for lobster [Applause] [Music] okay so I have a drone controller and no drone I've lost it it's gone so here's where at where I was I was reversing it from there

and then I was quite low so I basically crashed into the other side of that Island in the middle so I actually just lost signal to begin with we then sailed the ship around to the other side of the island so we could reconnect with the signal and

then even if I crashed it at least I'd be able to reconnect with it locator and see if it was rescuing or not but it wasn't reconnecting at all so I basically crashed it and then it's ended up somewhere with no signal so basically I must have crashed

into one the rocks and then it's fallen into the water and so the drone now belongs to the bottom of the ocean well spits adding it was seeing as it was a brand new drone and I've now lost it the great thing is and here's why I love

two amazing things one I had switched out my SD card before this fly so I've got all of my footage yes and two I have learnt not to reverse the drone and fly backwards and actually I'm just thinking about it now the last time that we crashed a

drone which was on that epic video when Zach was flying the drone we crashed that for the same reason because we were flying backwards so there we go all right so let's get into some kayaking can't film this with the drone but here we go get in my

car yeah kiddo look at the background they how amazing is that get this bad boy going alright so I'm going to jump to the top of the boat directly into the water I'm butt-naked and the people here Bev was big very nice about it I don't believe you

[Music] okay so it's pretty late now it's kind of cold just sitting outside on the top on the top deck we had an awesome dinner so we're obviously that are fishing and some of the crew guys did some diving so we had a lovely lovely lobster dinner and

a whole bunch of our like grilled fish and everything so is a fantastic dinner I'll quickly see if I can film anything great it's got a lot of boats around give you a little bit of a feel for how it's all looking [Applause] putting morning's about 7:45 fan

to have some brekkie dolphins swimming around the boat this morning [Music] [Music] and that is the end of the trip [Music] [Music]

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