Dr. Anthony Fauci: Coronavirus Outbreak ‘Is Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better’ | TODAY

joining us now also on the front lines dr.

Anthony Fauci a key member of the White House's task force and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases dr.

good morning it's good to see again appreciate you being with us let me ask you about what vice president pence said yesterday he said the u.


trajectory right now most closely resembles Italy that is not great new is Italy right now represents more than a quarter almost 30% of all global deaths from Kovan 19 can you explain why the US looks like it's on the same path as Italy right now it's just the reality surround I mean it's the truth if you look at the the curves of the acceleration of cases hospitalizations and deaths you know it's superimposed corrected for population it's a really serious issue I mean Italy got hit very hard and it's very clear that we are getting hit very hard right now the epicenter of it in the United States is New York City but as you see it's not going to be confined to New York City we're going to be seeing this kind of thing in other large cities it's a very difficult situation as was predicted this is going to get worse before it gets better for sure the Surgeon General design with us just yesterday and said my advice is that the 30-day guidelines to stay home from the federal government amount to a national stay at home order is that how you see it too do you agree well yeah I mean if you look at what's in those 30-day recommendations of the guidelines that's essentially what it is I mean I know it's difficult but we're having a lot of suffering a lot of death this is inconvenient from an economic and a personal standpoint but we just have to do it that is our major weapon against this virus right now we don't have a vaccine that's deployables is the only thing we have and we can get through it if everybody really leans forward and pushes on this can I ask you about that you know more states yesterday started having these stay at home orders but not all states do and in the states that do some have exemptions Florida exempts religious services in some cases I saw New Hampshire had exempted florists at one point Arizona had exempted hair salons at some point I mean with all due deference to states shouldn't there be a national order a national lockdown or requirement rather than this hodgepodge piecemeal method you know you have a point there of sivanna but it's one of those things that in our country there still is that issue of central government versus the ability and the right of a state to make their own decision but again I agree with you when you see things like some of those exemptions I mean I can't make any official proclamations here but I can say really seriously consider those exemptions appropriate when you think about what's going on and I urge the people at the leadership at the state level to really take a closer look at those kinds of decisions doctor we're all getting a little bit of a medical education and unfortunately in these times and you said on an interview the other day that there was something mysterious that was my word not yours about the pathogenesis of this disease that was your word pathogenesis you said that some people have mild and even no symptoms and then others who aren't necessarily old with underlying illness get really really sick and we just don't know why are we any closer to figuring that out no that's gonna require what we call Natural History studies I mean I have been puzzled from the beginning I mean that sharp dichotomy that said you know if you're older or if you have an underlying condition you get into trouble if you're younger than the likely order that is still very low which it is but it is very strange how one individual can get infected and have either mild and those symptoms and another individual could rapidly deteriorate with viral pneumonia and respiratory failure there's something in mechanism whether its genetic whether its immune response the one thing I can say that we have to be humble I've been doing infectious diseases now for almost 50 years and I could tell you I don't fully understand exactly what the mechanism that is and we really need to figure it out yeah because it could be completely devastating rapidly in one person and absolutely nothing in another person I know our best brains are on it there's a new study in the journal Nature that showed patients with mild symptoms mild symptoms can shed high levels of the virus early on during the first week of infection I don't have to tell you how disturbing that is do you credit that study yeah I mean that's the truth I mean we're seeing a lot of things now that are falling into place remember weeks ago when I interviewed with you I said we know a lot but there's still a lot that we don't know I mean the idea of someone who's asymptomatic shedding high titers a virus is very disturbing because that person could be out there feeling well and inadvertently and innocently spreading the infection dr.

pouchy it's horrendous to even have to ask you about this but there's a report in The Washington Post that suggests there have been threats against you some from admirers or will some threats and then some even some is some disturbing interest from admirers but whatever it is that you've had to increase your security detail not asking for the details of that but I will ask you if you yourself feel personally threatened at all do you feel safe do you feel that your family is safe you know I I do samman I mean I I've chosen this life I mean I know what it is there are things about it that sometimes is disturbing but you just focus on the job you have to do and just put all that other stuff aside and try as best as possible not to pay attention to it and just forge ahead we have a really really very very difficult situation ahead of us all of that other stuff is secondary are you ok your voice does not sound great I'm hoping it's just because you've been doing a lot of interviews and briefings and stuff no I am fine I'm physically fine but you know all I do all day long is brief people governor's senators White House interviews I just need to keep my mouth shut what T with the little honey and lemon for the doctor okay thank you for being with us this morning right our viewers appreciate it to be with you thank you you.

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