Eng) Architect‘s Bangkok Travel vlog | Ayutthaya | Thailand | 2019 – 2020

Time to say goodbye to the rainy season here in San Francisco.

17 hours total flight time.

the color of golden gate bridge is not so saturated from a distance.

Feel the Heat Wave Day time china town.

Drink plenty of water will keep you away from the doctor Our room is on the third floor, there is a guest's living room on the second floor, and a bar is open on the first floor.

Coca cola makes me happy.

preserved egg w/ dragon fruit, what a combination Banyan tree by the river, strange modernist building, two cats walking together The endless commercial street is full of goods that look familiar and cannot be named A cat waiting for its opportunity The street food here is really good and cost-effective.

You can easily get a meal within a plastic bag for a dollar or two.

And the stalls that need to line up all taste good Built in 1871, it is the earliest Buddhist temple established by Han immigrants in Bangkok.

The layout of temples follows the traditional Chinese system In addition to the brilliant decoration, the biggest feature here is the large number of alcoves within the temple.

One can always find whatever he or she is worshipping and make a donnation.

Whenever stamina bar is low, it's time to explore a local specialty coffee shop “san francisco~” Try to see whether travel magazines have unrealistic expectations of San Francisco No one knows why there is a hole in the floor on the second floor, but it is a great location for peeping the screen Chinatown at night, although we did not live on the main street, which was bright and colorful with all the dazzling billboards.

This small alley with bars also have its unique style Woke up at 3am due to the jet lag, shocked at the still busy street life out there.

shouldn't they all be sleepy by now? another quiet morning The host actually has a lot of design-related books the flower decoration on the white wall is refreshing.

There is a working giant swing in front of the Temple, which will be use for certain ceremony.

The inner wall of the Buddhist temple is gorgeous murals.

It is said that it is the largest and most important mural in Thailand.

acquired New painting skills (this part is hard to translate in English, sorry) The graduation ceremony is hosting inside the temple courtyard, Religion and secular life in Thailand coexist in an interesting way.

The Buddha will appear in different postures seven days a week, and a reclining Buddha on Tuesday.

Putting its feet together, symbolizing that the Buddha is about to die and enter Nirvana。 There are also a large number of stupas Merchant ships on the Chao Phraya River and Bangkok's Eiffel Tower-Temple of Dawn across the river Although many people recommend the Bangkok Art and Culture Center(BACC), We, somehow, didn't find the design or the exhibition very interesting, most of the time we are resting in this handmade chocolate shop on the fourth floor We ordered the specialty hot chocolate with marshmallow.

It took about a minute to press down all the marshmallows !!Picked up this chocolate in unexpected ways The shop has nothing to do with this weird appearance of the drink too sweet though We moved to a more boutique/modern hotel the next day! Take a rest The porridge served at the hotel breakfast is very local Put all the condiments in it, just stir it a little, it ’s refreshing and delicious fishes in the jar is also having breakfast.

walk yourself after each meal can also keep the doctor away.

Today We are going to the ancient cultural capital of Ayutthaya (1350-1767) on the outskirts of Bangkok, with some friendsThe surviving relics are now listed as United Nations World Cultural Heritage in 1991.

We arrived earlier than the crowd to catch the serenity of the temple.

Part of the added cement mortar is to maintain the stability of the structure, which is intentionally visually different from the original brick wall structure.

We sat on the stone mound outside the ruin, waiting for our photographer friends.

(listen to the whisper of wind) Click Today's Ayutthaya is almost a city of ruins.

From it, we can glimpse its glory of an ancient era and can't help but admire the power of faith / religion.

Abandoned and disused stupas and buddha sculptures can be seen everywhere, and life sprouts between them we sat there quietly, waiting for sunset.

Good to be back, thank you all for watching.

I wish you all a happy and smooth 2020!Please like, subscribe, leave us a comment^-^.

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