[ENG Sub] Knowing Bros Ep.215 – Jin Seo Yeon, Sooyoung


Yeong Cheol.

– What? – I complimented you.



for doing well, and you're late? – I'm not late.

– You're the last one to arrive.

– No.

– You're nothing without diligence.


I got a letter.

– Don't go there.

– What? Don't go where you get the camera all to yourself.

Come to where you get a full shot.

Really? – I thought I was being sneaky.

– What's that? You're never late, but why are you late today? – He brought a letter.

– We got a letter.

– Really? – I was touched by this letter.



I'm a 29-year-old woman.

I was comforted.



” “by Knowing Brothers and returned from the precipice of life.

” “A divorce.

A business failure.

” “And a fraud.

” “I was standing at the precipice of life in 2019.

” “I wasn't able to do anything due to the feeling of.



” “desperation and guilt from failing every challenge.

” “I thought about taking my own life.

” “My brother who was worried about me.



” “turned the TV on for me.

” “While I was staring at the TV, I watched Knowing Brothers.

” “Then I realized everything I went through was sublimated in laughter.

” “Lee Sang Min and Seo Jang Hoon who probably struggled.



” “as much as I did gave me courage.

” We were a good example.

“Thanks to you, I'm working again.

” “Thank you for letting me get back on my feet again.

” “I hope you continue to make people who need comfort like me.



” “laugh and touch them.

” “Thank you very much again and again.

” That's what she wrote.

She basically wrote to Jang Hoon and Sang Min.

I didn't.



– You did a good job.

– You did a good job.

I don't know how I comforted her.

One may fail in his life.

But it's always important to get back on his feet.

It reminds me.



of that time.

When she said she was able to get back on her feet watching us, we wouldn't need to have anything invigorating for a year.

She's giving us a chance to carry on with our lives.

Let me just say this.

I made a joke about it here before.

There are many divorced people in the country.

I think there are about 5, 000, 000 people.

You're not alone.

Don't think you're struggling alone.

I hope you enjoy your life from now on.

Good luck.

That's advice from experience.

What do I always emphasize? We don't deserve to be exhausted.

Jang Hoon.

Do we deserve to be exhausted? – No.

– Ho Dong always says that, but he spaces out during the shoot.

– You look exhausted.

– Yes.

– So today.



– Again? Are you scared of this? As long as that results in high viewer ratings.

– Is that fixed now? – He's holding the pen backward.

When did you get permed? It's the New Year.

Did you get permed for the New Year? – You're embarrassing me.

– Is it.



– a new look for the New Year? – It's for the New Year.

I only asked if you got permed, but why are you ears turning red? – Because you asked out of nowhere.

– Why? I didn't know you could spend a long time in a hair salon.

– Only during the holidays.

– “Only during the holidays.

” What I want to say is that every time Ho Dong spaces out, I'm going to write it down in here.

I'll see how many times he spaces out.

I never get exhausted.

(Bursting open) Hi, guys.


– Do I close the door? – It's automatic.

– Oh, I see.

– Welcome, Soo Young.

– Hi.

– We met last month.

We did.

We're intimidated by their charisma.

– We should stand up.

– Why? Guys.

Let me introduce myself first.

– Go ahead.

– Let's hear their introduction.

We're from It Turns Out We Were Soulmates High School.

I'm Soo Young.

I'm a big fan of Knowing Brothers.

– I'm Jin Seo Yeon.

– Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you.

– You're from Soulmates High School? – Yes.

– Don't lie.

Are you sure it's not Scary Girls High School? – I'm surprised.

– Why? Ho Dong.

You're very big.

It feels like you're right here.

Now that you met him in person.



This is our first time seeing each other.

She really wanted to meet you, Ho Dong.

– Really? – Really.

She loves Knowing Brothers so much.

She's here to meet a celebrity.

It's like watching him in 3D, isn't it? – In “Believer”, – I know.

I was impressed by her charisma.

– “I.

” – I mean.



You played a very strong character in the movie.

You don't look like you'd enjoy watching Knowing Brothers.

This is the only show I watch.

– Really? – I don't watch anything else.

– Do you like it? – I pay to watch it.

– On demand? – Yes.

If you subscribe it, you can watch unlimited.

She doesn't live in Korea.

If she subscribes, it's a loss.

Really? Why did you want to see me the most? I wanted to see.



– If he was big? – Yes.

He's disguised as a human.

(He's been wearing a special costume for 50 years now.

) Doesn't Jang Hoon look uglier than usual? I like that face.

What face? It's carefree.

(Carefree) – Jang Hoon and Ho Dong? – There's no limit.

There's no rule.

(His face refuses any types of order and rules.

) – There's no order.

– There's no order.

– It's chaotic.

– It's rough.

Like Picasso.

She expresses like an artist.

She has a very good expression.

She surprises me by using words I never expected her to say.

She reminds me of.



Kim Seo Hyung.



– who was here before.

– Kim Seo Hyung? – You remind me of Kim Seo Hyung.

– Really? I like her.

You have charistmatic eyes.

– I look nice in person, don't I? – Yes.

After watching “Believer”, you don't look scary, but you don't look nice either.

She keeps her hands in her pockets.

Do you keep your hands in the pockets because it's cold? – No, it's comfortable.

– It's the look.

– She reminds me of Seo Hyung.

– I know what you mean.

She reminds me of her.

Soo Young.

Can you step out here for a second? Doesn't she look stylish? – Isn't that cool? – Are you in Buddhism class? What? I'm sorry.

– She's.



– I'm a Christian.

It's cool.

No one ever wore the uniform like that before.

That's really cool.

I dressed like Parisian.

Check out the color of her shoes.

Soo Young.

You're cheating to wear that.

I was on Knowing Brothers before, and Tiffany was wearing a big ribbon alone.

(Extreme presence of a big ribbon) I figured it works better.



if I come prepared.

– Right.

That's experience.

– Yes.

Since I've done it before.

Do you know anyone here, Seo Yeon? I know Hee Chul.

– You know Hee Chul? – Really? After shooting “Believer”, I was on “Tipsy Talk”.

We're same age.

– You're same age? – We're same age.

We're friends, but he never talks casually.

– “Believer” was too impressive.

– It was too impressive.

We can't even play that clip on TV.

We really can't play that on Knowing Brothers.

– No, not “Believer”.

– Is it too violent? (A footage that can be on TV was barely found.

) Lee Min Ho's got a girlfriend.

Why are you so silly? (Her drug dealer play was high praised.

) – But she's totally different.

– Right.

I look nice, don't I? You're friends.


Nice to meet you.

– “Nice.

” – She said nice.

– She said nice.

– You can't even hear now? You must be very intimidated.

Did you watch “Believer”? I did.

If you did, when you first met Se Yun.



Who's Se Yun? – When you met Seo Yeon.



– Are you talking about Jin Se Yun? People get confused with Jin Se Yun and Jin Seo Yeon.

I keep getting complaints from her agency.

She looks pure.

The articles keep saying Jin Seo Yeon.

– So don't get confused.

– Okay.

Seo Yeon.

You made a big mistake.

It's a sensitive matter.

When we first met.



(Chuckling) You're nervous.


I'm shyer than usual.

The first time I met her.



I actually watched “Believer” before that.

When I watched it, I thought, “Her acting is amazing.

” When I watched “Tipsy Talk”, I loved the way she talked.

– The she Seo Yeon talked.

– Right.

I thought she was nice and cool.

So I met her after that scary impression was gone.

So I was able to approach her easily.

She also treated me like we've known each other forever.

We became friends soon.

Were you two on a drama together? – We're on it now.

– Right.

– Right.

– Thank you for bringing that up.

I knew it.

You said you only watch Knowing Brothers, and that you're a big fan, but you're here to promote the drama.


Don't talk about it anymore.

– I will stop talking about it.

– I'm here to see you.

If people will watch it, they will watch it no matter what.

– You don't need to talk about it.

– You got to know through a drama? – Yes.

– We met through a drama, but we both love food.

We talk about where a good restaurant is.

– Talk about good restaurants.

– We talk about going together, and what's good.

What's your favorite food, Seo Yeon? Mushroom.



– Like mushroom stew? – Something healthy.

Recently, So Ra and Jae Hong said.



– they only talk about food.

– Right.

It looks like actors love food more than I thought.

Is it because you're always on a diet? – Yes.

– You're on a diet? I hate people like her.

– Goodness.

– Who says something like that? (Speechless) Why do you hate her? Did you see her reaction? She's saying she doesn't need to do that.

To me, you don't need to go on a diet.

I made it so.

Is that why you eat mushroom and beans? – Yes.

– To avoid gaining weight? Soo Young.

You don't go on a diet, do you? You don't gain weight.

I don't, but I haven't danced for two years now.

I'm getting belly now.

– Slowly? – Some people are born with it, but normally people gain weight when they eat.

So ordinary people like us.



focus on what we eat.

Do you enjoy meat? I don't eat meat.

– No? – No.

– Are you a vegetarian? – She contradicts herself.

– Is she a vegetarian? – Not that I see.

– I pursue vegetarian diet.

– Oh, you pursue.

Sometimes we get hungry during the shoot.

Then she practices eating.

All of a sudden.



– Really? – What's she doing? She's getting ready to dig in for the meal time.

– I practice eating.

– But she adds meat.



when she mimes.

She put meat, so I said, “That's a meat wrap.

” She said that was ssamjang.

She said she's putting ssamjang in her vegetable.

But in the meal time, she adds meat.

Have you ever seen me eating meat? I think so.

I think I've seen it once.

– Meat? – And.



– You're mistaken.

I never eat meat.

– One time, we got a coffee truck with corn dogs.

I said, “There's a corn dog truck.

” (Corn dog) – She did this.

– She likes to mime.

– I get sharp when I'm hungry.

– When she's hungry.



Are you holding back yourself even though you want to eat? No, she had three corn dogs.

(Seo Yeon never holds back.

) – What? – That's not a vegetarian.

I told you.

I pursue vegetarian diet.

You said you live abroad.

Where do you live? – Berlin.

– Then.



Do you come to Korea when you have work? – Really? – You're in Berlin most of the time? “I love you.

” That was out of the blue.

That was out of the blue.

– “Hi.

” – “Hi.

” – Why do you live there? – “Hi?” – My husband works there.

– I thought you said coup.

– Oh, right.

– Is your husband German? He looks Korean, but he's a foreigner.

Because he lived in German for too long.

No, he lived in Paris for a long time.

Then how did you meet him? – While playing.

– In Paris? – No.

– In Germany? In a club in Itaewon.

In Itaewon.

You met him in Seoul? That's amazing.

You still met in the most exotic place in Korea.

He kept saying bong, so I thought he was good at mimicking a person, but it turns out he was fluent in French.

He's fluent like a native.

He was speaking French in front of me on purpose.

– Because he liked you? – To appeal himself.

It wasn't fake French, but it was real? Did you have a wedding in Korea and move to Germany after? Yes.

We registered our marriage three months after we met.

(How fast.

) Why is he working in Germany out of all European countries? About 3 or 4 years ago, he said he wanted to go travel Europe with his friends.

He went there for a month.

He came back.

I guess he liked it.

After a week, he asked me if he could go again.

I said he can go if that makes him happy, so he went.

He came back after two months.

He said he's got to live in Europe.

He said he won't go if I don't want it, but he'll be unhappy.

That means he wants to go.

“Yes? Then let's go to make you happy.

” You were able to leave because you had a support.

If you had nothing, you couldn't go.

I'm being realistic.

– He speaks the language.

– Am I wrong? – He speaks the language.

– Right.

– You can't go if you have nothing.

– He also knows that place.

What does your husband do? He works at a German company, but before that, he was an interior designer in Korea.

If he was able to get a job in Germany.



when he was on a trip.




He wouldn't leave if he had to start from scratch.

I get that you let your husband.



travel to Europe because he likes Europe, but it's not an easy decision.



– to move to Europe.

– Of course not.

We thought about it for a long time.

Our motto is.




That's what matters the most.

If he's unhappy in Korea because of me, I should let him go.

Since you're talking about marriage, you two probably talk about many things like relationships.

Since Soo Young has a boyfriend, do you recommend her to get married? Or do you tell her to have a relationship but no marriage? I highly recommend her to get married, but having a child.



(Grunting) She said it's tough.

– It's not easy.

– You have to work and raise a kid.

– It's not easy.

– It's not easy.


Even though I love.



caring others, it's exhausting physically and mentally – because I can't take a break.

– Right.

So every time I come to work, I'm all excited alone, because I'd rather do 100 shootings.

Than raising a child.

It's that hard.

I can't imagine her as a mom.

When she watches her child, I feel like she's look at her child like this.

(Swaggering) (Absurd) – It was only a movie character.

– No.

When she observes the baby.



When you sing a lullaby, do you go like this? – Like this? – Don't be ridiculous.

She looks like.



She looks like.



– Don't be ridiculous.

– She has that look.



when she talks and focuses.

That was funny.

He's good at saying something ridiculous.

The most impressive movie is “Believer”.

And the most impressive drama is “Heartless City”.

– “Heartless City” on JTBC? – Yes, about a doctor.

– It's your boyfriend.

– Yes.

Am I not supposed to talk about her boyfriend? – Why not? – Guard Chung? You can talk about him.

Then can I talk about you? Yes.

He's only talking about the guard.

– Guard Chung.

– What's Guard Chung? Kyung Ho.

Guard Chung.

You've been dating for a long time, right? Yes.

You look shy when people talk about.



your boyfriend.

– Me? – Because on your social media, you send a snack truck and a coffee truck for him, but you look shy to talk about it on TV.

I'm rather getting nervous.



because there are a lot of articles about it.

Does he ever say anything about me? They're friends.

– They're friends.

– They're very close.

– They went to army together.

– He doesn't have many friends.

I haven't been in touched with him lately.

I feel like he's angry at me.

– Right.

– Kyung Hoon.

If he's your friend, why don't you keep in touch with him? It happens when I'm busy with life.

He doesn't even have time to get permed.

(There's no time to keep in touch.

) Why are you so shy? It's for the New Year.

He's one of your few best friends.

And you still don't keep in touch with him? He texted me.

“Happy New Year.

” He never texts me.



that his last text was “Happy New Year”.



in January, 2019.

– Hey.

– He's not good at keeping in touch.

He texts me Happy New Year once a year.

He never texts.



that I was surprised.



to get a text from him.

I was so surprised, so I called him.

He didn't pick up.

Why would you call and make me feel uncomfortable? – You're the only one who called.

– Was that a group text? Yes.

It was short and brief.

“Happy New Year”.

– I think I might be the one.



– No.

who keeps in touch with him most often.

I talk to him on the phone.



3 or 4 times a year.

That's most often, isn't it? – Yes.

– Then how do you go on a date? I'm not in a relationship.

If you know anyone nice.



Do you constantly text your girlfriend when you have one? I text her often when I have one.

What do you text her? Isn't it all the same? Like “Honey.

” (Isn't it all the same?) “Honey?” – You all have nicknames.

– Right.

Do you go like, “Did you have lunch?” Yes, I act cute too.

You get permed often too? Does it look weird? – No.

– It doesn't look weird.

What about your chemistry when you act? We know you're close.

Do you have good chemistry when you act? Don't you make a lot of bloopers? We don't.

But since we became close, just looking at her face makes me want to laugh.

– Why do you want to laugh? – Why? Sometimes, – Does she do funny faces? – she habitually makes faces.



that she used to do when she was in Girls' Generation.

She does this face.

When she does it.



She does it unconsciously.

She needs to say her lines in the front, but she does this face.

– I will burst into laughter then.

– It's that face that she just made.

– I burst into laughter.

– Yes.

When you get close, you laugh when you just see.



– the other person's face.

– That's really true.

When you make a blooper when you act, you can do it again.

But you can't do anything if you burst into laughter on stage.

You really can't do anything if you do that on stage.

There's nowhere to hide on stage.

– What do you do then? – Have you ever done that on stage? It happened a lot.

Yu Ri forgot the lyrics one time.

Of all the things, the lyrics were, “I have no idea”.

– Of all the things? – Yes.

She did it like this, “No idea”.

(You're by my side right now) (I.



) (I have no idea) (Yu Ri's mistake coincided with the lyrics.

) That was also funny.

One time on stage.



We get a lot of static on stage.

But when our hair starts to get static, – it puffs up like a jellyfish.

– Is that true? – It's true.

That's it.

– There it is.

Her hair is puffy because of static.

– We don't know how we look, right? – That's right.

We pretend that we're the coolest thing on earth while we sing, but it's so funny to the people who are watching.

– Don't you want to see.



– Yes.

Girls' Generation since we're talking about them? I want to see them as a united whole.

– Do you meet together some times? – Yes.

– They meet frequently.

– Do you meet some times? – I saw them a few days ago.

– They go to watch concerts.



– and they're really close.

– Yes.

I'm sure they'll send a coffee truck since Soo Young's doing a drama.

– They didn't send one.

– Okay.

– They'll send it if they see this.

– Yes.

– All seven of them will.

– Soo Geun, thank you.

– Yes, once they see this.

– Thank you.

Do GIrls' Generation.



– have any intentions.



– I'm sure they do.

to come back together later? – Of course.

– We even have intentions now.

– Really? – Of course.

If the situation and conditions allow us, we will appear on Knowing Brothers again.

– Really? – That would be so amazing.

You just have to maintain Knowing Brothers until then.

That's also a key point.

– We must take care of our health.

– Yes.

That's good.

I'm sorry, but you're.



– not enrolled yet, Seo Yeon.

– Not yet? You might just go home today.

– Don't be upset.

– Don't you have a teacher? – Why are you asking that? – We do.

Why are you receiving enrollment forms? We should receive them.

Who are you to receive them? The teacher should receive them.

– You.



– It's the first time this happened.

– That hurt my pride.

– If you will go on like this.



– We're friends.

– She's good.

Why would friends review.



– enrollment forms of friends? – We're not the same.

– I'm the class study director.

– He's the class study director.

I was elected by votes.

– It's written down there.

– Take a look.

Gosh, look at her.

– We'll study in the same room, – Of course.

so we could decide to enroll you or not.

You're reviewing us beforehand for the teacher, right? Of course, we students have meetings autonomously, – and decide your enrollment.

– Really? – Okay then.

– This never happened before.

– We're also flustered.

– I was really surprised.

Of course, you should give it to the class study director.

– Okay, I'll go.

– She was the only one to do this.

Her smile is also really charismatic.

These are their enrollment forms.

Choi Soo Young and Jin Seo Yeon.

Soo Young's nickname is “Yunho's Natural Enemy”.

– I want to know why.

– He's famous for being passionate.

Since you're his natural enemy, are you opposite from being passionate? Does it mean that you do things half-hearted by any chance? – It's playing.

– It's playing.

She's dancing half-heartedly.

Why are you doing it like this? (Soo Young is wearing the gray hooded sweatshirt.

) – What is happening? – Is that you? – That's me.

– What is happening? If Yunho sees this, he will have a heart attack.

– Of course.

– That's right.

After watching this video, people started calling me that nickname.

That was so funny to me.

Soo Young is saving her energy.

During dry rehearsals, we have to wear different outfits, so we just raise our hand.



to let the director know where our positions are.

– We do it like that.

– They check the movements.

During dry rehearsals, camera directors are like this.

But Yunho is like, “Let's blow everything away!” So, the camera directors take a look at him, and they become like this.

Chang Min has a hard time because of that.

During dry rehearsals, the sound comes first.

– Chang Min wants to do it slowly.

– Yes.

Chang Min also doesn't do it half-heartedly, but compared to Yunho, it looks like he's not doing his best.

That's funny though.

– That's funny but cute.

– That's funny.

It was so hot that day.

I didn't wear any sunscreen.

So I wanted to cover up everything.

People compared me from that video with the actual airing.

– Did you do a good job then? – I did my best.

(Soo Young) (She did her best jumping around for the actual airing.

) It's right to do your best.

I was really embarrassed after watching that video.

You did your best.



– It was funny.

– for the actual airing though.

– Of course.

– I was thankful that.



people thought it was funny.

Until our time, we did it half-heartedly as much as possible.

– Really? – The standard was.



It's because it was our style back then.

In the front, there were people sitting down.



who were watching to see.



– what our dance was like.

– Really? That's interesting.

We did our best on purpose for others to see.

We would actually dance like this.

(It was actually a powerful dance move.

) – We would dance like this.

– Yes.




– That's right.

– You did it half-heartedly.

(They danced half-heartedly for rehearsals to hide their moves.

) (He's dancing half-heartedly.

) – We just dance this much.

– When comedians have.



experience and trust, they also don't perform seriously.



– during rehearsals.

– Yes.

When I used to do “I Can't Sing High Notes”, I would sing like, “I'm your champion”.

– It's not funny.



– That's right.

– if we show everything beforehand.

– That's right.

– It's also like that for us.

– Yes.

Ho Dong always does, – “Seo Jang Hoon”, right? – Yes.

You can even hear it in the waiting room.

He says, “Seo Jang Hoon”, while he's wearing a mic.

“How can I make it good? Seo Jang Hoon.

” He practices everything in the back before coming here, – so it's not funny on the scene.

– I recently.



(It's not funny on the scene.

) He uses all of his energy up.

– That's right.

– Yes.

He eats six packets of ramyeon in “The Man Who Cooks Ramyeon”, right? That's also all rehearsed.

He eats six packets before the shooting starts.



during the rehearsal.

– He eats 6 packets again.

– He eats 6 packets again.

I research how to make it look delicious.

– I have to do rehearsals.

– It's really true.

He researches how to make it look delicious when he eats.

I'll tell you their future goals.

Seo Yeon's goal is to become a happy building owner.

It says, “A happy person” and “A building owner”.

Do you think that building owners are happy? My first goal is to become a happy person.

I want to become a building owner plus that.

Ask Jang Hoon then.

– A lot of things will bother you.

– I want to become friends with him.

He's a sharing building owner.

He doesn't raise the rent.

He's very respectable.

– So last time.



– That's why I think.



he received the “Building Grand Award of the Month”.

Isn't that right? The “Good Building Owner Grand Award”.

It's the “Baeksang Building Awards”.

– “Baeksang Building Awards”? – It's amazing.

– He's honest.

– That's right.

– He's honest.

– He's honest.



– and incorruptible.

– It's because he has no dispute.



– with his tenants whatsoever.

– Okay.

I certainly think that it's effective.



since you talk about it constantly.

I promise myself that I should become.



– a good building owner.

– That's right.

He's not doing it because of greed.

– It's his hobby.



– Yes.

to collect buildings.

We should consider it as a hobby.

– Is it “monopoly”? – It's like me playing pool.

It's a real-life “monopoly”.

– Really? – He doesn't consider where's.



a good place when he buys buildings.

He just throws a dice and says, “I should go forward six steps.

” – “I'll buy that.

” – He collects buildings like that.

– He throws a dice.

– It's his hobby.

It's your dream, but it's his hobby.

Sang Min, let's laugh together.

(Sang Min, let's laugh together.

) (He's laughing.

) – Let's laugh.

– They want to be partners with.



– Soo Young chose Kyung Hoon.

– Yes.

The reason is “Because he's born in the year of the rat”, but.



I'm sure that Guard Chung must have asked him.



– to take good care of her.

– Of course.

– She chose Kyung Hoon.

– Seo Yeon is obvious.



with who she wants to partner with.

It seemed like it would be Ho Dong, – but in the end, – What happened? it's Seo Jang Hoon.

She said that she liked Ho Dong so much earlier.

No, I'll tell you the reason.

Since I'm a little boyish, I shine more.



– when I'm with someone delicate.

– Okay.

But Ho Dong's strong energy.



– Your characters overlap.

– Yes, we overlap.

– Our energy.

– Our energy overlaps each other.

– We will crash against each other.

– Yes.

I think you will get along with Seo Yeon's personality.

– They'll get along.

– If they rather.



– She will dominate Jang Hoon.

– That's right.

I'm too weak when it comes to people like her.

Actually, some.



I can't do anything.

– You shouldn't do anything.

– That's right.

(He's laughing.

) – I feel a sense of shame.

– You shouldn't do anything.

Does Guard Chung also don't do anything like that? (Does Guard Chung also don't do anything like that?) – That's right.

– Okay.

When a man and woman date, there will be something uncomfortable.

Of course.

So when you date a woman, you should meet someone that makes you feel uncomfortable.

– Of course.

– Yes.

– That's perfect advice for him.

– Yes.

When you date a woman that always make you think, “I should be careful.

” – Someone who makes you be careful.

– “How will she react to this?” – You can also do it.

– When you date.



(You can also do it.

) Can you also do it? – Can you also do it? – Jang Hoon.

– You can also do it.

– Jang Hoon.

Jang Hoon, just invest five minutes a day.

You can also do it.

– You can do it.

– It's been a long time.



since I received such advice that cut to the quick.

– You can do it.

– But.



Soo Young, is being in a relationship okay for you? Is it okay? Do you like it? – Of course.

– Isn't being in love a good thing? – And.



– Yes.

I'm actually Chung Kyung Ho's fan.

Thank you so much.

I think he will be really respected by Soo Young.

– Yes.

– Don't you respect your boyfriend? But I think you should respect each other.

– Of course.

– Of course.

– You must respect each other.

– Sang Min.

Meet a woman that you can respect.

– You can also do it.

– That's ideal.

(You can also do it.

) It feels like I should sign up somewhere for some reason.

Let's sign up for Soo Young School together.

– Go to Soo Young School.



– Soo Young School if you can't date – Dot com – Open Soo Young School.

– Let's sign up together.

– That's right.

You should pay the membership fee for me.

– Just invest five minutes a day.

– I'll pay it for you.

– Five minutes a day.

– Wait a minute.

He seriously said, “You should pay the membership fee for me.

” Membership fees for places like that are expensive.

I'll pay it for you.

We'll move on to your strengths.

People will be really curious.

First, Soo Young's strength is to say what she sees.

What is that? I'm good at saying what I see.

– Yes.

– I saw you do “Scream in Silence”.

– We did it with EXO.

– It was really.



– When Kai and EXO were here? – So I.



(You put it inside your padded coat.

) (Inside my panties.

) (It's two letters inside your padded coat.

) (Inside my panties.



) (He's startled.

) (Under my underpants?) (Two syllables?) (It became the talk of the town and hit 8 million views.

) You wanted to try it too, Seo Yeon? – I wanted to try it so much.

– Really? – She thinks she'll be good.

– It was hilarious.

– Let's try it.

– Let's go.

– We explain in turn, right? – Well.



– Put your hands back.

– Wait until the music starts.

Here we go.


Let's start now.

– Don't look back.

Stop cheating.

– I didn't see anything.

(Corn) – You.



– “You.



” – A while ago.



– “A while ago.



” – You bought a box if it.

– I was sick? You bought a box of it.

– I was sick? – It's the most important part.

– They always misunderstand.



– You.



– left it.



– the most important part.

– “Left it.



” – in the car.

– I left it in the car? – Something to eat.

– Something to eat? – Yes.

– Something I left in my car.

– What? – Corn.

– Yes.

She has a loud voice.

– When you eat, – “When you eat, ” – you use them.

– They're good.

– You order them? – Yes.

– There you go.

– Packed meals? – Packed meals? No.

– Packed meals.

– Her mouth.



– Since Soo Young's mouth is big, – it's easy to read her lips.

– When you eat, – “When you eat.



” – you use them with your hands.

– You order it often? – Delivery.

– Delivery.

– Delivery.

– When food is delivered, – “When food is delivered.



” they're included too.

– “they're included too.

” – Yes.


(Flyers?) My goodness.

– Disposable.

– What? – They're disposable.

– Unexpectedly? – Yes.

– “Unexpectedly”? – That is.



– Disosable.

– What are they? – I wonder what she orders in.

A spoon and? (The other thing) Don't use your feet.

– Say that again.

– Pass.

– It's easy to read her lips.

– Yes, it is.

Her pronunciation is very good.

Chung Kyung Ho.

(She says “Chung Kyung Ho” right away.

) (Shy) – She understood it.

– She did.

What's funnier is that she understood what she said.

– She did.

– Jang Hyuk.


(Suppressing her anger) Look at her face.

– Jang Hyuk.

– Jang Hyuk.


What he wears.

– Jang Hyuk what? – He wears them.

– Big? – Yes.

Jang Hyuk is big? – Jang Hyuk.



– “Jang Hyuk.



” wears them often.

– Jang Hyuk is big? – Yes.

Jang Hyuk appears with them on often.

Jang Hyuk puts them on his face.

– His face looks cool? – Yes.


– What was that? – She gives her opinion.

What is she doing? Jang Hyuk became a loser somehow.

– On his face, – “On his face.



” he puts them on.

– His face looks cool? – Yes.


What's she doing? (Jang Hyuk becomes a loser twice in a row somehow.

) I guess she doesn't really think he is cool.

On the face.




– You can't see with your eyes.

– Yes.

– So you wear them.

– Sunglasses.

That was correct.

(Sundae) – With tteokbokki, – “With tteokbokki.



” you eat this.

– Fish cake.

– No.

– Dumplings.

Fried food.

– No.


– Jjolmyeon.

– No.

– This one.

– She should say this one now.

– She's supposed to.

– You dip this in it.

– It's the first thing you'd say.

– “You dip this in it”? Yes, you dip this in it.

– You dip this in it? – Yes.

– You dip this in tteokbokki? – Yes.

Why would you dip anything in tteokbokki? You should eat tteokbokki alone.


You're not supposed to give your opinion.

– You should guess what it is.

– You.



– You can't eat this.

– Calm down.

– Calm down.

– I can't eat it? – Right.

– Meat? No.

– Fish cake.

– No.

– Something I can't eat? – She says everything but that one.

– Everything but that one.

– It's time that she said that.

– Everything but.



– Sundae.

– When we go to school.



– What? (Time's up.

Game over.

) – You did a good job though.

– She did.

– How many? – I've never seen a game like this.

Jang Hyuk unexpectedly became a loser here somehow.

“Is Jang Hyuk cool?” “No.

” – “Is Jang Hyuk handsome?” – Did she say that? “No.

” – She kept giving her opinions.

– He is cool.

– “No.

” – He is cool.

Why did you suddenly mention Chung Kyung Ho? Because as soon as she saw the word, – As she hesitated.

– she hesitated.


Is that why you said Chung Kyung Ho right away? And you understood what she said immediately.

– It was hilarious.

– It was funny.

Let's move on to Seo Yeon's strength now.

Gosh, what is it? Impromptu Theater.

Didn't we do something similar on this show in the past? I know how good you guys are when it comes to skits.

So I wanted to do it with you.

Since it's Impromptu Theater, it's 100 percent ad-libs.

There are random situations here.

After Seo Yeon chooses the situation.



You guys came here as supporting actors today, right? Gosh, Jang Hoon is touching the buildings again.

(Busted) Whenever he has time.



Why does he keep touching the buildings? They're blocks for Knowing Brothers.

Get ready and come on out if you're picked, – Okay? – Okay.

– The actress you're going to.



– Supporting actors? – act today is Jin Seo Yeon.

– Really? – I'm a huge fan of hers.

– All right.

– Seo Yeon.

– Let me read it and cast you.

She picked one of the situations.

(What's the first situation?) “You argued with a stranger in the subway over a seat, ” “and he turned out to be the new boss.

” – She argued with a stranger.

– All of you care cast.



because it happened in the subway.

– Make the subway first.

– Okay.

“Make the subway first.

” – Make the subway.

– We all have to make it.

– Okay.

– We all have to sit here.

– The subway.

– And leave just one seat empty.

And Sang Min is the new boss.

That sounds good.





– Hey, mister.

– Hey, look.

Gosh, what's the matter? Let's stand up first.

– Well.



– Let me sit down.

I have a herniated disk.

Wich disc of your is herniated? (Glaring) – Do you also have it? – Between the 6th and 7th.

– Gosh, you look young.

– Well.



Don't you think I'm older than you? I guess you're much older than me, but because my back hurts so much now.



You look very healthy though.

I can't stand.




(Passenger 1 who was dozing off joins the skit.

) What kind of situation is this? That was random.

I'm saying that I'm sick.

– I'm sick too.

– Please be quiet.

Why are you.



so loud in public? Can't you be quiet? You're too loud.

You're the loudest one here.

Please be quiet.

– You can just yield to her.

– I know.

I don't have to yield to her unconditionally though.

I'm saying that because you're too loud.

Got it? What a jerk.

Who are you, jerk? Why is everyone eager to act? – Hey, look.

– I guess no one is getting off.


Excuse me, but the train hasn't departed yet.

We can't get off.

We didn't even depart.

– Everyone is trying to act.

– What kind of subway is it? The acting is difficult.

Judging from the badge you're wearing, – do you work for Jang Hoon Company? – Yes, I got hired recently.

– Not anyone can work there.

– Stand up.

He is the Managing Director.

Are you an employee there? – What is he doing? – Mister.

Sit down.

How many seats are you taking all by yourself? – Seriously.

– You're taking three seats alone.

– You're so harsh.

– Everyone can sit if you stand up.

– You stand up.

– It's because of you.

All of us could sit, but we can't because of you.

When is the train departing? – Isn't it the subway? – Oh, the subway.

Then it's the wrong one.

I should not take this one.

– Here is another seat.

– I got the wrong train.

This is it.

– It was fun.

– Good job Pick one more.

– With confidence.

– If it's difficult.



(Curious) She spotted her boyfriend dating.



her close girlfriend.

Her boyfriend was dating her close friend.

– Soo Young can play the friend.

– Soo Young.

– Soo Young can play it.

– Seo Yeon's boyfriend is.



You do that.

Whose boyfriend am I supposed to be? – My boyfriend.

– Seo Yeon's boyfriend.

– You picked the right one.

– Then should I date.



– Soo Young? – He's the safest choice.

– I think Seo Yeon will beat him.

– It's difficult.

You two sit down here.

You start it first.

– Are you ready? – You get to see them.



through the window.


– While walking, you can go, “What?” – I guess she got the hang of it.

– Right.

– Good.

What is the place that she can see through the window? – Let's say this is a forest.

– Is he directing their acting? – This is a forest.

– A forest.

Add the computer graphic of dawn redwoods.

Let's say they're walking between the trees.

The road between the dawn redwoods.

– Like a road in Damyang.

– Why don't you play the tree? – You play the dawn redwood.

– Please do it.

– The dawn redwood.

– Why the redwood all of a sudden? – Stand like this like a tree.

– Please.

You're the dawn redwood.

– I should be dressed up then.

– While they're walking.



They're going to add computer graphic.

– Computer graphic.

– There is a place.



– where there are many redwoods.

– Cheongju.



– Cheongju.

– where they shot “Sandglass”.

– Damyang.

– Damyang.

– Damyang.

– I like tteokgalbi from Damyang.

Tteokgalbi is good in Damyang.

– Don't you want to go to eat it? – Stop it.

– Stop it already.

– Tteokgalbi.

– Ready.

– Let them act.

– Ready.

– Wait.

– Ready.

– Why does she need so many things? – Right.

– Since it's a park.

Ho Dong, stop working too hard.

– On-standby.

– All right.

– All right, Scene number 1-1.

– 1-1? – Is this the very first scene then? – Is it the first scene? – Ready.

– It's an opening scene.

(Action) Soo Young, I'm sorry.



that we have to meet in secret every time.

What are you sorry for? It's okay.

Thank you for understanding.

What did you do with Seo Yeon yesterday? I didn't do anything.

She just doesn't get off of me.

I'm going crazy.

Please let me know how I can break up with her.

It's driving me insane.

She's not married to me or anything, and I don't know why she is like that.

I just want her to leave for Germany.

She has always been clingy like that since she was little.

– She's surprised already.

– She looks scary when she's mad.

She's so weird.

I don't understand her at all.

I'm so afraid that I may see her.



– I also wanted to.



– What are you doing here? Oh, my goodness.

– What are you doing here? – Oh, my goodness.

She looks scary when she's mad.

She's so weird.

I don't understand her at all.

I'm so afraid that I may see her.



– I also wanted to.



– What are you doing here? – Oh, my goodness.

– Gosh, I'm startled.

(Gosh, I'm startled.

) (What are you doing here?) – What are you doing here? – My gosh.

Is she playing “Scream in Silence”? And why are you here? – It's not.



– What is going on? – It's not what you think.

– What are you guys doing? It's a misunderstanding.

– A misunderstanding? – Misunderstanding? What is it then? – She's a cousin.

– A cousin? She's my cousin.

Are you two dating? No, a cousin.

1, 2, 3, and 4.

She's my cousin.

– What? – Cousin.

She's my cousin.

Social media? She's my cousin.


Where's our baby? – Baby? – Baby.

– Do we have a baby? – Yes.

– Do we? – Yes.

– Did you put him to bed? – He's with his grandma.

– Grandma? – She put him to bed.

– And? – And? What are you guys doing? We just got here.

She's my cousin.

Who are you? – Me? – Yes, you.

I'm ungrateful.

– You're a wench.

– I'm a wench.

How serious is this? – Now.



– We.



We just.



We just started dating.

– You're dating? – Yes.

– Today.

– Today.



– Today is our 1st day.

– Our 1st day.

Excuse me.

They are admitted.

– They are admitted.

– Good.

They are amazing.

Was it okay? Gosh, how could you do that? Seo Yeon, you're so good.

(Brother School) (Transfer Student Quiz, Guess Who I am) I've been watching this show.



and found out you guys don't use this toy hammer.

– Right.

– This is.



It will be fun if you use it properly.

– Come to think of it.



– I just don't understand.



something about Seo Yeon.

I think she must've wanted to be in a variety show.

– How did you hold it back? – You're right.

This is my favorite show, so it's fun to be here.

Seo Yeon, do you like an island? Why? What island? I'm just asking if you like it.

Her face says she likes an island.

There's this show called “Ho Dong and the Sea”.

He goes to islands in the show.

It would've been cool if Jang Hoon heard this.

“Do you like an island?” “Why? Do you have an island?” (Jang Hoon, do you own an island?) What's so hard to buy an island? (What's so hard to buy an island?) Jang Hoon Island.

– It's like.



– It's not Hawaii.

Giant Island.

You can actually buy an island.

And some are cheaper than you think.

– It's cheap only for you.

– Right.

It's only for you.

(I'm sorry.

) – He looked into it before.

– She never misses it.

He did look into it.

I'll give you a quiz.

Try hard to get the right answer.

Unlike how I look, I was very shy when I was young.

So this thing happened.

Guess what happened.

– Were you in elementary school? – I was in elementary school.

– You were shy? – I was very shy.

You wanted to pee during class, but you couldn't say it because you were shy.

– It's close.

– I knew it.

– I'm good at this.

– Is it close? You started a new semester, but you were too shy to meet new friends, so you didn't go to school.

– It's close.

– What? Seo Yeon was so introverted.



that she didn't want anyone to sit next to her.

– Because she was shy? – Yes.

– That's not it.

– No? – I think it's close though.

– It is close.

When the teacher called the roll, you were so shy.



and answered quietly.

So the teacher thought you were absent.

– It's very close.

– What? The teacher called her name to take attendance, – Right.

– but she was too shy to answer.

You should be more specific.

– What? – You were absent? I got it.

Your friend sitting next you always answered for you.

– No, it's not like that.

– I got it.

– Okay.

– That's not it? The teacher called your name, but you couldn't answer.

So you just raised your hand without saying anything.

I couldn't even do that.

When the teacher calls your name, you're supposed to answer.

But you couldn't do it, so you just went home.


That's the answer.

– What exactly happened? – How did you do that? When I was in elementary school, I was really shy.

When the teacher called a roll, – I was supposed to answer.

– Right.

– But I was too shy to speak.

– So you just left.

So I got out of the school before the teacher came in.

(She got out of the school.

) Until I was in 3rd and 4th grade, I found it hard to go to school.

How did you study then? After all the kids went home, I studied only with the teacher.

– You stayed late to study.

– Right.

I understand.

How could she become an actress with such character? For my future goals, I always said.



some jobs where I don't have to meet other people.

But when I was in high school, I decided to become a model.

I thought I wouldn't have to talk much when I'm photographed.

And I was the prettiest one in the neighborhood.

I thought I was pretty.

You were very shy, but how could you think you were the prettiest one? Grownups in the neighborhood kept telling me to become a Miss Korea.

I hated it when people looked at me.

My mom used to dress me up like a little doll.

One day, I found the address of a publisher.



– in the magazine.

– Right.

I went to the address with two pictures of me.

“I'm here because I want to be a model.

” I said.

They seem flustered.


Just leave the pictures here.

” They said.

And I got a call the next month.



and became a model.

(That's how she started her career as a model.

) And I found my job interesting.

I liked it when people paid attention to me.

And the character isn't really me.

I wasn't shy.

It wasn't Jin Seo Yeon, but someone else.

I was fine with that.

So I found it fun.

Don't you feel nervous now? I feel very comfortable at a place like this.

You didn't seem nervous at all when you got in here.

When I first performed on stage, my colleagues threatened me a lot.

They said I would make mistakes on stage.



so I should be very careful.

There were hundreds of people in the audience.

But when I got.



on the stage, I felt very comfortable.

– You're natural on stage.

– I got myself into the play.



– and forgot all about the audience.

– There are people like her.

– It's your vocation.

– Really? How is it possible? Did you not feel nervous at your wedding? I made people laugh during my wedding.

The officiant asks, “Do you take him as a husband?”, and I should say yes.

My husband got really nervous.



and said yes in a very low voice.

Do you take him to be your lawfully wedded husband? Yes! (I will take this man.



) (to be my lawfully wedded husband!) Your husband must've been embarrassed.

What about you, Soo Young? You are not shy of strangers.

I'm very shy.

– What? – I'm serious.

– I'll give you three examples.

– Okay.

The night before Girls' Generation's first debut.

You must've been nervous.

That's number one.

Here's number two.

You're an actress now.

The night before your first shoot as an actress.

And the night before the news about your romantic relationship.

(What made her feel most nervous?) – I think.



– Which one is it? number three is what made me most nervous.

– I understand.

– It was like the end of the world.

– The news about your relationship? – Yes.

Back then, it didn't happen a lot.

Kyung Hoon, were you nervous the night before you got a perm? (Kyung Hoon, were you nervous the night before you got a perm?) Tell us.

You must've been nervous.

You must've imagined how it would look.

What if it goes wrong? You must've been nervous.

I was excited.

(He gives up.

) His ears are turning red again.

– Okay.

Up next.

– Up next.

I performed with Danny Ahn of god in a play before.

I was very grateful to him back then.

Guess why.

(Simpering) – You were grateful to Danny? – It's getting more difficult.

I was thankful because of what happened on stage.

– Danny? – All right.

Seo Yeon was.



– She slapped him.

– supposed to slap him in the face.

– Let's hear it out.

– You slapped him, but it went wrong.

Danny got seriously hurt.



and everyone was shocked.

But Danny didn't show it outside.



and finished the play like that.

It's close.




this is very impressive.

You're really good at this.

How can you do that? That day, there were a lot of fans of god.

His name was Danny Ahn in the play.

– So.



– Okay.

“Please don't go, Danny Ahn.

” You should say this.

“Please don't go, Tony Ahn.

” You said this instead.

(Staring at him) – It's funny though.

– No.

Danny Ahn and Tony Ahn.

– It's funny.

– There were a lot of fans of god.

What was the scene about? What Jang Hoon said is very close.

She slapped him in the face.

When I shook hands with her, she had a strong grip.

He had a nosebleed.

I think it's more than that.

He broke his nose.

– She's really strong.

– It's close.

She says it's close.

You slapped him in the face, but you got it wrong.

So you ended up scratching him with your nails.

She said nosebleed.

Don't go too far.

Seo Yeon.



Did you hear that? Don't go too far.

Where were you going? I'm sorry.

– It's about nosebleed.

– I got it.

You slapped him in the face, – and he bled from both nostrils.

– So? There were fans.

The fans might criticize you.

In case the fans might blame you, Danny Ahn swore at you on behalf.

“Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are?” He swore at you on behalf, and the fans were like, “What's wrong with him?” – No.

– I got it.

“This wasn't a real nosebleed.

” “It was just.



” “a prop, and it popped.

” You're so close! “This wasn't a nosebleed.

” “It was a special effect.

” You're correct.

– You're correct.

– So Sang Min was right.

That's what Sang Min meant.

– I didn't know the word.

– You chose the wrong word.

I couldn't come up with the word.

That's exactly what you meant, right? You got it wrong because of your poor vocabulary.

The actors who were singers have their fans.



come every day.

So they also know when something is wrong.

I was backstage and I was trying to figure it out.

I was like, “I'm dead.

I'm so dead.

” – And you were a rookie.

– Then he went out there.



and told them it wasn't a real nosebleed.

– So I went away with it.

– Danny did.

– And the fans were relaxed.

– Yes.

– Danny's admirable.

– Yes.

He protected his colleague.

In variety shows, Soo Geun, there are times when I have to pretend I'm hitting you.

And you do hit me sometimes.

I was pretending to hit you, and something went wrong, and you had a double nosebleed.

How would you explain to your fans? Then you must have hit him weak.

You could have knocked him out.

“It hurt very bad.

” “I couldn't stand it.

” – You'd tell the truth.

– You'd tell the truth.

“Since I know him well, ” “I won't charge him.

” (Cornering Ho Dong) But.



“But I'd like a sincere apologize.

” (Instead I'd like a sincere apologize.

) – “Say you're sorry.

” – I shouldn't have asked you.

– A sincere apologize.

– That was fun.

– Next.

– It's Soo Young.

(Transfer Student Quiz, Guess Who I am) – Shall we begin? – Yes.

– Right.

I shouldn't sit down.

– Yes, you can.

– Really? – We're sitting down too.

The viewers must be watching in a seated position too.

Really? There aren't many people who watch TV while standing.

– All right.

– That's a great way of thinking.

Right? Would there be people who watch our show while standing? He could be watching like this.

(It's possible.

) (It's hilarious.

) The older people do.

“He's got nosebleed from both his nostrils!” We used to watch boxing in front of a TV store in the old days.

– Right.

– We used to do that.

In the past, there was a television.



– next to the bus stop.

– Yes.

And we used to gather around it and watched it.

– Especially boxing.

– Yes.

Now here's my first quiz.

When I just started acting, I had a killer move for auditions.

What would it be? – A killer move? – Yes.

– A killer move.

– A killer move.

When the audition ends, you always danced to “Tell Me Your Wish”.

– That's definitely wrong.

– Is it? When the audition ends.



Tell me your wish It's his favorite song.

It's actually before I even made the debut.

It was before Girls' Generation, so you sang a song by a singer of SM Entertainment.

He's going to do an impression.

– He's trying to do an impression.

– “Finally!” Someone said, “Oh, my.

” Finally – Oh, my.

– Someone said, “Oh, my.

” I'm sorry.

It's that “Oh, my, ” that you get only two times every year.

– Someone said it.

– From the production crew.

Does BoA like it when you act this way? She loves it.

They're auditions for acting.

For acting? Seo Yeon.

You prepared acting that you always do.

– Of course, she did.

– Always? So what kind of acting is it? Instead of what's on the script for the audition, there's acting that you always do, and you did that.


I wanted to show them that I've practiced very hard.

I got it.

I got it too.

You even memorized the other actor's lines, didn't you? And? Didn't they like it? (What?) – You played 2 to 3 roles.

– Wrong.

– I got it.

– Yes.

This is the only way to show people that you've practiced hard.

– Right.

– You didn't get a shower, wore pajamas and slippers to go there.

That's brilliant.

I should have done that.

But it's wrong.

She practiced hard.

You always brought.



a tattered script.

– It was all worn out.

– Right.

It was obviously tattered, so they were like, – “She worked that hard?” – That's so interesting.

– Is he right? – Why can't we approach a quiz.



– like him? – There's one more thing.

You're right about the tattered script.

Add one more thing.

You used a pen to mark where your breathe, how to say the line, and everything.

– No.

– I'm standing up after a long time.

You brought a tattered.



and ripped script.

That was close.

– Wrong.

– You brought a tattered script.



and wore a tattered T-shirt.

– They were all tattered.

– And.



you even spoke in a tattered manner.

“Hello, I'm Choi Soo Young.

” – No, you're wrong! – Here.

– You brought a tattered script.

– Yes.

And it was full of memos.

You wrote things at the top.

– You wrote words.

– And.



you also put Post-its.

Correct! Yes! (Yeong Cheol steals the answer at the end.

) She had Post-it notes! – Yeong Cheol.

– Post-it! – Yeong Cheol.

– Yes.

You wrote things and put Post-it notes.

– Right.

– All right.

I get it.

So the reason I was wrong was.



because I didn't say, “Post-it”? – Right.

– Right.

– That's the important part.

– I admit.

Did it help? Here's how I realized it.

I didn't do it on purpose at first.

I used to put Post-it notes on it, and I was once cast because of that.

So since next time, – You kept doing it.

– I kept doing it deliberately.

When you fail an audition, do you just get over it? I usually just give up.

I was able to understand when I saw the film later.

I could understand.



why they didn't cast me.

I'm perfectly aware of what I lacked.

But there was a work that I could never give up on.

So I wrote a letter to the director.

I wrote the reasons why I should play this role.

And as I was writing it, – it made me cry.

– It left traces of tears.

No, it only made me cry.




I couldn't help but do it.

(Fall on the letter, teardrops.

) – Did you do it? – It happened in spite of myself.

You hold the tears in the lettter.

I couldn't help it.

I was like, “Do I have to go this far?” So what happened? So I didn't wipe it off, and I sent him a letter wet with tears.

That even happened recently.

– Did you make the audition? – No, I failed.

– You put teardrops on it.

– Like this.

– But the director.



– That's great.

– must not have known.



– That's great.

that you worked so hard.

He could have been like, “Why did she spill water on a letter?” – He could have.

– But.



your sincerity will pile up.



– and bring you something great.

– Yes.

Seo Yeon, did you have a killer move.



– for auditions? – A killer move.

– A killer move.

– I practiced so hard.

Just like you said earlier, I memorized the whole script.

I even memorized the details they wrote.

And I prepared improvisations, dancing, and everything.

I made it to the final interview, and the director told me that he wants to cast me, but he can't because.



– I don't have a portfolio.

– You weren't famous.

I was so angry, and I told him, “I mean, it's because of people like you who don't hire me.



” “that I don't have a portfolio.

” “If you cast me, I'll have a portfolio then.

” “Then I'd be able to keep acting.

” “But no one would cast me, ” “and that's why I don't have a portfolio.

” – I see.

– She's right.


And the directors laughed.

– Because you were so assertive.

– Because.



I was assertive, and they were taken aback.

“I'll see you when I become popular later.

” Then I left.

Isn't that too frightening? What was the dance you prepared? – It wasn't anything particular.

– He's curious.

– It's not like I learned dancing.

– I was just curious.

Soo Young was in Girls' Generation, and I've never seen her dance.

Can you show me? – Show you what? – Dancing.

You play any women's song from the 90s, and I can dance to it.

– Let's see it.

– How about Roo'ra? – Or Diva's song.

– You can play anything.



that's from the 90s.

(You can play anything.

) What is it? (“Now” by Fin.


L) (Thinking) (She thinks for a short time.

) (Spinning) (She starts dancing as soon as she hears the song.

) (She's so cool.

) (Like you're blinded by me) She's good.

(Like you're blinded by me) (I want to rest in your warm arms) (I want to give you all) That's the dance.

(She perfectly reenacted the performance though it was sudden.

) – In the past.



– I loved going to the karaoke room.

Your limbs look so long since you're tall.

When Fin.


L first came out, they were wearing pants like yours.

– You're right.

– Yes.

– Next quiz.

– Second quiz.

I was on my way home recently, and I burst out in tears as I saw a scene.

Why would I have cried? – I got it.

– Yes.

Your favorite restaurant was shut down.

Because she lost one of her memories? – It's wrong.

– You're sensitive to food.

– You.



– It's incorrect.

– I got it.

– Yes.

You cried because you had to take a dump so bad.

It's about time you made that joke.

You haven't done it for so long.

Hasn't it been almost two months? As soon as he said, “Dump, ” – I was like, “There he goes again.

” – It's been about a month.

Yes, I haven't heard it for a month.

He felt he wasn't doing so good today.

So he tried to do something.

– He's trying after Bae Jung Nam.

– Just like the killer move.



– for auditions, it's killer move.

– Please understand.

– Here's a hint.

– Yes.

Just below my house, an idol group lives there.

– Seo Yeon.

– I got it.

– Your boyfriend was.



– Yes.

holding the autographs.



of the idol group members that live downstairs.

(What is wrong with her?) – Too.



– With glow sticks.

– They were a girl group.

– He was holding glow sticks too.

That would make her feel upset.

(So you burst into tears, right?) So I burst into tears like this? (Here.

Hit my back.

) It's so funny.

I saw something in the elevator.

The elevator doors opened, and the idol group came in.

But they didn't recognize you.



and tried to avoid you.

They were like this.

So you started humming to let them know you're their senior singer.

– Humming what? – A song by Girls' Generation.

(Like this, Sang Min?) But still.



(I'm your senior.

) I can't believe these guys.

– But still.



– She's a good actress.

(Are you listening, guys?) But they were just wondering why you were doing that like this.

It's not that bad yet, is it? – It's wrong.

– An idol group.



– Seo Yeon.

– You're enthusiastic, Seo Yeon.

In the elevator, there were scribbles only about the idol group, not about you.

No! Why do you keep doing this to me? Hey, you look sad now.

– No.

– She looks irritated.

– She's about to cry.

– I said no.

I saw someone holding something, and that made me cry.

– I got it.

– I got it.

– It was a trainee.

– Keep talking.

Soo Young got on the elevator, and she was talking on the phone.



with her mom.

“I'm making a debut soon.

Please wait.

” “Are you sick, Mom?” “Last week, you wired me my allowance, right?” “50, 000 dollars is not that enough, ” “but I'm trying to be thrifty.

” When you saw her talking on the phone.



– like that.



– It's very close.

It's similar to that, but.



– All right.

– Was it her dad? – Okay.

– I got it.

The one you saw in the elevator was.



– a parent who visited her child.

– A parent.

– That's it.

– Right.

– A mom.

– That's it.

When you saw the mom who visited her child.



to give something, you got emotional.

That's correct.

That's right.

That's correct.

What are you doing? Was that a dance for “Genie”? – “Genie”? – How could this be “Genie”? How should I do it? – Like this.

– Oh, like this? That's the correct anser.

– Really? – An idol group member's.



Can you tell me which idol group it is? WJSN.


She pressed the floor they live on.

She was holding side dishes for them.

– How nice.

– She got on it like that.

When she got in, she got a phone call.



in the elevator.

And I could hear.



the daughter's voice over the phone.

And the daughter's voice reminded me of the time when I was.



– active as a singer and got tired.

– When you were exhausted.

I mean, she was like, “Where are you, Mom?” “Mom is almost there.

I'm getting off now.

” Then I cried.

(She burst into tears.

) It felt like I saw something like a behind-the-scenes story.

It was like I saw those who were working hard.



– behind the scenes.

– Like you did in the past.

– And she didn't recognize you? – She didn't.

Were you wearing a hat? No, my face was not ready.

Why didn't you hum a little bit then? (Tell me your wish) Then when you lived with the other members, would your mom bring some side dishes for you? Rather than side dishes, my mom brought.




Since we didn't have a sofa, we watched TV on the floor, so she sent a sofa to us.



so that we can watch it comfortably.

– Her family is quite awesome.

– She is cool.

Well, it's hard for me to say, “I love you, Mom”.



or “You're the best, Mom.

” So.



Though it's hard, try to say that often.

– I know I should.

– It's hard at first, – Right.

– but once you do that.



– You try to be sweet to your dad.

– Please be nice to your father.


– What is he doing? – “I love you”? Senior Dong.

Helly, guys.

– Hi.

– I'm Dongridong, Senior Dong.




You look so handsome.

Thank you.

You're here, Soo Young.

You're so good-looking.

Senior Dong, have you met Seo Yeon before? No, it's my first time to see her.

How do you do? Seo Yeon, say hi.

Look at her energy.

(Nice to meet you.

) Seo Yeon is a junior, but.



it looks like she is repeating her school year because she flunked.

Wait a moment, please.

Pardon? Really? – What? – Yes.

I get it.

Hold on, guys.

I just got a tip-off that one of you.



is a very bad student who lies all the time.

– From whom? – We can't do Scholarship Quiz.



today then.

So we're going to.



play Liar Game instead.

– Liar Game? – I didn't lie.

Each of you will pick a piece of paper now.

The name of one person will be written on it.

But on the 2 out of 9 pieces of the paper, there will be nothing written.

This is the important part.

The two people who picked the empty paper.



will become the criminals.

They have to pretend that they have the name just like the others.

The rest of you are supposed to become detectives.



– and find the criminals.

– Okay, detectives.

You have three chances to point out a criminal.



and try him or her.

If you find both the 2 criminals before you use the 3 chances, you get to win.

If you can't find the both, the criminals win.

Do we get snacks if we catch the liars? – Exactly.

– It can't be rice puffs, right? No.

Today's snack is as sweet as a lie.

We prepared roasted sweet potatoes and milk.

– That must be good.

– I like them.

– Let's go.

– Good.

Soo Young is doing it herself.

You have to check so that the others can't see.

And try not to show any response at first.

– Never let others see it.

– Don't look at it for now.

– Your.



– I'm sure you'll show.

Wait and see.

He's going to have parched lips suddenly.

It's hard for me.

– Did you pick one? – Yes.

1, 2, 3.

Please look at it.

The facial expression now is very important too.

– Did everyone check it? – Yes.

Then close your eyes and put your head on the desk.

Tap the desk.

Keep tapping.

Let me see who the criminals are.

Let me find out who they are.

The criminals.


Now, we're going to start Liar Game.



where you're supposed to find the criminals.

Excuse me, but I'm 100 percent sure Yeong Cheol is it.

– Why? – Why? You're blushing now.


What should he do? All right.

His face is too red.

Here is the thing.

If you're considered as the criminal.



when you're not, try not to leave the others mistaken on purpose.

– Then it'll be disadvantageous.

– Right.

Because we have to beat the liars.

Then should I say that I'm not? When you lift your head, your facial expression.



(Keeping a straight face suddenly) I said, I'm not.

– Wait.

– Let's start from here.

– Let's begin comfortably.

– From this side? – I'm comfortable now.

– Okay.

Let's start with Ho Dong.

Please tell us a word that this person reminds you of.

Just say the word.

Ho Dong.

You're the liar.




It is.



Let's start by killing the criminal first.


Not by killing.






I can't help it because I'm flustered.


– Oddball.

– Oddball.

Remember it, everyone.

He said “oddball”.

– Come on.

– Kyung Hoon.

Slightly curt.


Jang Hoon.

Franchise? – He said “franchise”.

– What? Hee Chul.

1, 2, 3.

– Well, positive.

– Positive.


– Positive and.



– Don't describe too much.

– Seo Yeon.

1, 2, 3.

– That's enough.


– White? – White? She chose the word, “white”.

– Summer.

– Summer.


The person gives me a headache.


Yeong Cheol.

1, 2, 3.


Clean? (What?) (Lalughing) Clean.

Lastly, Sang Min.

– 1, 2, 3.

– He certainly is it.

I don't know very well.

He said, “I don't know very well.

” I'll let you talk freely for a moment.

I'm not sure if that was caught on camera.

Yeong Cheol was facing down like this.

(After exchanging glances with liars) Then Senior Dong told us.



to lift our heads, so I did, and he was looking at me like this.

You don't usually study someone else's face.

He was staring at me.

Let me explain it.

I just wanted to see if can.



– get up.

– Why me? – Since you're next to me.

– In my opinion, – It's not me.

– the first one is Yeong Cheol.

Because the words had to be somehow related.



to one another, – but “clean” is irrelevant.

– “Clean”? – And.



– If you say that.



– Seo Yeon just said “white”.

– Seo Yeon is too quiet.

– But Seo Yeon.



– It's Seo Yeon and Yeong Cheol.

– Right.

– Seo Yeon.



– may not know the person.

– I.



– That may be why she said that.

– I said something related to hers.

“White and clean”.

– You did? – Guys.

– Those on our side, think about it.

– Our side.

Soo Young's word is out of the blue.

She said “summer”.

– Summer? – Yes.

– No.

– No.

– Didn't you say “summer”? – I did, but it's not random.

– Wait.

I have one in my mind too.

– Summer.



I think Hee Chul doesn't know that person well.

– Why? – You said “positive”.

I was wondering why you said that word.

I don't think that person would remind you “positive” first.

– He is also.



– As they said all the other words.

He is also weired.

– Him and.



– Hee Chul, – Seo Yeon, and Yeong Cheol.

– Let me name them.

It's Hee Chul and Soo Young.

– Hee Chul, Soo Young.



– He's the strange one.

– Now, – Hee Chul, Soo Young, – Seo Yeon, and Yeong Cheol.

– Seo Yeon and Yeong Cheol.

The 2 of the 4.

He just pointed anyone because he was flustered.

– “You, you, and you.

” – Just anyone.

– Leave me out of the four.

– Jang Hoon's is the weirdest.

Why did you say “franchise”? – You'll see why later.

– It's understandable.

(The person written on the paper is?) (1.

Oddball) (2.

Curt) (3.

Franchise) (4.

Positive) (5.

White, 6.

Summer) (The person written on the paper is?) (7.

Headache, 8.

Clean) (9.

I don't know very well.

) (This is the person written on paper.

) (Who is this person that only the detectives know?) (Who is the given words describing? Min Kyung Hoon.

) – I know those expressions.

– We'll stop here.

Let's vote one at a time.



for the first suspect.

Okay, Ho Dong.

– Lee Soo Geun.

– What is the reason? (Suddenly?) – All of a sudden? – I'm 100 percent sure it's him.

When he talked about our team, he said it like it was a misunderstanding.

He's acting strange.

– His reaction was suspicious.

– Okay, let's stop here.

– Let's continue.

– I choose Ho Dong.

He's acting strange to suddenly choose Soo Geun.

I naturally thought that it was Kim Yeong Cheol.

In my opinion, I don't get along with that person.

(Laughing) I choose Yeong Cheol.

It's possible, – but he might not know for sure.

– It's too inclusive.

Because when we think about that person, we don't think about that word a lot.

– That's right.

– But he said that word, so it means that he doesn't know for sure.

– I choose Kim Yeong Cheol.

– Yeong Cheol is trying to get.



– attention.

– Okay.

– That was good.

– I'm so happy that I got two votes.

Okay, Hee Chul.

I was suddenly suspicious of Ho Dong thinking, “What is wrong with him?” But still, I choose Yeong Cheol.

– You'll kill one person first.

– Yes.

Did I get all the votes? Think hard.

You're a genius.

– That's good.

– Kim Hee Chul is a genius.

– Your acuity will be shown here.

– He's going to kill the same team.

– Funny punks.

– Seo Yeon? I think Jang Hoon is the culprit.

– Look at Seo Yeon.

– She chose Jang Hoon.

– You don't know me well.

– Don't I know you well? – Okay, Soo Young? – I'm suspicious of Sang Min.



because he shamelessly said, “I'm not sure.

” That's possible.

Okay, the next person is Soo Geun.

– Jin Seo Yeon.

– What is it? You wore unmatching shoes because you were in a hurry in the morning.

(Ta-da) There are several reasons why Seo Yeon is the culprit.

She doesn't know the meaning.



and she doesn't understand the game.

I'm 100 percent sure that Jin Seo Yeon is the culprit.

You're the culprit! Yeong Cheol? – Kim Hee Chul.

– What? I'm sorry, but drink some water.

Your lips are too dry.

His gums have no moisture.

(He's laughing.

) Yeong Cheol isn't good at this game.

– What are you doing? – Gosh.

– Seriously? – You're too excessive.

– My lips aren't dry.

– Look at his face turn red.

This is the reason why I chose Hee Cul.

That person.



You don't think “positivity” first when you think of that person.

If you had to write “positivity”, it could be the 11th quality.

– Okay.

– It might not be Yeong Cheol.

– Lastly, it's Sang Min.

– Well.



– It's Kang Ho Dong because.



– What? – All of a sudden? – Kang Ho Dong.



Kang Ho Dong knows that person, but he uses.



“whimsical” right away to describe that person? I don't think it's Ho Dong's style.

– Okay.

– That's good.

Good, Yeong Cheol was pointed out as the first culprit.

I'll give Yeong Cheol 10 seconds.



to defend himself for the last time.

– There's no need to listen.

– Get ready.


It's not me because Soo Geun.



What kind of culprit says, “It's me.

“? The thing about my eyes is a misunderstanding.

Don't you think that this kind of spotlight won't come to me? – Let's stop here.

– It was chosen randomly.

This is it.

– It was chosen randomly! – Yeong Cheol.



What are you talking about when it was chosen randomly? Will Yeong Cheol be the culprit? Think carefully.

Do you think three votes are reasonable? – This.



– The others will have a vote.



– is the first corner.

– to decide whether we will.



– Come back to your senses.

– check if he's the culprit or not.

– Okay, do you think that.



– Wait.

It's the first corner.

– Yeong Cheol is the culprit? – Wake up.

It's not me.

Make a “O” shape over your head if you want to kill Yeong Cheol.

Or if you don't think that Yeong Cheol is the culprit, make an “X” shape in front of your body.

– Isn't it over anyway? – It's a new type of doing it.

Okay, get ready.

1, 2, 3.

There are five votes, so Yeong Cheol is pointed out as the culprit for now.

Is Yeong Cheol the culprit? (It's right, isn't it?) Senior Dong.

– You think he's the culprit.

– What is Yeong Cheol? – He.



– Is he the culprit? (Yeong isn't the liar.

) It's not him! (He's not the liar?) – Yeong Cheol likes attention.

– Really? – Is he an attention seeker? – Since.



– Is he hungry for attention? – everybody is looking at him, – Is he hungry for attention? – he became excited.

I think this first corner will be successful.

– It will be successful.

– I tell you every time.

(Can I get up?) (He was misunderstood because he was self-conscious while getting up.

) (Look at his face turn red.

) (Because of all the attention focused on him.



) (He responded with a water show.

) That's not it.


It's not Yeong Cheol, right? – We should be suspicious.



– That's right.

of the ones who killed Yeong Cheol.

– People who made the “O” earlier.

– Who did that? It's me.

– That's right.

– Soo Young.



– Are you turning yourself in? – No.

Why did he say “clean” then? – Why did he say “clean” then? – Yes.

Okay, we will say a word one at a time from now on.

Let's start with Sang Min first this time.

This person loves music.

Okay, Soo Geun.

This person lights up a fire Let's stop here.

I guess you could say.



(With this person.



) I guess you could say that I'm close with this person.

– Okay.

– Okay.

Wait a minute.

This will be harder for us now.

I wish that this person will.



just receive half of his pay today.

(He bursts into laughter.

) – What? – Okay.

Since we talked about this person this much, – in a way, – Who is it? – this person.



– Jin Seo Yeon! If I wasn't out, I would have been included in here.

– Yes.

– It's kind of.



– making me waver.

– It's making me waver.

– I know who it is.

– Okay.

Everyone should think carefully.

Seo Yeon.



stealthily said that it's someone who is here.

I'm sure that some people must have figured it out.

Okay, Hee Chul.

I can't be separated from this person even if I wanted to.

– Okay, stop here.

– In my opinion, he didn't know earlier.

– He just found out right now.

– That's right.

– He didn't know earlier.

– That's why it was hard for us.

If he takes his hat off, his entire head would be damp.

(Laughing) You punk.


Jang Hoon is next.

When I think about this person, I think of mountains.

– Gosh.

– Okay.

This person really likes to be alone.

– Okay.

– That's too.



Ho Dong is last.

Father! – We said everything.

– It's Ho Dong.

– Father! – Okay.

“Father”? – Let's vote right away.

– Okay.

It's time to choose the second culprit.

Let's start with Ho Dong first this time.

Lee Sang Min.

Lee Sang Min got one vote.

What is the reason? (He's hesitating.

) It's 100 percent.

(I can't believe it.

) – The reason is, “It's 100 percent.

” – Yes.

Okay, Kyung Hoon.

– I choose Lee Sang Min.

– Lee Sang Min got two votes.

– What is the reason? – It's 100 percent.

“It's 100 percent.

” Okay, Jang Hoon.

I'll cautiously choose Kang Ho Dong.

– He chose Ho Dong.

– I choose Kang Ho Dong.

He's really whimsical.

This is the reason why I chose Kang Ho Dong.

It's so strange that he kept talking to Soo Geun earlier.

– Yes.

– It didn't make sense at all.

Soo Geun's answer was.



really important.

It was strange to me that he was suspicious of Soo Geun.

We chose up to Jang Hoon, but I must tell you this.

If you don't get the culprit this time.



and kill a commoner, – the culprit will win.

– That's too.



– Really? – Yes, you should get the culprit.

– You must get 2 out of 3 culprits.

– We must get them.

I'm confused because of Jang Hoon.

I also.



– choose Kang Ho Dong.

– Okay, Ho Dong got two votes.

– It's 100 percent.

– “It's 100 percent.

” Okay, Seo Yeon.

– He's quick-witted.

– I also choose Kang Ho Dong.

Kang Ho Dong got three votes, so he's beating Sang Min.

I choose Hee Chul.

– You chose Hee Chul.

– Don't disperse the votes.

What is the reason? He used “positive” to describe that person at first.

But if you think about that person, it's an expression that a stranger would use to describe that person.

– That's right.

– It's too.



He didn't know at first, – but he figured it out now.

– He figured it out now.

– He's quick-witted.

– Yes.

He figured it out while coming to him from that way.

Soo Geun.

Jin Seo Yeon! I made a slight mistake.



to suspect you.

It's Kim Hee Chul next to you! You're already the culprit.

That's why you lost interest in this game.

You only pretend to look like you're thinking about it, – and stutter Ho Dong's name.

– That's exactly it.

You also can't take your hat off.

That's the most upsetting thing for you.

You're the culprit, Kim Hee Chul! Kim Hee Chul got two votes.

– The last person is.



– It's Lee Sang Min.

– Sang Min.

– Who will he vote for? I'm in a dilemma.

The culprits are Kim Hee Chul and Kang Ho Dong.

I'm not sure whether we should kill someone first.

If we don't, the game will be over.

– That's right.

– If you don't get the culprit, – the culprits will win.

– It will be over.

I'll choose Kim Hee Chul.

– Okay.

– This is my vote.

It's 3 to 3.

Ho Dong and Hee Chul.



don't have the right to vote.

We will vote again with the remaining other people.

Let's start with Sang Min.

Sang Min.

– I suspect Ho Dong more.

– Okay, Ho Dong gets one vote.

– Okay.

– The Ho Dong I know.



could never be the culprit.

– What are you talking about? – He doesn't lie.

– Sorry for the misunderstanding.

– That's right.

I said this earlier, but I'm sure that it's Hee Chul.

Kim Hee Chul gets one vote.

– Soo Young? – I'm devoted to Kim Hee Chul.

– Okay.

– Kim Hee Chul got two votes.

– Seo Yeon? – I choose Ho Dong.

– What? – Ho Dong got two votes.

– It's 2 to 2.

– If you understand.






I said it was Ho Dong earlier, but I will drastically make a change.

– What? – I'm more sure of him.

– I think that's it.

– I choose Kim Hee Chul.

Kyung Hoon should choose properly.

To be honest, I don't think it's Ho Dong.

But I also don't think it's Hee Chul.

It could be you then.

But we have no choice.

– It's still 3 to 3.

– Kyung Hoon.

If the Ho Dong I know is good at acting like that, this game should disappear from Korea.

– Gosh.

– Really? – He can't be the culprit.

– I'm relaxed right now.

He talks relaxedly.

– My complexion.



– But why did you.



– Why did you do such a weird thing? – It was nothing.

– I'm not flustered at all.

– You are mistaken.

– Let's go.

– You made it all confusing.

Whom would Kyung Hoon pick? – Hee Chul.

– Okay.

Four people picked Hee Chul.

So Hee Chul has been chosen as the culprit.

We got you.

You can make your last plead.

I'll give you 10 seconds.

I wouldn't believe this if you weren't the culprit.

I'll approve of you.

I don't feel the need to plead.

Of course.

I don't know why they all picked me.

– That's all.

– Okay.

If Hee Chul isn't the culprit.



He doesn't feel disappointed.

If he is just a commoner, – the culprit will win.

– The game will be over then.

If Hee Chul is the culprit, – we will all vote again.

– You get mad when they pick you.



when you're not the culprit.

You all picked Hee Chul as the culprit.

Hee Chul is.



the culprit! (Hee Chul is the liar.

) (We got him.

) – I knew it.

– I told you from the start.

– So that's how it was like.

– I'm sorry.


– The paper is empty.

– I knew it.

(When they all checked to see who was the liar) (Oh, it's me.

) (He said anything because he didn't know who it was.

) (Yeong Cheol started to think that Hee Chul is the liar.

) (Hee Chul pretended like he was doubting Ho Dong.

) (Then he pointed Yeong Cheol.

) (Soo Geun was quick-witted to know that it was Hee Chul.

) (Hee Chul's acting with his facial expressions.

) (Hee Chul mentioned the relationship between Kyung Hoon.

) (Quick-witted Giant found out that Hee Chul was the liar.

) (Everybody started to think that Hee Chul was the liar.

) (Everyone picked Hee Chul as the liar.

) (Your hair would be all wet when you take your hat off.

) (Soo Geun is right.

) (He can't let anyone know that his hair is all wet.

) – No.

We still have one more chance.

– No.

– Anyone can be that.

– The last words should not be.



something related to the liar.

You have to explain why you are not the liar.

I'll give you five seconds each.

Let's start now.

“Whimsical” and “Father”.

These two words are extremely related to.



That's it.

That's it for Ho Dong.

All right.

Five seconds for Kyung Hoon.

Get ready and start.

“Unfriendliness” and “being alone”.

That's definitely not me.

Nobody has picked me yet, not even once.

That means I'm not the liar.

Do we have to talk about that person? That's all for you.

Let's move on.

I think she is a bit hungry now.

Soo Young, get ready and start.

I said “summer” at first.

I said I might be close to the liar.

– “Summer” sounds weird.

– But let me clarify the word.

– Your time is up.

– All right.

Soo Young must know who the liar is.

– I find the word, “summer” weird.

– Next.

Soo Geun, start.

I can hand in the evidence.

– Handcuffs.

– Your time is up.

– Next.

– Guns.

I would have picked Ho Dong if I were the liar.

I wouldn't have said, “Let's think about it again.

” Your time is up.

I'll leave it up to you now.

– Let's start the last voting.

– That was a weird logic.

Can you all find out the liar? Let's start with the last voting for the liar game.

We'll start with Sang Min this time.

– It's Ho Dong.

– Ho Dong gets one vote.

Sang Min insists that it's Ho Dong when he is clearly not the liar.

That means he just wants somebody else to be picked.

He picked someone who was the suspect in the last round.

That means Sang Min is the liar for 100 percent.

Sang Min gets one vote.

– Soo Young.

– Soo Geun seems suspicious.

– Sang Min.

– He gets two votes.

– Seo Yeon.

– Soo Geun is very suspicious now.

– Soo Geun.

– What? We have a new vote for Soo Geun.

Soo Geun is acting suspicious.

– Jin Seo Yeon.

– Goodness.

– He's the liar.

– Jin Seo Yeon! Seo Yeon could be the liar.

She can't be the liar.

She said she doesn't deserve the full guarantee fee.

– We can say that to anybody.

– You are right.

It applies to everyone.

There must be a reason.

Let's not jump to that.

Jang Hoon.

I find Soo Young very suspicious.

But people voted for different ones.

So I think its Sang Min.

– You have to make it a tie.

– Sang Min.

– No! – Sang Min.

Sang Min got four votes.

100 percent.

1, 000 percent.

10, 000 percent.

It's Sang Min.

– Let's see if he is the culprit.

– Goodness.

Sang Min, it was a good game.

They all think Sang Min is the culprit.

Is he the culprit? Is Sang Min the culprit? (Is Sang Min the liar?) Congratulations.

(Who is Shin Dong congratulating?) Sang Min is not the liar! Thank you for the food! (The liars win the game.

) Hold on.

So who is the liar? – One of them is Hee Chul.

– It's one of the girls.

Who is the other one? – It's Soo Young.

– Please bring the food.

– It's Soo Young.

– I still think it's Ho Dong.

I have nothing to bet.

– But I'll bet that it's Ho Dong.

– Hee Chul gets to have.



the sweet potato and milk.

– Who is the second liar? – It must be Soo Young.

– Who is the second liar? – It must be Soo Young.

– It must be Soo Young.

– Who's getting the sweet potato? Who is it? He's going the other way.

– Is he approaching Ho Dong? – He's good.

(So I was right.

) – Thank you for this.

– It's Kyung Hoon! What? (Nobody imagined that the liar is Kyung Hoon.

) My goodness.

I clearly said.



that it could be Kyung Hoon! – Kyung Hoon.

– I got you! (Great job.

) – My goodness.

– But he's.



– That was amazing.

– It doesn't make sense.

I knew it when Ho Dong said “Whimsical”.

– Whimsical.

– When I said that, – you knew it was you.

– I knew it was me.

Jang Hoon also knew it right away.

Soo Geun started to point out the wrong person.

But he said, “headache”.

Nobody would know it if it weren't us.

Our viewers would only know it if they watched our old shows.

They wouldn't know it unless they remember all the episodes.

– Headache is.



– It was when So Hee was here.

something that can't be easily brought up.

I have a question.

Why did you say “summer”? – Buzz is a summer band.

– Summer songs.

– “Travel to Me”.

– It's because of “Travel to Me”.

Jang Hoon was 100 percent correct.

I didn't know who it was at first.

I knew it was you when you said “positive”.

Let's talk about “franchise” that Seo Yeon wanted to know.

– What's that? – Please explain.

Kyung Hoon was a model for a hamburger commercial.

– That's what I meant.

– Clarify “Father.

” – Yes, so what is that about? – They picked me twice.

– Let me tell you.

– “He is not my father.

” – Kyung Hoon is very lucky.

– My heart was broken.



when I killed Hee Chul.

I told Kyung Hoon to pick Ho Dong.

But he thought he would end up losing.



if he picked Ho Dong then.

(I don't think it's Ho Dong.

) (He is not the liar.

) (I don't think it's Hee Chul either.

) (You have to pick either one.

) Weren't you surprised when I said.



“It could be you, Kyung Hoon.

” My heart was beating hard.

My hand was shaking too.

(It could be you.

) (Shaking) (Soo Geun was close.

) Guys, how was today's game? You found new sides of your friends today.

Yes, it was fun.

– We'll play this again soon.

– I knew it wasn't you.

– We'll find the liar again.

– All right.

It has been a fun day.

I'll be at Career Counseling Room.



with Teacher Jang and Se Woon.

Please come and visit me if you want to play one more time.

– Bye.

– Bye.

– Bye.

– Good job, Senior Dong.

(Knowing Brothers Special Session: Career Counseling Room) What is this? (Stirring) Teacher Jang, this is amazing.

It's selected by 31 experts.

You are selected as the most promising entertainer of 2020.

You got most of the votes and ranked in first place.


(Congratulations, Teacher Jang!) – Thank you.

– He is literally matchless.

– My goodness.

– How did this happen? I'm the only possible one these days.

(I see.

) – He is this popular.

– Hold on.

He is this popular and we're only working on this small session.

– You are right.

– This lasts for only five minutes.

Are Knowing Brothers watching this? – Goodness.

– Teacher Jang.

– Teacher Jang.

– Teacher Jang.

– Teacher Jang.

– Teacher Jang.

– Teacher Jang.

– Stop it.

Are you teasing me or what? – No.

– Not at all.

I'm so shy.

I don't deserve that.

We should rely on him from now on.

Who is it? Who's there? – Is this Career Counseling Room? – Goodness.

– Hold on.

– It was just like “Knee Drop Guru”.

– Should I do it again? – Yes, please.

– Make it natural.

– I felt the same way.

– Teacher Jang.

– Teacher Jang.

– How shy.

– Right.

– Who is it? – Is this Career Counseling Room? – Hold on.

– Wait.

(Thumping) (What is going on?) This is a good sign.

(It's going to be a good day.

) – Again.

– Goodness.

– Are you doing this on purpose? – Who's today's guest? – Who is it? – Goodness.

What's going on? Welcome.

– Nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you.

My goodness, Sleepy.

He must be the perfect guest for this show.

Please introduce yourself first.


I'm a rapper with 15 years of experience.

I'm also an entertainer.

I'm also a content creator.

– His pronunciation is very clear.

– I'm also a radio DJ.

I'm a club DJ as well.

I'm a father of my dog, Puri.

I need a job as soon as possible.

I'm Sleepy.

So you have multiple jobs.

– I know.

– He has so many jobs.

But wait a second.

Why are you dressed up in school uniforms? This is Jang Hoon's vest.

Hold on.

It looks so big on you.

It's like a dress.

I like big clothes like this.

– It's bigger than I thought.

– Over fit.

It's not that big.

It says “Jang Hoon” here.

You are right.

Jang Hoon looked big in his vest.

But Sleepy looks pathetic in that.

What's going on? Well, that's not the issue.

He owns so many buildings.

I needed his energy.

I'd like to take this home if he is okay with that.

His words all sound very pathetic.

Why do you make it sad at the end? In fact, you shared your personal stuff with all of us.

So did things get better these days? – It got a lot better.

– Good.

There was this thing that made me.



share about my situation then.

What was it? I shared my situation with my friends over dinner.

I told them about my life.

I got up to walk out.

One of them said, “This is a great concept.

” I thought I should share this to people when I heard that.

He looked like a fancy celebrity on the outside.

He appeared on “Real Men”.

– That's right.

– He won the Rookie of the Year.



– that same year.

– Right.

People couldn't relate to it when he said he was having a hard time.

People thought you said that to make it fun.

– He did well in “We Got Married”.

– That's right.

I wasn't that popular.

That's a great concept.

You got it all set.

I always check on myself realistically.

Don't you get to stay as a regular panel if you do well? – What happened? – I'm not that good.

(Sleepy knows exactly where he is.

) That's a great concept he got.

It's nice.

– It's a great concept.

– I'm not a good entertainer.

But you are the regular panel for many shows these days.

– Right.

– “Heard Over Rumor.

” I worked on it quietly for a long time.

But when it becomes spring time, – I don't feel safe.

– I get what you mean.

“What should I do?” Why do you act when you talk? You majored in Department of Theater and Film.

No, Advertising Design.

I thought he actually majored in acting.

I majored in Advertising Design.

Is there any show you want to join? Knowing Brothers.

You are here now.

I want to get your position.

Here? You want to be a guitar? I can even sit on the floor.

Why not? – I can sit there.

– You want to sit here? – Why not? – Don't make fool of yourself.

– I can sit here.

– You have to lift your feet up.

(Comfortable) Why are you here? – I can sit here.

– Goodness.

– What? – That's great.

That's nice.

My tailbone fits perfectly.

– Are you okay? – That's hilarious.

– It's perfect for him.

– Amazing.

Are you after Se Woon's position? Yes.

How dare you! (Sorry) I'm Teacher Jang.

– You're a senior.

– Right.

You're a freshman.

– Hey! – What? That was great.


That was great, Se Woon.

– His tongue is active.

– Well, I lost.

What are your strengths that are better than Se Woon's? – Yes, name one.

– It's a competition.

– Well.

– What can you do better? – I'm taller.

– Right.

– I'm 189cm.

– You're tall.

So what can you do better just because you're taller? I can reach things up there.

I can remove the frames.

I can do nailing.

– Why would you do nailing? – Why would you do that here? What else? – I can rap.

– Rap? Team Jeong Se Woon has a rapper.

– Rapper? – Are you doing fine? I'm just doing okay these days Things are better, but I don't feel better Goodness, he is like Eminem.

He's this talented.

Do you think you're better? My pocket is full after joining “Show Me The Money” My pay gets better even if you talk back behind me My walk got a lot arrogant I can't walk outside these days You're going to gossip about me again on the Internet Great.

But this is your song.

That's why you can rap.

Do a freestyle rap with what you see here.

– Rappers do freestyle rap.

– Real rappers do that.

I don't really do freestyle rap.

Let's start with Se Woon.

I'm not a good rapper But I can always stand up and go first But you don't have that gut You're just Sleepy (Praise Se Woon.

) Bold as brass.

Great job, Se Woon.

Great punchline.

That was great.

(Winner's ceremony) You will be fine as long as you win this part.

I don't really do freestyle rap.

But you should be ready.

I'm not ready with that.

Then what would you do? I like how you are honest.

He is a very honest guy.

– He's very honest.

– I'm honest.

Your concept is good.

Is there any show you want to join? “Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurants.

” They give you a free meal there.

Am I right? – You like free meals? – Of course.

They take you to nice restaurants.

As far as I know, you take snacks home from the waiting room.

I take ramyeon home.

You bring it home.

– Do you take wet wipes? – They're very useful.

Do you take multi-plug adaptors? No, that's illegal.

– He is good-hearted.

– Goodness.

– He's good.

– I like mineral water the best.

Mineral water? You sound just like Lee Teuk.

– Teuk.

– He is a frugal man.

He has his bag too.

He brings an empty bag.

Then he takes those snacks home.

He's frugal.

He has a lot of good strengths.

– He's frugal.

– It's a good thing.

Some mysterious man sent you a voucher because.



he wanted to treat you a fried chicken.

Really? There have been many articles about my tough situation.

– Hope.

– They consoled you.

A lot of people consoled me.

I was very grateful when they sent me a mobile voucher.

– Which brand was it? – BBQ.

– Half fried, half seasoned.

– Gosh, it must have been tasty.


25 liters of coke.

I know your fans sent you that.

Any celebrities helped you? BTS.

– Jin of BTS.

– Really? He's good.

He's really nice.

He sent me a text.

He said, “Don't take it the wrong way.

” “I can help you.

” “So call me whenever you need me.

” I shared this story many times.

I told him that I'm sorry.

Send him a video message then.

I'm really sorry.

Gosh, it's so sad.

All they ever let it air is your story.

They edit out the other stories.

They only share this story.

You got to be honest like this.

I begged RM to feature my song for two years.

I'm so sorry too.

BTS is busy.

RM always wants to do it.

But we don't really come down to the right date after the meeting.

They don't earn anything from their side.

That's right.

They might lose their popularity if they work with Sleepy.

(Speechless) I wish they release a song about this story.

“RM, feature my song.

” Then he can rap.

Bang Si Hyuk would go, “No.

” What would go so wrong? (It's better than we thought.

) This one would work.

You can't always tell people that you are gloomy.

You have to get out of it.

I believe I can get out of that around the year-end.

– The year-end.

– Any good sign? – No.

– So that's also very vague.

Let's do it this way.

– We'll get over this.

– Right.

Everyone has a sad memory.

(We all have unlucky and sad times.

) (Let's work on a competition.

) (Bring it on.

) (It's when I was an anchor.

) (Shocking confession) (I lived on the rooftop.

) (That refers to the sky lounge.

) (Angry) (Let's mention saviors.

) (The writer of “We Got Married”) (Puri) (Reality or love?) (Which one would Sleepy pick?) (The preview of next week's episode will be revealed soon.

) (Salute!) (Sung Kyu of Infinite got recently released from the army.

) (Rising star, Lee Yi Kyung) (Newly married, Kangnam) (Lee Sang Hwa?) (You married her?) (Acting) (How do you feel to be back to shoot the show?) (I came up with the scorpion dance after three years.

) (I'm sorry.

But that is quite irrelevant to the question.

) (You're only sharing what you have been thinking.

) (No.

I prepared for this.

) (Sung Kyu, are you nervous?) (Shaking) (Let's go!) (Hold on.

) (What? Where is the scorpion?) (I think I can do that too.

) (Amazing hip dance) (Goodness, these guys.

) (The best dancer shows what he got.

) (Heated dancing battle) (And what is this mysterious game?) (The screen is full of their bottoms.

) (Isn't this proctological surgery game or what?) (He's lifting me up.

) (Screaming) (Knowing Brothers with heated transfer students) (Knowing Brothers) (“2YA2YAO!” by Super Junior).

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