[ENG/KOR] Trans-Canada Bicycle Travel Ep.#10 | 캐나다여행 자전거 여행영상 10편

hey what's up guys this is joe from casual rover and your zero join me now welcome to my ten and the last episode of trans canada bicycle travel in this episode i'm gonna tell you guys stories from day 29 to 33 now once the bus terminal two hours before the departure time they asked me to box the bicycle and they need a wrench to undo the pedals but I didn't have one so I quickly went to Walmart nearby lot warning came back but it was so tight that I couldn't undo it I asked me if they had a wrench but they didn't have one there so I had to pick pay the penalty and change the bus to get the next day and I went to a local bicycle shop and asked them if they could undo the petals for me it was so tight that they couldn't undo it that they had to use a modified with very very long range to do after they undid it I've put some grease on the pedal and put him back on and I booked a motel and went straight to there I dried my tents and in the parking lot and clean the inside of the tents and all day I just said in the motel sleeping I only came out just to eat and just went right back to the motel I could have shoot maybe I should have taken more time off and stay longer in Thunder Bay and just look around the town but at that time I don't know why I just I just had to keep moving and I didn't want to spend money on accommodation on day 30 he took the bus from Thunder Bay to Susan marina that was about 700 kilometres I arrived at the bus terminal early and started boxing the bicycle and finished packing around 8:40 a.


I think and I was just sitting there waiting for the bus to come and while I was waiting for the bus a bus from I think the bus came from Edmonton and people were getting off and coming into the terminal and I saw two familiar faces but I couldn't tell where I saw them before I started my trip I read an article about two Korean bicycle travelers that one of them had got their bicycle stolen on highway near Edmonton and when I was in Castle gar my warm showers house told me that they were lucky that people of Edmonton money and bought them a new bicycle and the gears when I heard that I contacted them through Facebook and asked them where they weren't asked him if they want to travel together when they got back to me they said that they were still in that Menten and they weren't sure when they were going to leave I think fast forward to this day so when they came and settles to me and I heard him talking in Korean I asked them if they were the ones that were on the on the article and they said yes and I told him that um I was the one that message them not to talk and they also had just started traveling by bicycle just maybe a month before me and they said that they were on the way to Toronto to get their passport they decided to take the bus from Edmonton to Toronto because they had wasted too much time in Edmonton and they were told that the scenery between that mint and in Toronto was pretty much the same so it's just decided to jump on the bus I met a German traveler named Toby and we had the best seats on the bus so much like Brent but that didn't last long after one or two stops later a blind woman got on the bus but there helped her and then they were looking for her seats for disabled people the bus driver was loading their stuff so he was occupied and I guess people thought we were in me and Toby were in the disabled assist because we had so much leg room and they all stared at me and then two women they started walking their way to the seat and then they when they arrived they demanded us the same and I wasn't sure if I were in the disabled since because we were in the middle of the bus usually the disabled estates are in front of the bus but I couldn't we couldn't argue there everybody was staring at us and they were already standing in front of us so he got up and try to find seats but nobody would give up their seats for their bags and just make us stand there anyway seven hours later we arrived in Susan Marie and I said goodbye to Toby and the Korean travelers and was on my way to this bicycle shop where they provide space for camping and shower for bicycle travelers know my way there I met a family of three cyclists and the father asked me if I just arrived in Susan Marie and I said yes and he asked me if I was looking for a place to camp and I said yes and I was on the way to this bicycle shop and he said oh yeah that's a good place to camp on day 31 I biked around 170 kilometres from Susan Marie to serpent River Campground I met the guy that I met that had met the night before in the morning at the bicycle shop and I said hi and we talked a bit and then he said he was the owner of the bicycle shop so I thanked him for providing the space and the shower for the bicycle travelers in left I went to Walmart nearby and bought a lot of bread instant noodles and chocolate for the road I bought a lot to save money so that I don't have to spend money for lunch at a restaurant but I guess that was kind of a bad idea because I was only eating bread and chocolate it didn't really provide much energy for me and also just carrying all that weight which is waste of energy I arrived at serpent River Campground round ATM and shower distant and slept on day 32 I biked to 144 kilometers from serpent River Campground to Sudbury the road getting into Sudbury was when I was one of the worst roads the shoulders were very narrow and a lot of debris on the shoulder too I could have fun any place to tend near death burry and I didn't want to tent in the city so I was getting out of the city and I found a church and a little bush next to it and I just pitched my tent and the bush they denied there was quite loud at night because they were having a party on day 33 the last day I biked 130 kilometres from Sudbury to North Bay and drove the rest of the way to Ottawa and got up and left early because I didn't want to get in trouble for example there was rioting in the morning but it wasn't that difficult to ride I just started off it had been raining all day and around maybe three to four hours before I was in North Bay it really started pouring down and I was just taking a break under a huge tree in the middle of nowhere and I thought it's gonna be hard to find in place depends and also I didn't want to spend money on hostels or motel I was really tired from cycling non-stop and taking the bus and I don't know all that stress from the bus ride so instead of just trying to find a place to tent and decided to call my dad pick me up in North Bay I was about 3 or 4 hours away from North Bay and he was about three to four hours away from North Bay – so I called my dad I arrived in North Bay a little bit earlier than I expected I just looked around the town and went to McDonald's to wait for my dad and he came around 60 mm I put the bicycle in the car and drove Ottawa if I were to do this again we probably take more time and more resting day maybe buying a little bit short shorter distances in the mountains busy and not be afraid to spend money on accommodation or just camp well can thank you for watching and hope you enjoyed it this was the last episode of the trans-canada bicycle trip and I'll see you guys in the next video thank you bye.

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