[ENG/KOR] Trans-Canada Bicycle Travel Ep.#2 | 캐나다여행 자전거 여행영상 2편


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Hello guys Welcome to second episode of my trans-canada travel by bicycle in this episode I'm gonna talk about from day 4 to days 6 which is from sunshine Valleycampsite to Osoyoos This is a picture of me around 7 a.


in the morning I just took a selfie right after I woke up I was planning on taking a selfie everymorning just to see how my face changes or how much I grow my hair but I ended up taking only this one I think I never took a self in the morning anymore I left the camp site and cycled to E.


Manning Park I went to the visitor centre first.

Took a break and had lunch I had a little bit of bread and cake thatsecond warm showers host gave me so I had that and I just took a little break and I tried to search for a campsite nearby because I was just tired and I didn't want to go too far I wasn't able to find Couchurfing orWarmshowers within the distance that I could bike so I tried to find a campsitenear the Visitor Centre but I didn't have connection to the Internet I biked back about 1.

5 kilometers back to a lodge or resort and I went in there to use theWi-Fi and to charge my phone I think I stayed there for over an hour or hour and a half and I came out to go to the campsite and then as I was cycling awayfrom the lodge I came across this guy with a trailer behind his bicycle We got to talk and he asked me where I was going and then I said I'm going to the campsite and he said “Oh I'm staying behind this hostel” “there's a garage there you can camp there for free” “I've been staying there for two orthree nights already” It sounded a little bit sketchy but I just followed him anyway It doesn't hurt you see so I followed him there and we had to pass by this hostel office I think one of the staff saw us walking by but they didn't really stop us I guess they thought we were just guests so we continued and right behind the hostel There was the garage.

I think it's the hostel's but one of the garages was empty So he's been staying there for 2 to 3 nights but no one asked him to leave so we pitched our tents there he had a Bivy sack and aswe were putting up our tents we charged our solar panels and after we pitched, we got to talk a little bit funny story is that umm beforeI went on the trip I was reading Korean female bike tourer's blog she's been toKazakhstan and he told me that he's been to Kazakhstan and I said “Oh do you knowthis person?” and then I showed her picture from her blog and he said “Yeahthis is her” wow what a coincidence Anyways after we talked a little bit we went have dinner at the nearby pub umm It was called bears dune pub I think and we ordered our food and beer after we finished our meals he opened his notebook and started writing down all these tips on a bicycle touring and I thought he was writing it down for me so as a thank you I paid for his meal and beer and as we were about to leave he just closed his notebook and got up so I thought “I guess that wasn't for me he just wrote it down for himself as a reminder” yeah well maybe I should've asked for it or at least ask him if it was for me before I pay for his meal anyways wecame back to the garage and he had a glass bottle of tequila he offered me ashot and I didn't want to really drink but because I had paid for his meal andthen I thought okay maybe this will.


it'll cover a little bit of themoney that I paid for his meal so I took a shot and that was it he asked me if Iwanted another shot but nah I said “no thank you” and then I went to my tent Mistake that I made when pitching my tent that night is that I didn't put the rain cover I thought because I was already under aroof it'd be okay and it wasn't even that cold well.



in the middle of the night I started hearing this little rattling sound in the garage from the other side and I thought.


it felt like somebody was watching me I was a little bit scared but I couldn't really open my eyes So I just pretended that I wassleeping I was just hoping that my friend would wake up he shush whatever was making the noise and it stopped anyways it was good to know that he wasawake Since then even if I am under roof I always put on rain cover Next morning we separated our ways he was going West and I was going East So we said goodbyes and then we took pictures before we left I was heading towards Princeton because I had a Couchsurfing arrangement So I started biking there.

and on the way I didn't really take many pictures or videos I told my couchsurfing host that I will arrive around 5:30PM but I ended up arriving there around 3:30PM I just went to the A&W and waited for about two hours there she owned two units in this apartment just right across the hall and she gave me the whole unit and she gave me dinner.

A lot.

she gave me chicken and vegetables and a lot of food and she is going to work the next morning early in the morning so she said she would leave her door open so I can just come in before I leave and havebreakfast That was very generous offer the next day I started.



I think I leftaround 9AM or 10AM anyways I started biking I think I arrived in Osoyoos just before the sunset and as I was getting close or atthe entrance yeah as soon as I arrived at the city I noticed.


a lot.


there was alot of hitchhikers So I thought this place was popular or something because a lot of people are here.

On the way to Osoyoos, I stopped by a small town the only reason I stopped by was to buy bananas.

On my first day or second day when I raninto the guy from the America that was cycling from Utah to Alaska he told meabout when you're biking if you see banana peels and if they're fresh then there's somebody in front of you very close.

If they're rotten, that means someone'sfar ahead and as the banana peels get fresher that means you're catching up to theperson Anyways I thought the story was funny so I stopped by when I saw bananas took a picture of it I went to the visitor centre (Osoyoos) to check on the information where I can sleep or camp but it was already closed and I saw a sign that says “OSOYOOS” so I wanted to take a picture there Went across the street and went up the curb but I didn't want to stop and step on the ground like I didn't want to have to stand I wanted to sit in my saddle.

So I just decided to park my bicycle parallel to the rock that way I can step on the rock and I don't have to get off the bike But as I was trying to do that I was going just to slow that I lost my balance and my front pannier hit the rock and there are two hooks but one of the hooks it just broke.

It still hung on to the rack so it was okay to ride I just had to put an elastic cable (Bungee Cord) around right pannier.

I had no luck with Couchsurfing or Warmshowers there On Google map I couldn't find any place to camp So I just decided to bike around the town and find it myself but I couldn't find any good spot then I found a fire station.

They usually let bicycle travellers pitch tents but unfortunately when I got there there wasn't no one there I waited around for 30 minutes but nobody came back It was already dark so I had to find a place to stay or find a place that's open 24 hours So I went to 7-Eleven andthey were open 24 hours At midnight I asked them if I couldstay overnight and they said it was ok and I asked if I could keep my bicycle inside the store and they said “No.

You can stay but the bicycle has to stay outside I was kind of worried So I locked my bicycle just outside the door where I can see I was just sitting there the whole night I felt bad just staying there so I just kept buying coke and chips and (picture) Well thank you very much forchecking out my second video On the first video I didn't really talk I hope this was better I'll see you again in my next video BYE.

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