[ENG/KOR] Trans-Canada Bicycle Travel Ep.#3 | 캐나다여행 자전거 여행영상 3편

Hello guys Welcome to my third episodeof Trans-Canada's bicycle travel In this episode I'm gonna tell you guys about the stories from Day 7 to Day 10 which is from June 28th to July 1st From Day 7 to Day 10 I biked from Osoyoos to Creston on Day 7 I bike 125 kilometres from Osoyoos to Grand Forks This day is without a doubt one of the hardest and the longest day of my journey around world I started the day with a free coffee When I went the counter to pay for the coffee the staff just gave the coffee free for me She told me that the staff are allowed to give out one or two free drinks a day I guess she felt bad for me because I stayed there all night because I didn't have any place to sleep so I thanked her and I brought the coffee to my table I was enjoying my coffee as theSun was coming up I left 7-eleven around 5 in the morning and started biking Despite the sleepless night I felt quite OK Ride was easy for the first 5KM and then as soon as I crossed the bridge out of the town it turned into HELL Steep hill started and right away I knew that I could not pedal anymore I tried but it just took too much energy and too much effort it was just easier to push the bike I pushed the bike for about half an hour I still had a long way to the top and it was still a little bit dark whenever I saw a truck coming I tried to hitchhike it looked like it would've been just5 minute ride by car I didn't just sit there and wait around I was just pushing the bike while I wait and then whenever I saw a car coming or a truck coming I stopped and put my thumb up After a few unsuccessful hitchhikingtries I decided to give up I mean after all I decided to go across thecountry by bicycle and I should be able to overcome this so after about 2 hours of pushing the bike up the hill I arrived at a lookout point the view was amazing I took a moment to commemorate the victory then I continued from then on I was expecting downhill since I was already at the lookout point and usually lookout points are either close to the top or at the top but the hill just got steeper and steeper making it even harder to even push the bike just in that section I think I stopped maybe more than a hundred times when I was taking a break I saw an oldman riding a road bike going up the hill and he didn't stop he was going fast, too.

And at the time I kind of felt like I was defeated by this old man I don't know why I thought maybe because I was young he's old but he's riding all the way up the hill and I said to myself that “Well I can do it if I ride without any stuff and just a road bike” but now that I think about it I don't think I could have done it I wasn't physically ready then.

Anyways I think it had been just over an hour or less I saw him coming back down so I thought “Oh a person like him who likes to bike in the morning” “in this monstrous hill isn't just gonna stop in the middle of the hill” “and just come down he probably reached the top and he's coming down” so I thought “Oh I must be very close to thetop” Well I WAS VERY WRONG! it was three hours later that I could finally get back on my bicycle and start pedaling after about 10 to 20 minutes pedaling I saw a sign that says Anarchist Summit 1233m OH MY GOD! No wonder it was so freaking tough I was actually really excited for two reasons one that I had reached the summit and the other now that I reached the summit from here on it must be downhill I WAS WRONG AGAIN! for about 15 kilometers it was just ups and downs and little hills it looked like it was flat but it wasn't When you're traveling on a bicycle with 20kg or a little bit over luggage, you know whether the road is flat or not after a while I was finally at downhill it was short but it was very steep I was going as fast as the cars and I think they were going at maybe 30 km/h.

All the way from the beginning of the downhill to the end I was holding on to my brake I don't really like those super steep downhill because you can't really enjoy the downhill you can enjoy the speed and also your hands get really sore and at the end of the downhill Iarrived at a gas station I stopped there and bought a 4L of water and cooked lunch.

It was around noon.

It always took more than an hour or an hour and a half for me to prepare food and eat and clean and pack again and I think that's a little bit too long you're losing too much time of your riding time So I think when you're travelling it's better to buy lunch rather than making them yourself or make lunch in the morning and the gas station was in a placecalled Rock Creek from Rock Creek to Greenwood was an easy ride I think was pretty much flat Very uneventful other than seeing afellow bicycle traveller but he was on the other side of the road so I didn't really stopped We just waved at each other from there all the way to Grand Forkswas just all downhill I think I didn't have to pedal for like 30~40 minutes just going downhill at one point I reached just a little over 50 km/h I didn't have to pedal and I closed my eyes for like a second or two and almost lostmy balance that woke me up I arrived in Grand Forks around 6:30 p.


I went to shop I bought drinks and stuff for dinner and breakfast for the next morning I was lucky because I was given an entire house to myself so I did the laundry.



and I think I just went to bed right away I was just too tired On Day 8 I biked 101KM from Grand Forksto Castlegar.

I woke up around 9 a.


and left the house around 11 a.


I should have started the day earlier if I wanted to get to Castlegar before the sunset it was summer the Sun rises early and it sets very late Also the Sun is really strong during the day so it's better to start at the early and take a break during the hottest time of the day my host was volunteering at akids baseball tournament that day So he had to leave around 7 a.


so I had missed him and I couldn't say goodbye but I left a thank-you note and later hemessaged me through Warmshowers that he got the message and I was welcome to come back anytime As I was riding on highway 3, I got acall from a friend, an ex-coworker and I stopped in the middle of nowhereand talked for like 10 minutes there I didn't really take many pictures orvideos that day that day I passed two summits they're both pretty high Bonanza pass and Paulson summit I thought they were two separate summits because I saw two signs later when I did the research I just found out that they're just the same it was quite scary when I was crossing the Paulson Bridge.

It's 84 meters above the valley.

it was a long day and I arrived in Warmshowers host's neighborhood in Castlegar around 7:30 p.


Very late.

Because most Warmshowers hosts mark their neighborhood on the map but don't post their home address on the profile Text them or call them once you're around.

Richard my Warmshowers host in Castlegar welcomed me and showed me around We talked for hours and he fed me until I couldn't eat anymore.

He was one of the Admin of Warmshowers Facebook page and he showed me some of pictures of the guests that stopped by.

I thought that was cool.

I enjoyed talkingwith him listening to his stories On Day 9 I biked from Castlegar to Nelson It was a very short day.

Because I'd been riding for 8 days non-stop and it was just the beginning of my trip and I wasn't trained for this.

I was gettingreally exhausted so I wanted to take a day off but I didn't want to not move at all so I just made this a short day.

Richard said he had a doctor's appointment but it was in Kelowa I think.

Kelowna? somewhere in BC It was quite far away from Castlegar But he said he's gonna bike there he's gonna make this visit to the doctor a bicycle trip and that's when I realized you don't really have to travel for weeks or thousands of kilometres to call it abicycle trip.

Richard's friend came over in the morning before I headed out.

We talked a little bit.

I only had to ride a short distance that day so I didn't have to hurry.

I took a picture with Richard and left.

I arrived in Nelson around 2 p.


and I messaged my Warmshowers host but he said he wasn't home yet so just went to a cafe in downtown and I had lunch.

Just waiting for him.

Nelson is a small town but very hilly.

Steepness of the hill onthe way Warmshowers host's house had to be at least 20%.

it looked hard enough just to walk.

It was less than 400m.

I was out of breath and all sweaty.

When I arrived, my Warmshowers host, Michael, and his friends were enjoying beers in the balcony I pitched my tent in his backyard and I joined them.

He told me that the girl that lived upstairs was moving out that day so if she moved out early I can sleep upstairs But she took her time to move out I didn't really get a chance to go upstairs Mike went to other town to pick up his girlfriend So he wasn't there so just I talked with his roommates and that was it for Day 9.

A veryshort day.

On Day 10, I biked from Nelson to Creston 126KM It was July 1st.

Canada day.

There's two ways to go to Creston from Castlegar.

One is to go through Nelson and the other is to go through Salmo If you go through Nelson you have to take a ferry and cross the Kootenay River if you decide to go through Nelson From Nelson you go to Balfour and take a ferry and cross Kootenay Bay that's one way but longer away the shorter way is to go through Salmo But if you go through Salmo, you don't have to take a ferry you can just ride your bicycle all the way to Creston but I was told that you would have to climb a really really steep hill.

Very steep one.

And he said it was it might be the hardest one so far So I didn't wanna go that way.

That's why I went to Nelson I biked to Balfour and took the ferry.

I think I aimed for 9:00 a.


ferry I left early and went to the Balfourterminal.

When I arrived I had just missed the ferry.

So I had to wait.

There was a diner there so I just went there to have breakfast.

Got on the Osprey 2000 Ibelieve that's what it's called, the ferry.

Cross the Kootenay Bay.

After I crossed the bay, I arrived at Kootenay Bay terminal and from there almost all the way to Creston I was just riding along Kootenay Bay.

The view was very good along.



along the river it was non-stop ups and downs so I was getting really tired.

I think the majority part I think I pushed the bike when it was uphill and there were many touristy spots that I want to stop by but I was just too tired to go in there so I just continued and I think when I was pushing the bike a driver went by and saw me anyways when I was 10~20 KM or 30KM away from Creston I was going uphill pushing the bike andthen a driver stopped Then she asked me if I was in trouble and then I said “No.

I am just tired so I'm just pushing the bike” She saw me when she wasgoing to this place and then I was pushing my bike then and she was on the way back to Creston and I was still pushing my bike so she thought I had a trouble with my bicycle anyway she offered me a ride I thought Iwas close to Creston but I was still far away andI'm glad I took that offer She stopped at good spots for photos and explainedabout the geography and stuff and because I got a lift from her I arrivedin the town too early Because Warmshowers hosts in Creston they said they're going to winery that day and they'll be back late so I didn't want togo to their house right away so I just asked her to drop me off at near Tim Horton's and I stayed there for about two hours to kill time and then I biked to Warmshowers host's house and I thought I was very close to the house but I was.


I still had to bike 30 to 40 minutes anyways when I arrived there there wasno one there and then I saw a chair there I just sat there and waited for them Their friends arrived first and they were travelling in a caravan and they said that they bought a used one and they fixed it and been riding formore than eight years anyways I was talking to them and they offer me a glass of wine and we kept talking about travelling and then my Warmshowers host arrived and all of her other friends too.

She said I can pitch my tent anywhere in the yard so I pitched my tent far away from the house because they were having a party so if I pitched my tent too close to the house it'd be too loud and they were having barbecue and drinks and they offered me food it wasvery nice I took a shower I went to my tent.

I woke up when the fireworks started I guess I went to bed really early The fireworks started around 8:00 or 9:00 they said they're gonna go see the fireworks and then they asked me if I wanted to come.

I was just tired and I wasn't that interested.

so yeah that's it.

That's the end of Day 10 and end of Ep.


Thank you very much for listening to my story and hopefully you'll come back for the nextone Thank you.


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