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hey guys what's going on great day we're right now in Thailand it's our second day yesterday we arrived yet overnight slide moves almost seriously so we're still kind of dizzy little bit Iran we decided to slow our pace so what you're gonna do in the next week is

just come down get our head clear from all the impressions we had in Africa and make room for a job in order to achieve this we did actually something very stupid we booked the room here in Thailand Bangkok which is way above our budget but the thing that's

worth it because we have a kitchen you have a swimming pool we have the gym so plan is to relax cook a little bit ourself I know it I don't kind of sound stupid but you want to cook yourself and talent but for us it's kind of a

luxury thing that we want to save maybe a night or a meal at home and cook on stuff so the next week you're not gonna head out into bangkok downtown actually little bit off downtown and one week of friends come and then the sightseeing is gonna start but

for now I just kind of wanted to settle down and take out a pace because the past few months we're moving all crazy or Africa so you wanted to have a place or it can kind of call home for a week 7,000 silly but we just wanted to

live here and not be tourists so our goals are today are pretty simple we need to get in groceries so the self-sufficient and head cook we need to get a SIM card and that basically it and then we can just enjoy our home yeah as for time frame

you're gonna stay two months in Thailand and then go Archy Cambodia you guys so we have movie night coming up and we've been just doing 7/11 and we never been to 7-eleven in ages so it was pretty cool and coming up is an unboxing episode of what he

bought in our 7-eleven this was the first thing salted egg flavor never seen one of these we've been a couple of our things for salt flavor let's see how it tastes hopefully we don't throw up and then we have Morey seaweed flavor but should be pretty normal I

guess I mean kind of like sushi and then we have crap carry flavor no idea I was gonna taste coming up next the taro killed bun and it's purple hopefully tastes awesome and for me it's instant noodle soup and actually this was one of my favorite dishes in

Germany and Germany it was called like summer dish or something like that at the type lace where I've been eating and it looks exactly the same so I hope it tastes great a couple of liters of water because we have still six nights ago it's already Saturday we've

been six days in time the time flew by super fast but they actually had a lot to do we've been to his restaurant before and we had green curry which had two chili signs on the card so n was and it was pretty spicy like in the end

I had did he had my wife was like oh that's the end of it thing is we have also a red curry and my wife loves red curry this is your favorite dish Thai red curry but this has free chili symbols next set however she said let's go

for it so we upgraded we have some green tea latte here extra whipped cream on top and right now we also waiting for my dish which had also – chili symbols I hope it's not bad sharp because I actually burn my lip string not coffee but yeah that's

our plan from evening evening okay so let's take a look how spicy this really is just just some sauce first oh well mmm oh well stew tastes really great but I think this is all I'm gonna eat from it the rest is from my wife my burn off

this would be too much oh mine let's take a peep inside of here and you strolled around a little bit tried out some Street hood so yeah this is our penultimate night before our friends can we have so one more day tomorrow Sunday so yeah I think that's

gonna be it bye bye thanks for watching follow us on our journey by subscribing and ringing Bell also if you like the video give me a thumbs up you

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