Ep. 110: Lily Lake – Uinta Mountains | Utah RV travel camping

Greetings friends! Welcome back to GrandAdventure! I'm your host Marc Guido, and we are spending the weekend with friendsold and new at Lily Lake in the Uinta Mountains of Utah, so stay tuned! The Western Uinta Mountains along theMirror Lake Highway are a summer playground for Utahns from the SaltLake metro area.

Lily Lake is a diminutive lake on the North Slope ofthe western Uintas just south of the Wyoming state line.

We chose to campright at the lake, which is located two miles off the pavement of Utah Route 150via Forest Road 120.

Like most of the countless small lakes in the WesternUintas, Lily Lake has been enlarged by a tiny rock and earth dam built by theCivilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

RV campers should be aware that theunmaintained road to Lily Lake is steep, narrow and very rough, and cannot berecommended for timid or inexperienced RV campers.

High ground clearance isessential.

The road is mostly used by ATVs, and one forest ranger with whom wespoke this week was incredulous that we got our trailers up to the lake.

As aresult, even though many day visitors recreate at the lake on a Saturdayafternoon, there are only a couple of others camped right at the lake duringour visit.

Those looking for an easier camping experience will find a plethoraof boondocking sites accessible by any type of RV in the first quarter mile ofthe road to Lily Lake, right near a Forest Service dump station with potable waterthat's free to use with your Recreation pass.

You can then visit the lake viayour toad or tow vehicle, or by hiking to it via the three mile Lily Lake Trailthat departs from the Bear River Ranger Station.

So like I said, we're out here atLily Lake in the Uintas, and we're with our old friends Kay and Arnie — you folksknow them from other episodes — but we made some new friends this trip! This isJohn and Jeannette Elliot from Corpus Christi, Texas, and they just hit the roadfull-time, what, about seven weeks ago? Seven weeks ago.

And how's that working out for you?It's working out very well so far.

What what made you guys decide to go full-time?Probably the biggest thing is that it's the most affordable way to see the country.

Now, have you done a lot of traveling up until now?No, up until now it was .



wejust worked at our careers and we recently retired, and this was our goal, was to hit the road and see the see what the country has to offer.

Fantastic! Yeah, we just bumped into these folks down at the ranger station, ironically enough, and invited them back for a beer, and they ended up movingtheir camper over here to where we are at Lily Lake, and we've all been campingtogether all weekend.

Now, is this your first RV?Yes, our first RV.

And how's that working out for you?So far, great! We did a lot of research prior topurchasing it, and we've been very satisfied.

And what did you settle on?We bought the Micro Mini made by Winnebago.

And you found that it's been conducive to your needs, I'm assuming? Yes.

We did a few alterations, but it's beenvery well.

And Jeannette, what's been your favorite part of all this so far?Well, actually my favorite part is seeing the mountains, because where we come from it's, there's plains, there's no mountains anywhere, so driving through themountains and seeing the mountains.



seeing a snowy mountaintop in thedistance, I just love that!Well, why don't we show these folks the mountains coming up in this episode? So, John's basically been fishingsaltwater his entire life along the Texas coast, but oddly enoughhe's never before been freshwater fishing, so we're going to go out in thekayaks and see if we can catch some trout today! Lily Lake is chock-full ofrainbow trout.

If you pay close attention you can actually see fish jumping afterflies all around the lake.

My fishing license was expired, so I had left all ofmy tackle at home, but inspired by John's lifelong love of saltwaterfishing, even though he'd never fished in fresh water before, we drove intoEvanston to pick up fishing licenses and some gear to try our hand at catchingsome Lily Lake rainbows.

All these dragonflies! All these blue dragonfliesare really pretty cool, hanging out on the lilly pads.

We'll go head out for deeper water.

It's a little tooshallow in here next to these lilly pads.

See if we can get a couplemore bites out here where they're still jumping, although the jumping has sloweddown bit.

I think it might get a little better once you get a little closer toevening.

Yeah, I take that back – they're stilljumping.

Oh yeah, they're still jumping! You weren't supposed to see that cast! John and I each managed to land threesmall trout, ensuring that everyone is able to enjoy fresh fish at our Saturdayevening camp dinner.

While we're not staying in a campground, the Forest Service has placed a couple of fire rings with grills near theshoreline of Lily Lake, and there's a pit toilet located nearby.

There are also anumber of rentable yurts in the area, operated by the Bear River OutdoorRecreation Alliance.

So we truly hope that you've enjoyed coming along toLily Lake in the Uinta Mountains with us, and our new friends, and old friends! Ifyou like this video please give us a thumbs up down below! That's veryimportant.

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