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Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I'myour host Marc Guido.

If you're a regular RV traveler you're probablyalready familiar with the concept of a cell phone booster, and you probably knowthe more famous brand with the word “boost” in its name.

We've been using oneof those for a while, but now there's a brand new travel booster coming out froma company called Hiboost.

This is the Hiboost Travel 4G 2.

0 RV, and thespecs look almost identical to the more famous brand, so we're going to install, test, and review this model on this episode of Grand Adventure — and even giveyou a chance to win your own! So stay tuned.

So now we're not being paid by Hiboostto do this video, but in the interest of full disclosure they did send us thisunit to test and review for you.

And we talked them into contributing anotherone that we can share with you folks! We'll tell you later on in this episodehow to enter for your chance to win your own.

It's a $450value! So let's spend a moment talking about what a cell phone booster does andwhat it doesn't do.

It takes a weak cell phone signal and boosts it, giving you — toput it in simple terms — more bars.

So it could take a totally unusable weak cellsignal and make it completely usable for both voice and for data.

Now thisparticular model from Hiboost works on 4G, 3G and 2G networks, and is said toboost the signal up to 50 dBm.

This is perfect for boondockers whotend to be camping in some fringe cell phone areas, especially if you're folkslike us who try to work from the road.

But let's also talk about what it can'tdo.

A cell phone booster cannot create signal where signal does not alreadyexist.

It will also not work on Wi-Fi, so if you're thinking campground Wi-Fi orsomething like that, this isn't for you.

This only works with mobile cell phonesignal.

Now your trailer, or your RV, if you're like ours and it's got, you know, aluminum siding, it's like being inside a Faraday cage.

So it's actually takingthat signal from outside and bringing it inside the RV at the same time that it'sboosting it.

Now the Hiboost Travel 4G 2.

0 RV works through several differentcomponents.

There's an antenna that mounts up on the roof of your RV tocommunicate with the cell company tower.

It routes that signal via cable downinto your RV where it encounters the booster.

The booster amplifiesthat signal and then sends it to an interior antenna.

That interior antennaconnects to any mobile devices, multiple mobile devices inside your RV.

The use is seamless for the user.

There's nothing to log into, it's just as ifyou're using your cell phone or your mobile device without a booster.

Thebooster simply amplifies the signal along the pathway between your phone andthe tower.

So let's do a quick unboxing to show you what Hiboost supplieswith this booster.

We have the owner's, the user manual.

This is actually the boosteritself.

This is the amplifier that boosts the signal and mounts inside your RV.

This is the internal.



err, interior antenna that is used to communicatebetween the booster and your mobile devices.

They also include some double-back sticky to be able to semi-permanently mount that in your RV.

This is a 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter and power cable to be able topower the amplifier.

They provide some velcro strips to be able to mount thebooster without actually having to drill any holes in your RV, that's a nice touch.

Here on the second row we have a 110 power adapter, we have the cable overhere to connect the rooftop exterior antenna to the amplifier inside your RV.

This is actually the rooftop antenna.

It is omnidirectional — it doesn't matterwhich way it's pointed, it will pull in the signal.

This is the bracket to beable to mount that on your roof.

We personally like mounting it right ontoour RV ladder.

And here is a 110 power adapter if you'd rather go that routeinstead of the 12-volt 5 amp USB through the cigarette lighteradapter.

So now, installation of the Hiboost is exactly the same as theinstallation of the weBoost, and we covered it in our Episode 39 on the weBoost travel booster.

We're going to put a link right up here on the screen soyou can go back and check out how we installed our cell phone booster in ourtrailer, but for now we're simply going to connect the Hiboost and check itsperformance.

Now here you can see the weBoost that we have installed from ourEpisode 39.

We're just going to lay the Hiboost right here for the moment, andwe're going to take the cable that's coming in from our outside antenna andattach it right here.

Now we're going to take the interior antenna and attach itto the other end of the amplifier.

Now the last thing we're going to do isplug in the power to the amplifier and it starts powering up.

There are threeLED status indicators on the Hiboost amplifier.

The top one shows your signalstrength.

The middle one is Bluetooth and that's for connecting to the app, whichwe'll talk about in a moment.

Because it's flashing that means that it's notpresently connected to Bluetooth.

And then you have an alarm indicator whichshows the output power.

So here's the SignalSupervisor app thatworks with this booster, and connects with the booster via Bluetooth.

It'savailable on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

We're going to simplyinstall it here.

Once we're into the app we simply add our new device.

The devicename is simply the serial number of the booster, and it will connect to yourbooster.

Once your device is connected you canactually see your signal gain on each band that the booster is connected tofrom your mobile provider.

You also have access to the quick install guide andthe user's manual, and a support contact all at the bottom of the screen.

Now herein our Android settings we can see the signal strength without the boosterpowered on, and you see we've got -122 dBm.



well, hovering between-121 and -123.

That's a horrible signal.

That's barelyusable.

And here you can see our signal strength with the booster powered on.

We're right around – 91 dBm, which is a huge improvement in thesignal.

We've gone from an almost unworkable signal to a perfectly validand usable cellphone signal with the booster.

Now this Hiboost comes with a30-day money back guarantee, and also a very impressive three-year warranty onthe booster.

It's not yet available on Amazon, but it will be later this month, and when that does happen we'll put it in the Grand Adventure Shop on Amazonand also in the video description down below.

For now, though, we'll put a link inthe video description to the booster for sale on Hiboost's own website directlyfor $449.


Now that's a $50 savings over the price of the weBoost.

And nowfor the moment that we know many of you have been waiting for! We're going toshare the way that you can win one of these Hiboost boosters for your ownRV.

When we were approached by Hiboost about doing this video, we convinced themto contribute a second Hiboost booster for our viewers, So all you haveto do is go down in the video description down below.

You'll find alink to the contest entry.

There are multiple ways that you can enter thiscontest, so enter now, enter early, enter often! We're going to be drawing a winnerat random through our contest partner gleam.

io on February 15th (note: extended to March 3rd) and we willannounce the winner on social media.

So good luck to you!Get out there and get one of these $450-value boostersfor your own RV.

Now we hope this video has been useful to you in your planningfor your RV travels, and enabling the best cell service that you can havewhile you're traveling in your RV.

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