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Welcome back to Grand Adventure! I'm yourhost Marc Guido.

We're here in southern Utah in some beautiful weather off ofSheep Bridge Road in La Verkin, or Virgin, Utah.

I'm here with two couples that arefriends of mine and just bought their first RV.

I kind of feel like the odd manout at an R-Pod rally right now, but stick around and we'll show you this area onthis episode of Grand Adventure! We almost considered entitling thisepisode “Not Gooseberry Mesa” after finding our preferred location on Gooseberry alreadyfull with Easter weekend campers.

We instead once again settled into a spotalong Sheep Bridge Road, the campsite of our episode 11 from Zion National Park.

This is dispersed camping on BLM land with a 14-day stay limit and sweepingviews of both Zion and Hurricane Mesa.

Sheep Bridge Road is a popular campingarea thanks to its proximity to Zion, but we nevertheless found a spot with roomfor all three of our rigs on the Friday night of a spring holiday weekend withhigh temperatures at 80 degrees.

Oh, I think this is a pretty nice site.

Imean, the views are outstanding looking at the the mesas and the view of Zion inthe background there.

It's quite nice, and it was great thatwe had a spot that large enough to fit all three of ushere, all three of our vehicles.

We don't have any close neighbors.

No wedon't, they're all they're all pretty, people are pretty spread out.

Yep, and I had some room to fly my RC airplane.

Oh that's right, that's right!That was pretty cool, it was neat watching you do those aerobatics.

We hadher own little airshow Grand Adventurers first met Colinand Abby back in February looking for their first RV.

They now own a 2018R-Pod 179 Hood River Edition.

Alright, you folks may remember Colin andAbby from episode 22 at the Utah RV Show.

You guys were shopping for somealternatives at the time, making sure that there were no alternatives that youwanted more than this.

They've now made their purchase and this is their firsttrip out with it.

Tell me how your experience has been so far.

Yeah, so farso good.

In fact despite being very small but lightenough to tow, it's got everything we need.

Excellent! How are you likingit? Loving it! This is like my happy place.

Really, really loving it.

Do you envision yourselvesusing it quite a bit? I think so.

I think it's a matter of making the time.

It's alwaysplanning ahead and making the time.

Always that's the challenge.

Thedownside of not living in Utah is not having as much opportunity.

Sure, right.

Just so we canexplain, Colin and Abby their full-time residence is in Vermont.

Theyspend their entire winter here in Utah and then head back in May and spendsummers in a beautiful place like Vermont.

So that's kind of, those are two wonderful worlds to be in.

But less “this”.

Right, the dispersed camping here is much easier than it is in the East.

True, there aren't as manyboondocking, in fact there are very few boondocking opportunities back there.

But you're about to take this thing across the country with you.

That's right, that's going tobe an adventure.

Pretty impressive for a second trip.

Trip number two.

Right, yes, 2, 500 miles taking this thing across the country.

We certainly wish youhappy trails and safe travels! Yes, thank you.

It's our moving bedroom.

Your hotel room on wheels, right?.


Ironically, only about a month earlier Arnie and Kay themselves boughtan identical R-Pod.

So far I'm pleased with it.

This is our first ourfirst vehicle for camping, you know, let's say civilized camping.

We're used to, youknow, backcountry backpacking and not having any kind of facilities at all, orsleeping in the back of the truck, so this is kind of kind of luxury having abed to sleep in and an inside and running water and things like that.

It'squite nice and very pleased it, uh, it towed really well with our Tacoma.

This is your maiden trip? Yeah, this is the maiden trip so it was a pretty easy, easy trip down and no misbehaviors at all.

It was good.

There's a ton to enjoy in the area.

Kaywent mountain biking right from camp on the JEM trail, one of the numerousstretches of single track one will find by searching Trailforks.

com for ridesnear Virgin, Utah.

Of course, Zion National Park is right down theroad with its famed hiking and sightseeing.

We also did our best to wearthe dogs out, somewhat successfully, and in the process helped both Zoe and Maggieto shed their “winter 10.

” Famous wiener you're almost Crusoe.

Camping weenie.

Oneof our favorite spots in the area is Kolob Terrace, not to be confused withthe Kolob Canyon unit of Zion National Park further to the north.

The Kolob Terrace Road repeatedly passes in and out of the western edge of thePark.

It's what I'd hoped for in our November visit to Zion: it has all thescenery, with none of the crowds.

There are numerous hiking trailheads alongKolob Terrace, the parking lots for which were mostly empty during our Saturdaydrive.

And no entry fee is required.

You'll also find stunning views of Zionand Kolob Terrace – and an entirely unexpected aerospace research site – atopHurricane Mesa immediately to the north of Sheep Bridge Road.

So that's going to do it for this episodeof Grand Adventure.

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life is nothing but a Grand Adventure! We'llsee you soon!.

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