EPIC London Adventure | London Travel Guide, Stonehenge, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey

(“Rule, Britannia!”) – Good morning from London.

– Morning.

– Boy, you guys are enthusiastic today.

No sleep last night or what?- Tired.

(laughing) – Today we are takinga major tour of London.

I don't know what we're gonnasee, but we're gonna see all the fun stuff, all the tourist stuff.

– Yes.

– Like, what's on the list? – What's on the list, anyone? – Buckingham Palace.

– Yeah.

– Buckingham Palace.

We're gonna do the changing of the guard.

– Westminster Abbey.

– Yes.

– Westminster Abbey.

– Okay, what else? – Tower of London.

– Tower of London.

– What else we got on the list? – Some bridges, right? – Some bridges.

– More bridges.

– Okay.

We already crossed some bridges.

– More bridges.

– We'll cross thatbridge when we get there.

– Stop taking my buzz, I wasjust gonna say that! (laughs) – Wow guys.

– You gotta be quicker, you gotta be quicker – We're really original here, I think we are– it's like the time change has messed with us this time.

Normally it's not this bad.

– I'm tired.

– (mumbles) – We don't normally perk upuntil at least two or four o'clock here, so.

– That's why I use this.

– They still have Starbuckshere, which is pretty good.

– Yep.

So we're gonna– – And they have these funnylooking taxis, look at that! – Aren't they cool? – It's kinda cute! – Yeah, it is kinda cool.

– So we're doing a quick tour, and we're gonna pack in as much today as possible, right?- Four hours.

– A four hour tour.

– A four hour quick tour.

– Dun dun dun.

– Yeah.

So– oh, there's my mother in law.


(laughs) (“Rule, Britannia!”) Okay, we made it to Buckingham Palace.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) We are on– what's thename of this street? – Abbey Road.

– Oh, Abbey Road.

– There's a webcam (mumbles).

– Oh, there is a webcam up here? – Yeah, and you can go backand look at your footage so I think it should be over.



this area.

– [Pete] Okay.

– [Maddie] So wave! – [Pete] Oh yeah, there's the web cam.

And here's the street.

Okay, so here's a spot right here, guys, did you see what the picture looks like, that we're recreating? – [Maddie] I think I'veseen it a few times.

– [Pete] Okay look, it's like this, okay? See that? Alright.

Okay so we got our shot, we'llsee what it turns out like.

– Yeah, who knows.

Maybe not 100% authentic but.




– We tried, so.

– We get the point.

We get the point.

– Yeah.

– And right here is thestudio, all this graffiti here; Abbey Road Studios, okay? Here we are.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) Are you gonna write on there, Maddie? – Yeah.

– [Pete] What're you gonna write? – Probably just my name.

– [Pete] Maddie Reese was here? What are you gonna write, Emmie? – My name, and my– emmsbigworld – [Pete] And what? – And emmsbigworld.

– [Pete] Oh, okay – Follow me on my instagram, emmsbigworld.

(laughs) – [Pete] (laughs) Okay.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) – [Pete] Okay, so we're headedinto King's Cross Station here, and that is importantbecause why, Maddie? – It's where they take offfrom to go to Hogwarts.

– [Pete] Oh, Hogwarts.

Platform 9 and three quarters, I take it? Emmie, are you excited? – Yeah! – [Pete] Okay, good! (“Rule, Britannia!”) Okay, we're going to the actual spot where they filmed it in the movie.

So, there's no mark on the wall here, nine and three quarters, but this is where they actually filmed it.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) Here it is, Emmie! (“Rule, Britannia!”) Okay, we're at St.

Pauls, and, at least that's the viewwe've got right here– – [Emmie] And I got Hedwig! – [Pete] And you've got what? – Hedwig! – [Pete] What's Hedwig? – The owl from Harry Potter.

– [Pete] Oh, okay.

I justthought that was a pet owl you found along the way.

– It is a girl.

– [Pete] Oh, okay.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) [Pete] Okay, we're headedinto Westminster Abbey, this is it right here.

We can't take pictures orvideo or anything inside, so we'll just take stuff outside.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) Tower of London, we're here! I don't know what they doat the Tower of London, but we're gonna find out.

– They keep– four ravens in it.

– [Pete] Four ravens? Five ravens? Okay.

– [Heather] They have to have ravens, cause if there's no ravens here– – [Emmie] The city will fall! – the kingdom will fall.

– There're a lot of people here.

And these buildings look old.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) – [Emmie] Okay, so thisis what I just went down.

That is one big slide.

It was really fun! (“Rule, Britannia!”) – [Pete] Hey, this isreally cool apparently.

– It is very cool.

– [Pete] Look at this thing, what is this? – [Emmie] That's a boat! – [Maddie] That's, erm, a boat.

– [Pete] (laughs) – [Maddie] Watercraft? (laughs) (“Rule, Britannia!”) – We took a quick stop hereat the Salisbury Cathedral, and to see the Magna Carta, guys, what'd you think? – [Heather] Really beautiful.

– [Ashley] One of only four copies left.

– [Pete] Yeah.

And the best one.

– Yes! – It's amazing to see thatthey actually wrote that, in like XII hundred–whenever they did it.

– [Pete] Yeah.

– [Ashley] Very nice handwriting.

– [Pete] Yeah, very nicehandwriting, it's in good shape.

I couldn't read a word ofit because it's in Latin.

And next stop is Stonehenge.

– Yay! You ready? – Yay! – Okay.

(“Rule, Britannia!”) – Okay Maddie, we made it to Stonehenge.

– We're here! And there are a lot of sheep here, too.

– [Maddie] And if you look over there.



– [Pete] (chuckles) (“Rule, Britannia!”).

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