Epic Train Travel In Asia: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia train journeys

Background music playing.

We're here at the train station in Bangkok.

We just finished a conference that lasted about four days and now we're heading backto home which is Chiang Mai.

Background music playing.



Background music playing.

And we are going to play a game of word association.


The Hangover.

Chiang Mai.




I say China.

Wait a second.

China because whenever I say Toronto the way Torontonians say it people here 'China.

' Bangkok.


Pad Thai.





Yeah! Football.




Heah!What team are you supposed to cheer for? Um, Canada.

No, Argentina.

Okay, good.




Honey bunny.


Oppa Gangnam Style.

Hey, you sexy lady.

That's not a word.

Stanley Cup.

Chicago Blackhawks.

They're goingto win it.

Background music playing.

Someone got their nails done.

I got a Frenchmanicure.

My first one ever in my whole life and Sam is quite fascinated by it, as am I.

Background music playing.

Background music playing.

Looking happy on the train.

We're on a train to Bangkok! So right now we're in the dining carriageand as you can see there is no AC so the windows are open and the fans are blowing but I amstill sweating profusely.

Background music playing.

Karaoke music playing in the background.

What is wrong with this.

Background music playing.

A heart.

Are you dreaming about cats or hamsters? cats?Nod, if it is cats.

Yes, I'm dreaming about cats.

Background music playing.

So the first travel agent we went to in ChiangMai told us there were no seats left on the train but look at this.

We're on a train andno one is up there.

And we are going to Bangkok on the train that is very full.

NOT! So basically what happened is we went to thisreally shady travel agent for the first time and what they wanted to do was sell us a busticket.

A really really overpriced bus ticket.

Normally a bus ticket is only 400 Baht fromChiang Mai to Bangkok but they were trying to sell it to us for 750 Baht.

They said notrains and only five seats left on the bus.

Yeah, right.

This will be my first time going to Bangkok.

Last time I was there I was just in transit so I haven't seen any of the city and thatis it for now.

The end.

Today we're going to be having a special experience.

We are taking a bamboo train along these old tracks that used to run from Phnom Penh allthe way to Battambang.

This train is really just a bamboo platformwith a few mats laid over top.

It has a six horsepower engine and we're going to be speedingthrough and see what we find.

We're on the bamboo train in Battambang! Havingfun? Yes.

It's going really really fast.

Oh yeah! Well, our time in Saigon is over and we'renow taking a train to Nha Trang for some beach time.


And that is going to make one ofus very happy.

Who would that be? Oh yeah, I just love the beaches.

You'll get lots morefreckles.

I do.

I need more.

I don't have enough.

We have been eating local foods the wholetime we have been here.

Check that out.

That is so Vietnamese.

What is that? I think theymay call that pizza.

Iced cafe? I've got my favorite treat here – Vietnameseiced coffee.

I paid 15, 000 Dong for that which is about seventy five cents.

Is it ever good.

It is made with condensed milk and it has copious amounts of sugar.

Take a big sip.

Better than an Iced Cap from Tim Hortons backhome.

Okay, aside from the ice cap I think we need to discuss Sam's new look over here.

A pretty obvious change.

What is that? What do you mean what is that? That's my mustache.

It is awesome.

You love it.

I'm a throwback from the seventies.

There are two different classes in this train.

We are traveling in the soft seat section which has AC and really cushiony chairs.

Thenyou also have hard benches with fans.

Yeah, what a big difference.

I'm glad we got theones here.

It is a lot more comfortable.


We be having chicken for breakfast.

One of my favorite snacks of all – fried springrolls and I get to eat them on a train.

Well, it's hard to believe but our time inHong Kong has already expired.

Today we're taking a train ride.

Where are we going? We'recrossing over into China.

Hong Kong, of course, is a part of China but this is a Special AdministrativeRegion, so we're actually going through immigration to get into Mainland China today.

This isthe first time we've taken a train where we've had to go through immigration to cross somewhere, so this should be interesting.

Background music playing.

We are in Guangzho.

Apparently there are two train stations.

We arrived at the one thatis on the East End of the City and we had to get across town to the other and it wasdifficult but we need to keep going.

Background music playing.

So right now we are in Guangzho station waiting for our train to Guilin.

And we happen tobe waiting in the VIP room.

Background music playing.

There is no tea in this tea room.

We're going to Guilin.

Uh, we're looking for number ten.

Background music playing.

So we're in the dining cart now getting ready to have dinner.

Let's see what is on the menuif we can even read it.

We barely got a seat here.

Background music playing.

Decision time.

So we did manage to find anEnglish menu which makes things a lot easier.

Background music playing.

Fish one.

Tofu with pork.




One Rice? Okay.




Ah, greentea – one.


background music playing.

So this is the friend fish with a sweet and sour sauce.

It's got some pineapple on topAnd then we have the pork with tofu over here which looks really tasty and some rice togo along with it.

And of course a beer.

Sam had to get his beer.

Taking the skin off.

Trying to get at the meat.

There it is.


It's nice and salty.

Well, how are you enjoying that tofu? It's not bad.

It's really spicy.

Background music playing.

Good morning.

We are almost in Guilin.

Ourtrain has been delayed about an hour and a half.

So we're just hanging out in the diningcart.

Breakfast isn't being served for some reason so we're just enjoying what is leftover of our snacks from yesterday, so a few salty peanuts.

These little hazelnut cakes.

Water chestnut cakes? Yeah.

And that's about it.

Background music playing.

We are at KL Sentral and it is really earlyin the morning and today we are boarding a train that is going to take us all the wayup to Butterworth and from there we are taking a ferry over to Penang.

I am super excited today because this my firsttime taking the trains in Malaysia.

Train transportation is by far my favorite way ofgetting around in any country.

It appears our journey today is going to be about sevenhours, so we've got a nice long train trip ahead of us.

We're on the train now and as you can seewe've almost got the whole place to ourselves.

We've been on the train for an hour and ahalf now and we've already devoured all of the snacks we brought along except for thepeanuts, so we've decided to purchase a little rice-y goodness over here.

Hungry boy, what are we having? Well, we havefried rice.

Your favorite.

We are on a very exciting train journey.

Wehave been traveling for a few hours now and we are just crossing through the jungle.

Iwant to live in a jungle.

You seem like a jungle kind of girl.

Yes, in a shack in thejungle.

With me? Maybe? Whatever.

We're finally getting close to Butterworthhere.

We've been on a journey that has actually been over seven hours.

The train is slightlydelayed and it looks like we're about 20 kilometers outside of Butterworth.

From there we aregoing to grab a quick bite to eat and then we're off on a twenty minute ferry to getto Penang our final destination.

It has been a very long journey and how amI going to reward myself by eating Indian food.

Oh yeah.

The first thing we're doingin Butterworth according to you.

We are.

I want Indian food.

Butter me up here in Butterworth.

Right overhere is the Eastern Oriental Express train – one of the luxury trains that goes all ofthe way from Singapore to Bangkok.

It is a train we both really want to take someday.

We are almost at our destination.

We are takingthe ferry from Butterworth to Penang.

We're pulling in to the port now and thisis the end of journey.

It has been a full day event.

We woke up at four AM this morningto work on blogging projects.

We left the guesthouse by seven.

We hopped on the trainby eight forty and it is now almost five thirty.

We are completely knackered.

We are starving.

We are going to get a big plate of food.

I don't care what it is.

Indian food! Whatever?I don't care.

We're going to eat.

We're going to feast and we're going to drop off our bagswherever we're staying and we're going to chillax the rest of the day.


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