Eugen Ambur Lombok Travel VLOG | How Rice Is Grown in Indonesia & Eating Traditional Indonesian Food

We're joining in just one minute therice fields how the Indonesian people grow rice and why did they do it hi youhello and after that I'm going to show yousome pictures talk about bike bike means very good welcome on kulaks TV my name is Eugenewe are right now in

titty bar – it's a village in Lombok right now I'm gonnaexplain you why didn't the légion people grow so much rice and how they do itlet's freaking go how many quadrats me this area is therice field Oh many many many many meter here press one field like this

whentheir harvest is they get like 800 or 1000 kilogram for this for this few 1000kilogram we are if they're if they're raining season ah yeah I see my camerasthere's a reindeer I have to make it clear now is good the question was whythey level up and down the

rice fields and the reason is they share it to thefamilies are splitted so in this case we have one two three fields down therethey are shared to different families or to the same family in this case and thisis the reason you have better for share it or split

it this is why the ricefields are level but it for the rice grow reason it will not make sense forlevelling you can make it flat right okay and from 1000 kilogram how muchCoburn's here is I can say 99% here is they use for themself they not sell itbut

if they want to sell this 400 kilogram is costly like three and halfmillion four hundred kilogram yeah four thousand 1000 1000 Cuba yeah three and ahalf million yeah this is avocado yeah how many types ofavocado one is we call a jump avocado this when they're ready when they'reready

is getting black but we have also local avocado when they already if it'sgetting yellow or yellow okay and there you have just only one season foravocados two times okay so you harvest two times a year theavocado yeah there is a village here yeah pretty button but it mean

a bridgestone bridge stone yeah what's the preparation lesson it's like 1500 peoplehere okay yeah and I see you love each otherhelp us everybody helped each other and everybody should put each other here heymy sister sir oh this is I'm at wooden this is vehicleI'm a moon I'm a

moon I see you have a nice work yeah yeah where is the bestrice come from from here ash rice is the best from Lombok rice I mean the bestrice worldwide where does it come from from Lombok love it yeah I got ityeah that field here is already more

than one month old so you see the leavesthere oregano bigger then the one I saw before the small one yeah ready toharvest to see I think in Sona check it yeah I have to take it in the hand darego champions this is the real fresh rice over hereand

there's corn and flag yeah this cute Oh up from itselfyeah no we have to fill it with machine you have three types of rice with blackred we have but the blacklist or a systemit's not for daily day we get not for daily day this one is we it

for dailyday yes but the backlight and who dries we use for special time for make when weget like soccer patience occupation no land and we make pudding or but thoserice are the same way to grow its same way to grow but ii call the black riceand rice you

stick bit longer each take shape and man to grow yeah so there'sjust one time we're two time for harvesting yeah one time one time forgames how are you hello a fuck about bike bike means very good can you showme around how you live here so you sleep here

yeah this is kitchen you can wedon't have like syria what you cook you there's milk some soup you can alwaysfind it youth for something in that case they're using the bottles of oil forgrowing some flowers inside taped a bar to the body but it's very famous inEurope yeah

except for German people yeah see ya 30 bathroom yeah why is itso famous in Europe Germany nature and the tradition of the peoplehere how they live and how they people helping each other and support eachother yeah there's kitchen how they cook here now there are some chicken here

yeahchicken to protect inside because the what you cook here there's rice finishthat way they dry them there and they can fry it and then some rice as wellyeah nice and some chicken liver here they're not rain water here for ricethere any season we have big water but also

in dresses and we have enough waterbut not so big but we can still irrigate okay yeah then how you put water hereinside just by the pipeline's there this is the pipe for using for up for goinghome go inside of the house this one so it irrigation system then

make a smallhole yeah okay and you put the water then from the top and it comes here downwhich kind of fruits that we have on top jackfruit jackfruit yes how are you smells very good can take some home withme I like it's very good no no I'm just

here cause it's a cottagedo they have some nice there or don't we get let in the home liquor yeah we getin the house no need can I help you yeah love the way you do it smells very gooddelicious smell

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