Everything Needed for an Around the World Adventure – 100% Camping – rtwPaul's Full Travel Kit

Luggage and Packing.

you pack too much!that's what I packed to go around the world, multiple years, around the world.

this is everything I carry every situation, every weather condition, camping, cooking, four seasons.

I'm going to unpack it and show you what I carry with me welcome to MOTOTREK!I'm Paul, round-the-world Paul, rtwPaul you might know me as.

I've been on theroad for nine years riding around the world and I'm heading out again.

luggageis a difficult thing.

a lot of guys.



their luggage is big it's huge.

youpack what makes you feel comfortable but do you need it all I'm gonna go througheverything I have here I'm leaving I'm gonna go from Europe to Siberia I'mgoing via the 'Stans.



I'm going through Mongolia I'm cooking in camping all theway I don't use hotels I change bikes I'm on a dirt bikeKTM 500 EXC.

I've used hard luggage in the past it doesn't work on a dirt bikeso I went to soft luggage and the system that works for me is MOSKO MOTO.

so aHood tank bag and this is their new v3 Revolver Reckless 80system.

it's a rack-less system on the back I chose to use a rack you don'tneed one I just wanted some extra structure there first thing would be thetank bag I wanted a tank bag that was just easy.



I take a lot of photographs soI wanted to be able to open the tank bag with one hand pull out a camera take aphoto put it back and click that thing closed and I'm done Top Bag – I carry an oil change.

so what's inhere? not much.

bag of toiletries bag of charging cables for batteries computerthat kind of thing.

Clothes that's all my clothes for warm weather so I carry twoor three changes t-shirts pair of pants a few changes of underwear socks thatkind of thing that's everything in there and a computer in a solid case so if Idrop the bike it doesn't get damaged back here I have a pouch I could use apaper map or maybe insurance documents border documents good place to keepthose on the left side of the bike I keep my camping stuff my house my hometwo bags real easy to take out in the big bag I have a two-man tent so I liketo keep my gear inside so me and my gear equals a two-man tent a sleeping pad andnice and tightly packed in the bottom I carry a sleeping bag but I also carry ablanket as well so I have four wall man for colder weather in the small bag justa couple of things I wear full-on motocross boots I want to get into apair of shoes as soon as I can and a spare tube that's a 21″ so itfits on the front and the back of the bike on the right side I have stuff forcold weather so warm clothes and stuff a cooking and a few other randomthings so the bags are easy to get out they're actually easier when they'redirty a little bit of dust just helps them slide out in the big bagthat's a bike cover very important for security going into areas wheremosquitoes are present mosquito nets and a big floppy hat to keep them frombiting my neck and my face that's a puffy jacket to keep you warm on coldnights a towel washing soap so I have nice clean clothes that's a bag ofclothes for cold weather so to keep me warm a washing line and that's mycooking stuff so pots pans plate knives forks that kind of stuff and in thelittle bag is my other cooking stuff so in here my cooking stove I use aspecific cooking stove it's a.



I carry that so I can actually fill up with gasand I can obviously take gas off the bike if I need to but the nice thingabout this one this is a it's a multi stove so I can actually use differentthings I can use gas out of a can I can use gas out of the bike I can use dieselso that that makes it good to use in any country in the world Knives fork spoons to eat with and at thebottom of the bag my pump so if I get a flat tire I can pump up my tires.

so theother thing that I carry with me is a hydration packI carry a pretty decent sized one if you notice I got two tubes on here Iactually carry six liters worth but I only usually fill up three liters but ifI'm going into a remote area it's the lightest easiest way to carry additionalwater so I can actually carry six liters of volume of water in the hydration packin the top pocket because I wear goggles all the time I just carry some extrasome extra lenses I see quite a few because I'm on the road they're notalways the easiest thing to find and in hereand you just pull this little thing out there's another additional pack in here because I wear motocross boots they'renot waterproof they're not gore-tex motocross boots never are so I havegore-tex socks and I have waterproof pants because I prefer to wear motocrosspants so these are just Gortex over pantseasy and quick to put on so I have them in here as easy access.

my tools.



I didn'twant them up here on the back of the bike extra weight so I have a rally bashplate that has an integrated tool box so this is where I keep my tool roll andthat's my tools.

what didn't I bring? a chair Oh horror I do have a chair look Ihave some clothes I have a bike it's comfortable I got somewhere to sit.

I got achair so that's everything that's all I've got there might be things inside ofthings lighters or there's a first-aid kit I don't need to show you that stuffit's in there this is everything I've been on the road for nine years I haveeverything I need if for any reason I forgot something I go toa store I buy it the shops everywhere it's not a big deal so this is it thisis me this is life on the road.

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