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[Music] [Music] everything in my life has led to this moment after leaving home instead of going to Vietnam I was sent to an undisclosed facility in the desert we called it Cole I thirty two of the brightest men including myself were teamed up into groups and assigned each their own tasks the vetting process was mentally intense so many questions confidential access was granted to those who passed our primary objective focused one researched the government confiscated from Nikola Tesla after his demise [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] Miss Jean he's in the back if you want to go long yes ma'am oh you saw warning drop it off picking up picking up oh yeah be that black riding lawnmower on you ride it's going up to the drinkers got out back on the right you about ready for bed I remember what happened last the man was the fearless man was boarding yep that's right okay and the captain ventured off into the unknown searching for treasure but he knew there would be dangers and a chance he would not return [Music] [Music] [Music] that's all for tonight okay the zero brush yeah really now I laid me know I lay me down to sleep down sleep I pray the Lord waive the war my soul to keep and soul to keep if I die if I die before I wake before I wake I pray the Lord Lord my soul to take so all today let's get you tucked in good night sir good night mom [Music] hello can can you give me the exact so the meds didn't work [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey buddy you ready for school are you okay mama yeah honey I'm okay I'll go get your uniform okay okay [Music] [Music] [Music] dimensions your specific [Music] these crystals were my father's crystals hold energy if you learn to listen you can hear their sounds they were programmed by placing them out at the right time day or night you can hear the sentence of the Sun or the moon and all the other things that other people can't hear [Music] I hear my mama tray the hope is all the way the gold is all [Music] oh you got prize – and here you got a prize [Music] my way I got a kid [Music] my way I am my sister free [Music] just severely for some things II love my brothers say some things gotta change is real [Music] my way gotta give my way [Music] get back [Music] the butterfly is a symbol of rebirth do you know why minimal phasis very good try lardo yeah gonna fly [Music] September 2nd 1970 we just received funding to move forward on Tesla's agriculture blanket at this point we have proven that his magnetic powered generator we called check combined with a Tesla coil stimulates plant growth successfully reducing harvest time by half but the plants have to be in close proximity we are impressed with the results however I have my reservations there's something they're not telling us [Music] oh she's just gonna tell me about 11 hours to get over them different levels for example Admiral Sonics the use of sound to interact with plants to make the world faster research that they can target specific frequencies for specific plants and they can accelerate growth by sending a hundred times [Music] though she could stay long [Music] uh-huh yeah we can do 12:30 great see you then Thanks mr.

Lee come on man how you doing okay we're here today because your sister Mary Ann Corrigan passed away she has hired me to write her last will and testament she also hired me to be the executive her will she doesn't have any debt she had some personal property she had no real property many she had no real estate and she rented her apartment she had a small amount of money and she also appointed you as guardian of her son mr.

Lee now it's up to you whether or not you want to be cast guardian what happens you know if I don't take him if you don't take him he'll be remanded to the state of Virginia will place him inside of foster care okay okay I'll take him now perfect there will be a package and a letter from your sister sent to your home on Cass 7:30 [Music] [Music] wow what a fun honey it Christine [Music] like the house [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey Rosie is that the outside oh man oh he's meaner they just fellow helped me out a few times on the house what's you work on with you little wood feeding the chickens and cows I'll find out he's your partner monitors boom kind of needed a place to hide for a while he's just passing he's a good fellow see you better new visitor ska guys Manimal you know load up I got the tractor waiting for it all right good shop clean do I give a welding girl [Music] [Music] listen don't you fool around climbing only there where it is Wow we can't wear it just salvage yard you ever seen a salvage yard before I don't know we got fun at first part of the fun though explore looking in stuff what you needs kind of like a like a treasure hunt when you sign good idea alright know what I told you don't climb on up here weirdo this is uh this guy nobody minds coming for a little while yes sir [Music] these arms might work for you you know huh yeah something under my door I on our shoot [Music] an hour-long investigation into the dangers facing the u.


power grid what would it take to bring it down and if our system did break down how would you survive and be like in the dark my dearest Kai happy birthday sweetheart I'm sorry that I can't be there with you if I had one wish it would be to watch you grow up and become the amazing person I know you will be don't they Ming thank you mama I'll always miss our walks by the river our long times and being surprised by the things that you say I gave Grady something for you so you can look to the heavens you can use this to find yourself you're always looking to heaven it's like you see things that no one else can God works in mysterious ways and he outdid himself with you always remember I am closer than you think I love you sweetheart [Music] [Music] December 24th 1970 Merry Christmas today we had a breakthrough team 7 was testing a device that emits massive amounts of frequencies we are not privy to the details of other projects but heard their result resembled that of an EMP sector II was completely immobilized and our jak woke up on its own we will be combing through the data for weeks I'm beginning to rethink protocol [Music] we're doing a fix look like that because I'm not working on that right now I'm working on something different the more you working on right now it's a surprise what's this on the board what's on the board different things [Music] you go find something to do outside please sir where are these stuff [Music] this is this that's my daddy's who's your daddy around where did you miss to move nowhere he passed on you were my mother AIDS [Music] my mom is in heaven No do you know anything about that no I don't know about all that kind of fairytale stuff it's no very tale what if that makes you feel better can you believe that oh gods I mean you meet you why don't you go outside find you something to do though man [Music] [Music] mm-hmm well we built this treehouse my daddy built it for me and your mama Oh Dave yeah fun affair but I mean what can I do though well when we get there just make sure my real beers not showing you know I can do that you know I'll be right there good happy before do remember whatever [Music] are you what are you doing I could hang out with you guys for a little while hi absolutely we would love to good I mean I've got some toys out back and we'll go play okay go do some listen I got to do a little bit of work I'll come back okay just hang you'll come right back I promise you oh come on buddy come on come on with me so babies it's gonna be great okay you got made a mess here I'm fixing it jumped so how you been last crazy so mean great he's not really mean he's kind of got a little bit of a hard heart ever since he was little when he was five his mother died she had an aneurysm that affected him very much he's lost his dad later on which was my friend Grady see here your grandfather and when he lost your mama I'd also big chunk of his heart they could be one of the reasons he screamed he loses his temper but he loved her very very much sometimes that calluses people like some hard in their heart understand prayer and we're trying to get that together how about that buddy mm-hmm we gotta get over our wall he's built you think you can have a big pop over that wall [Music] [Music] the news home [Music] [Music] I knew it as yet [Music] [Music] thanks for stopping by [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] what you have a son no wasn't like glue my father liked living anywhere else do you have life nope what do you feed your cows what you seize your chickens no you ask a lot of questions no clothes someone your own age I can't find anyone yeah well I can't climb out of the gates round this place listen won't you going home alright your dad's calling he's not my dad maybe we should go inside then son I have a home not everybody does what does your doggy it's called back tell me and I'll give you a penny do I have to do that for you to answer my question just go home just go home all right around you just go home leave me alone work I'm phone home [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] fuck so Brooke come on here man stop you days toy my name is uh my name is mana I guess I'll start off with uh I'm a vet I done three tours I'm not a hero oh yeah I didn't want to serve my country I just wanted to be able to provide for my family food on my table it's just me and my boy and uh you know my son six at the time yeah he didn't really know me too well so I planned a trip you know we drove from lower little part Florida Alabama I got I got discharged cuz uh cuz I'm an accident it's funny you know [Music] accidentally accident it's not really what it sounds like [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] oh geez I saw my sign in the back [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you did good man you did good okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that'd be wonder show No [Music] we're sunos jocrisse out there ah that's mean live it no I got the position [Music] that's not gonna be back for walking [Music] for like what [Music] I'm sure he's looking down right now [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] are you doing sir we're dim come from no mr.

ware and mr.

sale hold up many oh you're hidden I got car in the truck I can't find mono so you can't find mother he changed a meeting last night he got out of spoke buried it off told the whole story you need to find it [Music] where are we going [Music] uh-uh no no you stay in his car you stay right here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so good all right ready mmm I'm going out [Music] you look to the stars I look to the stars a lot of people say fools look to the stars we're not wrong I want to give you something four sides four different wins the energy comes from all around you and it's drawn to the earth you understand welcome guy [Music] sure [Music] yeah won't you work ah go [Music] ah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] when you bulb the top out of sticks and twine stick some twine riku when you go girl six well that without them you're wrong man woods they provide everything you never firewood that's right hmm you should measure the stuff you have homemade uh little B they were playing out of here buddy well Mike alone was greedy I like staying here really mm-hmm what's going on over there buddy he he now plays with me he's always in the workshop her away he's obsessing over that blasted machine we are under like a picture probably probably cool [Music] there's no George eligible [Music] gun machines just very special dinner [Music] ready I show you something [Music] trust me [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I told you [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] March 23rd 1971 more members have been put under my watch failure over and over we're on the edge of a breakthrough just to have success trip from our grasps jack will not stabilize something's got to beat us we've combed every page we have to make this work we're obsessed if Jack can double or triple crop production the advancements would change the food and medical industry as we know it [Music] February 29 1972 today was a devastating day we lost 17 members we have no idea what Jack is capable of we pushed too hard he quickly became unstable but the power dr.

Corrigan he introduced these special crystals to harness the energy never heard of such a thing but it was brilliant this changes everything [Music] so my father became a farmer who's the scientist mostly government research classified even won a couple of awards and I found his journal and I found a lot of his research and it's full of diagrams and this does this look familiar I made that uh-huh now according to the research and it took me a while to get my mind wrapped around it exactly what it is that I had here but it seems from what I can gather that the machine works off of magnetism and it creates its own power and emits electromagnetic fields essentially wireless electricity think of like how long water with the center stone is falling in I'm not sure exactly but this could emit an energy field that goes on not just for miles but hundreds of miles and it says here that the magnetic waves can stimulate plant activity in a way that we've never thought before I just need you to help me build these components so if you think of it I think of the components set him down into it which will allowed to spin and according to the information that's gonna contribute create the electricity so you want this to spin I can do it [Music] [Music] [Music] look at you people my goodness gracious hello everyone hey believe you are you sweetie I'll get to see everyone it's like we're missing one but that'll be okay well no I guess we're not missing well I don't like to never I guess it's been a memorable and wonderful life pretty day pretty ladies all around me gonna told you that I'm on your Fiat immediate Thanks damn believe I'm 86 to here pretty smile huh come here verge of death upon our water I'm gonna introduce you to my new savvy roster yeah we'll go walk across the bridge sure I got it Grady come here come here I want to talk to you a little bit give me your hand I'm gonna hold your hand put your hand down come on give me your hand give me your hand thank you for fixing my Longmore Grady fathers have nothing to do with blood be a father be a real father like Randy was for you do I know what I'm talking about you're in the same situation now with KY I remember that great what's your favorite thing to do in school science math I loved reading in science it's pretty fun mm-hmm no everything vibrates and I can actually hear it what does it sound like he just Holmes knew my boy what what Khan which which stayed shaped like a big they can't remember here don't have my jacket okay thanks here happy I want rate these are some crystals from Long Beach realtor passed away while they're beautiful it's prettily their program for something special throwing time of day and the right town outside and if they're inside jack they'll work you have a good time driving them crazy I don't think we bored him too bad let's come on in a minute Grady I need talk to you I got something sugar come on I don't have time to come inside what can I help you with this is the key notice the whole time look you've gotten followed a man touching I get it from you for your own protection how dare you I'm trying to who are this mentally shame on you for not giving this to me sooner shame on me I raised you son you need to do that boy the same way you don't here to worry about what I do with that boy you scream at me anymore you hit your head I'm trying to help you calm down Grady you better listen they killed you farther it's gonna kill you hear me there's quite the letting go fuck the letting go okay [Music] [Music] look nice show to you be strong okay he came here for a little while but he's gone back I love Randy Randy's not here a few years ago remember when I when I got so sick I died no heart no lungs no brain and that's why I can stand here and say he's not in this part eternity it's our home I know that it's for sure it's true [Music] [Applause] [Music] and it was always the kind of man that did the right thing without having a chirping everybody's hear about it I look for somebody to pat him on the back you know recently someone told me about a someone told me being a father is not about blood it's about accepting an opportunity to do what's right by another human being I can accept that same responsibility and do what's right I appreciate everybody coming out here tonight it'd make him it would fill them up thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Randy you have been a dear friend to me like a brother I leave with you the key to my life's work they unlock hidden information that one day the world would be ready for but it's not now people are close to finding Jack and we're no longer safe when the time comes I trust you will do right by me and potentially find capable hands that can complete my work as far as the other thanks for taking Grady it means so much [Music] we're done for the day that reminds me [Music] thank you see one [Music] make crystal a crystal this this that's how the warden says it's supposed to be we should at least let them stay here for four minutes and we will try a different location that doesn't work well now not to say I think if he sent them out with the way that all the Strauss was doing more power she hung goes through these crystals look good at chatter you should let these sit out for a while all right Abbi don't look like an it's pointing towards the mill the light will be coming in just in time it is supposed to be pointing to kissed on the mouth right [Music] right now I didn't really know but there's only one way to find out give me that part [Music] thank you just like a blind can you leave the cabin [Music] be careful hello [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Krystal's holds energy you can hear their sounds these crystals for my father's they were programmed [Music] [Music] what are you doing here crystals work mom they worked the crystals I knew you'd figure out the crystals what do you mean what's important is that Grady can't finish without you dad reacts to harmony and you can help him with that you can hear the tones needed to program it God gave you a gift sweetheart and this is how you can use it to make a difference in the world I'll stay here mom sweetheart now remember just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there it's okay will you help Grady [Music] no he's gone she was there now he's gone go Kai he just disappeared we may disappear I don't know what happened how long has he been going [Music] [Music] that fuckit was to protect him yeah [Music] what happened we were both in here he told me to go outside because the light will blind me but then when I came back again he wasn't there he was just gone we are just building this time machine project [Music] watch this am i drawing this right here [Music] [Music] we do I want to see my mom Grady I show you something when the captain venture dolphin today unknown hoping to find treasure but he knew there were dangers a chance that he would not return I know this story mmm-hmm would you let me to read something else Grady yeah well don't you ever leave me I'm not going anywhere about it okay so the captain loaded up his ship with the men that he had left and he ventured out into what was to be a new adventure spot 28th right number do it okay [Music] [Music] [Music] well there's supper say about a harnessed man who doesn't give up someone so committed that it propels him higher not for recognition but for satisfaction helps people even we need rather not my father would tell me the only thing a man has is his word with it he is set an example and shaped the next generation I gave my word to my friend Grady keeping the best of good because of it I experienced the joy of being a father for watching his son become a man you know me and my daddy we used to uh we should come out here and watch the sunset together you know it was a it was our one time of the day we could spend time together no actually the Sun doesn't say the Earth spins [Music] you [Music].

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